2009. hinneh
Strong's Concordance
hinneh: lo! behold!
Original Word: הִנֵּה
Part of Speech: demonstrative particle
Transliteration: hinneh
Phonetic Spelling: (hin-nay')
Definition: lo! behold!
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
prol. of hen
lo! behold!
NASB Translation
after all (1), behold (938), go (1), here (41), how (5), if (18), if he sees (1), if the has indeed (1), indeed (11), lo (16), look (3), now (3), now* (1), see (4), surely (2), there (2), unless (1).

הִנֵּה, once הִנֶּהֿGenesis 19:2,

demonstrative particle lo! behold! ( certainly, surely, literally lo !), with suffix (the pronoun being conceived as accusative, Ew§ 262 c.; compare, , which takes an accusative, whether of a noun or pronominal suffix) הִנְנִי Genesis 6:13 + often (also הִנֶּ֣נִּי Genesis 22:7), הִנֵּ֑נִי Genesis 22:1,11 +, (הִנֶּ֔נִּי Genesis 27:18), Isaiah 65:1 הִנֵּ֣נִי הִנֵּ֔נִי (but הִנֵּה אָנֹכִי is also said Genesis 24:13,43; Genesis 25:32; Genesis 48:21; Exodus 4:23; Exodus 7:17 +; and, more rarely, הִנֵּה אֲנִי Ezekiel 37:5,12,19,21; 2Chron 2:3, compare 2 Kings 10:9; Jeremiah 32:27); הִנְּךָ Genesis 20:3 + ( 2 Kings 7:2 הִנְּכָה), הִנֶּ֑ךָּ Psalm 139:8, feminine הִנָּךָ Genesis 16:11 6t.; הִנּוֺ Numbers 23:17; Job 2:6; 1 Chronicles 11:25, הִנֵּ֫הוּ Jeremiah 18:3 Kt (הִנֵּה הוּא is more usual, as Genesis 20:16; Genesis 42:27; 1 Samuel 10:22; Jeremiah 38:5; Ruth 3:2): 1plural הִנְנוּ Joshua 9:25; 2 Samuel 5:1; Jeremiah 3:22; Ezra 9:15, הִנֶּ֫נּוּ Genesis 44:16; Genesis 50:18; Numbers 14:40, הִנֵּנ֑וּ Job 38:35; הִנְּכֶם Deuteronomy 1:10; Jeremiah 16:12; הִנָּם Genesis 40:5 + often (37 t.) — lo ! behold !

a. pointing to persons or things, Genesis 12:19 and now הִנֵּה אִשְׁתְּךָ behold thy wife ! Genesis 18:9 הִנֵּה בָאֹהֶל behold (she is) in the tent (the suffix, when the noun to which הנה refers has immediately preceded, being not unfrequently omitted, Genesis 16:14: compare Dr§ 135. 6, 2), Genesis 30:3; Genesis 31:51 (twice in verse); Exodus 24:8 etc. With suffix of 1 person, especially in response to a call, indicating the readiness of the person addressed to listen or obey, Here I am ! (literally Behold me !) Genesis 22:1,7,11; Genesis 27:1,18; Genesis 31:11; Genesis 37:13; Genesis 46:2; Exodus 3:4; 1 Samuel 3:4,5,6,8,16; 1 Samuel 22:12; 2 Samuel 1:7; Isaiah 6:8, compare 1 Samuel 12:3 הִנְנִי עֲנוּ בִי here I am, answer against me, 1 Samuel 14:43 (compare Drp. 292), 2 Samuel 15:26 (in resignation: compare Genesis 44:16; Genesis 50:18; Joshua 9:25; Ezra 9:15): of God Isaiah 52:6; Isaiah 58:9; Isaiah 65:1 (twice in verse) (repeated for emphasis). In the plural הננו Numbers 14:40; Jeremiah 3:22; Job 38:35. — Emph. הִנְנִי אָ֕נִי Ezekiel 34:11,20, compare Ezekiel 6:3. on חִנְנִי אֶל ֗֗֗ , see אל 4, p. 40.

