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Name. The name Exodus means a going out or departure.

Subject The subject and key-word of the book is redemption (3:7, 8; 12:13 etc.), particularly that half of redemption indicated by deliverance from an evil plight. It records the redemption of the chosen people out of Egyptian bondage, which becomes a type of all redemption in that it was accomplished (1) wholly through the power of God, (2) by a means of a deliverer (3) under the cover of blood.

Purpose. At this point Old Testament history changes from that of the family, given in individual biographies and family records, to that of the nation, chosen for the divine purposes. The divine will is no longer revealed to a few leaders but to the whole people. It begins with the cruel bondage of Israel in Egypt, traces the remarkable events of their delivery and ends with a complete establishment of the dispensation of the Law. The aim seems to be to give an account of the first stage in the fulfillment of the promises made by God to the Patriarchs with reference to the place and growth of the Israelites.

Contents. Two distinct sections are usually given by students: the historical, included in chapters 1-19 and the legislative, comprising chapters 20-40. The first section records: the need of deliverance; the birth, training and call of the deliverer; the contest with Pharaoh; the deliverance and march through the wilderness to Sinai. The second gives the consecration of the nation and the covenant upon which it was to become a nation. The laws were such as to cover all the needs of a primitive people, both moral, ceremonial and civic with directions for the establishment of the Priesthood and Sanctuary.

Exodus and Science, Scientific research has gone far toward establishing the truthfulness of the Exodus record, but has brought to light nothing that in any way discounts it. It has shown who the Pharaoh of the oppression and Exodus was (Rameses. II, the Pharaoh of the oppression and Merenpth II, the Pharaoh of the Exodus.) and has discovered Succoth. It has shown that writing was used long before the Exodus and has discovered documents written before that period. It has thus confirmed the condition of things narrated in the Bible.


I. Israel in Egypt, 1:1-12:36.

1. The bondage, Ch. 1.

2. The deliverer, Chs. 2-4.

3. The contest with Pharaoh, 5:1-12:38.

II. Israel Journeying to Sinai, 12:37-18: end.

1. The exodus and passover, 12:37-13:16.

2. Journeying through Succoth to the Red Sea, 13:17-15:21.

3. From the Red Sea to Sinai, 15:22-18 end.

III. Israel at Sinai, Chs, 10-40.

1. The people prepared, Ch. 19.

2. The moral law, Ch. 20.

3. The civil law, 21:1-23:18.

4. Covenant between Jehovah and Israel, 23:20-24 end.

5. Directions for building the tabernacle, Chs. 25-31.

6. The covenant broken and renewed, Chs. 32-34.

7. The erection and dedication of the Tabernacle, 35-40.

For Study and Discussion. (1) The preparation of Israel and Moses forthe deliverance. (2) The conception of God found in Exodus: (a) As to his relation to nature, (b) As to his relation to his enemies, (c) As to his relation to his people, (d) As to his nature and purposes. (3) The conception of man found in Exodus. (a) The need and value of worship to him, (b) His duty to obey God. (4) The plagues. (5) The divisions of the decalogue: (a) Those touching our relation to God. (b) Those touching our relation to men. (6) The different conferences between Jehovah and Moses, including Moses' prayer. (7) The current evils against which the civil laws were enacted and similar conditions of today. (8) The character of the different persons mentioned in the book: (a) Pharaoh, (b) Moses, (c) Aaron, (d) Jethro, (e) Magicians. (8) Amalek, etc. (9) The Messianic teachings of the book-here study (a) the sacrifices, (b) the material, colors, etc., of the Tabernacle, (c) the smitten rock, (d) Moses and his family.THE BIBLE BOOK BY BOOK: A MANUAL:
For the Outline Study of the Bible by Books by J.B. TIDELL, A.M., D.D. Professor of Biblical Literature in Baylor University, Waco, Texas
Exodus 1. Israelites Multiply; Oppression in Egypt

1. The children of Israel, after Joseph's death, increase.
8. The more they are oppressed by a new king, the more they multiply.
15. The godliness of the midwives in saving the male children alive.
22. Pharaoh commands the male children to be cast into the river

Exodus 2. Birth, Adoption and Escape of Moses

1. Moses is born, and placed in a basket in the reeds of Nile.
5. He is found, and brought up by Pharaoh's daughter;
7. who employs his mother to nurse him.
11. He kills an Egyptian.
13. He reproves a Hebrew.
15. He flees into Midian, and marries Zipporah.
22. Gershom is born.
23. God respects the Israelites' cry.

