2256. chebel
Strong's Concordance
chebel: band
Original Word: חֶבֶל
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: chebel
Phonetic Spelling: (kheh'-bel)
Definition: cord, territory, band
I. חֶ֫בֶל noun masculineJoshua 2:14 feminine Zephaniah 2:6 (but see below) cord, territory, band; ׳ח absolute Joshua 2:15 +; construct Deuteronomy 3:4 +, חֵ֫בֶל Joshua 19:29; suffix חַבְלוֺ Job 18:10; plural חֲבָלִים 2 Samuel 8:2 10t. + Ezekiel 47:13; Job 21:7 see below; construct חַבְלֵי Joshua 17:5 5t.; חֶבְלֵי Psalm 116:3 2t. + Psalm 18:5 (read משׁברי see below); suffix הֲבָלָ֑יִךְ Isaiah 33:23; חֲבָלָיו Isaiah 33:20; —

1 cord, rope, by which men were lowered Joshua 2:15 (JE), Jeremiah 38:6,11,12,13, or stones dragged 2 Samuel 17:13; of tents Isaiah 33:20; tackling of ship Isaiah 33:23; for binding Ezekiel 27:24; Job 40:25; Esther 1:6; symbol of captivity or subjection 1 Kings 20:31,32; figurative of snare for wicked Job 18:10 ("" מַלְכֻּדְתּוֺ), set by wicked Psalm 140:6 ("" מַּה); Psalm 119:61 cords of wicked men have surrounded me; of wicked held בחבלי חַטָּאתוֺ Proverbs 5:22; ׳ח הָשָּׁ֑וְא Isaiah 5:18 cords (ropes) of wickedness ("" כַּעֲבוֺת הָעֲגָלָה); of cords of distress (עֹ֑נִי) Job 36:8 ("" וִקִּים); so חֶבְלֵי מָוֶת (probably) Psalm 116:3, חֶבְלֵי שׁאוֺל Psalm 18:6 = 2 Samuel 22:6 ("" מוֺקְשֵׁי מָוֶת); — for חֶבְלֵי מות Psalm 18:5 read מִשְׁבְּרֵי, see 2 Samuel 22:5 and "" נַחֲלֵי בְלִיַּעַל, De Che Bae; to draw בְּחַבְלֵי אָדָם Hosea 11:4 (i.e. humanely, kindly); of cord of life חֶבֶל הַכֶּסֶף Ecclesiastes 12:6.

2 measuring-cord, line מִדָּה ׳ח Zechariah 2:5; so ׳ח alone 2 Samuel 8:2 (3 t. in verse); Amos 7:17; Micah 2:5; Psalm 78:55; figurative (of favoured life) Psalm 16:5; in General of one's portion, fortune Job 21:17 according to ᵑ7 Thes Add. Ew Di and others, but < see חֵבֶל. Thence

3 measured portion, lot, part, region, נַחֲלָה ׳ח inherited portion Deuteronomy 32:9; 1 Chronicles 16:18 = Psalm 105:11; also ׳ח alone Joshua 17:5,14; Joshua 19:9; Ezekiel 47:13 (חבלים; ᵑ9 ᵑ7 read as dual, see Ew Sm Da and others; Co strike out on internal grounds); of particular regions אַרְגֹּב ׳ח Deuteronomy 3:4,13,14; 1 Kings 4:13; אַכְזִיב ׳ח Joshua 19:29 (si vera 1., see WMMAsien 194); הַיָּם ׳ח Zephaniah 2:5; also Zephaniah 2:6, but ׳היתה ח here dubious; Sta proposes 2 feminine singular הָיִת, and strike out הים ׳ח; without הים, Zephaniah 2:7.

4 band, company of prophets 1 Samuel 10:5,10. — II.חֶבֶל see below II. חָבַל.

