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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Bring.
4992. soterios -- saving, bringing salvation
... saving, bringing salvation. Part of Speech: Adjective Transliteration: soterios
Phonetic Spelling: (so-tay'-ree-on) Short Definition: saving, bringing salvation ...
// - 7k

1898. epeisagoge -- a bringing in besides
... a bringing in besides. Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine Transliteration: epeisagoge
Phonetic Spelling: (ep-ice-ag-o-gay') Short Definition: bringing in ...
// - 6k

2287. thanatephoros -- death-bringing
... death-bringing. Part of Speech: Adjective Transliteration: thanatephoros Phonetic
Spelling: (than-at-ay'-for-os) Short Definition: death-bringing, deadly ...
// - 6k

1898a. epeisagoge -- a bringing in besides
... 1898, 1898a. epeisagoge. 1898b . a bringing in besides. Transliteration:
epeisagoge Short Definition: bringing. Word Origin from ...
// - 5k

3683. Onesiphoros -- "bringing advantage," Onesiphorus, a ...
... "bringing advantage ... Word Origin from the same as Onesimos and phero Definition "bringing
advantage," Onesiphorus, a Christian NASB Word Usage Onesiphorus (2). ...
// - 6k

5110. tokos -- a bringing forth, birth, fig. interest, usury
... tokos. 5111 . a bringing forth, birth, fig. ... Word Origin from tikto Definition a
bringing forth, birth, fig. interest, usury NASB Word Usage interest (2). ...
// - 6k

4864. sunagoge -- a bringing together, by ext. an assembling ...
... 4863, 4864. sunagoge. 4865 . a bringing together, by ext. an ... Word Origin
from sunago Definition a bringing together, by ext. an ...
// - 7k

4318. prosagoge -- a bringing to
... a bringing to. Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine Transliteration: prosagoge Phonetic
Spelling: (pros-ag-ogue-ay') Short Definition: approach, access Definition ...
// - 7k

5459. phosphoros -- light-bringing, the morning star
... light-bringing, the morning star. Part of Speech: Adjective Transliteration: phosphoros
Phonetic Spelling: (foce-for'-os) Short Definition: light-bearing ...
// - 6k

5051. teleiotes -- a completer, finisher
... Cognate: 5051 (a masculine noun) -- properly, a consummator, bringing a
process to its finish (used only in Heb 12:2). See 5056 (). ...
// - 7k

Strong's Hebrew
545. omnah -- bringing up, nourishment
... 544, 545. omnah. 546 . bringing up, nourishment. Transliteration: omnah
Phonetic Spelling: (om-naw') Short Definition: care. Word ...
/hebrew/545.htm - 6k

7725. shub -- to turn back, return
... the back (1), bring them again (1), bring them back (14), bring you back (5), bring
back (14), bring presents (1), bring...back (4), bringing (1), bringing the ...
/hebrew/7725.htm - 9k

563. immar -- a lamb
... lamb. (Aramaic) perhaps from 'amar (in the sense of bringing forth); a lamb -- lamb.
see HEBREW 'amar. 562, 563. immar. 564 . Strong's Numbers.
/hebrew/563.htm - 6k

2142. zakar -- remember
... root Definition remember NASB Word Usage been mindful (1), boast (1), bring my to
remembrance (1), bringing to mind (1), brings to remembrance (1), burns (1 ...
/hebrew/2142.htm - 6k

5927. alah -- to go up, ascend, climb
... ascended (10), ascending (2), ascends (2), ascent (1), attack (2), been (1), blow
away (1), breaking (1), bring (33), bring them back (1), bringing (2), brings ...
/hebrew/5927.htm - 8k

5414. nathan -- to give, put, set
... 1), appropriated (1), ascribe (2), ascribed (2), assigned (5), bear (1), bestow
(1), bestowed (2), blame* (1), bring (10), bring down (2), bringing (2), brings ...
/hebrew/5414.htm - 9k

539. aman -- to confirm, support
... root Definition to confirm, support NASB Word Usage believe (26), believed (11),
believes (2), bringing (1), carried (1), chronic (1), confirmed (5), doorposts ...
/hebrew/539.htm - 6k

