7993. shalak
Strong's Concordance
shalak: to throw, fling, cast
Original Word: שָׁלַךְ
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: shalak
Phonetic Spelling: (shaw-lak)
Definition: to throw, fling, cast
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. root
to throw, fling, cast
NASB Translation
brings him down (1), cast (41), cast it away (1), cast me away (2), cast me off (1), cast them away (1), cast away (5), cast down (2), cast off (1), casts (1), dropped (1), fling (2), hurl (1), hurled (2), left (1), risked* (1), snatched (1), stretching (1), threw (29), threw her down (1), threw his down (1), threw them down (1), threw down (1), throw (13), throw it down (1), throw them away (1), throw away (1), thrown (8), thrown away (1), thrown down (1).

[שָׁלַךְ]125 verb Hiph`il112 throw, fling, cast (Phoenician שלד in compare proper name, meaning dubious; Arabic is travel (or cause to travel) along a road, cause to enter); — Perfect3masculine singular הִשְׁלִיךְ Amos 8:3 +; 2 masculine singular suffix consecutive וְהִשְׁלַכְּתּוֺ Jeremiah 51:63; 2feminine plural consecutive וְהִשְׁלַכְתֶּ֫נָה Amos 4:3, etc.; Imperfect יַשְׁלִיךְ Isaiah 2:20, וַיַּשְׁלֵךְ Judges 9:17 +, etc.; Imperative masculine singular הַשְׁלֵךְ Exodus 7:9; Psalm 55:23, feminine singular הַשְׁלִיכִי Jeremiah 7:29, etc.; Infinitive absolute הַשְׁלֵךְ Jeremiah 22:19; Jeremiah 36:23; construct הַשְׁלִיךְ Ecclesiastes 3:5,6, etc.; Participle מֵשְׁלְיךְ Micah 2:5; Psalm 147:17, etc.; —

1 usually human subject, throw, cast:

a. accusative of thing, with many preposition: e.g. אָל location 2 Kings 23:12; Ezekiel 5:4; Zechariah 5:8 (twice in verse) +, also (accusative of thing omitted) Exodus 15:25 (J), Numbers 19:6 (P) +; ב loc, Exodus 32:24 (E), Ezekiel 7:19 +; rarely ל location 2 Chronicles 30:14 and (accusative omitted) 2 Chronicles 24:10; עַל location 2 Kings 23:6, ָ  ה locative Exodus 4:3 (twice in verse), שָׁ֫מָּה Judges 8:25; 2 Kings 6:6 (accusative omitted), etc.; especially of casting dead bodies, אֶל location Joshua 8:29 (J), Joshua 10:27 (J), + 3 t., ב location Amos 8:3; 2 Kings 9:25,26. 2 Kings 13:21, מֵהָֽלְאָה לְ Jeremiah 22:19; accusative of thing + אֶל person 1 Kings 19:19; 2 Samuel 20:22 (accusative omitted); accusative of thing with עַל person Nahum 3:6; Judges 9:53; 2 Samuel 11:21 ( + מֵעַל), etc.; accusative of thing + מִיָּד Exodus 32:19 (E), compare Deuteronomy 9:17 (מֵעַל); + ל of animal Exodus 22:30 (E), Isaiah 2:20, etc.

b. with accusative of person, אֶל of pit Genesis 37:22 (E), Jeremiah 38:6,9, ב of pit Genesis 37:20 (E), with ה locative Genesis 37:24 (E; pit), Exodus 1:22 (J), compare Amos 4:3 (si vera lectio); תַּחַת location Genesis 21:15 (E); accusative ׳י, figurative, with אַחֲרֵי גַוֶּךָ֑ 1 Kings 14:9 (of apostasy), Ezekiel 23:35, so ׳יs law Nehemiah 9:26, words (אַחֲרֵי person reflexive) Psalm 50:17.

c. throw away, accusative of thing Judges 15:17 (מִיָּדוֺ), 2 Kings 7:15; Ezekiel 20:7,8; Psalm 2:3 (מִן reflexive), Ecclesiastes 3:5 (opposed to = כָּנַס); accusative omitted Jeremiah 7:29; Joel 1:7 (of locusts); absolute Ecclesiastes 3:6 (opposed to שָׁמַר); accusative of transgression Ezekiel 18:31 (figurative; מֵעַל reflexive).

