7218. rosh
Strong's Concordance
rosh: head
Original Word: רֹאשׁ
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: rosh
Phonetic Spelling: (roshe)
Definition: head
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. root
NASB Translation
bands (1), beginning (11), beheaded* (1), best (1), best things (1), bodyguard* (1), captains (3), census (7), chief (35), chief men (6), chiefs (3), companies (7), company (5), corner (1), count (1), distant (1), divisions (1), ends (2), every (1), faced* (1), favor* (1), finest (2), first (12), full (2), hair (3), head (256), heads (129), laughingstock* (1), leader (4), leaders (8), leading man (1), leading men (2), masters (1), released* (1), ridge (2), rivers (1), sum (2), summit (7), themselves (1), top (51), topmost (2), topmost* (1), tops (15).

I. רֹאשׁ599 noun masculineLeviticus 13:45 head (common Semitic word; earliest form *ra°š, Arabic , Sabean ראס PräZMG xxix (1875). 425 MordtmHim.Inschr. 31; Ethiopic Amharic hence (a heightened) Assyrian rêšu (rarely râšu), Aramaic רֵישָׁא (Egyptian Aramaic ראש CookeNorth-Semitic Inscr. 404), , modern (Ma'lûla) ra±ša, HuartJAs xii (1878), 491 Duvalid. xiii(1879), 464; Palmyrene רשא, Lzb366, compare Biblical Hebrew רִישׁוֺן, רֵאשִׁית; from*ra'š, also Biblical Hebrew רָאשׁ֩, ראֹשׁ (LagSymm. i. 113), Tel Amarna rušu(nu) Wkl189, 18 (gloss to ‡a‡‡adunu), Late Hebrew = Biblical Hebrew; SI6 ראש, Phoenician רשׁ, ראש (in proper name), Punic rus (in proper name, of a location) SchrödPhoenician Spr.133, ראשת choicest, chief; on MI20 (suffix) רשה, Leviticus 1:28 ש[ר], compare Sm. u. So14LCB Jan. 8, 1887, 60); — ׳ר absolute Genesis 3:15 +, construct Genesis 40:20 +; suffix ראֹשִׁי Genesis 40:16 +, etc.; plural רָאשִׁים (for רְאָשִׁים֩GGA 1884, 1019) Exodus 18:25 +; construct רָאשֵׁי Hosea 7:13 + [מֵרַאֲשֹׁתֵי 1 Samuel 26:12 see מְרַאֲשׁוֺת below]; suffix רָאשֵׁינוּ 1 Chronicles 12:19, רָאשֵׁיכֶם Isaiah 29:10 +, etc.; —

1. a. (c. 230 t.) head, of human being; man Genesis 40:16,17. + often, גֶּבֶר ׳לְר Judges 5:30 for the head of a man, i.e. for each man, per capita; woman 2 Kings 9:30; Deuteronomy 21:12; Numbers 5:18; Esther 2:17; boy 2 Kings 4:19 (twice in verse); Genesis 48:14 (twice in verse) +; of ׳י, under figure of armed man Psalm 60:9 = Psalm 108:9; of idol 1 Samuel 5:4; of gates, personified Psalm 24:7; Psalm 24:9.

b. head, of animals: of serpent Genesis 3:15, dog 2 Samuel 3:8, ass 2 Kings 6:25, of הַחַיָּה in Ezekiel 1:22 compare Ezekiel 1:22; Ezekiel 1:26, of הַכְּרֻבִים Ezekiel 10:1 compare Ezekiel 10:11; of sea-monsters, לִוְיָתָן Job 40:31; Psalm 74:14, תַּנִּינִים Psalm 74:13; especially of animals for sacrifice Exodus 12:9; Exodus 29:15,19; Leviticus 1:4,8,12,15; Leviticus 3:2,8 18t. P; in phrase וְזָנָב ׳ר Isaiah 9:13 (figurative of noble and commoner) compare Isaiah 9:14; Isaiah 19:15, so (figurative of relative dignity, power, influence) Deuteronomy 28:13,44.