b. introducing clauses involving predication: (a) with reference to the past or present, it points Generally to some truth either newly asserted, or newly recognized, Genesis 1:29 behold ! I have given to you all herbs etc. Genesis 17:20; Genesis 27:6; 1 Samuel 14:33 etc.; often one upon which some proposal or suggestion is to be founded, Exodus 1:9 (compare הן Genesis 11:6) 1 Samuel 20:2,5; 2 Kings 5:20. When the proposal is to be of the nature of an entreaty or request, הִנֵּהנָֿא is often used, instead of the simple הִנֵּה Genesis 12:11; Genesis 16:2; Genesis 18:7; 1 Kings 20:31; 1 Kings 22:13 and elsewhere (see נָא). (b) with reference to the future. Here it serves to introduce a solemn or important declaration Exodus 32:34; Exodus 34:10; Isaiah 7:14; and is used especially with the participle (the futuram instans [immanent future], Dr§ 135. 3) in predictions or threats, Genesis 20:3 הִנְּךָ מֵת (literally) behold thee (accusative) about to die, thou art about to die, Exodus 4:23; Exodus 7:17; Exodus 9:3; Deuteronomy 31:17; 1 Samuel 3:11; 1 Kings 20:36; 1 Kings 22:25; Isaiah 3:1; Isaiah 10:33; Isaiah 17:1; Isaiah 19:1; Isaiah 22:17; Isaiah 24:1 + often; in the phrase הנה ימים באים 1 Samuel 2:31; 2 Kings 20:17 = Isaiah 39:6; Amos 4:2; Amos 8:11; Amos 9:13 + Jeremiah 15 t.; very often with the suffix of 1person singular, as הִנְנִי מֵבִיא Behold, I bring (literally behold me bringing, or about to bring) . . . Genesis 6:17; Exodus 10:4 & often, especially in Jeremiah; Genesis 9:9; Exodus 8:17; Exodus 9:18; Exodus 34:11; 2 Kings 22:20; Isaiah 13:17; Isaiah 29:14; Isaiah 43:19; Jeremiah 8:17; Jeremiah 11:22 (הִנְנִי פֹקֵד; so Jeremiah 23:2 +) Jeremiah 16:16; Jeremiah 20:4, etc.; anomalously, with change of person, Isaiah 28:16 הִנְנִי יִסַּד (according to points) behold me, one who has founded, Isaiah 29:14 הִנְנִי יוֺסִף behold me, one who will add (so Isaiah 38:5); but it is dubious whether the participle יֹסֵד, יוֺסֵף should not be read.

c. וְהִנֵּה ֗֗֗ very frequently in historical style, especially (but not exclusively) after verbs of seeing or discovering, making the narrative graphic and vivid, and enabling the reader to enter into the surprise or satisfaction of the speaker or actor concerned: Genesis 1:31 and behold, it was very good, Genesis 6:12; Genesis 8:13; Genesis 15:12; Genesis 18:2; Genesis 37:29; Exodus 2:6; Deuteronomy 9:13 etc.: in the description of a dream Genesis 37:7,9; Genesis 40:9,16; Genesis 41:1,2,3; Isaiah 29:8, or of a vision Amos 7:1,4; Amos 8:1 etc. With a participle (the context fixing the sense to the past), Genesis 24:30; Genesis 37:15 (both without suffix); Judges 9:43; Judges 11:34; 1 Kings 19:5,11 +.

d. like II. הֵן (b), nearly = if (rare): Leviticus 13:5,6,7,8 (& elsewhere in this and the next chapter) וְהִנֵּה and behold = and if, Deuteronomy 13:15; and Deuteronomy 17:4 וְהִנֵּה אֱמֶת and behold it is true = and if it be true, Deuteronomy 19:18; 1 Samuel 20:12; compare 1 Samuel 9:7; 2 Samuel 18:11; Hosea 9:6.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
behold, lo, see

Prolongation for hen; lo! -- behold, lo, see.