חֵ֫בֶל noun masculineIsaiah 66:7 (but see Jeremiah 49:24) pain, pang; — ׳ח absolute Isaiah 66:7; elsewhere plural חֲבָלִים Isaiah 13:8 3t. + Job 21:17 see below; construct חֶבְלֵי Hosea 13:13; suffix חֲבָלֶיהָ Isaiah 26:17; חֶבְלֵיהֶם Job 39:3 (on suffix see Ges§ 135, 5, R 1); — pain, pang:

1 pains of travail:

a. object of תְּשַׁלַּחְנָה Job 39:3 meton. for off spring ("" יַלְדֵיהֶן; see Di; of goats and hinds).

b. simile of distress of exiles Isaiah 26:17; figurative of anguish of nations צִירִים וַחֲבָלִים יאֹחֵזוּן Isaiah 13:8 ("" כַּיּוֺלֵדָה יְחִילוּן), also Jeremiah 13:21; Jeremiah 22:23; Jeremiah 49:24; of crisis of redemption Hosea 13:13 ("" חֶבְלֵי יוֺלֵדָה), of birth of new Israel Isaiah 66:7.

2 of other than birth-pangs only חבלים Job 21:17; pains, pangs, sorrows (so ᵐ5 ᵑ9 Thes, — otherwise Add. — Rob-Ges Hi Da and others; "" נֵר יִדְעָ֑ךְ, יָבאֹ אֵידָם ); > others, portion, fortune, see חֶבֶל.

חֹבְלִים noun [masculine] plural union (literally binders) name of Zechariah's second symbolic staff Zechariah 11:7 and with article Zechariah 11:14. see חָבַל 1

II. חֶ֫בֶל noun masculine destructionחֶבֶל נִמְרָץ Micah 2:10; compare II.חָבַל

Pi`el above

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
band, coast, company, cord, country, destruction, line, lot,

Or chebel {khay'-bel}; from chabal; a rope (as twisted), especially a measuring line; by implication, a district or inheritance (as measured); or a noose (as of cords); figuratively, a company (as if tied together); also a throe (especially of parturition); also ruin -- band, coast, company, cord, country, destruction, line, lot, pain, pang, portion, region, rope, snare, sorrow, tackling.

see HEBREW chabal

Forms and Transliterations
בְּחֶ֣בֶל בְּחַבְלֵ֣י בְּחַבְלֵ֨י בְּחַבְלֵי־ בַּֽחֲבָלִ֔ים בַּחֲבָלִ֑ים בַּחֲבָלִ֧ים בַּחֲבָלִֽים׃ בַּחֲבָלֶ֑יהָ בַּחֶ֖בֶל בַּחֶ֙בֶל֙ בַּחֶ֣בֶל בחבל בחבלי בחבלי־ בחבליה בחבלים בחבלים׃ הַחֶ֖בֶל הַחֹֽבְלִ֑ים החבל החבלים וְחֶ֣בֶל וְחֶ֥בֶל וַֽחֲבָלִים֙ וַחֲבָלִ֗ים וַחֲבָלִ֛ים וַחֲבָלִ֣ים וּ֝בְחֶ֗בֶל ובחבל וחבל וחבלים חֲ֝בָלִ֗ים חֲבָלִ֑ים חֲבָלִ֔ים חֲבָלִ֣ים חֲבָלִֽים׃ חֲבָלִים֙ חֲבָלָ֑יִךְ חֲבָלָ֖יו חֵ֛בֶל חֶ֖בֶל חֶ֗בֶל חֶ֝֗בֶל חֶ֣בֶל חֶ֤בֶל חֶ֥בֶל חֶֽבֶל־ חֶבְלֵ֣י חֶבְלֵ֥י חֶבְלֵי־ חֶבְלֵיהֶ֥ם חַבְל֑וֹ חַבְלֵֽי־ חֹֽבְלִ֔ים חבל חבל־ חבלו חבלי חבלי־ חבליהם חבליו חבליך חבלים חבלים׃ יִתָּמֵֽךְ׃ יתמך׃ לַחֲבָלִ֑ים לחבלים מֵחֶ֙בֶל֙ מֵחֶ֥בֶל מחבל ba·ḥă·ḇā·le·hā ba·ḥă·ḇā·lîm ba·ḥe·ḇel bachavaLeiha bachavaLim baChevel baḥăḇālehā baḥăḇālîm baḥeḇel bə·ḥaḇ·lê bə·ḥaḇ·lê- bə·ḥe·ḇel bechavlei beChevel bəḥaḇlê bəḥaḇlê- bəḥeḇel chavaLav chavaLayich chavaLim chavlei chavLo Chevel chevLei chevleiHem choeLim ḥă·ḇā·lā·yiḵ ḥă·ḇā·lāw ḥă·ḇā·lîm ha·ḥe·ḇel ha·ḥō·ḇə·lîm ḥaḇ·lê- ḥaḇ·lōw ḥăḇālāw ḥăḇālāyiḵ ḥăḇālîm ḥaḇlê- ḥaḇlōw haChevel hachoeLim haḥeḇel haḥōḇəlîm ḥe·ḇel ḥê·ḇel ḥe·ḇel- ḥeḇ·lê ḥeḇ·lê- ḥeḇ·lê·hem ḥeḇel ḥêḇel ḥeḇel- ḥeḇlê ḥeḇlê- ḥeḇlêhem ḥō·ḇə·lîm ḥōḇəlîm la·ḥă·ḇā·lîm lachavaLim laḥăḇālîm mê·ḥe·ḇel meChevel mêḥeḇel ū·ḇə·ḥe·ḇel ūḇəḥeḇel uveChevel vachavaLim veChevel wa·ḥă·ḇā·lîm waḥăḇālîm wə·ḥe·ḇel wəḥeḇel yit·tā·mêḵ yittaMech yittāmêḵ
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Englishman's Concordance
Deuteronomy 3:4
HEB: עִיר֙ כָּל־ חֶ֣בֶל אַרְגֹּ֔ב מַמְלֶ֥כֶת
NAS: all the region of Argob,
KJV: cities, all the region of Argob,
INT: cities all the region of Argob the kingdom