d. cast off, shed, blossom (like flower) Job 15:33.

e. cast down (late), subject goat, accusative ram, Daniel 8:7 (אַ֫רְצָה) little horn, accusative אֱמֶת Daniel 8:12 (id.); accusative of person (literal) 2 Chronicles 25:12 (מִן local), Job 18:7 his (own) counsel felleth him; so probably Jeremiah 9:18 they have overthrown our dwellings (Du reads Hoph`al).

f. figurative, Psalm 55:23 cast ׳עליֿ thy lot.

2 ׳י subject:

a. cast, accusative of thing, + עַל person Joshua 10:11 (E), Job 27:22 (accusative of thing omitted); sandal upon Edom Psalm 60:10 = Psalm 108:10 (sign of possession); ice (no preposition) Psalm 147:17.

b. accusative of person + ב location 2 Kings 2:16 (subject ׳רוּחַ י), Nehemiah 9:11; Jonah 2:4 ( + accusative of location); + אַ֫רְצָה Ezekiel 28:17 (figurative); אֶל location (of exile) Deuteronomy 29:27; especially of ׳יs rejecting men, accusative of person + מֵעַל מָּנָיו 2 Kings 13:23; 2 Kings 24:20, compare 2 Kings 17:20; Jeremiah 7:15 (twice in verse); Jeremiah 52:3, also Psalm 51:13 and (without מִן) Psalm 71:9; casting sins (accusative) אַחֲרֵי גֵּוְךָ Isaiah 38:17, ב location Micah 7:19.

c. cast down, honour of Israel + accusative of location, מִן local, Lamentations 2:1; accusative of person Psalm 102:11 (opposed to נָשָׂא).

3 phrases: הִשׁי גּוֺרָל Joshua 18:8,10 (RD) cast lots ל in behalf of; חֶבֶל בְגוֺרָל ׳מַשׁ Micah 2:5 (see גּוֺרָל

3, I. חֶבֶל 2); ׳בַּיְאוֺר חַכָּה מַשׁ Isaiah 19:8 i.e. fishermen; וַיַּשְׁלֵח נַפְשׁוֺ מִנֶּגֶד Judges 9:17, see נֶגֶד 2c; טָ֑רֶף ׳מִשּׁנָּיו אַשׁ Job 29:17 out of his teeth I cast the prey.

Hoph`al Perfect3masculine singular הֻשְׁלַח Daniel 8:11; 2masculine singular הָשְׁלַכְתָּ Isaiah 14:19, etc.; Imperfect2feminine singular וַתֻּשְׁלְכִי Ezekiel 16:5; 3masculine plural יֻשְׁלָ֑כוּ Isaiah 34:3; Participle מֻשְׁלָח 2 Samuel 20:21, etc.; —

1 be thrown, cast, accusative of head, אֶל person + בְּעַד of wall 2 Samuel 20:21; carcass, ב location 1 Kings 13:24,25,28; Jeremiah 14:16; לַחֹרֶב Jeremiah 36:30.

2 be cast forth, out, absolute of dead Isaiah 34:3; מִן of grave Isaiah 14:19; אֶלמְּֿנֵי הַשָּׁדֶה Ezekiel 16:5 (Jerusalem personified as infant); עַלהָֿאָרֶץ Jeremiah 22:28 (of exile).

3 be cast down, לָאָרֶץ Ezekiel 19:12 (Israel, figurative of vine); absolute of sanctuary Daniel 8:11.

4 metaphor, be cast, על of ׳י Psalm 22:11 (i.e. on his protection).

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
adventure, cast away, down, forth, off, out, hurl, pluck,

A primitive root; to throw out, down or away (literally or figuratively) -- adventure, cast (away, down, forth, off, out), hurl, pluck, throw.