Exodus 3. Moses and the Burning Bush

1. Moses keeps Jethro's flock.
2. God appears to him in a burning bush.
9. He sends him to deliver Israel.
13. The name of God.
15. His message to Israel, and Pharaoh, whose opposition is foretold.
20. He is assured of Israel's deliverance.

Exodus 4. Miraculous Signs through Moses; Aaron as Mouthpiece; Moses Returns

1. Moses's rod is turned into a serpent.
6. His hand is leprous.
10. He loathes his calling.
13. Aaron is appointed to assist him.
18. Moses departs from Jethro.
21. God's message to Pharaoh.
24. Zipporah circumcises her son.
27. Aaron is sent to meet Moses.
29. The people believe them.

Exodus 5. Pharaoh Rejects Moses' Plea and Increases the Israelites' Labor

1. Pharaoh chides Moses and Aaron for their message.
6. He increases the Israelites' task.
16. He ignores their complaints.
19. They cry out to Moses and Aaron.
22. Moses complains to God.

Exodus 6. God Promises to Deliver the Families of Israel

1. God renews his promise by his name JEHOVAH
9. Moses vainly attempts to encourage the Israelites
10. He and Aaron are again sent to Pharaoh
14. Genealogies of Reuben, Simeon and Levi, of whom came Moses and Aaron
26. The history resumed

Exodus 7. Aaron's Staff; Plague of Blood

1. Moses and Aaron are encouraged to go again to Pharaoh
8. Aaron's rod is turned into a serpent
11. The sorcerers do the like; but their rods are swallowed up by Aaron's
13. Pharaoh's heart is hardened
14. God's message to Pharaoh
19. The river is turned into blood; and the consequent distress of the Egyptians

Exodus 8. Plagues of Frogs, Gnats and Flies

1. Frogs are sent
8. Pharaoh complains to Moses, who by prayer removes them
16. The dust is turned into lice, which the magicians could not do
20. The plague of flies
25. Pharaoh inclines to let the people go, but yet is hardened

Exodus 9. Plagues of Livestock, Boils and Hail

1. The plague on livestock
8. The plague of boils
13. The message of Moses about the hail,
22. The plague of hail
27. Pharaoh pleads with Moses, but yet is hardened

Exodus 10. Plagues of Locusts and Darkness

1. God threatens to send locusts
7. Pharaoh, moved by his servants, inclines to let the Israelites go
12. The plague of the locusts
16. Pharaoh entreats Moses
21. The plague of darkness
24. Pharaoh again entreats Moses, but yet is hardened

Exodus 11. The Plague on the Firstborn

1. God's message to the Israelites to borrow jewels of their neighbors
4. Moses threatens Pharaoh with the death the firstborn

Exodus 12. Passover; Feast; Memorial; Pharaoh Urges Exodus

1. The beginning of the year is changed
3. The Passover is instituted
11. The import of the rite of the Passover
15. Unleavened bread
29. The firstborn are slain
31. The Israelites are driven out of the land
37. They come to Succoth
41. The time of their sojourning
43. The ordinance of the Passover

Exodus 13. Consecration of the Firstborn; God Leads the People out

1. The firstborn are sanctified to God
3. The memorial of the Passover is commanded
11. The firstborn of man and beast are set apart
17. The Israelites go out of Egypt, and carry Joseph's bones with them.
20. They come to Etham
21. God guides them by a pillar of a cloud, and a pillar of fire