3318. yatsa -- to go or come out
... Word Usage any time goes beyond (1), appeared (1), become known (1), beyond* (1),
born* (3), breaks (1), bring (58), bring forth (12), bringing (6), brings (6 ...
/hebrew/3318.htm - 8k

5375. nasa -- to lift, carry, take
... 1), bear (61), bearer (17), bearers (2), bearing (4), bears (1), become proud (2),
bore (9), borne (5), bring (10), bring forth (1), bringing (7), brought (5 ...
/hebrew/5375.htm - 8k

1319. basar -- to bear tidings
... to bear tidings NASB Word Usage bear good news (1), bearer of good news (2), bring
good news (1), bring the news (1), (1), bringing good news (2 ...
/hebrew/1319.htm - 6k


Bringing in the Sheaves. PM
... 417 Bringing in the Sheaves. PM. Spiritual Harvest. Sowing in the morning,
sowing seeds of kindness, Sowing in the noontide and the ...
/.../lorenz/the otterbein hymnal/417 bringing in the sheaves.htm

With Regard, Indeed, to Your Bringing Forward to us Other Bands of ...
... Book IV. 3 With regard, indeed, to your bringing forward to us other bands
of unknown gods? With regard, indeed, to your bringing ...
/.../the seven books of arnobius against the heathen/3 with regard indeed to.htm

Christ Bringing a Sword.
... XVII. CHRIST BRINGING A SWORD. (Christmas Sermon.) "Glory to God in the highest,
peace on earth, and goodwill towards men!". TEXT: Matthew 10:34. ...
/.../selected sermons of schleiermacher/xvii christ bringing a sword.htm

The Discovery of the Life-Bringing Cross and of the Holy
... Book II. Chapter I."The Discovery of the Life-Bringing Cross and of the
Holy. Nails. When the business at Nic??a had been transacted ...
/.../the ecclesiastical history of sozomenus/chapter i the discovery of the.htm

The Evil Resulting from the Bringing in of Novel Doctrine Shown in ...
... Chapter IV. The evil resulting from the bringing in of Novel Doctrine shown
in the instances of? The evil resulting from the bringing ...
/.../vincent/the commonitory of vincent of lerins/chapter iv the evil resulting.htm

Of the Case of any one Bringing Forward a Charge in Passion, or ...
... The Epistles of Pope Fabian. IV. Of the case of any one bringing forward
a charge in passion, or failing to prove his allegations. ...
// decretals/iv of the case of.htm

November 2. "Bringing into Captivity Every Thought to the ...
... NOVEMBER 2. "Bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ"
(II. ... "Bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ" (II. ...
/.../simpson/days of heaven upon earth /november 2 bringing into captivity.htm

Of the Boys who when Bringing to a Sick Man Some Figs, Died in the ...
... Prolegomena. Chapter XL. Of the boys who when bringing to a sick man some figs,
died in the desert from hunger, without having tasted them. ...
/.../cassian/the works of john cassian /chapter xl of the boys.htm

Wherefore, Bringing the visions of Daniel into Conjunction with ...
... Piece XIII. Wherefore, bringing the visions of Daniel into conjunction
with these? Wherefore, bringing the visions of Daniel into ...
/.../piece xiii wherefore bringing the.htm

The Holy Spirit Bringing Forth in the Believer Christlike Graces ...
GRACES OF CHARACTER. There is a singular charm, a charm ...
/.../torrey/the person and work of the holy spirit/chapter xiii the holy spirit.htm

Bringing (288 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Bring. Multi-Version Concordance
Bringing (288 Occurrences). Matthew 9:2 and lo, they ...
/b/bringing.htm - 35k

Death-bringing (1 Occurrence)
Death-bringing. Death-blow, Death-bringing. Death-giving .
Multi-Version Concordance Death-bringing (1 Occurrence). ...
/d/death-bringing.htm - 6k

Dividing (23 Occurrences)
... Leviticus 11:3 any dividing a hoof, and cleaving the cleft of the hoofs,
bringing up the cud, among the beasts, it ye do eat. (YLT). ...
/d/dividing.htm - 13k

