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The Prophet. His name means "God will strengthen". He was a priest and was carried into captivity by Nebuchadnezzar. B. C. 597. He had a home on the river Chebar where the Elders of Judah were accustomed to meet. His wife died in the ninth year of his captivity. He was a man of very powerful intellect and apparently from the better classes of those carried into captivity. He is less attractive than Isaiah and less constant in the flow of his thought than Jeremiah. He is not so timid or sensitive as Jeremiah but has all his horror for sin and all of his grief, occasioned by the wickedness of his people and the suffering which they endured. In his boldness of utterance he was not surpassed by his predecessors.

Nature of the Prophecy. The nature of the prophecy or the methods by which he exercised or manifests his prophetic gift differs from that of the other prophets. He does not so much predict as see visions of them. Allegories, parables, similitudes and visions abound, some of them symbolic of the future and others of existing facts and conditions. The prophet remains on the banks of Chebar and in spirit is transported to Jerusalem and the temple. Much of the book is in character similar to Revelation and while the general subjects are very plain, much of the meaning of the symbols is obscure. There are, however, powerful addresses and eloquent predictions of Divine judgments on the nations. It was probably due to the services of Ezekiel that Israel's religion was preserved during the exile.

The Main Aspects of his Teaching. (1) Denunciation of Judah's sins and the downfall of Jerusalem, Chs. 1-24. (2) Judgments upon foreign nations, Chs. 25-32. (3) Repentance as a condition of salvation, 18:30-32. (4) The glorious restoration of Israel, li:16ff; 16:60ff; 27:22-24; 20:40ff; Chs. 33-48. (5) The freedom and responsibility of the individual soul before God. 18:20-32. (6) The necessity of a new heart and a new spirit, 11:19: 18:31; 36:26.

Condition of the Jews. (1) Political and social condition. They are captives living in Babylon but are treated as colonists and not as slaves. They increased in numbers and accumulated great wealth and some of them rose to the highest offices. (2) The religious condition or outlook. They had religious freedom and in this period they forever gave up their idolatry. They sought out the books of the law, revised the cannon, wrote some new books and perhaps inaugurated the synagogue worship which became so powerful afterward.


I. Ezekiel's Call, Chs. 1-3.

1. Preliminary vision, Ch. 1.

2. The call, Chs. 2-3.

II. The Destruction of Jerusalem, Chs. 4-24.

1. The siege and certain judgment of the city, Chs. 4-7.

2. The condition of the city and the sins of the people, Chs. 8-19.

3. Renewed proofs and predictions of the doom of Judah and Jerusalem, Chs. 20-24.

III. Predictions against Foreign Nations and Cities. Chs. 25-32.

IV. Prophecies concerning the Restoration, Chs. 33-48.

1. The restoration of Judah to the promised land, Chs. 33-39.

2. The Messianic times, Chs. 40-48.

For Study and Discussion. (1) The condition, the particular sin and the judgment promised upon each of the nations mentioned-has the prediction been fulfilled? (2) The duties and responsibilities of a preacher as illustrated by Ezekiel's watchman, Ch. 33. (3) The vision of dry bones. Ch 37. (4) Judah and Israel under the figure of an evil woman, Ch. 23. (5) The healing river, 47:1-12. (6) The teachings about the Restoration, in the following passages: 36:8, 9, 29, 30, 34, 35, 25-27; 37:1-14; 24:11-24; 37:22; 26,27; 43:11-12. (7) The symbols and types of the book.

For the Outline Study of the Bible by Books by J.B. TIDELL, A.M., D.D. Professor of Biblical Literature in Baylor University, Waco, Texas
Ezekiel 1. Ezekiel's Prophecy at Kebar; The Visions of Four Figures and Divine Glory

1. The time of Ezekiel's prophecy at Chebar.
4. His vision of four cherubim;
15. of the four wheels;
26. and of the glory of God.

Ezekiel 2. Ezekiel's Calling and Instruction

1. Ezekiel's commission
6. His instruction
9. The scroll of his heavy prophecy

Ezekiel 3. Ezekiel Eats the Scroll; Warning to Israel

1. Ezekiel eats the scroll
4. God encourages him
15. God shows him the rule of prophecy
22. God shuts and opens the prophet's mouth

Ezekiel 4. Siege of Jerusalem Foretold

1. Under type of a siege is shown the time from the defection of Jeroboam to captivity
9. By the provision of the siege, is shown the hardness of the famine

Ezekiel 5. Jerusalem's Famine, Plague, Attack, and Dispersion Foretold

1. Under the type of hair
5. is shown the judgment of Jerusalem for their rebellion
12. by famine, sword, and dispersion

Ezekiel 6. The Judgment of Israel for Idolatry; Yet will I leave a remnant

1. The judgment of Israel for their idolatry
8. A remnant shall be blessed
11. The faithful are exhorted to lament their abominations and calamities

