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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n.) The quality or state of being sick or diseased; illness; disease or malady.

2. (n.) Nausea; qualmishness; as, sickness of stomach.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

pin'-ing, sik'-nes: In the account of the epileptic boy in Mark 9:18 it is said that "he pineth away." The verb used here (xeraino) means "to dry up," and is the same which is used of the withering of plants, but seldom used in this metaphorical sense. The English word is from the Anglo-Saxon pinjan and is often found in the Elizabethan literature, occurring 13 times in Shakespeare. In the Old Testament it is found in Leviticus 26:39 (bis) and in Ezekiel 24:23 and 33:10. In the Revised Version (British and American) it replaces "consume" in Ezekiel 4:17. In all these passages it is the rendering of the Hebrew maqaq, and means expressly being wasted on account of sin. In Leviticus 26:16 "pine away" is used in the Revised Version (British and American) to replace "cause sorrow of heart," and is the translation of the Hebrew dubh; and in Deuteronomy 28:65 "sorrow of mind" is also replaced in the Revised Version (British and American) by "pining of soul," the word so rendered being de'abhon, which in these two passages is expressive of homesickness. In Isaiah 24:16 the reduplicated exclamation, "my leanness," of the King James Version is changed into "I pine away," the word being razi. The starving people in Lamentations 4:9 are said to pine away, the word so translated being zubh. All these Hebrew words have a general meaning of to dry or to waste or wear away, or to be exhausted by morbid discharges.

Pining sickness in Isaiah 38:12 the King James Version is a mistranslation, the word so rendered, dallah, meaning here the thrum by which the web is tied to the loom. The figure in the verse is that Hezekiah's life is being removed from the earth by his sickness as the web is removed from the loom by having the thrums cut, and being then rolled up. Both the King James Version margin and the Revised Version margin have the correct reading, "from the thrum." Septuagint has erithou eggizouses ektemein, and Vulgate (Jerome's Latin Bible, 390-405 A.D.) dum adhuc ordirer, succidit me. The other reading is due to another interpretation of the word which in a few passages, as Jeremiah 52:15, like its root dal, means something small, poor, and decaying or weak, such as the lean kine of Pharaoh's dream (Genesis 41:19).

Alexander Macalister


sik, sik'-nes (chalah (Genesis 48:1, etc.), choli (Deuteronomy 28:61, etc.), tachalu' (Deuteronomy 29:21, etc.), machalah (Exodus 23:25, etc.), daweh (Leviticus 15:33, etc.), 'anash (2 Samuel 12:15, etc.); astheneo (Matthew 10:8, etc.; compare 2Ma 9:22), kakos echon (Luke 7:2), kakos echontas (Matthew 4:24, etc.), arrhostos (Sirach 7:35; Matthew 14:14, etc.), arrhostema (Sirach 10:10, etc.), with various cognates, kamno (James 5:15); Latin morbus (2 Esdras 8:31)): Compared with the number of deaths recorded in the historical books of the Bible the instances in which diseases are mentioned are few. "Sick" and "sickness" (including "disease," etc.) are the translations of 6 Hebrew and 9 Greek words and occur 56 times in the Old Testament and 57 times in the New Testament. The number of references in the latter is significant as showing how much the healing of the sick was characteristic of the Lord's ministry. The diseases specified are varied. Of infantile sickness there is an instance in Bath-sheba's child (2 Samuel 12:15), whose disease is termed 'anash, not improbably trismus nascentium, a common disease in Palestine. Among adolescents there are recorded the unspecified sickness of Abijah (1 Kings 14:1), of the widow's son at Zarephath (1 Kings 17:17), the sunstroke of the Shunammite's son (2 Kings 4:19), the epileptic boy (Matthew 17:15), Jairus' daughter (Matthew 9:18), and the nobleman's son (John 4:46). At the other extreme of life Jacob's death was preceded by sickness (Genesis 48:1). Sickness resulted from accident (Ahaziah, 2 Kings 1:2), wounds (Joram, 2 Kings 8:29), from the violence of passion (Amnon, 2 Samuel 13:2), or mental emotion (Daniel 8:27); see also in this connection Songs 2:5; Songs 5:8. Sickness the result of drunkenness is mentioned (Hosea 7:5), and as a consequence of famine (Jeremiah 14:18) or violence (Micah 6:13). Daweh or periodic sickness is referred to (Leviticus 15:33; Leviticus 20:18), and an extreme case is that of Luke 8:43.