Rebuking (9 Occurrences)
... Mark 10:13 And they were bringing to him children, that he might touch them,
and the disciples were rebuking those bringing them, (YLT). ...
/r/rebuking.htm - 9k

Mnason (1 Occurrence)
... Blass, following Codex Bezae (D), the Syriac, reads, for "bringing," etc., "And
they brought us to those with whom one should lodge, and when we had come into ...
/m/mnason.htm - 8k

Selling (23 Occurrences)
... Nehemiah 13:15 In those days I have seen in Judah those treading wine-vats on sabbath,
and bringing in the sheaves, and lading on the asses, and also, wine ...
/s/selling.htm - 13k

Rebuked (39 Occurrences)
... Mark 10:13 They were bringing to him little children, that he should touch
them, but the disciples rebuked those who were bringing them. ...
/r/rebuked.htm - 17k

Charges (58 Occurrences)
... Charges (58 Occurrences). Matthew 27:12 When however the High Priests and the Elders
kept bringing their charges against Him, He said not a word in reply. (WEY) ...
/c/charges.htm - 22k

Divided (102 Occurrences)
... Leviticus 11:3 any dividing a hoof, and cleaving the cleft of the hoofs, bringing
up the cud, among the beasts, it ye do eat. (See NIV). ...
/d/divided.htm - 37k

Touch (82 Occurrences)
... Mark 10:13 They were bringing to him little children, that he should touch
them, but the disciples rebuked those who were bringing them. ...
/t/touch.htm - 35k

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Bringing (288 Occurrences)

Matthew 9:2
and lo, they were bringing to him a paralytic, laid upon a couch, and Jesus having seen their faith, said to the paralytic, 'Be of good courage, child, thy sins have been forgiven thee.'

Matthew 15:30
Soon great crowds came to Him, bringing with them those who were crippled in feet or hands, blind or dumb, and many besides, and they hastened to lay them at His feet. And He cured them,

Matthew 21:43
"Therefore I tell you, the Kingdom of God will be taken away from you, and will be given to a nation bringing forth its fruit.

Matthew 25:20
He who received the five talents came and brought another five talents, saying,'Lord, you delivered to me five talents. Behold, I have gained another five talents besides them.'
(See RSV)

Matthew 26:62
The high priest stood up, and said to him, "Have you no answer? What is this that these testify against you?"
(See NIV)

Matthew 27:12
When however the High Priests and the Elders kept bringing their charges against Him, He said not a word in reply.

Matthew 27:13
"Do you not hear," asked Pilate, "what a mass of evidence they are bringing against you?"

Mark 1:32
When it was evening, after sunset people came bringing Him all who were sick and the demoniacs;

Mark 2:3
And they come unto him, bringing one sick of the palsy, which was borne of four.

Mark 10:13
They were bringing to him little children, that he should touch them, but the disciples rebuked those who were bringing them.

Mark 14:60
The high priest stood up in the midst, and asked Jesus, "Have you no answer? What is it which these testify against you?"
(See NIV)

Mark 15:4
Pilate again and again asked Him, "Do you make no reply? Listen to the many charges they are bringing against you."

Luke 1:57
And to Elisabeth was the time fulfilled for her bringing forth, and she bare a son,

Luke 2:6
And it came to pass, in their being there, the days were fulfilled for her bringing forth,

Luke 2:10
But the angel said to them, "Put away all fear; for I am bringing you good news of great joy--joy for all the People.

Luke 2:27
And he came in the Spirit to the temple, and in the parents bringing in the child Jesus, for their doing according to the custom of the law regarding him,

Luke 5:11
Then, after bringing their boats to land, they left everything and followed Him.

Luke 5:18
And lo, men bringing upon a couch a man who was paralysed; and they sought to bring him in, and put him before him.

Luke 7:12
And just as He reached the gate of the town, they happened to be bringing out for burial a dead man who was his mother's only son; and she was a widow; and a great number of the townspeople were with her.

Luke 8:1
It happened soon afterwards, that he went about through cities and villages, preaching and bringing the good news of the Kingdom of God. With him were the twelve,

Luke 12:11
And when they are bringing you before synagogues and magistrates and governors, do not anxiously ponder the manner or matter of your defence, nor what you are to say;

Luke 18:15
They were also bringing their babies to him, that he might touch them. But when the disciples saw it, they rebuked them.

