The Bible Book by Book
Name. It is named from the two enumerations of the people, at Sinai, Ch. 1. and at Moab, Ch. 26.

Connection with Former Books. Genesis tells of Creation, Exodus of redemption, Leviticus of worship and fellowship, and Numbers of service and work. In Leviticus Israel is assigned a lesson and in Numbers she is getting that lesson. In this book as in Exodus and Leviticus Moses is the central figure.

Central Thought. Service which involves journeying, which in turn implies walk as a secondary thought. All the types of the books bear upon this two-fold idea of service and walk.

Key-Phrase. "All that are able to go forth to war" occurs fourteen times in the first chapter. There was fighting ahead and all who could fight must muster in.

The History Covered is a period of a little more than thirty-eight years (Num. 1:1; Deut. 1:3) and is a record (1) of how Israel marched to the border of Canaan, (2) wandered thirty-eight years in the wilderness while the old nation died and a new nation was trained in obedience to God, (3) then returned to the border of the promised land.


I. The Preparation at Sinai, 1:1-10:10.

1. The number and arrangement of the tribes, Chs. 1-2.

2. The choice and assignment of the Levites, Chs. 3-4.

3. Laws for the purity of the camp, Chs. 5-6.

4. Laws concerning the offerings for worship, Chs. 7-8.

5. Laws concerning the passover and cloud, 9:1-14.

6. Signals for marching and assembling 9:15-10:10.

II. The Journey to Moab, 10:11-22:1.

1. From Sinai to Kadesh, 10:11-14 end.

2. From Kadesh to Kadesh (the wilderness wanderings), 19:1-20:21.

3. From Kadesh to Moab, 20:22-22:1.

III. The Sojourn at Moab, 22:2-36 end.

1. Balak and Balaam, 22:2-25 end.

2. The sum of the people, Ch. 26.

3. Joshua. Moses' successor, Ch. 27.

4. Feasts and offerings, Chs. 28-30.

5. Triumph over Midian, Ch. 31.

6. Two and half tribes given land east of Jordan, Ch. 32.

7. Wilderness journeys enumerated, Ch. 33.

8. Divisions of Canaan and the cities of Refuge, Chs. 34-36.

For Study and Discussion. (1) Make a list of the different times when God came to the relief of Israel, by providing guidance, protection, food, etc. and from them study God's wonderful resources in caring for his people. (2) Make a list of the different times and occasions when Israel or any individual sinned or rebelled against God or His leaders, and study the result in each case. (3) Make a list of the miracles of the book and give the facts about each. Show which were miracles of judgment and which were miracles of mercy. (4) The story of the spies and the results of the mistake made as seen in all the future history of Israel. (5) The story of Balak and Balaam. (6) God's punishment of disobedient and sinful nations. (7) Doubt as a source of complaint and discontent. (8) The types of Christ and Christian experience: (a) The Nazarite; (b) Aaron's Budding Rod, 17:8; Heb 9:4; (c) The Blue Ribband, 15:38; (d) The Red Heifer, 19:2; (e) The Brazen Serpent, 21:9; (f) The cities of refuge, 35:13.

For the Outline Study of the Bible by Books by J.B. TIDELL, A.M., D.D. Professor of Biblical Literature in Baylor University, Waco, Texas
Numbers 1. The Census of Israel Totals 603,550, Exempting Levites

1. God commands Moses to number the people
5. The princes of the tribes
17. The number of every tribe
47. The Levites are exempted for the service of the Lord

Numbers 2. Arrangement of the Tribal Camps

1. The order of the tribes in their tents.

Numbers 3. Levites Designated as Priests

1. The sons of Aaron
5. The Levites are given to the priests instead of the firstborn
14. Are numbered by their families
21. The families, number, and charge of the Gershonites
27. Of the Kohathites
33. Of the Merarites
38. The place and charge of Moses and Aaron
40. The firstborn are freed by the Levites
44. The balances are refunded