In some examples the nature of the disease is specified, as Asa's disease in his feet (1 Kings 15:23), for which he sought the aid of physicians in vain (2 Chronicles 16:12). Hezekiah and Job suffered from sore boils, Jehoram from some severe dysenteric attack (2 Chronicles 21:19), as did Antiochus Epiphanes (2 Maccabees 9:5). Probably the sudden and fatal disease of Herod was similar, as in both cases there is reference to the presence of worms (compare Acts 12:23 and 2 Maccabees 9:9). The disease of Publius' father was also dysentery (Acts 28:8). Other diseases specified are paralysis (Matthew 8:6; Matthew 9:2), and fever (Matthew 8:14). Not improbably the sudden illness of the young Egyptian at Ziklag (1 Samuel 30:11), and the illness of Ben-hadad which weakened him so that he could not resist the violence of Hazael, were also the common Palestine fever (2 Kings 8:15) of whose symptoms and effects there is a graphic description in Psalm 38. Unspecified fatal illnesses were those of Elisha (2 Kings 13:14), Lazarus (John 11:1), Tabitha (Acts 9:37). In the language of the Bible, leprosy is spoken of as a defilement to be cleansed, rather than as a disease to be cured.

The proverb concerning the sick quoted by the Lord at Capernaum (Mark 2:17) has come down to us in several forms in apocryphal and rabbinical writings (Babha' Qamma' 26:13; Sanhedhrin 176), but is nowhere so terse as in the form in which He expresses it. The Lord performed His healing of the sick by His word or touch, and one of the most emphatic charges which He gave to His disciples when sending them out was to heal the sick. One of the methods used by them, the anointing with oil, is mentioned in Mark 6:13 and enjoined by James (5:15). In later times the anointing which was at first used as a remedial agent became a ceremonial in preparation for death, one of the seven sacraments of the Roman church (Aquinas, Summa Theologia suppl. ad Piii. 29).

The duty of visiting the sick is referred to in Ezekiel 34:4, 16, and by the Lord in the description of the Judgment scene (Matthew 25:36, 43). It is inculcated in several of the rabbinical tracts. "He that visits the sick lengthens his life, he who refrains shortens it," says Rabbi Ischanan in Nedharim 29. In Shulchan `Arukh, Yoreh De`ah there is a chapter devoted to this duty, which is regarded as incumbent on the Jew, even though the sick person be a Gentile (Gittin 61a). The church's duty to the sick, so long neglected, has, within the last century, been recognized in the mission field, and has proved, in heathen lands, to be the most important of all pioneer agressive methods.

While we find that the apostles freely exercised their gifts of healing, it is noteworthy that we read of the sickness of two of Paul's companions, Epaphroditus (Philippians 2:26) and Trophimus (2 Timothy 4:20), for whose recovery he seems to have used no other means than prayer.

See also DISEASE.