Luke 21:12
But before all these things, they will lay their hands on you and will persecute you, delivering you up to synagogues and prisons, bringing you before kings and governors for my name's sake.

Luke 22:54
They seized him, and led him away, and brought him into the high priest's house. But Peter followed from a distance.
(See RSV)

Luke 24:1
But on the first day of the week, at early dawn, they and some others came to the tomb, bringing the spices which they had prepared.

John 18:29
Pilate, therefore, went forth unto them, and said, 'What accusation do ye bring against this man?'
(See NIV)

John 19:4
Once more Pilate came out and said to the Jews, "See, I am bringing him out to you to let you clearly understand that I find no crime in him."

John 19:34
However one of the soldiers pierced his side with a spear, and immediately blood and water came out.
(See NIV)

John 19:39
Nicodemus, who at first came to Jesus by night, also came bringing a mixture of myrrh and aloes, about a hundred Roman pounds.

John 20:18
Mary of Magdala comes bringing word to the disciples that she had seen the Lord, and that he had said these things to her.

Acts 4:34
for there was not any one among them who did lack, for as many as were possessors of fields, or houses, selling 'them', were bringing the prices of the thing sold,

Acts 5:2
and kept back part of the price, his wife also being aware of it, and brought a certain part, and laid it at the apostles' feet.
(See NAS)

Acts 5:16
Multitudes also came together from the cities around Jerusalem, bringing sick people, and those who were tormented by unclean spirits: and they were all healed.

Acts 7:11
Now a famine came over all the land of Egypt and Canaan, and great affliction. Our fathers found no food.
(See NIV)

Acts 9:21
And all those hearing were amazed, and said, 'Is not this he who laid waist in Jerusalem those calling on this name, and hither to this intent had come, that he might bring them bound to the chief priests?'
(See NAS)

Acts 12:25
Barnabas and Saul returned to Jerusalem, when they had fulfilled their service, also taking with them John whose surname was Mark.
(See RSV)

Acts 14:15
"Men, why are you doing these things? We also are men of like passions with you, and bring you good news, that you should turn from these vain things to the living God, who made the sky and the earth and the sea, and all that is in them;
(See NIV)

Acts 15:3
They, being sent on their way by the assembly, passed through both Phoenicia and Samaria, declaring the conversion of the Gentiles. They caused great joy to all the brothers.
(See NAS)

Acts 15:27
We have therefore sent Judas and Silas, who are themselves bringing you the same message by word of mouth.

Acts 16:16
It happened, as we were going to prayer, that a certain girl having a spirit of divination met us, who brought her masters much gain by fortune telling.
(See NAS)

Acts 16:30
and, bringing them out of the prison, he exclaimed, "O sirs, what must I do to be saved?"

Acts 16:34
and bringing the Apostles up into his house, he spread a meal for them, and was filled with gladness, with his whole household, his faith resting on God.

Acts 16:39
Accordingly they came and apologized to them; and, bringing them out, asked them to leave the city.

Acts 17:20
for certain strange things thou dost bring to our ears? we wish, then, to know what these things would wish to be;'

Acts 19:24
for a certain one, Demetrius by name, a worker in silver, making silver sanctuaries of Artemis, was bringing to the artificers gain not a little,

Acts 21:5
but when it came that we completed the days, having gone forth, we went on, all bringing us on the way, with women and children, unto the outside of the city, and having bowed the knees upon the shore, we prayed,

Acts 21:16
Some of the disciples from Caesarea also went with us, bringing one Mnason of Cyprus, an early disciple, with whom we would stay.

Acts 24:8
By examining him yourself you may ascertain all these things of which we accuse him."
(See NIV)

Acts 24:13
Nor can they prove the charges which they are now bringing against me.

Acts 24:17
And after a lapse of many years I arrived, bringing alms to my nation, and offerings.