2. a. top (88 t.): of mountain, הַר, Genesis 8:5; Exodus 19:20 (twice in verse); Exodus 24:17; Exodus 34:2 34t.; hill, גִּבְעָה, Exodus 17:9,10 (E), 2 Samuel 8:25; מְרוֺמִים ׳ר Proverbs 8:2 + Proverbs 1:21 Toy (for ᵑ0 הֹמִיּוֺת), גֵּיא ׳ר שְׁמָנִים Isaiah 28:1,4; of rocks, צֻרִים, Numbers 23:9 (JE), crag, סֶלַע, 2 Chronicles 25:12 (twice in verse); tower Genesis 11:4 (J), stronghold Judges 6:26, ladder Genesis 28:12 (E), tree 2 Samuel 5:24 = 1 Chronicles 14:15, bough Isaiah 17:6 compare Ezekiel 17:4,22, mast (?; חִבֵּל) Proverbs 23:34 (otherwise Toy); of ears of grain, שִׁבֹּלֶת Job 24:24, of stone Genesis 28:18 (E), bed, מִטָּה, Genesis 47:31 (J), throne, עָגוֺל לַכִּסֵּה׳ר 1 Kings 10:19, tabernacle, or its wall, Exodus 26:24 = Exodus 36:29 (P); pillar ( =capital) 1 Kings 7:16,17 + 13: t., מְכוֺנָה 1 Kings 7:35; 1 Kings 7:35, lampstand Zechariah 4:2 (twice in verse), high priest's robe, מְעִיל, Exodus 28:32 (P), מִּנָּה ׳ר Psalm 118:22 top of (the) corner, i.e. most conspicuous stone (figurative); = tip, end, of staves 1 Kings 8:8= 2Chronicles 5:9, of sceptre Esther 5:2.

b. height of stars Job 22:12 ("" גֹּבַהּ שָׁמַיִם).

3: 171

a. head = chief (man) Judges 10:18; Judges 11:8,9,11; Exodus 18:25 (E), Numbers 1:16 (P), Deuteronomy 1:15; Hosea 2:2; Micah 3:1 + often; apparently combined with idea of first in a series 1 Chronicles 12:10. (van d. H. v.1 Chronicles 12:9, series of 11); of God 2 Chronicles 13:12.

b. = chief (city) Joshua 11:10 (D), compare (of city and king) Isaiah 7:3,8,9 (twice in verse).

c. chief nation Jeremiah 31:7.

d. =chief (place, position) 1 Samuel 9:22; 1 Kings 21:9,12; Deuteronomy 20:9; 1 Chronicles 4:42 (compare also 5).

e. הָראֹשׁ chief priest 2 Kings 25:18= Jeremiah 52:24; 2Chronicles 19:11; 24:11; 26:20, הַכֹּחֵן ראֹשׁ 1 Chronicles 27:5, ׳הָר ׳הַכּ2Chronicles 31:10; Ezra 7:5; ׳י alone 2 Chronicles 24:6; רָאשֵׁי הַכֹּהֲנִים Nehemiah 12:7.

f. especially = head of a family (P Chronicles); רָאשֵׁי בֵּית (rare ראֹשׁ) אֲבוֺתָ (םׅ) Exodus 6:14; Numbers 7:2; Numbers 17:18; Joshua 22:14; 1 Chronicles 5:24; 1 Chronicles 7:7,9; בֵּית הָאָבוֺת ׳ר 1 Chronicles 7:40; לְבֵית אֲבֹתָיו ׳ר Numbers 1:4, compare 1 Chronicles 5:15,24; 1 Chronicles 7:2; 1 Chronicles 9:13; 1 Chronicles 24:4; אֻמּוֺת בַּיתאָֿב ׳ר Numbers 25:15; אֲבוֺת ׳ר הָעַדָה Numbers 31:26; compare Numbers 32:28; Joshua 14:1; Joshua 21:1; אֲבוֺת הַלְוִיִּם ׳ר Exodus 6:25; Joshua 21:1; (הָ)אָבוֺת לַלְּוִיִם ׳ר 1 Chronicles 9:33,34; 1 Chronicles 15:12, compare Numbers 36:1; Joshua 19:51; 1 Chronicles 8:6,13; 1 Chronicles 23:9,24 10t. Chronicles; absolute ׳ר (הָ)אָבוֺת 1 Chronicles 8:10,28; 1 Chronicles 9:9; 1 Chronicles 26:32; 1 Chronicles 27:1; 2Chronicles 1:2 8t. Ezra Nehemiah (Chronicles); אֲכֹתֵיהֶם ׳ר Ezra 8:1; רָאשִׁים לְאָכוֺת Nehemiah 11:13; so also ׳י alone 1 Chronicles 5:7,12; 1 Chronicles 7:3; 1 Chronicles 8:28 +; apparently combined with idea of first in a series 1 Chronicles 23:8 (series of 3), 1 Chronicles 23:11 (of 4), 1 Chronicles 23:19 (of 3), 1 Chronicles 23:20 (of 2).

