4592. meat
Strong's Concordance
meat: a little, fewness, a few
Original Word: מְעַט
Part of Speech: substantive
Transliteration: meat
Phonetic Spelling: (meh-at')
Definition: a little, fewness, a few
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from maat
a little, fewness, a few
NASB Translation
almost (2), brief (1), close (1), diminish (1), easily (1), enough (3), few (20), fewest (1), little (44), little while (8), many* (1), merely (1), quickly (1), scarcely (1), slight a thing (2), small (3), small matter (1), smaller (4), so small (1), some (1), soon (3).

מְעַט101 substantive a little, fewness, a few; — ׳מ absolute and construct, מְעָ֑ט Isaiah 10:7 +, plural מְעַטִּים Psalm 109:8; Ecclesiastes 5:1; —

1. a. Genesis 30:30 מעט אשׁר היה לך לְפָנַי the little that thou hadst, Genesis 47:9 מעט ורעים היו ימי שׁני חיי few and evil, Leviticus 25:52; Numbers 26:54 (compare Numbers 33:54) וְלַמְעַט תמעיט נחלתו and to the small (few) thou shalt make small his inheritance, Numbers 33:56; Numbers 35:8 וּמֵאֵת ַ˜המְעַט תמעיטו, Deuteronomy 7:7 וכי אתם ַ˜המְעַט מכלֿ העמים ye are the fewest out of all peoples, 1 Samuel 14:6 לְהוֺשִׁיעַ בְּרַב אוֺ בִמְעָ֑ט, Jeremiah 42:2 כִּי נִשְׁאַרְנוּ מְעַט מֵהַרְבֵּה we are left as few out of many, Ezekiel 5:3 וְלָקַחְתָּ מִשָּׁם מְעַט בְּמִסְמָּר, Haggai 1:6 זְרַעְתֶּם הַרְבֵּה וְהָבֵא מְעָ֑ט (compare Haggai 1:9), Psalm 8:6 ותחסּרהו מעט מאלהים, Psalm 37:16 טוֺב מְעַט לַצַּדִּיק (compare Proverbs 15:16; Proverbs 16:8), 2Chronicles 29:34 רַק הַכֹּהֲנִים הָיוּ לִמְעָ֑ט; as predicate Numbers 13:18 הַמְעַט הוּא אִםרָֿ֑ב, Joshua 7:3 כִּי מְעַט הֵמָּה, Job 10:20; Ruth 2:7; Nehemiah 7:4; Isaiah 16:14 וּשְׁאָר מְעַט מִזְעָר. — Hosea 8:10 וַיָּחֵלּוּ מְעַט and they begin as littleness ( = to be minished) because of, &c.; but read probably (ᵐ5) וְיֶחְדְּלוּ מְעַט מִמְּשֹׁחַ and they shall cease for a little (

d) from anointing, etc.

b. as substantive with following Genitive, Genesis 18:4 מְעַט מַיִם a little of water, Genesis 24:17,43, מְעַט אֹכֶל Genesis 43:2; Genesis 44:25; 1 Samuel 14:43; 1 Samuel 17:28 מְעַט הַצּאֹן הָהֵ֫נָּה literally the fewness of those sheep, Proverbs 6:10 +; as Genitive to a previous substantive, מְתֵי מְעָ֑ט men of fewness Deuteronomy 26:5; Deuteronomy 28:62; in apposition, Isaiah 10:7 לְהַכְרִית גּוֺיִם לֹא מְעָ֑ט, Ezra 9:8 מִחְיָה מְעַט, Nehemiah 2:12 וַאֲנָשִׁים מְעַט עִמִּי, Ecclesiastes 9:4; either Genitive or appositive, Ecclesiastes 10:1; Daniel 11:34 יֵעָֽזְרוּ עֵזֶר מְעָ֑ט with a help of smallness.

c. twice declined as an adjective , Psalm 109:8 יִהְיוּ יָמָיו מְעַטִּים, Ecclesiastes 5:1 עלכֿן יהיו דבריך מְעַטִּים.

d. as adverb. accusative, of place, 2 Samuel 16:1 וְדָוִד עֹבֵר מְעַט; of time, Job 10:20 b; of degree, 2 Kings 10:18 אַחְאָב עָבַד אֶתהַֿבַּעַל מְעָ֑ט, Ezekiel 11:16 and have been to them for a sanctuary but little, Zechariah 1:15; repeated מְעַט מְעַט by little, by little = gradually, Exodus 23:30; Deuteronomy 7:22.