Alexander Macalister



3554. nosos -- disease, sickness
... disease, sickness. Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine Transliteration: nosos Phonetic
Spelling: (nos'-os) Short Definition: a disease, malady Definition: a disease ...
// - 6k

3553. nosema -- sickness
... sickness. Part of Speech: Noun, Neuter Transliteration: nosema Phonetic Spelling:
(nos'-ay-ma) Short Definition: a trouble, disease Definition: a trouble ...
// - 6k

769. astheneia -- weakness, frailty
... 769 ("weakness, sickness") refers to an ailment that of enjoying or accomplishing
what they would like to do. ... disease, infirmity, sickness, weakness. ...
// - 7k

3119. malakia -- softness, weakness
... Speech: Noun, Feminine Transliteration: malakia Phonetic Spelling: (mal-ak-ee'-ah)
Short Definition: weakness, illness Definition: weakness, illness, sickness. ...
// - 6k

4912. sunecho -- to hold together, to hold fast, pass. to be ...
... with Definition: (a) I press together, close, (b) I press on every side, confine,
(c) I hold fast, (d) I urge, impel, (e) pass: I am afflicted with (sickness). ...
// - 7k

5198. hugiaino -- to be sound, healthy
... [5198 () is opposite to having a debilitating sickness. Thus it became the ideal
way to open and close personal letters in ancient times -- ie ().]. ...
// - 8k

2577. kamno -- to be weary
... 2577 -- properly, become weary (this was a common meaning for this term from 900
bc on, J. Thayer); weary to the point of sickness; "spent," ready to ...
// - 6k

931. basanos -- a touchstone (a dark stone used in testing metals) ...
... peculiar mark. Then it was used for examination by torture. Sickness was
often regarded as 'torture' " (, 1, 37).]. Word Origin of ...
// - 7k

2825. kline -- a small couch
... bed, table. From klino; a couch (for sleep, sickness, sitting or eating) -- bed,
table. see GREEK klino. (klinarion) -- 1 Occurrence. (klinen) -- 4 Occurrences. ...
// - 6k

776. asitia -- abstinence from food
... a fast Definition: either: lack or wheat, lack of food (the literal meaning), or:
abstinence from food, a fast, loss of appetite, sea-sickness (the extended ...
// - 6k

Strong's Hebrew
2483. choli -- sickness
... 2482, 2483. choli. 2484 . sickness. Transliteration: choli Phonetic
Spelling: (khol-ee') Short Definition: sickness. Word Origin ...
/hebrew/2483.htm - 6k

4245. machaleh -- sickness, disease
... machaleh. 4245a . sickness, disease. Transliteration: machaleh Phonetic Spelling:
(makh-al-eh') Short Definition: disease. disease, infirmity, sickness ...
/hebrew/4245.htm - 5k

4245a. machalah -- sickness, disease
... 4245, 4245a. machalah. 4245b . sickness, disease. Transliteration: machalah
Short Definition: sickness. Word Origin from chalah ...
/hebrew/4245a.htm - 5k

4064. madveh -- sickness
... 4063, 4064. madveh. 4065 . sickness. Transliteration: madveh Phonetic Spelling:
(mad-veh') Short Definition: diseases. ... disease. From davah; sickness -- disease ...
/hebrew/4064.htm - 6k

4245b. machaleh -- sickness, disease
... 4245a, 4245b. machaleh. 4246 . sickness, disease. Transliteration: machaleh
Short Definition: disease. Word Origin from chalah Definition ...
/hebrew/4245b.htm - 5k

4251. machluy -- sickness, suffering (caused by wounds)
... sickness, suffering (caused by wounds). Transliteration: machluy or machaluy
Phonetic Spelling: (makh-loo'-ee) Short Definition: sick. ...
/hebrew/4251.htm - 6k

1803. dallah -- hair, thrum
... 1802b, 1803. dallah. 1803a . hair, thrum. Transliteration: dallah Phonetic
Spelling: (dal-law') Short Definition: hair. hair, pining sickness, poorest sort ...
/hebrew/1803.htm - 5k

1739. daveh -- faint, unwell
... 1). faint, menstruous cloth, she that is sick, having sickness. From davah;
sick (especially in menstruation) -- faint, menstruous ...
/hebrew/1739.htm - 6k