4. a. head=front, leader's place Micah 2:13; 2Chronicles 20:27, compare Amos 6:7.

b. of time, beginning, of night-watch Judges 7:19; Lamentations 2:19; absolute מֵראֹשׁ from the beginning Isaiah 40:21; Isaiah 41:4,26 ("" מִלְּפָנִים), Isaiah 48:16; Proverbs 8:23 ("" מֵעוֺלָם),. Ecclesiastes 3:11 ("" עַדסֿוֺף); first of months Exodus 12:2 ("" רִאשׁוֺן), Numbers 10:10; Numbers 28:11 (all P); בָּראֹשׁ 1 Chronicles 16:7 at first.

c. of things, river-heads Genesis 2:10 (J); עַפְרוֺת תֵּכֵל ׳5 chief, choicest, best, of spices, כשׂמ(יםׅ, Ezekiel 27:22; Exodus 30:23 (P), Songs 4:14; שִׂמְחָתִי ׳ר Psalm 137:6 the choicest of my joy.

6 head = division of army, company, band : Judges 7:16,20; Judges 9:34,37,43,44 (twice in verse); 1 Samuel 11:11; 1 Samuel 13:17 (twice in verse); 1 Samuel 13:18 (twice in verse) Job 1:17.

7 =sum, especially in phrase ׳בְּנֵייִֿשׂ ׳נָשָׂא אֶתרֿ Exodus 30:12take the sum of, enumerate, compare Numbers 1:2,49; Numbers 4:2,22; Numbers 26:2; Numbers 31:26,49; בְּראֹשׁוֺ Leviticus 5:24 in its sum, i.e. in full, so Numbers 5:7 (all P); of ׳יs thoughts Psalm 139:17; compare ראֹשׁ דְּבָֽרְךָ אֱמֶתPsalm 119:160.

8 other phrase are : ׳נָשָׂא אֶתרֿאֹשׁ פ see נָשָׂא Qal 1 b (2); יָרוּם ראֹשִׁי עַלאֹֿיְבַי Psalm 27:6, מֵרִים ראֹשִׁי ׳י Psalm 3:4 (Psalm 110:7; 140:10 see רום); shake the head, see נוּעַ

Hiph`il, compare יָנִיד בְּראֹשׁוֺ Jeremiah 8:16, מְנוֺד ראֹשׁ Psalm 44:15; נָתַן דֶּרֶךְ בְּראֹשׁ, i.e. requite, see נתן Qal 2 b near the end; יָשׁוּב גְּמֻלְךָ ׳בְּר Obadiah 15, compare Psalm 7:17; 1 Kings 2:33 (below דָּם 2i and (with ׳עַלרֿ) Esther 9:25, הֵשִׁיב רָעָה בְּראֹשׁ Judges 9:57; 1 Samuel 25:39; 1 Kings 2:44, compare Joel 1 Kings 4:4,7; 1 Kings 2:32 (sub דָּם 2i, compare Nehemiah 3:36 (אֶלרֿאֹשָׁם), see also 2 Samuel 3:29 below 1. חוּל

3; see, further, דָּם 2i; Daniel 1:10 see חוּב


Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
band, captain, company,

From an unused root apparently meaning to shake; the head (as most easily shaken), whether literal or figurative (in many applications, of place, time, rank, itc.) -- band, beginning, captain, chapiter, chief(-est place, man, things), company, end, X every (man), excellent, first, forefront, ((be-))head, height, (on) high(-est part, (priest)), X lead, X poor, principal, ruler, sum, top.