e. phrases:a. with the interr. הֲ, Genesis 30:15 ַ˜המְעַט קַחְתֵּךְ אֶתֿ אִישִׁי וְלָקַחַת was thy taking my husband (too) little? and (wilt thou be) for taking also my son's love-apples? Numbers 16:9-10 ַ˜המְעַט מִכֶּם כִּי הִבְדִּיל ֗֗֗ וּבִקַּשְׁתֶּם גַּם כְּהֻנָּה is it too little for you that J. hath separated, etc., ... and do ye seek, etc.? Numbers 16:13 ַ˜המְעַט כִּי הֶעֱלִיתָנוּ ֗֗֗ כִּי תִשְׂתָּרֵר גַּם הִשְׂתָּרֵר, Joshua 22:17f. ׳ַ˜המְעַט לָנוּ ֗֗֗ וְאַתֶּם תָּשׁוּבוּ וגו, Isaiah 7:13 ׳ַ˜המְעַט מִכֶּם הַלְאוֺת אֲנָשִׁים כִּי תַּלְאוּ וגו is wearying men too little for you, that you will weary also my God? Ezekiel 34:18 (as Ew Co AV RV), Job 15:11 ַ˜המְעַט מִמְּךָ תַּנְחוּמוֺת אֵל. But Ezekiel 16:20 (si vera lectio) was it (too) little because of thy whoredom? (was that insufficient for thee? Kö iii. 406 m). b. ׳עוֺד מְעַט וְ, Exodus 17:4 עוֺד מְעַט וּסְקָלֻנִי yet a little, and they will stone me, Jeremiah 51:33; Hosea 1:4; Psalm 37:10; ׳עוֺד מְעַט מִזְעָר וְ Isaiah 10:25; Isaiah 29:17; compare Haggai 2:6; Job 24:24.

2 כִּמְעַט like a little: hence

a. within a little, almost (compare ὀλίγου), Genesis 26:10 כִּמְעַט שָׁכַב ֗֗֗ almost had lain ..., Psalm 73:2 Qr, Psalm 94:17; Psalm 119:87; Proverbs 5:14 (all followed by perfect); Ezekiel 16:47 כִּמְעַט קָט וַתַּשְׁחִתִי מֵהֶן like a little, and thou hadst done more corruptly than they; Songs 3:4 כִּמְעַט שֶׁעָבַרְתִּי מֵהֶם = hardly had I passed.

b. with imperfect, just, 2 Samuel 19:37 כמעט יעבר עבדך just would thy servant pass over; lightly, easily, quickly (compare δἰ ὀλίγου), Psalm 2:12 כִּי יִבְעַר כִּמְעַט אַמּוֺ, Psalm 81:15; Job 32:22.

c. = shortly, 2 Chronicles 12:7.

d. = little worth, Proverbs 10:20 כמעט ולב רשׁעים. e. pleonastic for מְעַט, Isaiah 1:9 (accents) כִּמְעָ֑ט שָׂרִיר a little remnant, Psalm 105:12 (= 1 Chronicles 16:19) כִּמְעַט וְגָרִים בָּהּ; כִּמְעַט רֶגַע like the littleness of a moment = for a little moment, Isaiah 26:20; Ezra 9:8.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
almost some, very fewer lightly, little while, very small matter, thing, some, soon, very

Or miat {meh-awt'}; from ma'at; a little or few (often adverbial or compar.) -- almost (some, very) few(-er, -est), lightly, little (while), (very) small (matter, thing), some, soon, X very.