8464. tachmas -- male ostrich
... disease, grievous, that are sickness. From chamac; a species of unclean bird (from
its violence), perhaps an owl -- night hawk. see HEBREW chamac. 8463, 8464 ...
/hebrew/8464.htm - 6k

4257. Machalath -- in psalm titles, probably the name of a tune.
... Mahalath From chalah; sickness; Machalath, probably the title (initial word) of
a popular song -- Mahalath. see HEBREW chalah. 4256, 4257. Machalath. 4258 ...
/hebrew/4257.htm - 6k


Evening Prayer in Sickness.
... Evening Prayer In Sickness. III. In Sickness. 7,5,7,5. Herr, ein ganzer Leidenstag.
[177]Heinrich Puchta. Lord, a whole long day of pain. Now at last is o'er! ...
/.../lyra germanica second series the christian life/evening prayer in sickness.htm

Psalm 6 Complaint in Sickness.
... THE PSALMS OF DAVID PSALM 6 Complaint in sickness. CM Complaint in sickness.
In anger, Lord, rebuke me not; Withdraw the dreadful storm; ...
/.../watts/the psalms and hymns of isaac watts/psalm 6 complaint in sickness.htm

Psalm 6:1. CM Complaint in Sickness; Or, Diseases Healed.
... THE Psalms of David, In Metre. Psalm 6:1. CM Complaint in sickness; or,
diseases healed. 1 In anger, Lord, rebuke me not, Withdraw ...
// psalms of david/psalm 6 1 c m complaint.htm

Sickness and Recovery.
... SOCIAL AND DOMESTIC WORSHIP. 932. " Sickness and Recovery. 932. CM Doddridge.
Sickness and Recovery. 1 My God, thy service well ...
/.../adams/hymns for christian devotion/932 sickness and recovery.htm

Consolations against Impatience in Sickness.
by extremity of pain thou be driven to impatience, meditate" ...
/.../bayly/the practice of piety/consolations against impatience in sickness.htm

The Diverse Forms of Spiritual Sickness.
... Book X. 24. The Diverse Forms of Spiritual Sickness. ... For not every sin is to be
considered a sickness, but that which has settled down in the whole soul. ...
/.../origen/origens commentary on the gospel of matthew/24 the diverse forms of.htm

Psalm 6:2. LM Temptations in Sickness Overcome.
... THE Psalms of David, In Metre. Psalm 6:2. LM Temptations in sickness overcome.
1 Lord, I can suffer thy rebukes, When thou with ...
/...// psalms of david/psalm 6 2 l m temptations.htm

... HOME-SICKNESS. 8,8 Ich wolt daz ich daheime wer. [32]Henry of Loufenburg. Fifteenth
Century. trans. by Catherine Winkworth, 1869. I would I were at last at home ...
/.../ singers of germany/home-sickness.htm

Psalm 6 Temptations in Sickness Overcome.
... THE PSALMS OF DAVID PSALM 6 Temptations in sickness overcome. LM Temptations
in sickness overcome. Lord, I can suffer thy rebukes,. ...
/.../watts/the psalms and hymns of isaac watts/psalm 6 temptations in sickness.htm

Little Jennie's Sickness and Death
... LITTLE JENNIE'S SICKNESS AND DEATH. Little Jennie was eight years old, March
30, 1886. The April following she was taken very sick ...
/.../little jennies sickness and death.htm

Sickness (40 Occurrences)
... 1. (n.) The quality or state of being sick or diseased; illness; disease or malady.
2. (n.) Nausea; qualmishness; as, sickness of stomach. Int. ... PINING SICKNESS. ...
/s/sickness.htm - 29k

Disease (213 Occurrences)
... or disturbing the performance of the vital functions, and causing or threatening
pain and weakness; malady; affection; illness; sickness; disorder; -- applied ...
/d/disease.htm - 39k