Numbers 4. Duties of the Kohathites, Gershonites, Merahites

1. The age at which the Levites were to serve, and the duration of the service
4. The duty of the Kohathites
16. The charge of Eleazar
17. The office of the priests
21. The duty of the Gershonites
29. Of the Merarites
34. The number of the Kohathites
38. Of the Gershonites
42. And of the Merarites

Numbers 5. Purity of the Camp; the Adultery Test

1. The unclean are removed out of camp
5. Restitution is to be made in trespass
11. The trial of jealously

Numbers 6. The Vow of the Nazirite and the Priestly Blessing

1. The law of the Nazarite in the days of his separation
13. And after their completion
22. The form of blessing the people

Numbers 7. Offerings at the Tabernacle Dedication

1. The offering of the princes at the dedication of the tabernacle
10. Their several offerings at the dedication of the altar
89. God speaks to Moses from the mercy seat

Numbers 8. The Seven Lamps; Levites Set Apart; Retirement at Fifty

1. How the lamps are to be lighted
5. The consecration of the Levites
23. The age and time of their service

Numbers 9. The Passover and Cloud above the Tabernacle

1. The Passover is again commanded
6. A second Passover for the unclean or absent
15. The cloud directs the removals and encampments of the Israelites

Numbers 10. The Silver Trumpets; Israelites Leave Sinai

1. The use of the silver trumpets
11. The Israelites move from Sinai to Paran
14. The order of their march
29. Hobab is entreated by Moses not to leave them
33. The blessing of Moses at the removing and resting of the ark

Numbers 11. Complaints of the People and Moses; Quail from the Lord; Plague

1. The burning at Taberah quenched by Moses' prayer
4. The people crave meat, and loathe manna
10. Moses complains of his charge
16. God promises to divide his burden unto seventy elders,
18. and to give the people meat for a month
21. Moses' faith is staggered
31. Quails are given in wrath at Kibroth Hattaavah

Numbers 12. Miriam and Aaron Complain against Moses

1. God rebukes the sedition of Miriam and Aaron
11. Miriam's leprosy is healed at the prayer of Moses
14. God commands her to be shut out of the host
16. The people encamp in the desert of Paran

Numbers 13. The Twelve Spies Explore and Report on Canaan

1. The names of the men who were sent to search the land
17. Their instructions
21. Their acts
26. Their relation

Numbers 14. The People Rebel; Moses Pleads; Pardon and Rebuke

1. The people murmur at the news
6. Joshua and Caleb labor to still them
11. God threatens them
13. Moses intercedes with God, and obtains pardon
26. The Murmurers are debarred from entering into the land
36. The men who raised the evil report die by a plague
40. The people that would invade the land against the will of God are smitten

Numbers 15. More Offerings; Sabbath-Breaker Stoned; Tassels on Garments

1. The law of the meat offering, and the drink offering
14. The stranger is under the same law
17. The law of the first of the dough
22. The sacrifice for sins of ignorance
30. The punishment of presumption
32. He who violated the Sabbath is stoned
37. The law of tassels

Numbers 16. Rebellion of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram

1. The rebellion of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram
23. Moses separates the people from the rebels' tents
31. The earth swallows up Korah, and a fire consumes others
36. The censers are reserved to holy use
41. 14,700 are slain by a plague, for murmuring against Moses and Aaron
46. Aaron by incense stays the plague

Numbers 17. Aaron's Staff Buds

1. Aaron's rod, among all the rods of the tribes, only flourishes
10. It is left for a monument against the rebels

Numbers 18. Duties and Offerings for Priests

1. The charge of the priests and Levites
8. The priests, portion
21. The Levites,
25. The heave offering to the priests out of the Levites' portion

Numbers 19. The Red Heifer and Water of Cleansing

1. The water of separation made of the ashes of a red heifer
11. The law for the use of it in purification of the unclean