see HEBREW ma'at

Forms and Transliterations
בִּמְעַט־ בִמְעָֽט׃ במעט־ במעט׃ הַמְעַ֖ט הַמְעַ֗ט הַמְעַ֣ט הַמְעַ֤ט הַמְעַ֥ט הַמְעַט֙ הַמְעַט־ המעט המעט־ וְלַמְעַ֕ט וְלַמְעַט֙ וּמְעַ֣ט וּמְעַט־ ולמעט ומעט ומעט־ כִּ֝מְעַ֗ט כִּ֠מְעַט כִּ֭מְעַט כִּמְעַ֓ט ׀ כִּמְעַ֖ט כִּמְעַ֞ט כִּמְעַ֣ט כִּמְעַט֙ כִּמְעַט־ כִּמְעָ֑ט כִּמְעָֽט׃ כִמְעַט־ כמעט כמעט־ כמעט׃ לִמְעָ֔ט לִמְעָֽט׃ למעט למעט׃ מְ֭עַט מְּ֭עַט מְּעַ֨ט ׀ מְּעָ֔ט מְּעָֽט׃ מְעַ֓ט ׀ מְעַ֔ט מְעַ֖ט מְעַ֗ט מְעַ֛ט מְעַ֞ט מְעַ֣ט מְעַ֤ט מְעַ֥ט מְעַ֨ט מְעַט֙ מְעַט֩ מְעַט֮ מְעַטִּ֑ים מְעַטִּֽים׃ מְעַט־ מְעָ֑ט מְעָ֔ט מְעָ֗ט מְעָֽט׃ מִעֵ֔טוּ מעט מעט־ מעט׃ מעטו מעטים מעטים׃ ḇim‘āṭ bim‘aṭ- ḇim·‘āṭ bim·‘aṭ- bimat chimat ham‘aṭ ham‘aṭ- ham·‘aṭ ham·‘aṭ- hamAt kim‘aṭ kim‘āṭ kim‘aṭ- ḵim‘aṭ- kim·‘aṭ kim·‘āṭ kim·‘aṭ- ḵim·‘aṭ- Kimat lim‘āṭ lim·‘āṭ limAt mə‘aṭ mə‘āṭ mə‘aṭ- mə‘aṭṭîm mə·‘aṭ mə·‘āṭ mə·‘aṭ- mə·‘aṭ·ṭîm meat meatTim mi‘êṭū mi·‘ê·ṭū miEtu ū·mə·‘aṭ ū·mə·‘aṭ- ūmə‘aṭ ūmə‘aṭ- umeAt velamAt vimAt wə·lam·‘aṭ wəlam‘aṭ
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Englishman's Concordance
Genesis 18:4
HEB: יֻקַּֽח־ נָ֣א מְעַט־ מַ֔יִם וְרַחֲצ֖וּ
NAS: Please let a little water be brought
KJV: Let a little water, I pray you,
INT: be brought Please A little water and wash

Genesis 24:17
HEB: הַגְמִיאִ֥ינִי נָ֛א מְעַט־ מַ֖יִם מִכַּדֵּֽךְ׃
NAS: let me drink a little water
KJV: Let me, I pray thee, drink a little water
INT: drink Please A little water your jar

Genesis 24:43
HEB: הַשְׁקִֽינִי־ נָ֥א מְעַט־ מַ֖יִם מִכַּדֵּֽךְ׃
NAS: let me drink a little water
KJV: to her, Give me, I pray thee, a little water
INT: drink Please A little water your jar

Genesis 26:10
HEB: עָשִׂ֣יתָ לָּ֑נוּ כִּ֠מְעַט שָׁכַ֞ב אַחַ֤ד
NAS: of the people might easily have lain
KJV: of the people might lightly have lien
INT: you have done easily have lain One

Genesis 30:15
HEB: וַתֹּ֣אמֶר לָ֗הּ הַמְעַט֙ קַחְתֵּ֣ךְ אֶת־
NAS: But she said to her, Is it a small matter for you to take
KJV: And she said unto her, [Is it] a small matter that thou hast taken
INT: said A small to take you

Genesis 30:30
HEB: כִּ֡י מְעַט֩ אֲשֶׁר־ הָיָ֨ה
NAS: For you had little before
KJV: For [it was] little which thou hadst before I
INT: for little you had

Genesis 43:2
HEB: שִׁבְרוּ־ לָ֥נוּ מְעַט־ אֹֽכֶל׃
NAS: buy us a little food.
KJV: buy us a little food.
INT: Go buy A little food

Genesis 43:11
HEB: לָאִ֖ישׁ מִנְחָ֑ה מְעַ֤ט צֳרִי֙ וּמְעַ֣ט
NAS: as a present, a little balm
KJV: a present, a little balm,
INT: as A present A little balm little

Genesis 43:11
HEB: מְעַ֤ט צֳרִי֙ וּמְעַ֣ט דְּבַ֔שׁ נְכֹ֣את
NAS: balm and a little honey,
KJV: balm, and a little honey,
INT: A little balm little honey aromatic

Genesis 44:25
HEB: שִׁבְרוּ־ לָ֥נוּ מְעַט־ אֹֽכֶל׃
NAS: Go back, buy us a little food.'
KJV: Go again, [and] buy us a little food.
INT: Go buy A little food

Genesis 47:9
HEB: וּמְאַ֖ת שָׁנָ֑ה מְעַ֣ט וְרָעִ֗ים הָיוּ֙
NAS: and thirty; few and unpleasant
KJV: years: few and evil
INT: hundred the years few and unpleasant have been