see HEBREW hen

Forms and Transliterations
ה֛וּא הִ֠נֵּה הִ֭נֵּה הִֽנֵּה־ הִנְּךָ֥ הִנְנִ֨י הִנֵּ֑ה הִנֵּ֔ה הִנֵּ֕ה הִנֵּ֖ה הִנֵּ֖ה־ הִנֵּ֗ה הִנֵּ֛ה הִנֵּ֞ה הִנֵּ֡ה הִנֵּ֣ה הִנֵּ֣ה ׀ הִנֵּ֤ה הִנֵּ֤ה ׀ הִנֵּ֥ה הִנֵּ֧ה הִנֵּ֨ה הִנֵּ֪ה הִנֵּֽה־ הִנֵּֽנִי׃ הִנֵּה֙ הִנֵּה֩ הִנֵּה֮ הִנֵּה־ הִנֶּ֔נִּי הִנֶּ֣ה הִנֶּ֣נִּֽי הִנֶּ֥נּֽוּ הִנָּ֗ם הִנָּ֣ם הִנָּ֥ךְ הִנָּ֨ךְ הוא הנה הנה־ הנך הנם הננו הנני הנני׃ וְ֠הִנֵּה וְהִ֨נֵּה־ וְהִֽנֵּה־ וְהִנְּכֶ֣ם וְהִנֵּ֖ה וְהִנֵּ֗ה וְהִנֵּ֛ה וְהִנֵּ֞ה וְהִנֵּ֡ה וְהִנֵּ֣ה וְהִנֵּ֣ה ׀ וְהִנֵּ֤ה וְהִנֵּ֥ה וְהִנֵּ֧ה וְהִנֵּ֨ה וְהִנֵּֽה־ וְהִנֵּה֙ וְהִנֵּה֩ וְהִנֵּה־ וְהִנָּ֛ם וְהִנָּ֣ם וְהִנָּ֨ם וְהִנָּם֙ וְהִנּ֤וֹ והנה והנה־ והנו והנכם והנם hin·nāḵ hin·nām hin·nə·ḵā hin·nê·nî hin·neh hin·nêh hin·nêh- hin·nen·nî hin·nen·nū hin·nî hinNach hinnāḵ hinNam hinnām hinneCha hinneh hinnêh hinnêh- hinnəḵā hinNeni hinnênî hinNenni hinnennî hinNennu hinnennū hinNi hinnî hu hū vehinNam vehinneChem vehinneh vehinNo wə·hin·nām wə·hin·nə·ḵem wə·hin·nêh wə·hin·nêh- wə·hin·nōw wəhinnām wəhinnêh wəhinnêh- wəhinnəḵem wəhinnōw
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Englishman's Concordance
Genesis 1:29
HEB: וַיֹּ֣אמֶר אֱלֹהִ֗ים הִנֵּה֩ נָתַ֨תִּי לָכֶ֜ם
NAS: said, Behold, I have given
KJV: said, Behold, I have given
INT: said God Behold have given every

Genesis 1:31
HEB: אֲשֶׁ֣ר עָשָׂ֔ה וְהִנֵּה־ ט֖וֹב מְאֹ֑ד
NAS: that He had made, and behold, it was very
INT: that had made and behold good very

Genesis 6:12
HEB: אֶת־ הָאָ֖רֶץ וְהִנֵּ֣ה נִשְׁחָ֑תָה כִּֽי־
NAS: on the earth, and behold, it was corrupt;
INT: God the earth and behold corrupt for

Genesis 8:11
HEB: לְעֵ֣ת עֶ֔רֶב וְהִנֵּ֥ה עֲלֵה־ זַ֖יִת
NAS: to him toward evening, and behold, in her beak
INT: toward evening and behold leaf olive

Genesis 8:13
HEB: הַתֵּבָ֔ה וַיַּ֕רְא וְהִנֵּ֥ה חָֽרְב֖וּ פְּנֵ֥י
NAS: and looked, and behold, the surface
INT: of the ark and looked and behold was dried the surface

Genesis 12:11
HEB: שָׂרַ֣י אִשְׁתּ֔וֹ הִנֵּה־ נָ֣א יָדַ֔עְתִּי
NAS: to Sarai his wife, See now, I know
KJV: his wife, Behold now,
INT: Sarai his wife See now know

Genesis 12:19
HEB: לְאִשָּׁ֑ה וְעַתָּ֕ה הִנֵּ֥ה אִשְׁתְּךָ֖ קַ֥ח
NAS: Now then, here is your wife,
INT: is your wife then here is your wife take

Genesis 15:3
HEB: נָתַ֖תָּה זָ֑רַע וְהִנֵּ֥ה בֶן־ בֵּיתִ֖י
INT: have given offspring behold one my house

Genesis 15:4
HEB: וְהִנֵּ֨ה דְבַר־ יְהוָ֤ה
NAS: Then behold, the word of the LORD
INT: behold the word of the LORD

Genesis 15:12
HEB: עַל־ אַבְרָ֑ם וְהִנֵּ֥ה אֵימָ֛ה חֲשֵׁכָ֥ה
NAS: upon Abram; and behold, terror
INT: upon Abram and behold terror darkness