Acts 25:7
When he had come, the Jews who had come down from Jerusalem stood around him, bringing against him many and grievous charges which they could not prove,

Acts 25:18
concerning whom the accusers, having stood up, were bringing against 'him' no accusation of the things I was thinking of,

Romans 3:5
But if our unrighteousness commends the righteousness of God, what will we say? Is God unrighteous who inflicts wrath? I speak like men do.
(See NIV)

Romans 7:13
Did then a thing which is good become death to me? No, indeed, but sin did; so that through its bringing about death by means of what was good, it might be seen in its true light as sin, in order that by means of the Commandment the unspeakable sinfulness of sin might be plainly shown.

Romans 7:23
but I see a different law in my members, warring against the law of my mind, and bringing me into captivity under the law of sin which is in my members.

Romans 9:28
for he is bringing the matter to an end, and cutting it short in righteousness; because a cutting short of the matter will the Lord accomplish upon the earth.

2 Corinthians 10:4
for the weapons of our warfare 'are' not fleshly, but powerful to God for bringing down of strongholds,

2 Corinthians 10:5
throwing down imaginations and every high thing that is exalted against the knowledge of God, and bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ;

2 Corinthians 11:20
for ye bear, if any one is bringing you under bondage, if any one doth devour, if any one doth take away, if any one doth exalt himself, if any one on the face doth smite you;

Galatians 4:24
which things are allegorized, for these are the two covenants: one, indeed, from mount Sinai, to servitude bringing forth, which is Hagar;

Ephesians 2:16
and might reconcile them both in one body to God through the cross, having killed the hostility thereby.
(See RSV)

1 Timothy 5:10
being approved by good works, if she has brought up children, if she has been hospitable to strangers, if she has washed the saints' feet, if she has relieved the afflicted, and if she has diligently followed every good work.
(See NIV)

Titus 2:11
For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all men,

Hebrews 2:10
For it became him, for whom are all things, and through whom are all things, in bringing many children to glory, to make the author of their salvation perfect through sufferings.

Hebrews 6:6
it is impossible, I say, to keep bringing them back to a new repentance, for, to their own undoing, they are repeatedly crucifying the Son of God afresh and exposing Him to open shame.

Hebrews 6:7
For earth, that is drinking in the rain many times coming upon it, and is bringing forth herbs fit for those because of whom also it is dressed, doth partake of blessing from God,

Hebrews 6:8
but bringing forth thorns and briars, it is found worthless and nigh to a curse, whose end is to be burned.

Hebrews 7:19
(for the law made nothing perfect), and a bringing in of a better hope, through which we draw near to God.

2 Peter 2:1
But false prophets also arose among the people, as false teachers will also be among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, denying even the Master who bought them, bringing on themselves swift destruction.

2 Peter 2:5
And spared not the old world, but saved Noah the eighth person, a preacher of righteousness, bringing in the flood upon the world of the ungodly;

Revelation 5:8
And when He had taken the book, the four living creatures and the twenty-four Elders fell down before the Lamb, having each of them a harp and bringing golden bowls full of incense, which represent the prayers of God's people.

Revelation 15:1
Then I saw another marvel in Heaven, great and wonderful--there were seven angels bringing seven plagues. These are the last plagues, because in them God's anger has found full expression.

Revelation 15:6
and there came out of the sanctuary the seven angels who were bringing the seven plagues. The angels were clad in pure, bright linen, and had girdles of gold across their breasts.

Revelation 21:11
and bringing with it the glory of God. It shone with a radiance like that of a very precious stone--such as a jasper, bright and transparent.

Revelation 22:12
"Behold, I come quickly. My reward is with me, to repay to each man according to his work.
(See RSV)

Genesis 6:17
And I, lo, I am bringing in the deluge of waters on the earth to destroy all flesh, in which 'is' a living spirit, from under the heavens; all that 'is' in the earth doth expire.

Genesis 19:9
They said, "Stand back!" Then they said, "This one fellow came in to live as a foreigner, and he appoints himself a judge. Now will we deal worse with you, than with them!" They pressed hard on the man Lot, and drew near to break the door.
(See NIV)

Exodus 3:12
and He saith, 'Because I am with thee, and this 'is' to thee the sign that I have sent thee: in thy bringing out the people from Egypt -- ye do serve God on this mount.'