Forms and Transliterations
בְּרָ֣אשֵׁיהֶ֔ם בְּרָאשֵׁ֕ינוּ בְּרָאשֵׁ֖י בְּרָאשֵׁ֣י בְּרָאשֵׁ֥י בְּרָאשֵׁיהֶ֗ם בְּרָאשֵׁיכֶֽם׃ בְּרֹ֖אשׁ בְּרֹ֛אשׁ בְּרֹ֣אשׁ בְּרֹ֥אשׁ בְּרֹ֨אשׁ בְּרֹ֪אשׁ בְּרֹאשְׁכֶֽם׃ בְּרֹאשֵֽׁךְ׃ בְּרֹאשֵׁ֗נוּ בְּרֹאשֶֽׁךָ׃ בְּרֹאשָֽׁם׃ בְּרֹאשָׁ֑ם בְּרֹאשָׁ֔הּ בְּרֹאשָׁ֔ם בְּרֹאשָׁ֣ם בְּרֹאשָׁ֥ם בְּרֹאשֽׁוֹ׃ בְּרֹאשׁ֑וֹ בְּרֹאשׁ֔וֹ בְּרֹאשׁ֥וֹ בְּרֹאשׁ־ בְרֹאשֵׁ֔נוּ בְרֹאשֶֽׁךָ׃ בְרֹאשׁ֑וֹ בְרֹאשׁ֖וֹ בָּרֹ֔אשׁ בָרֹ֜אשׁ בראש בראש־ בראשה בראשו בראשו׃ בראשי בראשיהם בראשיכם׃ בראשינו בראשך׃ בראשכם׃ בראשם בראשם׃ בראשנו הֲרֹ֨אשׁ הָֽרָאשִׁ֗ים הָרָאשִׁ֥ים הָרֹ֑אשׁ הָרֹ֔אשׁ הָרֹ֖אשׁ הָרֹ֗אשׁ הָרֹ֛אשׁ הָרֹ֜אשׁ הָרֹ֥אשׁ הָרֹ֧אשׁ הָרֹ֨אשׁ הָרֹֽאשׁ׃ הָרֹאשׁ֒ הָרֹאשׁ֙ הראש הראש׃ הראשים וְ֝רֹ֗אשׁ וְ֝רֹאשׁ֗וֹ וְהָרָאשִׁים֙ וְהָרֹ֤אשׁ וְהָרֹ֨אשׁ וְרָאשֵׁ֖י וְרָאשֵׁ֛י וְרָאשֵׁ֣י וְרָאשֵׁ֥י וְרָאשֵׁ֧י וְרָאשֵׁ֨י וְרָאשֵׁי֙ וְרֹ֤אשׁ וְרֹ֥אשׁ וְרֹ֨אשׁ וְרֹאשָׁם֙ וְרֹאשׁ֖וֹ וְרֹאשׁ֣וֹ וְרֹאשׁ־ וְרֹאשׁוֹ֙ וּבְרָאשֵׁ֣י וּבְרָאשֵׁי֙ וּבְרֹ֣אשׁ וּבְרֹ֥אשׁ וּכְרֹ֖אשׁ וּלְרָאשָׁ֔יו וּלְרָאשָׁ֗יו וּמֵֽרָאשֵׁ֣י וּמֵרָאשֵׁ֤י וּמֵרָאשֵׁי֙ וּמֵרֹ֖אשׁ ובראש ובראשי והראש והראשים וכראש ולראשיו ומראש ומראשי וראש וראש־ וראשו וראשי וראשם לְ֝רֹאשִׁ֗י לְ֝רֹאשׁ֗וֹ לְ֭רֹאשְׁךָ לְרָאשֵׁ֣י לְרָאשֵׁ֧י לְרֹ֑אשׁ לְרֹ֔אשׁ לְרֹ֖אשׁ לְרֹ֣אשׁ לְרֹ֫אשֵׁ֥נוּ לְרֹֽאשׁ׃ לְרֹאשִֽׁי׃ לְרֹאשִׁ֔י לְרֹאשִׁ֛י לְרֹאשֶׁ֑ךָ לְרֹאשׁ֙ לָרֹ֧אשׁ לראש לראש׃ לראשו לראשי לראשי׃ לראשך לראשנו מֵֽהָרֹ֔אשׁ מֵֽרֹאשׁ־ מֵרָאשֵׁ֖י מֵרָאשֵׁ֣י מֵרֹ֑אשׁ מֵרֹ֖אשׁ מֵרֹ֗אשׁ מֵרֹ֣אשׁ מֵרֹ֤אשׁ מֵרֹ֥אשׁ מֵרֹאשׁ֖וֹ מֵרֹאשׁ֙ מהראש מראש מראש־ מראשו מראשי רָ֣אשֵׁי רָ֣אשֵׁיהֶ֔ם רָֽאשֵׁיהֶם֙ רָֽאשֵׁיכֶ֗ם רָֽאשֵׁיכֶ֥ם רָאשִֽׁים׃ רָאשִׁ֑ים רָאשִׁ֔ים רָאשִׁ֖ים רָאשִׁ֗ים רָאשִׁ֣ים רָאשִׁ֤ים רָאשִׁ֥ים רָאשִׁים֒ רָאשִׁים֙ רָאשֵׁ֖י רָאשֵׁ֛י רָאשֵׁ֣י רָאשֵׁ֤י רָאשֵׁ֥י רָאשֵׁ֧י רָאשֵׁ֨י רָאשֵׁי֙ רָאשֵׁיהֶ֖ם רָאשֵׁיהֶ֗ם רָאשֵׁיהֶ֛ם רָאשֵׁיהֶ֣ם רָאשֵׁיהֶֽם׃ רָאשֵׁיהֶֽן׃ רָאשֵׁיכֶ֗ם רָאשֵׁיכֶ֣ם רָאשֵׁיכֶ֥ם רָאשֶׁ֣יהָ ׀ רָאשֵׁי֙ רֹ֑אשׁ רֹ֔אשׁ רֹ֖אשׁ רֹ֗אשׁ רֹ֚אשׁ רֹ֛אשׁ רֹ֝֗אשׁ רֹ֝אשִׁ֗י רֹ֣אשׁ רֹ֣אשׁ ׀ רֹ֤אשׁ רֹ֥אשׁ רֹ֧אשׁ רֹ֨אשׁ רֹ֭אשׁ רֹּ֔אשׁ רֹּאשׁ֙ רֹֽאשְׁךָ֙ רֹֽאשׁ׃ רֹאשְׁךָ֖ רֹאשְׁךָ֥ רֹאשְׁכֶ֑ם רֹאשִֽׁי׃ רֹאשִׁ֑י רֹאשִׁ֔י רֹאשִׁ֖י רֹאשִׁ֡י רֹאשִׁ֣י ׀ רֹאשִׁי֙ רֹאשִׁי֮ רֹאשֵׁ֑ךְ רֹאשֵׁ֔נוּ רֹאשֵׁ֖ךְ רֹאשֵׁ֤ךְ רֹאשֶׁ֑ךָ רֹאשֶׁ֔ךָ רֹאשָֽׁהּ׃ רֹאשָֽׁם׃ רֹאשָׁ֑ם רֹאשָׁ֔הּ רֹאשָׁ֔ם רֹאשָׁ֔ן רֹאשָׁ֖ם רֹאשָׁ֗הּ רֹאשָׁ֣יו רֹאשֽׁוֹ׃ רֹאשׁ֑וֹ רֹאשׁ֒ רֹאשׁ֔וֹ רֹאשׁ֖וֹ רֹאשׁ֗וֹ רֹאשׁ֙ רֹאשׁ֛וֹ רֹאשׁ֜וֹ רֹאשׁ֣וֹ רֹאשׁ֣וֹ ׀ רֹאשׁ֤וֹ רֹאשׁ֥וֹ רֹאשׁ־ רֹאשׁוֹ֒ רֹאשׁוֹ֙ ראש ראש־ ראש׃ ראשה ראשה׃ ראשו ראשו׃ ראשי ראשי׃ ראשיה ראשיהם ראשיהם׃ ראשיהן׃ ראשיו ראשיכם ראשים ראשים׃ ראשך ראשכם ראשם ראשם׃ ראשן ראשנו שֶׁרֹּאשִׁי֙ שראשי bā·rōš ḇā·rōš bārōš ḇārōš baRosh bə·rā·šê bə·rā·šê·hem bə·rā·šê·ḵem bə·rā·šê·nū bə·rō·šāh bə·rō·šām bə·rō·še·ḵā ḇə·rō·še·ḵā bə·rō·šə·ḵem bə·rō·šê·nū ḇə·rō·šê·nū bə·rō·šêḵ bə·rō·šōw ḇə·rō·šōw bə·rōš bə·rōš- bərāšê bərāšêhem bərāšêḵem bərāšênū beraShei berasheiChem berasheiHem beraSheinu bərōš bərōš- bərōšāh bərōšām bərōšêḵ bərōšeḵā ḇərōšeḵā bərōšəḵem bərōšênū ḇərōšênū beRosh beroShah beroSham beroShech beroShecha berosheChem beroShenu beroSho bərōšōw ḇərōšōw hā·rā·šîm hă·rōš hā·rōš haraShim hārāšîm hărōš hārōš haRosh lā·rōš lārōš laRosh lə·rā·šê lə·rō·še·ḵā lə·rō·šə·ḵā lə·rō·šê·nū lə·rō·šî lə·rō·šōw lə·rōš lərāšê leraShei lərōš lərōšeḵā lərōšəḵā lərōšênū leRosh leroShecha leRoShenu leroShi leroSho lərōšî lərōšōw mê·hā·rōš mê·rā·šê mê·rō·šōw mê·rōš mê·rōš- mêhārōš mehaRosh mêrāšê meraShei mêrōš mêrōš- meRosh meroSho mêrōšōw rā·šê rā·še·hā rā·šê·hem rā·šê·hen rā·šê·ḵem rā·šîm rāšê rāšehā rāšêhem rāšêhen rāšêḵem raShei rasheiChem raSheiha rasheiHem rasheiHen raShim rāšîm rō·šāh rō·šām rō·šān rō·šāw rō·še·ḵā rō·šə·ḵā rō·šə·ḵem rō·šê·nū rō·šêḵ rō·šî rō·šōw rōš rōš- rōšāh rōšām rōšān rōšāw rōšêḵ rōšeḵā rōšəḵā rōšəḵem rōšênū Rosh roShah roSham roShan roShav roshChem roShech roShecha roShenu roShi roSho rōšî rōšōw šer·rō·šî šerrōšî sherroShi ū·ḇə·rā·šê ū·ḇə·rōš ū·ḵə·rōš ū·lə·rā·šāw ū·mê·rā·šê ū·mê·rōš ūḇərāšê ūḇərōš ucheRosh ūḵərōš ūlərāšāw uleraShav ūmêrāšê umeraShei ūmêrōš umeRosh uveraShei uveRosh vaRosh veharaShim vehaRosh veraShei verosh veroSham veroShecha veroShenu veroSho wə·hā·rā·šîm wə·hā·rōš wə·rā·šê wə·rō·šām wə·rō·šōw wə·rōš wə·rōš- wəhārāšîm wəhārōš wərāšê wərōš wərōš- wərōšām wərōšōw
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Englishman's Concordance
Genesis 2:10
HEB: וְהָיָ֖ה לְאַרְבָּעָ֥ה רָאשִֽׁים׃
NAS: and became four rivers.
KJV: and became into four heads.
INT: and became four rivers