Genesis 15:17
HEB: וַעֲלָטָ֖ה הָיָ֑ה וְהִנֵּ֨ה תַנּ֤וּר עָשָׁן֙
NAS: that it was very dark, and behold, [there appeared] a smoking
INT: very came and behold oven a smoking

Genesis 16:2
HEB: אֶל־ אַבְרָ֗ם הִנֵּה־ נָ֞א עֲצָרַ֤נִי
NAS: Now behold, the LORD
INT: to Abram behold Now has prevented

Genesis 16:6
HEB: אֶל־ שָׂרַ֗י הִנֵּ֤ה שִׁפְחָתֵךְ֙ בְּיָדֵ֔ךְ
NAS: to Sarai, Behold, your maid
INT: to Sarai Behold your maid your power

Genesis 16:11
HEB: מַלְאַ֣ךְ יְהוָ֔ה הִנָּ֥ךְ הָרָ֖ה וְיֹלַ֣דְתְּ
NAS: said to her further, Behold, you are with child,
KJV: said unto her, Behold, thou [art] with child,
INT: the angel of the LORD Behold child will bear

Genesis 16:14
HEB: לַחַ֖י רֹאִ֑י הִנֵּ֥ה בֵין־ קָדֵ֖שׁ
NAS: Beer-lahai-roi; behold, it is between
INT: the well Beer-lahai-roi behold is between Kadesh

Genesis 17:4
HEB: אֲנִ֕י הִנֵּ֥ה בְרִיתִ֖י אִתָּ֑ךְ
NAS: As for Me, behold, My covenant
INT: me behold my covenant for

Genesis 17:20
HEB: וּֽלְיִשְׁמָעֵאל֮ שְׁמַעְתִּיךָ֒ הִנֵּ֣ה ׀ בֵּרַ֣כְתִּי אֹת֗וֹ
NAS: I have heard you; behold, I will bless
INT: Ishmael have heard behold will bless and will make

Genesis 18:2
HEB: עֵינָיו֙ וַיַּ֔רְא וְהִנֵּה֙ שְׁלֹשָׁ֣ה אֲנָשִׁ֔ים
NAS: and looked, behold, three
INT: his eyes and looked behold three men

Genesis 18:9
HEB: אִשְׁתֶּ֑ךָ וַיֹּ֖אמֶר הִנֵּ֥ה בָאֹֽהֶל׃
NAS: And he said, There, in the tent.
INT: ess said There the tent

Genesis 18:10
HEB: כָּעֵ֣ת חַיָּ֔ה וְהִנֵּה־ בֵ֖ן לְשָׂרָ֣ה
NAS: next year; and behold, Sarah
INT: time next and behold A son Sarah

Genesis 18:27
HEB: אַבְרָהָ֖ם וַיֹּאמַ֑ר הִנֵּה־ נָ֤א הוֹאַ֙לְתִּי֙
NAS: Now behold, I have ventured
INT: and Abraham and said behold Now have ventured

Genesis 18:31
HEB: וַיֹּ֗אמֶר הִנֵּֽה־ נָ֤א הוֹאַ֙לְתִּי֙
NAS: Now behold, I have ventured
INT: said behold Now have ventured

Genesis 19:2
HEB: וַיֹּ֜אמֶר הִנֶּ֣ה נָּא־ אֲדֹנַ֗י
NAS: Now behold, my lords,
INT: said behold Now now my lords

Genesis 19:8
HEB: הִנֵּה־ נָ֨א לִ֜י
NAS: Now behold, I have two daughters
INT: behold Now have two

Genesis 19:19
HEB: הִנֵּה־ נָ֠א מָצָ֨א
NAS: Now behold, your servant has found
INT: behold Now has found

841 Occurrences

Strong's Hebrew 2009
841 Occurrences

hin·nāḵ — 3 Occ.
hin·nām — 8 Occ.
hin·nə·ḵā — 2 Occ.
hin·nêh — 448 Occ.
hin·nê·nî — 7 Occ.
hin·nen·nî — 2 Occ.
hin·nen·nū — 1 Occ.
hin·nî — 1 Occ.
hū — 1 Occ.
wə·hin·nām — 7 Occ.
wə·hin·nə·ḵem — 1 Occ.
wə·hin·nêh- — 359 Occ.
wə·hin·nōw — 1 Occ.

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