Pining (6 Occurrences)
... & vb. n.) of Pine. 2. (a.) Languishing; drooping; wasting away, as with longing.
3. (a.) Wasting; consuming. Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. PINING SICKNESS. ...
/p/pining.htm - 11k

Recover (37 Occurrences)
... lost time. 4. (vt) To restore from sickness, faintness, or the like; to
bring back to life or health; to cure; to heal. 5. (vt) To ...
/r/recover.htm - 21k

Bowels (40 Occurrences)
... The remarkable phrases used in 2 Chronicles 21:18, 19, "Yahweh smote him in his
bowels" and "His bowels fell out by reason of his sickness," refer to a severe ...
/b/bowels.htm - 20k

Illness (15 Occurrences)
... 2. (n.) Disease; indisposition; malady; disorder of health; sickness; as, a short
or a severe illness. 3. (n.) Wrong moral conduct; wickedness. ...
/i/illness.htm - 11k

Mahalath (6 Occurrences)
... The whole phrase has by others been rendered, "On the sickness of affliction: a
lesson;" or, "Concerning afflictive sickness: a didactic psalm.". ...
/m/mahalath.htm - 11k

Bed (142 Occurrences)
... Easton's Bible Dictionary (Hebrews mittah), for rest at night (Exodus 8:3; 1 Samuel
19:13, 15, 16, etc.); during sickness (Genesis 47:31; 48:2; 49:33, etc ...
/b/bed.htm - 52k

Sicknesses (15 Occurrences)
... 2 Chronicles 21:15 and thyself with sore sicknesses, with a disease of thy bowels,
until thy bowels fall out by reason of the sickness day by day. (DBY YLT). ...
/s/sicknesses.htm - 10k

Severe (53 Occurrences)
... 1 Kings 17:17 And it came to pass after these things, that the son of the woman,
the mistress of the house, fell sick; and his sickness was so severe that ...
/s/severe.htm - 23k

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Sickness: Dictionary and Thesaurus |

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Sickness (40 Occurrences)

Matthew 4:23
Jesus went about in all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the Good News of the Kingdom, and healing every disease and every sickness among the people.

Matthew 9:35
Jesus went about all the cities and the villages, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the Good News of the Kingdom, and healing every disease and every sickness among the people.

Matthew 10:1
He called to himself his twelve disciples, and gave them authority over unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal every disease and every sickness.

Luke 4:40
And at the setting of the sun, all, as many as had any ailing with manifold sicknesses, brought them unto him, and he on each one of them 'his' hands having put, did heal them.
(Root in YLT NIV)

Luke 13:11
Behold, there was a woman who had a spirit of infirmity eighteen years, and she was bent over, and could in no way straighten herself up.
(See NAS)

Luke 13:12
When Jesus saw her, he called her, and said to her, "Woman, you are freed from your infirmity."
(See NAS)

John 5:4
for a messenger at a set time was going down in the pool, and was troubling the water, the first then having gone in after the troubling of the water, became whole of whatever sickness he was held.

John 11:4
But when Jesus heard it, he said, "This sickness is not to death, but for the glory of God, that God's Son may be glorified by it."

Revelation 2:22
I tell you that I am about to cast her upon a bed of sickness, and I will severely afflict those who commit adultery with her, unless they repent of conduct such as hers.

Exodus 15:26
and He saith, 'If thou dost really hearken to the voice of Jehovah thy God, and dost that which is right in His eyes, and hast hearkened to His commands, and kept all His statutes: none of the sickness which I laid on the Egyptians do I lay on thee, for I, Jehovah, am healing thee.

Exodus 23:25
You shall serve Yahweh your God, and he will bless your bread and your water, and I will take sickness away from your midst.

Leviticus 12:2
Speak unto the children of Israel, saying, If a woman conceive seed, and bear a man-child, then she shall be unclean seven days; as in the days of the impurity of her sickness shall she be unclean.