Forms and Transliterations
אַשְׁלִ֖יךְ אַשְׁלִ֣יךְ אַשְׁלִ֥יךְ אַשְׁלִ֨יךְ אשליך הִשְׁלִ֔יכוּ הִשְׁלִ֖יכוּ הִשְׁלִ֣יךְ הִשְׁלִ֣יכָה הִשְׁלִ֤יךְ הִשְׁלִ֥יךְ הִשְׁלִ֥יכוּ הִשְׁלִ֨יךְ הִשְׁלִיכ֥וֹ הִשְׁלִיכָ֖ם הִשְׁלִיכָ֥ם הִשְׁלִכ֥וֹ הִשְׁלַ֖כְתָּ הִשְׁלַ֙כְתִּי֙ הִשְׁלַ֛כְתָּ הִשְׁלַ֧כְתָּ הִשְׁלַכְתִּ֗יךָ הַשְׁלִ֔יכוּ הַשְׁלִ֣יכוּ הַשְׁלִיכֵ֙הוּ֙ הַשְׁלִיכֵ֣הוּ הַשְׁלִכֵ֔הוּ הַשְׁלִכֵ֛הוּ הַשְׁלֵ֤ךְ הָשְׁלַ֣כְתִּי הָשְׁלַ֤כְתָּ הֻשְׁלָ֔כָה השליך השליכה השליכהו השליכו השליכם השלך השלכה השלכהו השלכו השלכת השלכתי השלכתיך וְֽהַשְׁלִ֔יכִי וְֽתַשְׁלִיכֵ֥הוּ וְהִשְׁלִ֔יךְ וְהִשְׁלִ֕יךְ וְהִשְׁלִ֤יכוּ וְהִשְׁלִ֥יךְ וְהִשְׁלִ֨יךְ וְהִשְׁלִ֨יכוּ וְהִשְׁלַכְתִּ֥י וְהִשְׁלַכְתֶּ֥נָה וְהִשְׁלַכְתָּ֤ וְהִשְׁלַכְתּ֖וֹ וְהַשְׁלֵ֔ךְ וְהַשְׁלֵ֕ךְ וְהַשְׁלֵ֥ךְ וְהֻ֨שְׁלְכ֔וּ וְהֻשְׁלַ֖ךְ וְיַשְׁלֵ֣ךְ וְיַשְׁלֵ֥ךְ וְנַשְׁלִ֖יכָה וְנַשְׁלִכֵ֙הוּ֙ וְתַשְׁלִ֛יךְ וְתַשְׁלֵ֤ךְ וַֽתֻּשְׁלְכִ֞י וַיַּ֨שְׁלִכֻ֔ם וַיַּשְׁלִ֖יכוּ וַיַּשְׁלִ֗כוּ וַיַּשְׁלִ֙יכוּ֙ וַיַּשְׁלִ֣יכוּ וַיַּשְׁלִ֣כוּ וַיַּשְׁלִ֤יכוּ וַיַּשְׁלִ֤כוּ וַיַּשְׁלִ֥יכוּ וַיַּשְׁלִ֥כוּ וַיַּשְׁלִ֨יכוּ וַיַּשְׁלִ֨כוּ וַיַּשְׁלִיכ֛וּם וַיַּשְׁלִיכֵ֤הוּ וַיַּשְׁלִיכֵ֥הוּ וַיַּשְׁלִכֵ֙הוּ֙ וַיַּשְׁלִכֵ֛ם וַיַּשְׁלֵ֖ךְ וַיַּשְׁלֵ֛ךְ וַיַּשְׁלֵ֤ךְ וַיַּשְׁלֵ֥ךְ וַיַּשְׁלֵ֨ךְ וַיַּשְׁלֵךְ֙ וַיַּשְׁלֵךְ֩ וַיַּשְׁלֶךְ־ וַתַּשְׁלִ֥יכִי וַתַּשְׁלִיכֵ֤נִי וַתַּשְׁלִיכֵֽנִי׃ וַתַּשְׁלֵ֖ךְ וַתַּשְׁלֵ֞ךְ וַתַּשְׁלֵ֣ךְ וָֽאַשְׁלִ֜יכָה וָֽאַשְׁלִךְ֙ וָֽאַשְׁלִכֵ֔ם וָאַשְׁלִ֥יךְ וָאַשְׁלִכֵ֣הוּ ואשליך ואשליכה ואשלך ואשלכהו ואשלכם והשליך והשליכו והשליכי והשלך והשלכו והשלכת והשלכתו והשלכתי והשלכתנה וישליכהו וישליכו וישליכום וישלך וישלך־ וישלכהו וישלכו וישלכם ונשליכה ונשלכהו ותשליך ותשליכהו ותשליכי ותשליכני ותשליכני׃ ותשלך ותשלכי יַשְׁלִ֗יכוּ יַשְׁלִ֣יךְ יַשְׁלִ֨יכוּ יֻשְׁלָ֔כוּ ישליך ישליכו ישלכו לְהַשְׁלִ֣יךְ לְהַשְׁלִֽיךְ׃ להשליך להשליך׃ מַשְׁלִ֣יךְ מַשְׁלִ֥יךְ מַשְׁלִיכֵ֥י מֻשְׁלֶ֔כֶת מֻשְׁלֶ֣כֶת מֻשְׁלָ֥ךְ מֻשְׁלָכִים֩ משליך משליכי משלך משלכים משלכת תַּ֭שְׁלִיכֵנִי תַּשְׁלִיכֵ֥נִי תַּשְׁלִיכֻ֔הוּ תַּשְׁלִכ֥וּן תשליכהו תשליכני תשלכון ’aš·lîḵ ’ašlîḵ ashLich hā·šə·laḵ·tā hā·šə·laḵ·tî haš·lêḵ haš·li·ḵê·hū haš·lî·ḵê·hū haš·lî·ḵū hāšəlaḵtā hāšəlaḵtî hasheLachta hasheLachti hashLech hashliChehu hashLichu hašlêḵ hašliḵêhū hašlîḵêhū