935. basileus
Strong's Concordance
basileus: a king
Original Word: βασιλεύς, έως, ὁ
Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine
Transliteration: basileus
Phonetic Spelling: (bas-il-yooce')
Definition: a king
Usage: a king, ruler, but in some passages clearly to be translated: emperor.
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Cognate: 935 basileús – a king (sovereign); often referring to Christ who is "the King of kings" (Rev 19:16), i.e. the King over the Kingdom of the heavens (God). As the King, Jesus Christ has unqualified jurisdiction over all creation – also being God the Creator. (cf. Jn 1:1-3,49). See 932 (basileia).

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
of uncertain origin
a king
NASB Translation
king (82), King of kings (1), KING OF KINGS (1), king's (2), king* (1), kings (1), kings (24), kings' (1).

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 935: βασιλεύς

βασιλεύς, βασιλέως, , leader of the people, prince, commander, lord of the land, king; universally: οἱ βασιλεῖς τῆς γῆς, Matthew 17:25; Revelation 16:14 (L T Tr WH omit τῆς γῆς), etc.; τῶν ἐθνῶν, Luke 22:25; of the king of Egypt, Acts 7:10, 18; Hebrews 11:23, 27; of David, Matthew 1:6; Acts 13:22; of Herod the Great and his successors, Matthew 2:1ff; Luke 1:5; Acts 12:1; Acts 25:13; of a tetrarch, Matthew 14:9; Mark 6:14, 22 (of the son of a king, Xenophon, oec. 4, 16; "regesSyriac,regisAntiochipueros,scitisRomaenuperfuisse," Cicero, Verr. 2:4, 27, cf. de senectute 17, 59; (Vergil Aen. 9, 223)); of a Roman emperor, 1 Timothy 2:2; 1 Peter 2:17, cf. Revelation 17:9 (10), (so in secular writings in the Roman age, as in Josephus, b. j. 5, 13, 6; Herodian, 2, 4, 8 (4 Bekker); of the son of the emperor, ibid. 1, 5, 15 (5 Bekker)); of the Messiah, βασιλεύς τῶν Ἰουδαίων, Matthew 2:2, etc.; τοῦ Ἰσραήλ, Mark 15:32; John 1:49 (50); ; of Christians, as to reign over the world with Christ in the millennial kingdom, Revelation 1:6; Revelation 5:10 (Rec. in both passages and (Griesbach in the latter; see βασιλεία, 3 e.); of God, the supreme ruler over all, Matthew 5:35; 1 Timothy 1:17 (see αἰών, 2); Revelation 15:3; βασιλεύς βασιλέων, Revelation 17:14 (but here, as in Revelation 19:16 of the victorious Messiah); βασιλεία τῶν βασιλευόντων, 1 Timothy 6:15 (2 Macc. 13:4; 3Macc. 5:35; Enoch 9, 4; (84, 2; Philo de decal. § 10); cf. (κύριος τῶν βασιλειῶν, Daniel 2:47); κύριος τῶν κυρίων, Deuteronomy 10:17; Psalm 135:3 (; (so of the king of the Parthians, Plutarch, Pomp. § 38, 1)).

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance

Probably from basis (through the notion of a foundation of power); a sovereign (abstractly, relatively, or figuratively) -- king.

see GREEK basis

Forms and Transliterations
βασιλεα βασιλέα βασιλέας βασιλει βασιλεί βασιλεῖ βασιλέι βασιλεις βασιλείς βασιλεῖς βασιλευ βασιλεύ βασιλεῦ ΒΑΣΙΛΕΥΣ βασιλεύς βασιλεὺς βασιλέυς βασιλεύσι βασιλευσιν βασιλεύσιν βασιλεῦσιν ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΝ βασιλέων βασιλεως βασιλεώς βασιλέως βασιλύσιν basilea basiléa basilei basileî basileis basileîs BASILEoN BASILEŌN basiléon basiléōn basileos basileōs basiléos basiléōs basileu basileû BASILEUS basileús basileùs basileusin basileûsin
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Englishman's Concordance
Matthew 1:6 N-AMS
GRK: Δαυὶδ τὸν βασιλέα Δαυὶδ δὲ
NAS: of David the king. David
KJV: begat David the king; and David
INT: David the king David moreover

Matthew 2:1 N-GMS
GRK: Ἡρῴδου τοῦ βασιλέως ἰδοὺ μάγοι
NAS: of Herod the king, magi
KJV: of Herod the king, behold,
INT: of Herod the king behold magi

Matthew 2:2 N-NMS
GRK: ὁ τεχθεὶς βασιλεὺς τῶν Ἰουδαίων
NAS: is He who has been born King of the Jews?
KJV: he that is born King of the Jews?
INT: the [one] having been born King of the Jews

Matthew 2:3 N-NMS
GRK: δὲ ὁ βασιλεὺς Ἡρῴδης ἐταράχθη
NAS: When Herod the king heard
KJV: Herod the king had heard
INT: moreover the king Herod he was troubled