Exodus 17:4
HEB: הַזֶּ֑ה ע֥וֹד מְעַ֖ט וּסְקָלֻֽנִי׃
NAS: people? A little more
KJV: unto this people? they be almost ready to stone
INT: to this more almost some will stone

Exodus 23:30
HEB: מְעַ֥ט מְעַ֛ט אֲגָרְשֶׁ֖נּוּ
NAS: them out before you little by little,
KJV: By little and little
INT: little little will drive

Exodus 23:30
HEB: מְעַ֥ט מְעַ֛ט אֲגָרְשֶׁ֖נּוּ מִפָּנֶ֑יךָ
NAS: you little by little, until
KJV: By little and little I will drive them out
INT: little little will drive before

Leviticus 25:52
HEB: וְאִם־ מְעַ֞ט נִשְׁאַ֧ר בַּשָּׁנִ֛ים
NAS: and if few years remain
KJV: And if there remain but few years
INT: and if few remain years

Numbers 13:18
HEB: הוּא֙ הֲרָפֶ֔ה הַמְעַ֥ט ה֖וּא אִם־
NAS: [or] weak, whether they are few or
KJV: or weak, few or many;
INT: he weak are few he or

Numbers 16:9
HEB: הַמְעַ֣ט מִכֶּ֗ם כִּֽי־
NAS: is it not enough for you that the God
KJV: [Seemeth it but] a small thing unto you, that the God
INT: enough at for

Numbers 16:13
HEB: הַמְעַ֗ט כִּ֤י הֶֽעֱלִיתָ֙נוּ֙
NAS: Is it not enough that you have brought
KJV: [Is it] a small thing that
INT: enough that you have brought

Numbers 26:54
HEB: תַּרְבֶּה֙ נַחֲלָת֔וֹ וְלַמְעַ֕ט תַּמְעִ֖יט נַחֲלָת֑וֹ
NAS: their inheritance, and to the smaller [group] you shall diminish
KJV: inheritance, and to few thou shalt give the less
INT: shall increase their inheritance the smaller shall diminish their inheritance

Numbers 26:56
HEB: בֵּ֥ין רַ֖ב לִמְעָֽט׃ ס
NAS: the larger and the smaller [groups].
KJV: between many and few.
INT: between the larger and the smaller

Numbers 33:54
HEB: אֶת־ נַחֲלָתוֹ֙ וְלַמְעַט֙ תַּמְעִ֣יט אֶת־
NAS: inheritance, and to the smaller you shall give less
KJV: inheritance, and to the fewer ye shall give the less
INT: shall give inheritance the smaller shall give inheritance

Numbers 35:8
HEB: תַּרְבּ֔וּ וּמֵאֵ֥ת הַמְעַ֖ט תַּמְעִ֑יטוּ אִ֗ישׁ
NAS: and you shall take less from the smaller; each
KJV: ye shall give many; but from [them that have] few ye shall give few:
INT: the larger shall take the smaller shall take each

Deuteronomy 7:7
HEB: כִּֽי־ אַתֶּ֥ם הַמְעַ֖ט מִכָּל־ הָעַמִּֽים׃
NAS: of the peoples, for you were the fewest of all
KJV: in number than any people; for ye [were] the fewest of all people:
INT: because you were the fewest of all peoples

Deuteronomy 7:22
HEB: הָאֵ֛ל מִפָּנֶ֖יךָ מְעַ֣ט מְעָ֑ט לֹ֤א
NAS: before you little by little;
KJV: before thee by little and little:
INT: these before little little not

Deuteronomy 7:22
HEB: מִפָּנֶ֖יךָ מְעַ֣ט מְעָ֑ט לֹ֤א תוּכַל֙
NAS: you little by little; you will not be able
KJV: thee by little and little: thou mayest
INT: before little little not will not be able

102 Occurrences

Strong's Hebrew 4592
102 Occurrences

bim·‘aṭ- — 1 Occ.
ḵim·‘aṭ- — 1 Occ.
ham·‘aṭ — 11 Occ.
kim·‘aṭ — 17 Occ.
lim·‘āṭ — 3 Occ.
mə·‘aṭ- — 60 Occ.
mə·‘aṭ·ṭîm — 2 Occ.
mi·‘ê·ṭū — 1 Occ.
ū·mə·‘aṭ — 3 Occ.
wə·lam·‘aṭ — 2 Occ.
ḇim·‘āṭ — 1 Occ.

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