Exodus 6:7
and have taken you to Me for a people, and I have been to you for God, and ye have known that I 'am' Jehovah your God, who is bringing you out from under the burdens of the Egyptians;

Exodus 6:27
These are they that spoke to Pharaoh king of Egypt, to bring out the children of Israel from Egypt. These are that Moses and Aaron.

Exodus 10:4
for if thou art refusing to send My people away, lo, I am bringing in to-morrow the locust into thy border,

Exodus 12:42
It is a night to be much observed to Yahweh for bringing them out from the land of Egypt. This is that night of Yahweh, to be much observed of all the children of Israel throughout their generations.

Exodus 14:11
And they said unto Moses: 'Because there were no graves in Egypt, hast thou taken us away to die in the wilderness? wherefore hast thou dealt thus with us, to bring us forth out of Egypt?

Exodus 16:32
And Moses saith, 'This 'is' the thing which Jehovah hath commanded: Fill the omer with it, for a charge for your generations, so that they see the bread which I have caused you to eat in the wilderness, in My bringing you out from the land of Egypt.'

Exodus 19:24
Yahweh said to him, "Go down and you shall bring Aaron up with you, but don't let the priests and the people break through to come up to Yahweh, lest he break forth on them."
(See RSV)

Exodus 36:3
and they received from Moses all the offering which the children of Israel had brought for the work of the service of the sanctuary, with which to make it. They brought yet to him freewill offerings every morning.

Exodus 36:5
And they spoke unto Moses, saying: 'The people bring much more than enough for the service of the work, which the LORD commanded to make.'

Exodus 36:6
Moses gave commandment, and they caused it to be proclaimed throughout the camp, saying, "Let neither man nor woman make anything else for the offering for the sanctuary." So the people were restrained from bringing.

Leviticus 3:1
And if his offering 'is' a sacrifice of peace-offerings, if out of the herd he is bringing near, whether male or female, a perfect one he doth bring near before Jehovah,

Leviticus 3:7
if a sheep he is bringing near 'for' his offering, then he hath brought it near before Jehovah,

Leviticus 4:3
if the anointed priest shall sin so as to bring guilt on the people, then let him offer for his sin, which he hath sinned, a young bullock without blemish unto the LORD for a sin-offering.

Leviticus 7:8
And the priest who is bringing near any man's burnt-offering, the skin of the burnt-offering which he hath brought near, it is the priest's, his own;

Leviticus 7:9
and every present which is baked in an oven, and every one done in a frying-pan, and on a girdel, 'is' the priest's who is bringing it near; it is his;

Leviticus 7:16
And if the sacrifice of his offering 'is' a vow or free-will offering, in the day of his bringing near his sacrifice it is eaten; and on the morrow also the remnant of it is eaten;

Leviticus 7:18
and if any of the flesh of the sacrifice of his peace-offerings be really eaten on the third day, it is not pleasing; for him who is bringing it near it is not reckoned; it is an abominable thing, and the person who is eating of it his iniquity doth bear.

Leviticus 7:29
Speak unto the sons of Israel, saying, He who is bringing near the sacrifice of his peace-offerings to Jehovah doth bring in his offering to Jehovah from the sacrifice of his peace-offerings;

Leviticus 7:33
he of the sons of Aaron who is bringing near the blood of the peace-offerings, and the fat, his is the right leg for a portion.

Leviticus 11:3
any dividing a hoof, and cleaving the cleft of the hoofs, bringing up the cud, among the beasts, it ye do eat.

Leviticus 11:4
Only, this ye do not eat -- of those bringing up the cud, and of those dividing the hoof -- the camel, though it is bringing up the cud, yet the hoof not dividing -- it 'is' unclean to you;

Leviticus 11:5
and the rabbit, though it is bringing up the cud, yet the hoof it divideth not -- unclean it 'is' to you;



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Brings (155 Occurrences)

Arrived (129 Occurrences)

Dieth (192 Occurrences)

Cured (62 Occurrences)

Death-blow (6 Occurrences)

Leader (183 Occurrences)

Saul's (79 Occurrences)

Crowds (62 Occurrences)

Remembrance (74 Occurrences)

Appeared (137 Occurrences)

Thanksgiving (49 Occurrences)

Matter (263 Occurrences)

Song (207 Occurrences)

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