Numbers 20. The Water of Meribah; Edom Denies Passage; Deaths of Miriam and Aaron

1. The children of Israel come to Zin, where Miriam dies.
2. They murmur for want of water
7. Moses smiting the rock, brings forth water at Meribah
14. Moses at Kadesh desires passage through Edom, which is denied him
22. At Mount Hor Aaron resigns his place to Eleazar, and dies

Numbers 21. Defeats of Arad, Sihon and Og; The Bronze Snake

1. Israel destroys the Canaanites at Hormah
4. The people murmuring are plagued with fiery serpents
7. They repenting are healed by a bronze serpent
10. Various journeys of the Israelites
21. Sihon is overcome
33. And Og

Numbers 22. Balak Sends for Balaam; Balaam and the Angel

1. Balak's first message for Balaam is refused
15. His second message obtains him
22. An angel would have slain him, if he had not been saved by his donkey
36. Balak entertains him

Numbers 23. The Prophecies of Balaam

1. Balak's sacrifices

Numbers 24. The Prophecy from Peor

1. Balaam, leaving divinations, prophesies the happiness of Israel
10. Balak, in anger, dismisses him
15. He prophesies of the Star of Jacob, and the destruction of some nations

Numbers 25. Israelites Sin in Moab; Phinehas Intervenes

1. Israel at Shittim commit unfaithfulness and idolatry
6. Phinehas kills Zimri and Cozbi
10. God therefore gives him an everlasting priesthood
16. The Midianites are to be troubled

Numbers 26. The Second Census Totals 601,730

1. The sum of all Israel is taken in the plains of Moab
52. The law of dividing among them the inheritance of the land
57. The families and number of the Levites
63. None but Caleb and Joshua was left of those who were numbered at Sinai

Numbers 27. The Daughters of Zelophehad; Joshua to Succeed Moses

1. The daughters of Zelophehad ask for an inheritance
6. The law of inheritances
12. Moses, being told of his death, asks for a successor
18. Joshua is appointed to succeed him

Numbers 28. Daily, Sabbath and Monthly Offerings; Passover and Feast of Weeks

1. Offerings are to be observed
3. The continual burnt offering
9. The offering on the Sabbath
11. On the new Moons
16. At the Passover
26. In the day of the firstfruits

Numbers 29. Offerings of the Seventh Month

1. The offering at the feast of trumpets
7. At the day of afflicting their souls
12. And on the eight days of the feast of tabernacles

Numbers 30. The Law of Vows

1. Vows are not to be broken
3. The exceptions of a maid's vows
6. Of a wife's
9. Of a widow's or her that is divorced

Numbers 31. The Slaughter of the Midianites and Division of the Spoils

1. The Midianites are spoiled, and Balaam slain
13. Moses is angry with the officers, for saving the women alive
19. How the soldiers, with their captives and spoil, are to be purified
25. The proportion in which the prey is to be divided
48. The voluntary offering unto the treasure of the Lord

Numbers 32. Reubenites and Gadites Settle in Gilead

1. The Reubenites and Gadites ask for inheritance on the east side of Jordan
6. Moses reproves them
16. They offer him conditions with which he is content
33. Moses assigns them the land
39. They conquer it.

Numbers 33. Summary of Israel's Journey

1. The forty-two journeys of the Israelites
50. The Canaanites are to be destroyed

Numbers 34. Borders of Canaan

1. The borders of the land
16. The names of the men who shall divide the land

Numbers 35. Designation of Cities for the Levites and Refuge

1. Forty-eight cities for the Levites, with their suburbs, and measure thereof
6. Six of them are to be cities of refuge
9. The laws of murder and manslaughter
31. No satisfaction for murder

Numbers 36. Zelophehad's Daughters Marry

1. The inheritance of daughters is remedied by marrying in their own tribes
7. Lest the inheritance should be removed from the tribe
10. The daughters of Zelophehad marry their father's brothers' sons
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