hašlîḵū hiš·laḵ·tā hiš·laḵ·tî hiš·laḵ·tî·ḵā hiš·lî·ḵāh hiš·lî·ḵām hiš·li·ḵōw hiš·lî·ḵōw hiš·lî·ḵū hiš·lîḵ hishLachta hishLachti hishlachTicha hishLich hishLichah hishliCham hishliCho hishLichu hišlaḵtā hišlaḵtî hišlaḵtîḵā hišlîḵ hišlîḵāh hišlîḵām hišliḵōw hišlîḵōw hišlîḵū huš·lā·ḵāh hushLachah hušlāḵāh lə·haš·lîḵ lehashLich ləhašlîḵ maš·lî·ḵê maš·lîḵ mashLich mashliChei mašlîḵ mašlîḵê muš·lā·ḵîm muš·lāḵ muš·le·ḵeṯ mushLach mushlaChim mushLechet mušlāḵ mušlāḵîm mušleḵeṯ taš·lî·ḵê·nî taš·lî·ḵu·hū taš·li·ḵūn tashliCheni tashliChuhu tashliChun tašlîḵênî tašlîḵuhū tašliḵūn vaashliCh vaashLichah vaashliChehu vaashliChem vaiyashLech vaiyashliChehu vaiyashliChem vaiyashLichu vaiYashliChum vattashLech vattashliCheni vattashLichi vattushleChi vehashLech vehashLichi vehishlachTa vehishlachTenah vehishlachTi vehishlachTo vehishLich vehishLichu vehushLach veHushleChu venashLichah venashliChehu vetashLech vetashLich vetashliChehu veyashLech wā’ašliḵ wā’ašlîḵ wā’ašlîḵāh wā’ašliḵêhū wā’ašliḵêm wā·’aš·lî·ḵāh wā·’aš·li·ḵê·hū wā·’aš·li·ḵêm wā·’aš·liḵ wā·’aš·lîḵ wat·taš·lêḵ wat·taš·lî·ḵê·nî wat·taš·lî·ḵî wat·tuš·lə·ḵî wattašlêḵ wattašlîḵênî wattašlîḵî wattušləḵî way·yaš·lêḵ way·yaš·leḵ- way·yaš·li·ḵê·hū way·yaš·lî·ḵê·hū way·yaš·li·ḵêm way·yaš·li·ḵū way·yaš·lî·ḵū way·yaš·li·ḵum way·yaš·lî·ḵūm wayyašlêḵ wayyašleḵ- wayyašliḵêhū wayyašlîḵêhū wayyašliḵêm wayyašliḵū wayyašlîḵū wayyašliḵum wayyašlîḵūm wə·haš·lêḵ wə·haš·lî·ḵî wə·hiš·laḵ·tā wə·hiš·laḵ·te·nāh wə·hiš·laḵ·tî wə·hiš·laḵ·tōw wə·hiš·lî·ḵū wə·hiš·lîḵ wə·huš·laḵ wə·huš·lə·ḵū wə·naš·lî·ḵāh wə·naš·li·ḵê·hū wə·ṯaš·lêḵ wə·ṯaš·lî·ḵê·hū wə·ṯaš·lîḵ wə·yaš·lêḵ wəhašlêḵ wəhašlîḵî wəhišlaḵtā wəhišlaḵtenāh wəhišlaḵtî wəhišlaḵtōw wəhišlîḵ wəhišlîḵū wəhušlaḵ wəhušləḵū wənašlîḵāh wənašliḵêhū wəṯašlêḵ wəṯašlîḵ wəṯašlîḵêhū wəyašlêḵ yaš·lî·ḵū yaš·lîḵ yashLich yashLichu yašlîḵ yašlîḵū yuš·lā·ḵū yushLachu yušlāḵū
Interlinear GreekInterlinear HebrewStrong's NumbersEnglishman's Greek ConcordanceEnglishman's Hebrew ConcordanceParallel Texts
Englishman's Concordance
Genesis 21:15
HEB: מִן־ הַחֵ֑מֶת וַתַּשְׁלֵ֣ךְ אֶת־ הַיֶּ֔לֶד
NAS: was used up, she left the boy
KJV: the bottle, and she cast the child
INT: in the skin left the boy under