Exodus 14. Pharaoh Pursues; The Red Sea is Parted

1. God instructs the Israelites in their journey
5. Pharaoh pursues after them
10. The Israelites murmur
13. Moses comforts them
15. God instructs Moses
19. The cloud removes behind the camp
21. The Israelites pass through the Red sea, which drowns the Egyptians

Exodus 15. Song of Moses and Miriam; The Lord Provides Water

1. The song of Moses, Miriam, and Israel on their deliverance
22. The people want water in the desert
23. The waters at Marah are bitter,
24. they murmur,
25. Moses prays, and sweetens the waters by God's direction
27. They encamp at Elim, where are twelve wells, and seventy palm trees

Exodus 16. Manna, Quail and the Sabbath

1. The Israelites come to Sin, and murmur for want of bread
4. God promises them bread and meat from heaven, and they are rebuked
13. Quail and manna are sent
16. The ordering of manna
25. It was not to be found on the Sabbath
32. An omer of it is preserved

Exodus 17. Water from the Rock; the Defeat of the Amalekites

1. The people murmur for water to Rephidim
6. God send them for water to the rock in Horeb
7. The place is called Massah and Meribah
8. Amalek is overcome by Joshua, while Moses holds up his hand
14. Amalek is doomed to destruction; and Moses builds the altar Jehovah-nissi

Exodus 18. Jethro Visits and Counsels Moses

1. Jethro brings his wife and two sons to Moses
7. Moses entertains him, and relates the goodness of the Lord
9. Jethro rejoices, blesses God, and offers sacrifice
13. He gives good counsel, which is accepted
27. Jethro departs

Exodus 19. Moses and the Lord at Mount Sinai

1. The people arrive at Sinai
3. God's message by Moses unto the people out of the mount
8. The people are prepared against the third day, for the giving of the law
12. The mountain must not be touched
16. The fearful presence of God upon the mount

Exodus 20. The Ten Commandments

1. The ten commandments are spoken by Jehovah
18. The people are afraid, but Moses comforts them
21. Idolatry is forbidden
23. Of what sort the altar should be

Exodus 21. Ordinances for Servants and Personal Injuries

1. Laws for men servants
5. For the servant whose ear is bored
7. For women servants
12. For manslaughter
16. For kidnappers
17. For cursers of parents
18. For smiters
22. For a hurt by chance
28. For an ox that gores
33. For him who is an occasion of harm

Exodus 22. Property Rights and Social Laws

1. Of Theft
5. Of damage
7. Of trespasses
14. Of borrowing
16. Of fornication
18. Of witchcraft
19. Of bestiality
20. Of idolatry
21. Of strangers, widows, and fatherless
25. Of usury
26. Of pledges
28. Of reverence to magistrates
29. Of the first fruits
31. Of torn flesh

Exodus 23. Laws of Justice, Mercy, Sabbath, Annual Festivals, Conquest

1. Of slander, false witness, and partiality
4. Of charitableness
6. Of justice in judgment
8. Of taking bribes
9. Of oppressing a stranger
10. Of the year of rest
12. Of the Sabbath
13. Of idolatry
14. Of the three feasts
18. Of the blood and the fat of the sacrifice
20. An angel is promised, with a blessing, if they obey him

Exodus 24. The People Affirm Their Covenant with God

1. Moses is called up into the mountain
3. The people promise obedience
4. Moses builds an altar, and twelve pillars.
6. He sprinkles the blood of the covenant
9. The glory of God appears
14. Aaron and Hur have the charge of the people
15. Moses goes into the mountain, where he continues forty days and forty nights.