Matthew 2:9 N-GMS
GRK: ἀκούσαντες τοῦ βασιλέως ἐπορεύθησαν καὶ
NAS: hearing the king, they went their way;
KJV: they had heard the king, they departed;
INT: having heard the king went away and

Matthew 5:35 N-GMS
GRK: τοῦ μεγάλου βασιλέως
KJV: the city of the great King.
INT: of the great King

Matthew 10:18 N-AMP
GRK: δὲ καὶ βασιλεῖς ἀχθήσεσθε ἕνεκεν
NAS: governors and kings for My sake,
KJV: governors and kings for my sake,
INT: also and kings you will be brought on account of

Matthew 11:8 N-GMP
GRK: οἴκοις τῶν βασιλέων εἰσίν
NAS: soft [clothing] are in kings' palaces!
KJV: [clothing] are in kings' houses.
INT: houses the of kings are

Matthew 14:9 N-NMS
GRK: λυπηθεὶς ὁ βασιλεὺς διὰ τοὺς
NAS: Although he was grieved, the king commanded
KJV: And the king was sorry:
INT: having been grieved the king but on account of the

Matthew 17:25 N-NMP
GRK: Σίμων οἱ βασιλεῖς τῆς γῆς
NAS: From whom do the kings of the earth
KJV: whom do the kings of the earth take
INT: Simon The kings of the earth

Matthew 18:23 N-DMS
GRK: οὐρανῶν ἀνθρώπῳ βασιλεῖ ὃς ἠθέλησεν
NAS: may be compared to a king who
KJV: unto a certain king, which
INT: heavens to a man a king who would

Matthew 21:5 N-NMS
GRK: Ἰδοὺ ὁ βασιλεύς σου ἔρχεταί
KJV: Behold, thy King cometh unto thee,
INT: Behold the king of you comes

Matthew 22:2 N-DMS
GRK: οὐρανῶν ἀνθρώπῳ βασιλεῖ ὅστις ἐποίησεν
KJV: unto a certain king, which
INT: heavens to a man a king who made

Matthew 22:7 N-NMS
GRK: ὁ δὲ βασιλεὺς ὠργίσθη καὶ
NAS: But the king was enraged, and he sent
KJV: But when the king heard
INT: moreover [the] king was angry and

Matthew 22:11 N-NMS
GRK: δὲ ὁ βασιλεὺς θεάσασθαι τοὺς
NAS: But when the king came
KJV: And when the king came in to see
INT: moreover the king to see the

Matthew 22:13 N-NMS
GRK: τότε ὁ βασιλεὺς εἶπεν τοῖς
NAS: Then the king said to the servants,
KJV: said the king to the servants,
INT: Then the king said to the

Matthew 25:34 N-NMS
GRK: ἐρεῖ ὁ βασιλεὺς τοῖς ἐκ
NAS: Then the King will say to those
KJV: Then shall the King say unto them on
INT: will say the king to those on

Matthew 25:40 N-NMS
GRK: ἀποκριθεὶς ὁ βασιλεὺς ἐρεῖ αὐτοῖς
NAS: The King will answer and say
KJV: And the King shall answer and say
INT: having answered the king will say to them

Matthew 27:11 N-NMS
GRK: εἶ ὁ βασιλεὺς τῶν Ἰουδαίων
NAS: Him, saying, Are You the King of the Jews?
KJV: Art thou the King of the Jews? And
INT: are the king of the Jews

Matthew 27:29 N-VMS
GRK: λέγοντες Χαῖρε βασιλεῦ τῶν Ἰουδαίων
NAS: Him, saying, Hail, King of the Jews!
KJV: saying, Hail, King of the Jews!
INT: saying Hail king of the Jews

Matthew 27:37 N-NMS
INT: Jesus the king of the Jews

Matthew 27:42 N-NMS
GRK: δύναται σῶσαι βασιλεὺς Ἰσραήλ ἐστιν
NAS: Himself. He is the King of Israel;
KJV: If he be the King of Israel, let him
INT: his is able to save King of Israel he is

Mark 6:14 N-NMS
GRK: ἤκουσεν ὁ βασιλεὺς Ἡρῴδης φανερὸν
NAS: And King Herod heard
KJV: [them].And king Herod heard
INT: heard the king Herod [of him] well known

Mark 6:22 N-NMS
GRK: ὁ δὲ βασιλεὺς εἶπεν τῷ
NAS: and his dinner guests; and the king said
KJV: them that sat with him, the king said
INT: and [the] king said to the

Mark 6:25 N-AMS
GRK: πρὸς τὸν βασιλέα ᾐτήσατο λέγουσα
NAS: in a hurry to the king and asked,
KJV: unto the king, and asked,
INT: to the king she asked saying

Strong's Greek 935
115 Occurrences

βασιλέα — 15 Occ.
βασιλεῖ — 6 Occ.
βασιλεῖς — 16 Occ.
βασιλέων — 11 Occ.
βασιλέως — 9 Occ.
βασιλεῦ — 9 Occ.
βασιλεὺς — 48 Occ.
βασιλεῦσιν — 1 Occ.

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