Genesis 37:20
HEB: לְכ֣וּ וְנַֽהַרְגֵ֗הוּ וְנַשְׁלִכֵ֙הוּ֙ בְּאַחַ֣ד הַבֹּר֔וֹת
NAS: and let us kill him and throw him into one
KJV: now therefore, and let us slay him, and cast him into some
INT: come kill and throw one of the pits

Genesis 37:22
HEB: תִּשְׁפְּכוּ־ דָם֒ הַשְׁלִ֣יכוּ אֹת֗וֹ אֶל־
NAS: no blood. Throw him into this pit
KJV: no blood, [but] cast him into this pit
INT: Shed blood Throw about pit

Genesis 37:24
HEB: וַיִּ֨קָּחֻ֔הוּ וַיַּשְׁלִ֥כוּ אֹת֖וֹ הַבֹּ֑רָה
NAS: and they took him and threw him into the pit.
KJV: And they took him, and cast him into a pit:
INT: took and threw the pit now the pit

Exodus 1:22
HEB: הַיִּלּ֗וֹד הַיְאֹ֙רָה֙ תַּשְׁלִיכֻ֔הוּ וְכָל־ הַבַּ֖ת
NAS: who is born you are to cast into the Nile,
KJV: that is born ye shall cast into the river,
INT: is born the Nile cast and every daughter

Exodus 4:3
HEB: וַיֹּ֙אמֶר֙ הַשְׁלִיכֵ֣הוּ אַ֔רְצָה וַיַּשְׁלִיכֵ֥הוּ
NAS: Then He said, Throw it on the ground.
KJV: And he said, Cast it on the ground.
INT: said Throw the ground threw

Exodus 4:3
HEB: הַשְׁלִיכֵ֣הוּ אַ֔רְצָה וַיַּשְׁלִיכֵ֥הוּ אַ֖רְצָה וַיְהִ֣י
NAS: it on the ground. So he threw it on the ground,
KJV: it on the ground. And he cast it on the ground,
INT: Throw the ground threw the ground became

Exodus 7:9
HEB: אֶֽת־ מַטְּךָ֛ וְהַשְׁלֵ֥ךְ לִפְנֵֽי־ פַרְעֹ֖ה
NAS: your staff and throw [it] down before
KJV: thy rod, and cast [it] before
INT: Take your staff and throw before Pharaoh