Exodus 25. Tabernacle Offerings, Ark, Table, and Lampstand

1. What the Israelites were to offer for the building of the tabernacle
10. The dimensions of the ark
17. The mercy seat, with the cherubim
23. The table of show bread, with the furniture thereof
31. The golden candlestick, with the instruments thereof

Exodus 26. Instructions for the Tabernacle: Curtains, Boards and Veil

1. The ten curtains of the tabernacle
7. The eleven curtains of goats' hair, the covering of rams' and badgers' skins.
15. The boards of the tabernacle, with their sockets and bars
31. The veil for the ark
36. The hanging for the door

Exodus 27. Instructions for the Altar and Courtyard, Oil for the Lampstand

1. The altar of burnt offering, with the vessels thereof
9. The court of the tabernacle enclosed with hangings and pillars
18. The measure of the court, and the furniture of brass
20. The oil for the lamp

Exodus 28. Priestly Garments, Ephod, Breastpiece

1. Aaron and his sons are set apart for the priest's office
2. Holy garments are appointed
6. The ephod and girdle
15. The breast-plate with twelve precious stones
30. The Urim and Thummim
31. The robe of the ephod, with pomegranates and bells
36. The plate of the mitre
39. The embroidered coat
40. The garments for Aaron's sons

Exodus 29. Consecration, Sacrifices, Food of the Priests

1. The sacrifice and ceremonies of consecrating the priests and the altar
38. The continual burnt offerings
45. God's promise to dwell among the children of Israel

Exodus 30. Altar of Incense, Atonement Money, Basin, Anointing oil

1. The altar of incense
11. The ransom of souls
17. The bronze basin
22. The holy anointing oil
34. The composition of the incense

Exodus 31. Craftsmen Bezaleel and Aholiah; the Sabbath Explained

1. Bezaleel and Aholiah are appointed for the work of the tabernacle
12. The observation of the Sabbath is again commanded
18. Moses receives the two tablets

Exodus 32. The Golden Calf and Moses' Anger

1. The people in the absence of Moses, caused Aaron to make a calf
7. God informs Moses, who intercedes for Israel, and prevails
15. Moses comes down with the tablets
19. He breaks them
20. He destroys the calf
22. Aaron's excuse for himself
25. Moses causes the idolaters to be slain
30. He prays for the people

Exodus 33. Moses Resumes the Journey and Intercedes for the Israelites

1. The Lord refuses to go as he had promised with the people
4. The people mourn there
7. The tabernacle is removed out of the camp
9. The Lord talks familiarly with Moses
12. Moses prevails with God, and desires to see his glory

Exodus 34. Tablets Replaced; Covenant Renewed; Radiant Face of Moses

1. The tablets are replaced
5. The name of the Lord proclaimed
8. Moses entreats God to go with them
10. God makes a covenant with them, repeating certain duties
28. Moses after forty days on the mount, comes down with the tablets
29. His face is radiant, and he covers it with a veil

Exodus 35. Sabbath Rules; Workmen and Gifts for the Tabernacle

1. The Sabbath
4. The free gifts for the tabernacle
20. The readiness of the people to offer
30. Bezaleel and Aholiab are called to the work

Exodus 36. Bezalel and Oholiab; Gifts; Tabernacle Construction

1. The offerings are delivered to the workmen
4. The generosity of the people is restrained
8. The curtains with cherubim
14. The curtains of goats' hair
19. The covering of skins
20. The boards with their sockets
31. The bars
35. The veil
37. The hanging for the door

Exodus 37. Ark, Table, Lampstand, Altar of Incense

1. The ark and mercy seat with cherubim made
10. The table of showbread with its vessels
17. The candlestick with its lamps and instruments
25. The altar of incense
29. The anointing oil and sweet incense

Exodus 38. Altar of Burnt Offering, Basin, Courtyard Completed; Costs Totaled

1. The altar of burnt offering
8. The laver of brass
9. The court, and its hangings
21. The sum of what the people offered, and the use to which it was applied

Exodus 39. The Priestly Garments; Moses Inspects the Completed Work

1. The cloths of service and holy garments.
2. The ephod
8. The breast-plate
22. The robe of the ephod
27. The coats, mitre, and girdle of fine linen
30. The plate of the holy crown
32. All is finished, reviewed, and approved by Moses

Exodus 40. Tabernacle Erected and Filled by the Glory of the Lord

1. The tabernacle is commanded to be reared, anointed, and consecrated
13. Aaron and his sons to be sanctified
16. Moses performs all things accordingly
34. A cloud covers the tabernacle
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