Genesis 3:15
HEB: ה֚וּא יְשׁוּפְךָ֣ רֹ֔אשׁ וְאַתָּ֖ה תְּשׁוּפֶ֥נּוּ
NAS: He shall bruise you on the head, And you shall bruise
KJV: it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise
INT: He shall bruise the head and you shall bruise

Genesis 8:5
HEB: לַחֹ֔דֶשׁ נִרְא֖וּ רָאשֵׁ֥י הֶֽהָרִֽים׃
NAS: day of the month, the tops of the mountains
KJV: [day] of the month, were the tops of the mountains
INT: of the month became the tops of the mountains

Genesis 11:4
HEB: עִ֗יר וּמִגְדָּל֙ וְרֹאשׁ֣וֹ בַשָּׁמַ֔יִם וְנַֽעֲשֶׂה־
NAS: and a tower whose top [will reach] into heaven,
KJV: and a tower, whose top [may reach] unto heaven;
INT: A city tower top heaven make

Genesis 28:12
HEB: מֻצָּ֣ב אַ֔רְצָה וְרֹאשׁ֖וֹ מַגִּ֣יעַ הַשָּׁמָ֑יְמָה
NAS: on the earth with its top reaching
KJV: on the earth, and the top of it reached
INT: was set the earth top reaching to heaven

