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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n.) An excessive amount; as a surfeit of food and drink.

2. (n.) Fullness and oppression of the system, occasioned often by excessive eating and drinking.

3. (n.) Disgust caused by excess; satiety.

4. (v. i.) To load the stomach with food, so that sickness or uneasiness ensues; to eat to excess.

5. (v. i.) To indulge to satiety in any gratification.

6. (v. t.) To feed so as to oppress the stomach and derange the function of the system; to overfeed, and produce satiety, sickness, or uneasiness; -- often reflexive; as, to surfeit one's self with sweets.

7. (v. t.) To fill to satiety and disgust; to cloy; as, he surfeits us with compliments.

2880. korennumi -- to satisfy
... satisfy. Word Origin from koros (surfeit) Definition to satisfy NASB Word
Usage eaten (1), enough* (1), filled (1). eat enough, full. ...
// - 6k

Whether the Matter of Lust is Only Venereal Desires and Pleasures?
... ii, 6) that "lust affects to be called surfeit and abundance." But surfeit
regards meat and drink, while abundance refers to riches. ...
/...// theologica/whether the matter of lust.htm

Against those who Say that Demons Govern Human Affairs, and who ...
... I indeed was hoping, that from the continuance of my discourse, you would have had
a surfeit of my words: but I see that the contrary is happening: that no ...
/.../chrysostom/on the priesthood/homily i against those who.htm

The Subject of Plagiarisms Resumed. The Greeks Plagiarized from ...
... Solon having written:". "For surfeit insolence begets,. When store of wealth attends.".
Theognis writes in the same way:". "For surfeit insolence begets,. ...
/.../clement/the stromata or miscellanies/chapter ii the subject of plagiarisms.htm

"My Little Children, These Things Write I unto You, that Ye Sin ...
... and think they apply it to the cleansing of their sin past, but it is rather that
they may sin with more liberty, as if the end of vomiting up a surfeit of sin ...
/.../binning/the works of the rev hugh binning/sermon xxiii my little children.htm

... Other joys, when in excess, often cause loathing, we are apt to surfeit on them;
too much honey nauseates; one may be tired with pleasure as well as labour. ...
// body of divinity/8 joy.htm

Prepositional Phrases
... summit of misery. sunshine of life. supremacy of good. surface of events. surfeit
of verbiage [surfeit = supply to excess]. surge of pathos. suspense of judgment ...
/.../kleiser/fifteen thousand useful phrases/section v prepositional phrases.htm

"Boast not Thyself of To-Morrow, for Thou Knowest not what a Day ...
... glory is not glory.". To surfeit in the excess of honey or sweet things drives
to vomit, and cloys the stomach, ver.16. Though it be ...
/.../binning/the works of the rev hugh binning/sermon vi boast not thyself.htm

... is neither hypnotism nor hysteria, and in its expression is neither superlative
nor apostrophic, lest the hungered minds of men die of surfeit following on ...
/.../ prayer and the contemplative life/preface.htm

A Compendious view of the Christian Life.
... For luxury, that has dashed on to surfeit, is prone to kick up its heels and toss
its mane, and shake off the charioteer, the Instructor; who, pulling back the ...
/.../clement/the instructor paedagogus/chapter xi a compendious view of.htm

The Object of Our Worship is the one God...
... depraving customs, though enervated by lusts and passions, though in slavery to
false gods; yet, whenever the soul comes to itself, as out of a surfeit, or a ...
// xvii the object of.htm

Surfeit (1 Occurrence)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (n.) An excessive amount; as a surfeit of food
and drink. ... Multi-Version Concordance Surfeit (1 Occurrence). ...
/s/surfeit.htm - 7k

Surfaces (1 Occurrence)

/s/surfaces.htm - 6k

Surfeited (1 Occurrence)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary (imp. & pp) of Surfeit. Multi-Version Concordance
Surfeited (1 Occurrence). Proverbs 25:16 Hast thou found honey? ...
/s/surfeited.htm - 6k

Satiate (3 Occurrences)
... 3. (vt) To full beyond natural desire; to gratify to repletion or loathing; to
surfeit; to glut. 4. (vt) To saturate. Multi-Version Concordance ...
/s/satiate.htm - 7k

Sickening (2 Occurrences)
... 1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Sicken. 2. (a.) Causing sickness; specif., causing surfeit
or disgust; nauseating. Multi-Version Concordance Sickening (2 Occurrences). ...
/s/sickening.htm - 7k

Surfeiting (1 Occurrence)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Surfeit. Multi-Version
Concordance Surfeiting (1 Occurrence). Luke 21:34 And take ...
/s/surfeiting.htm - 6k

Surfeit (1 Occurrence)

Ecclesiastes 5:12
The sleep of a working man is sweet, if he has little food or much; but to him who is full, sleep will not come.
(See RSV)



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