Exodus 7:10
HEB: צִוָּ֣ה יְהוָ֑ה וַיַּשְׁלֵ֨ךְ אַהֲרֹ֜ן אֶת־
NAS: and Aaron threw his staff
KJV: and Aaron cast down his rod
INT: had commanded as the LORD threw and Aaron his staff

Exodus 7:12
HEB: וַיַּשְׁלִ֙יכוּ֙ אִ֣ישׁ מַטֵּ֔הוּ
NAS: For each one threw down his staff
KJV: For they cast down every man his rod,
INT: threw each his staff

Exodus 15:25
HEB: יְהוָה֙ עֵ֔ץ וַיַּשְׁלֵךְ֙ אֶל־ הַמַּ֔יִם
NAS: him a tree; and he threw [it] into the waters,
KJV: him a tree, [which] when he had cast into the waters,
INT: and the LORD A tree threw to the waters

Exodus 22:31
HEB: תֹאכֵ֔לוּ לַכֶּ֖לֶב תַּשְׁלִכ֥וּן אֹתֽוֹ׃ ס
NAS: to pieces in the field; you shall throw it to the dogs.
KJV: in the field; ye shall cast it to the dogs.
INT: eat to the dogs shall throw

Exodus 32:19
HEB: אַ֣ף מֹשֶׁ֗ה וַיַּשְׁלֵ֤ךְ [מִיָּדֹו כ]
NAS: burned, and he threw the tablets
KJV: waxed hot, and he cast the tables
INT: anger and Moses' threw able the tablets

Exodus 32:24
HEB: וַיִּתְּנוּ־ לִ֑י וָאַשְׁלִכֵ֣הוּ בָאֵ֔שׁ וַיֵּצֵ֖א
NAS: So they gave [it] to me, and I threw it into the fire,
KJV: [it] off. So they gave [it] me: then I cast it into the fire,
INT: tear gave threw the fire came

Leviticus 1:16
HEB: מֻרְאָת֖וֹ בְּנֹצָתָ֑הּ וְהִשְׁלִ֨יךְ אֹתָ֜הּ אֵ֤צֶל
NAS: with its feathers and cast it beside
KJV: with his feathers, and cast it beside
INT: crop feathers and cast beside the altar

Leviticus 14:40
HEB: בָּהֵ֖ן הַנָּ֑גַע וְהִשְׁלִ֤יכוּ אֶתְהֶן֙ אֶל־
NAS: with the mark in them and throw them away at an unclean
KJV: the plague [is], and they shall cast them into an unclean
INT: after mark and throw about without

Numbers 19:6
HEB: וּשְׁנִ֣י תוֹלָ֑עַת וְהִשְׁלִ֕יךְ אֶל־ תּ֖וֹךְ
NAS: and scarlet [material] and cast it into the midst
KJV: and scarlet, and cast [it] into the midst
INT: and scarlet oppressor and cast into the midst

Numbers 35:20
HEB: יֶהְדָּפֶ֑נּוּ אֽוֹ־ הִשְׁלִ֥יךְ עָלָ֛יו בִּצְדִיָּ֖ה
NAS: or threw something at him lying in wait
KJV: him of hatred, or hurl at him by laying of wait,
INT: pushed or threw and lying

Numbers 35:22
HEB: הֲדָפ֑וֹ אוֹ־ הִשְׁלִ֥יךְ עָלָ֛יו כָּל־
NAS: or threw something
KJV: enmity, or have cast upon him any thing
INT: pushed or threw and any

Deuteronomy 9:17
HEB: בִּשְׁנֵ֣י הַלֻּחֹ֔ת וָֽאַשְׁלִכֵ֔ם מֵעַ֖ל שְׁתֵּ֣י
NAS: tablets and threw them from my hands
KJV: tables, and cast them out of
INT: of the two tablets and threw of of the two

Deuteronomy 9:21
HEB: דַּ֖ק לְעָפָ֑ר וָֽאַשְׁלִךְ֙ אֶת־ עֲפָר֔וֹ
NAS: as dust; and I threw its dust
KJV: as dust: and I cast the dust
INT: dwarf dust threw dust into

Deuteronomy 29:28
HEB: וּבְקֶ֣צֶף גָּד֑וֹל וַיַּשְׁלִכֵ֛ם אֶל־ אֶ֥רֶץ
NAS: wrath, and cast them into another
KJV: indignation, and cast them into another
INT: wrath great and cast about land