Genesis 28:18
HEB: שֶׁ֖מֶן עַל־ רֹאשָֽׁהּ׃
NAS: and poured oil on its top.
KJV: and poured oil upon the top of it.
INT: oil on top

Genesis 40:13
HEB: פַרְעֹה֙ אֶת־ רֹאשֶׁ֔ךָ וַהֲשִֽׁיבְךָ֖ עַל־
NAS: will lift up your head and restore
KJV: lift up thine head, and restore
INT: will lift Pharaoh your head and restore and

Genesis 40:16
HEB: חֹרִ֖י עַל־ רֹאשִֽׁי׃
NAS: baskets of white bread on my head;
KJV: white baskets on my head:
INT: of white on my head

Genesis 40:17
HEB: הַסַּ֖ל מֵעַ֥ל רֹאשִֽׁי׃
NAS: them out of the basket on my head.
KJV: them out of the basket upon my head.
INT: of the basket upon my head

Genesis 40:19
HEB: פַרְעֹ֤ה אֶת־ רֹֽאשְׁךָ֙ מֵֽעָלֶ֔יךָ וְתָלָ֥ה
NAS: will lift up your head from you and will hang
KJV: lift up thy head from off thee, and shall hang
INT: will lift Pharaoh your head and and will hang

Genesis 40:20
HEB: וַיִּשָּׂ֞א אֶת־ רֹ֣אשׁ ׀ שַׂ֣ר הַמַּשְׁקִ֗ים
NAS: and he lifted up the head of the chief
KJV: and he lifted up the head of the chief
INT: his servants lifted the head of the chief cupbearer

Genesis 40:20
HEB: הַמַּשְׁקִ֗ים וְאֶת־ רֹ֛אשׁ שַׂ֥ר הָאֹפִ֖ים
NAS: cupbearer and the head of the chief
INT: of the chief cupbearer and the head of the chief baker

Genesis 47:31
HEB: יִשְׂרָאֵ֖ל עַל־ רֹ֥אשׁ הַמִּטָּֽה׃ פ
NAS: bowed [in worship] at the head of the bed.
KJV: bowed himself upon the bed's head.
INT: Israel and the head of the bed

Genesis 48:14
HEB: וַיָּ֨שֶׁת עַל־ רֹ֤אשׁ אֶפְרַ֙יִם֙ וְה֣וּא
NAS: and laid it on the head of Ephraim,
KJV: [it] upon Ephraim's head, who [was] the younger,
INT: and laid on the head of Ephraim who

Genesis 48:14
HEB: שְׂמֹאל֖וֹ עַל־ רֹ֣אשׁ מְנַשֶּׁ֑ה שִׂכֵּל֙
NAS: on Manasseh's head, crossing
KJV: upon Manasseh's head, guiding
INT: and his left and head Manasseh's crossing

Genesis 48:17
HEB: יְמִינ֛וֹ עַל־ רֹ֥אשׁ אֶפְרַ֖יִם וַיֵּ֣רַע
NAS: on Ephraim's head, it displeased
KJV: hand upon the head of Ephraim,
INT: his right and head Ephraim's displeased

Genesis 48:17
HEB: אֹתָ֛הּ מֵעַ֥ל רֹאשׁ־ אֶפְרַ֖יִם עַל־
NAS: it from Ephraim's head to Manasseh's
KJV: it from Ephraim's head unto Manasseh's
INT: to remove and head Ephraim's and

Genesis 48:17
HEB: אֶפְרַ֖יִם עַל־ רֹ֥אשׁ מְנַשֶּֽׁה׃
NAS: head to Manasseh's head.
KJV: head unto Manasseh's head.
INT: Ephraim's and head to Manasseh's

Genesis 48:18
HEB: יְמִינְךָ֖ עַל־ רֹאשֽׁוֹ׃
NAS: Place your right hand on his head.
KJV: put thy right hand upon his head.
INT: your right on his head

Genesis 49:26
HEB: עוֹלָ֑ם תִּֽהְיֶ֙ין֙ לְרֹ֣אשׁ יוֹסֵ֔ף וּלְקָדְקֹ֖ד
NAS: hills; May they be on the head of Joseph,
KJV: hills: they shall be on the head of Joseph,
INT: of the everlasting may they be on the head of Joseph the crown