Ezekiel 7. The End has Come to the Four Corners of the Land

1. The final desolation of Israel
16. The mournful repentance from that escape
20. The enemies defile the sanctuary because of the Israelites' abominations
23. Under the type of a chain is shown the miserable captivity of all orders of men

Ezekiel 8. Ezekiel's Vision of Idolatry in the Temple

1. Ezekiel, in a vision of God at Jerusalem
5. is shown the image of jealousy
7. the chambers of imagery
13. the mourners for Tammuz
16. the worshippers toward the sun
17. God's wrath for their idolatry

Ezekiel 9. The Vision of Slaughter of Idolaters

1. A vision, whereby is shown the preservation of some
5. and the destruction of the rest
8. God cannot be entreated for them

Ezekiel 10. Vision of God's Glory Departing from the Temple

1. The vision of the coals of fire, to be scattered over the city
8. The vision of the cherubim

Ezekiel 11. Evil Rulers to Be Judged; Israel's Promised Return

1. The presumption of the princes
4. Their sin and judgment
13. Ezekiel complaining, God shows him his purpose in saving a remnant
22. The glory of God leaves the city
24. Ezekiel is returned to the captivity

Ezekiel 12. Ezekiel Fears for Exile

1. Under the type of Ezekiel's removing
8. is shown the captivity of Zedekiah
17. Ezekiel's trembling shows the Jews' desolation
21. The Jews' presumptuous proverb is reproved
26. The speediness of the vision

Ezekiel 13. Reproof of False Prophets

1. The reproof of false prophets
10. and their untempered mortar
17. Of prophecies and their pillows

Ezekiel 14. Idolaters Condemned; Judgment Is Imminent

1. God answers idolaters according to their own heart
6. They are exhorted to repent, for fear of judgments, by means of seduced prophets
12. God's irrevocable sentence of famine
15. of wild beasts
17. of the sword
19. and of pestilence
22. A remnant shall be reserved for example of others

Ezekiel 15. Jerusalem Is Like a Useless Branch

1. By the unfitness of the vine branch for any work
6. is shown the rejection of Jerusalem

Ezekiel 16. Unfaithful Jerusalem and God's Grace

1. Under the parable of a wretched infant is shown the natural state of Jerusalem
6. God's extraordinary love toward her,
15. Her grievous judgment
35. Her sin, equal to her mother,
46. and exceeding her sisters, Sodom and Samaria,
59. calls for judgments
60. Mercy is promised her in the end

Ezekiel 17. Parable of Two Eagles and a Vine

1. Under the parable of two eagles and a vine
11. is shown God's judgment upon Jerusalem for revolting from Babylon to Egypt
22. God promises to plant the cedar of the Gospel

Ezekiel 18. God Defends His Justice and Exhorts to Repentance

1. God defends his justice
31. and exhorts to repentance

Ezekiel 19. Lament for the Princes of Israel: Parable of the Lion's Whelps

1. A lamentation for the princes of Israel, by the parable of a lion whelping in a pit
10. and for Jerusalem, under the parable of a wasted vine

Ezekiel 20. God Refuses the Elders of Israel; Destruction and Restoration of Jerusalem

1. God refuses to be consulted by the elders of Israel
4. He shows the story of their rebellions in Egypt
19. in the desert
27. and in the land
33. He promises to gather them by the Gospel
45. Under the name of a forest he shows the destruction of Jerusalem

Ezekiel 21. Parable of the Sharp and Bright Sword

1. Ezekiel prophesies against Jerusalem with a sign of sighing
8. The sharp and bright sword
18. against Jerusalem
25. against the kingdom
28. and against the Ammonites

Ezekiel 22. A Catalogue of Sins in Jerusalem

1. A catalogue of sins in Jerusalem, and the dispersion of the Jews in consequence
17. God will burn them as dross in his furnace
23. The general corruption of prophets, priests, princes, and the people

Ezekiel 23. Oholah and Oholibah's Sin and Judgment

1. The unfaithfulness of Aholah and Aholibah
23. Aholibah is to be plagued by her lovers
36. The prophet reproves the adulteries of them both
45. and shows their judgments

Ezekiel 24. Parable of the Boiling Pot; Ezekiel's Wife Dies

1. Under the parable of a boiling pot
6. is shown the irrevocable destruction of Jerusalem
15. By the sign of Ezekiel not mourning for the death of his wife
19. is shown the calamity of the Jews to be beyond all sorrow

Ezekiel 25. God's Vengeance upon Ammon, Moab, Edom and Philistia

1. God's vengeance, for their insolence against the Jews, upon the Ammonites
8. upon Moab and Seir
12. upon Edom
15. and upon the Philistines

Ezekiel 26. Judgment on Tyre

1. Tyrus, for insulting Jerusalem, is threatened with destruction
7. The power of Nebuchadnezzar against her
15. The mourning and astonishment of the sea at her fall