Joshua 8:29
HEB: מִן־ הָעֵ֗ץ וַיַּשְׁלִ֤יכוּ אוֹתָהּ֙ אֶל־
NAS: from the tree and threw it at the entrance
KJV: from the tree, and cast it at the entering
INT: from the tree and threw about the entrance

Joshua 10:11
HEB: חוֹרֹן֙ וַֽיהוָ֡ה הִשְׁלִ֣יךְ עֲלֵיהֶם֩ אֲבָנִ֨ים
NAS: the LORD threw large
KJV: that the LORD cast down great
INT: of Beth-horon the LORD threw and stones

Joshua 10:27
HEB: מֵעַ֣ל הָעֵצִ֔ים וַיַּ֨שְׁלִכֻ֔ם אֶל־ הַמְּעָרָ֖ה
NAS: from the trees and threw them into the cave
KJV: off the trees, and cast them into the cave
INT: over the trees and threw into the cave

125 Occurrences

Strong's Hebrew 7993
125 Occurrences

’aš·lîḵ — 5 Occ.
hā·šə·laḵ·tā — 1 Occ.
hā·šə·laḵ·tî — 1 Occ.
haš·lêḵ — 1 Occ.
haš·lî·ḵê·hū — 4 Occ.
haš·lî·ḵū — 3 Occ.
hiš·laḵ·tā — 3 Occ.
hiš·laḵ·tî — 1 Occ.
hiš·laḵ·tî·ḵā — 1 Occ.
hiš·lîḵ — 6 Occ.
hiš·lî·ḵāh — 1 Occ.
hiš·lî·ḵām — 2 Occ.
hiš·li·ḵōw — 2 Occ.
hiš·lî·ḵū — 4 Occ.
huš·lā·ḵāh — 1 Occ.
lə·haš·lîḵ — 2 Occ.
maš·lîḵ — 2 Occ.
maš·lî·ḵê — 1 Occ.
muš·lāḵ — 1 Occ.
muš·lā·ḵîm — 1 Occ.
muš·le·ḵeṯ — 4 Occ.
taš·lî·ḵê·nî — 2 Occ.
taš·lî·ḵu·hū — 1 Occ.
taš·li·ḵūn — 1 Occ.
wā·’aš·liḵ — 2 Occ.
wā·’aš·lî·ḵāh — 1 Occ.
wā·’aš·li·ḵê·hū — 1 Occ.
wā·’aš·li·ḵêm — 1 Occ.
way·yaš·lêḵ — 16 Occ.
way·yaš·lî·ḵê·hū — 3 Occ.
way·yaš·li·ḵêm — 1 Occ.
way·yaš·li·ḵū — 12 Occ.
way·yaš·li·ḵum — 2 Occ.
wat·taš·lêḵ — 3 Occ.
wat·taš·lî·ḵê·nî — 2 Occ.
wat·taš·lî·ḵî — 1 Occ.
wat·tuš·lə·ḵî — 1 Occ.
wə·haš·lêḵ — 3 Occ.
wə·haš·lî·ḵî — 1 Occ.
wə·hiš·laḵ·tā — 1 Occ.
wə·hiš·laḵ·te·nāh — 1 Occ.
wə·hiš·laḵ·tî — 2 Occ.
wə·hiš·laḵ·tōw — 1 Occ.
wə·hiš·lîḵ — 4 Occ.
wə·hiš·lî·ḵū — 2 Occ.
wə·huš·laḵ — 1 Occ.
wə·huš·lə·ḵū — 1 Occ.
wə·naš·lî·ḵāh — 1 Occ.
wə·naš·li·ḵê·hū — 1 Occ.
wə·ṯaš·lêḵ — 1 Occ.
wə·ṯaš·lîḵ — 1 Occ.
wə·ṯaš·lî·ḵê·hū — 1 Occ.
wə·yaš·lêḵ — 2 Occ.
yaš·lîḵ — 1 Occ.
yaš·lî·ḵū — 2 Occ.
yuš·lā·ḵū — 1 Occ.

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