Leviticus 20:18
And if a man shall lie with a woman having her sickness, and shall uncover her nakedness; he hath discovered her fountain, and she hath uncovered the fountain of her blood: and both of them shall be cut off from among their people.

Deuteronomy 7:15
Yahweh will take away from you all sickness; and none of the evil diseases of Egypt, which you know, he will put on you, but will lay them on all those who hate you.

Deuteronomy 28:61
Also every sickness, and every plague, which is not written in the book of this law, Yahweh will bring them on you, until you are destroyed.

1 Kings 8:37
"If there is famine in the land, if there is pestilence, if there is blight, mildew, locust or caterpillar; if their enemy besieges them in the land of their cities; whatever plague, whatever sickness there is;

1 Kings 17:17
It happened after these things, that the son of the woman, the mistress of the house, fell sick; and his sickness was so sore, that there was no breath left in him.

2 Kings 1:2
Ahaziah fell down through the lattice in his upper chamber that was in Samaria, and was sick. So he sent messengers, and said to them, "Go, inquire of Baal Zebub, the god of Ekron, whether I will recover of this sickness."

2 Kings 8:8
The king said to Hazael, "Take a present in your hand, and go, meet the man of God, and inquire of Yahweh by him, saying,'Will I recover from this sickness?'"

2 Kings 8:9
So Hazael went to meet him, and took a present with him, even of every good thing of Damascus, forty camels' burden, and came and stood before him, and said, "Your son Benhadad king of Syria has sent me to you, saying,'Will I recover from this sickness?'"

2 Kings 13:14
Now Elisha was fallen sick of his sickness of which he died: and Joash the king of Israel came down to him, and wept over him, and said, "My father, my father, the chariots of Israel and its horsemen!"

2 Chronicles 6:28
If there be in the land famine, if there be pestilence, if there is blight or mildew, locust or caterpillar; if their enemies besiege them in the land of their cities; whatever plague or whatever sickness there be;

2 Chronicles 21:15
and you shall have great sickness by disease of your bowels, until your bowels fall out by reason of the sickness, day by day.

2 Chronicles 21:18
And after all this, Jehovah smote him in his bowels with an incurable sickness.

2 Chronicles 21:19
It happened, in process of time, at the end of two years, that his bowels fell out by reason of his sickness, and he died of sore diseases. His people made no burning for him, like the burning of his fathers.

Job 6:7
My soul refuseth to touch them ; They are as loathsome food to me.
(See JPS)

Psalms 35:13
And I -- in their sickness my clothing 'is' sackcloth, I have humbled with fastings my soul, And my prayer unto my bosom returneth.

Psalms 41:3
The LORD will strengthen him upon the bed of languishing: thou wilt make all his bed in his sickness.

Psalms 88:1
A Song, a Psalm, by sons of Korah, to the Overseer, 'Concerning the Sickness of Afflictions.' -- An instruction, by Heman the Ezrahite. O Jehovah, God of my salvation, Daily I have cried, nightly before Thee,

Proverbs 18:14
A man's spirit will sustain him in sickness, but a crushed spirit, who can bear?

Ecclesiastes 5:17
All his days he also eats in darkness, he is frustrated, and has sickness and wrath.

Isaiah 10:16
For this cause the Lord, the Lord of armies, will make his fat become wasted; and in his inner parts a fire will be lighted like a burning flame.
(See RSV)

Isaiah 38:9
The writing of Hezekiah king of Judah, when he had been sick, and had recovered of his sickness.

Isaiah 38:12
Mine age is departed, and is removed from me as a shepherd's tent: I have cut off like a weaver my life: he will cut me off with pining sickness: from day even to night wilt thou make an end of me.

Isaiah 53:3
He is despised, and left of men, A man of pains, and acquainted with sickness, And as one hiding the face from us, He is despised, and we esteemed him not.

Isaiah 53:4
Surely he has borne our sickness, and carried our suffering; yet we considered him plagued, struck by God, and afflicted.