Exodus 6:14
HEB: אֵ֖לֶּה רָאשֵׁ֣י בֵית־ אֲבֹתָ֑ם
NAS: These are the heads of their fathers'
KJV: These [be] the heads of their fathers'
INT: These are the heads households of their fathers'

Exodus 6:25
HEB: פִּֽינְחָ֑ס אֵ֗לֶּה רָאשֵׁ֛י אֲב֥וֹת הַלְוִיִּ֖ם
NAS: These are the heads of the fathers'
KJV: him Phinehas: these [are] the heads of the fathers
INT: Phinehas These are the heads of the fathers' the Levites

Exodus 12:2
HEB: הַזֶּ֛ה לָכֶ֖ם רֹ֣אשׁ חֳדָשִׁ֑ים רִאשׁ֥וֹן
NAS: month shall be the beginning of months
KJV: This month [shall be] unto you the beginning of months:
INT: month This shall be the beginning of months is to be the first

Exodus 12:9
HEB: צְלִי־ אֵ֔שׁ רֹאשׁ֥וֹ עַל־ כְּרָעָ֖יו
NAS: with fire, [both] its head and its legs
KJV: [with] fire; his head with his legs,
INT: roasted fire head along legs

Exodus 17:9
HEB: נִצָּב֙ עַל־ רֹ֣אשׁ הַגִּבְעָ֔ה וּמַטֵּ֥ה
NAS: I will station myself on the top of the hill
KJV: I will stand on the top of the hill
INT: will station on the top of the hill the staff

599 Occurrences

Strong's Hebrew 7218
599 Occurrences

bā·rōš — 1 Occ.
bə·rā·šê — 4 Occ.
bə·rā·šê·ḵem — 1 Occ.
bə·rā·šê·hem — 2 Occ.
bə·rā·šê·nū — 1 Occ.
bə·rōš — 35 Occ.
bə·rō·šāh — 1 Occ.
bə·rō·šām — 8 Occ.
bə·rō·šêḵ — 1 Occ.
bə·rō·še·ḵā — 2 Occ.
bə·rō·šə·ḵem — 2 Occ.
bə·rō·šê·nū — 1 Occ.
bə·rō·šōw — 11 Occ.
hā·rā·šîm — 2 Occ.
hā·rōš — 38 Occ.
lā·rōš — 1 Occ.
lə·rā·šê — 3 Occ.
lə·rōš — 23 Occ.
lə·rō·še·ḵā — 2 Occ.
lə·rō·šê·nū — 1 Occ.
lə·rō·šî — 4 Occ.
lə·rō·šōw — 1 Occ.
mê·hā·rōš — 1 Occ.
mê·rā·šê — 3 Occ.
mê·rōš — 14 Occ.
mê·rō·šōw — 1 Occ.
rā·šê — 75 Occ.
rā·šê·ḵem — 6 Occ.
rā·še·hā — 1 Occ.
rā·šê·hem — 13 Occ.
rā·šê·hen — 1 Occ.
rā·šîm — 19 Occ.
rōš — 146 Occ.
rō·šāh — 7 Occ.
rō·šām — 14 Occ.
rō·šān — 1 Occ.
rō·šāw — 1 Occ.
rō·šə·ḵem — 1 Occ.
rō·šêḵ — 3 Occ.
rō·še·ḵā — 9 Occ.
rō·šê·nū — 1 Occ.
rō·šî — 26 Occ.
rō·šōw — 65 Occ.
šer·rō·šî — 1 Occ.
ū·ḵə·rōš — 1 Occ.
ū·lə·rā·šāw — 2 Occ.
ū·mê·rā·šê — 3 Occ.
ū·mê·rōš — 1 Occ.
ū·ḇə·rā·šê — 2 Occ.
ū·ḇə·rōš — 2 Occ.
ḇā·rōš — 1 Occ.
wə·hā·rā·šîm — 1 Occ.
wə·hā·rōš — 2 Occ.
wə·rā·šê — 10 Occ.
wə·rōš- — 10 Occ.
wə·rō·šām — 1 Occ.
ḇə·rō·še·ḵā — 1 Occ.
ḇə·rō·šê·nū — 1 Occ.
wə·rō·šōw — 7 Occ.

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