Ezekiel 27. Lament for Tyre

1. The riches and commerce of Tyrus
26. The great and irrecoverable fall thereof

Ezekiel 28. God's Judgment Upon Tyre and Sidon

1. God's judgment upon the prince of Tyrus for his sacrilegious pride
11. A lamentation of his great glory corrupted by Sidon
20. The judgment of Zion
24. The restoration of Israel

Ezekiel 29. Prophecy against Egypt

1. The judgment of Pharaoh for his treachery to Israel
8. The desolation of Egypt
13. The restoration thereof after forty years
17. Egypt the reward of Nebuchadnezzar
21. Israel shall be restored

Ezekiel 30. Lament for Egypt; Babylon Victorious

1. The desolation of Egypt and her helpers
20. The arm of Babylon shall be strengthened to break the arm of Egypt.

Ezekiel 31. Pharaoh Warned of Assyria's Fate: the Assyrian was a Cedar in Lebanon

1. A relation unto Pharaoh
3. of the glory of Assyria
10. and the fall thereof for pride
18. The like destruction of Egypt

Ezekiel 32. Lament over Pharaoh and Egypt

1. A lamentation for the fearful fall of Egypt
11. The sword of Babylon shall destroy it
17. It shall be brought down to hell, among all the uncircumcised nations

Ezekiel 33. Ezekiel the Watchman; News of Jerusalem's Capture

1. According to the duty of a watchman in warning the people
7. Ezekiel is admonished of his duty
10. God shows the justice of his ways toward the penitent and toward revolters
17. He maintains his justice
21. Upon the news of the taking of Jerusalem
25. he prophecies the desolation of the land
30. God's judgment upon the mockers of the prophets

Ezekiel 34. Reproof of the Shepherds of Israel; Restoration

1. A reproof of the shepherds
7. God's judgment against them
11. His providence over his flock
20. The kingdom of Christ

Ezekiel 35. The Judgment of Mount Seir for Their Hatred of Israel

1. The judgment of mount Seir for their hatred of Israel, and insulting over their distress

Ezekiel 36. The Mountains of Israel Will Be Blessed

1. The land of Israel is comforted, by destruction of the heathen, who spitefully used it
8. and by the blessings of God promised unto it
16. Israel was rejected for their sin
21. and shall be restored without their desert
25. The blessings of Christ's kingdom

Ezekiel 37. Vision of the Valley of Dry Bones; Judah and Israel Reunified

1. By the resurrection of dry bones
11. the dead hope of Israel is revived
15. By the uniting of two sticks
18. is shown the incorporation of Israel into Judah
21. The promises of Christ's kingdom

Ezekiel 38. The Malice of Gog

1. The army
8. and malice of Gog
14. God's judgment against him

Ezekiel 39. God's Judgment upon Gog and Israel's Victory

1. God's judgment upon Gog
8. Israel's victory
11. Gog's burial in Hamon-gog
17. The feast of the fowls
21. Israel having been plagued for their sins
25. shall be gathered again with eternal favor

Ezekiel 40. New Temple Area: Gates, Courts, Rooms

1. The time, manner, and end of the vision of the city and temple
6. The description of the east gate of the outer court
20. of the north gate
24. of the south gate
27. of the south gate of the inner court
32. of the east gate
35. and of the north gate
39. Eight tables
44. The chambers
48. The porch of the house

Ezekiel 41. The Measures, Parts, Chambers, and Ornaments of the Inner Temple

1. The measures, parts, chambers, and ornaments of the temple

Ezekiel 42. Chambers for the Priests

1. The chambers for the priests
13. The use thereof
15. The measures of the outward court

Ezekiel 43. The Returning of the Glory of God into the Temple; The Altar and Offerings

1. The returning of the glory of God into the temple
7. The sin of Israel hindered God's presence
10. The prophet exhorts them to repentance and observation of the law of the house
13. The measures
18. and ordinances of the altar

Ezekiel 44. The East Gate Assigned Only to the Prince; Ordinances for the Levites

1. The east gate assigned only to the prince
4. The priests reproved for polluting the sanctuary
9. Idolaters incapable of the priests office
15. The sons of Zadok are accepted thereto
17. Ordinances for the priests

Ezekiel 45. Portion of Land for the Sanctuary, the City, and for the Prince

1. The portion of land for the sanctuary
6. for the city
7. and for the prince
9. Ordinances for the prince

Ezekiel 46. Ordinances for the Prince in His Worship

1. Ordinances for the prince in his worship
9. and for the people
16. An order for the prince's inheritance
19. The courts for boiling and baking

Ezekiel 47. Holy Water from the Temple; Boundaries Set

1. The vision of the holy waters
6. The virtue of them
13. The borders of the land
22. The division of it by lot

Ezekiel 48. Division of the Land: Priests, Prince, Tribes, Gates

1. The portions of the twelve tribes;
8. of the sanctuary;
15. of the city and suburbs;
21. and of the prince.
23. The portions of the twelve tribes.
30. The dimensions and gates of the city.
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