Jeremiah 6:7
As a well casts forth its waters, so she casts forth her wickedness: violence and destruction is heard in her; before me continually is sickness and wounds.

Jeremiah 10:19
Woe is me because of my hurt! my wound is grievous: but I said, Truly this is my grief, and I must bear it.

Hosea 5:13
"When Ephraim saw his sickness, and Judah his wound, Then Ephraim went to Assyria, and sent to king Jareb: but he is not able to heal you, neither will he cure you of your wound.

Micah 6:14
Thou shalt eat, but not be satisfied; and thy humiliation shall be in the midst of thee: and thou shalt put away, but shalt not save; and that which thou savest will I give up to the sword.
(See JPS)




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Sickness: Christ Healed by Imposition of Hands

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Sickness: Faith Required in Those Healed of, by Christ

Sickness: God: Abandons the Wicked To

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Sickness: God: Exhibits his Love in Healing

Sickness: God: Exhibits his Mercy in Healing

Sickness: God: Exhibits his Power in Healing

Sickness: God: Heals

Sickness: God: Hears the Prayers of Those In

Sickness: God: Often Manifests Saving Grace to Sinners During

Sickness: God: Permits Saints to be Tried By

Sickness: God: Persecutes the Wicked By

Sickness: God: Preserves Saints in Time of

Sickness: God: Promises to Heal

Sickness: God: Strengthens Saints In

Sickness: God's Aid should be Sought In

Sickness: Healing of, Lawful on the Sabbath

Sickness: Illustrative of Sin

Sickness: Not Visiting Those In, an Evidence of not Belonging to Christ

Sickness: Often Brought on by Intemperance

Sickness: Often Incurable by Human Means

Sickness: Often Sent As a Punishment of Sin

Sickness: One of God's Four Sore Judgments on a Guilty Land

Sickness: Pray for Those Afflicted With

Sickness: Saints are Resigned Under

Sickness: Saints: Acknowledge That, Comes from God

Sickness: Saints: Ascribe Recovery From, to God

Sickness: Saints: Feel for Others In

Sickness: Saints: Mourn Under, With Prayer

Sickness: Saints: Praise God for Recovery From

Sickness: Saints: Pray for Recovery From

Sickness: Saints: Thank God Publicly for Recovery Form

Sickness: Saints: Visit Those In

Sickness: Sent by God

Sickness: The Apostles Were Endued With Power to Heal

Sickness: The Devil Sometimes Permitted to Inflict

Sickness: The Power of Healing: One of the Miraculous Gifts Bestowed on the Early Church

Sickness: The Wicked: Forsake Those In

Sickness: The Wicked: Have Much Sorrow, With

Sickness: The Wicked: Visit not Those In

Sickness: Visiting Those In, an Evidence of Belonging to Christ

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Famine (99 Occurrences)

Smiting (76 Occurrences)

Gates (156 Occurrences)

Evil (1503 Occurrences)

Jehoash (28 Occurrences)

Benhadad (24 Occurrences)

Qualm (1 Occurrence)

Villages (106 Occurrences)

Zebub (4 Occurrences)

Nightly (4 Occurrences)

Unclean (393 Occurrences)

Unfit (3 Occurrences)

Owned (18 Occurrences)

Jo'ash (44 Occurrences)

Jareb (2 Occurrences)

Lattice (6 Occurrences)

Low (216 Occurrences)

Languishing (6 Occurrences)

Loads (12 Occurrences)

Grievious (1 Occurrence)

Galatia (6 Occurrences)

Glorified (60 Occurrences)

Welleth (1 Occurrence)

Warlike (2 Occurrences)

Weaving (4 Occurrences)

Weavers (4 Occurrences)

Wares (23 Occurrences)

Impurity (42 Occurrences)

Inflict (25 Occurrences)

Infirmity (22 Occurrences)

Irritation (2 Occurrences)

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