Deuteronomy 3:13
HEB: הַֽמְנַשֶּׁ֑ה כֹּ֣ל חֶ֤בֶל הָֽאַרְגֹּב֙ לְכָל־
NAS: all the region of Argob
KJV: of Manasseh; all the region of Argob,
INT: of Manasseh all the region of Argob all

Deuteronomy 3:14
HEB: אֶת־ כָּל־ חֶ֣בֶל אַרְגֹּ֔ב עַד־
NAS: took all the region of Argob as far
KJV: took all the country of Argob
INT: took all the region of Argob far

Deuteronomy 32:9
HEB: עַמּ֑וֹ יַעֲקֹ֖ב חֶ֥בֶל נַחֲלָתֽוֹ׃
NAS: Jacob is the allotment of His inheritance.
KJV: Jacob [is] the lot of his inheritance.
INT: is his people Jacob is the allotment of his inheritance

Joshua 2:15
HEB: וַתּוֹרִדֵ֥ם בַּחֶ֖בֶל בְּעַ֣ד הַֽחַלּ֑וֹן
NAS: Then she let them down by a rope through
KJV: Then she let them down by a cord through
INT: let A rope through the window

Joshua 17:5
HEB: וַיִּפְּל֥וּ חַבְלֵֽי־ מְנַשֶּׁ֖ה עֲשָׂרָ֑ה
NAS: ten portions to Manasseh,
KJV: ten portions to Manasseh,
INT: fell portions to Manasseh ten

Joshua 17:14
HEB: גּוֹרָ֤ל אֶחָד֙ וְחֶ֣בֶל אֶחָ֔ד וַֽאֲנִ֣י
NAS: and one portion for an inheritance,
KJV: and one portion to inherit,
INT: lot one portion and one I

Joshua 19:9
HEB: מֵחֶ֙בֶל֙ בְּנֵ֣י יְהוּדָ֔ה
KJV: Out of the portion of the children
INT: of the portion of the sons of Judah

Joshua 19:29
HEB: תֹצְאֹתָ֛יו הַיָּ֖מָּה מֵחֶ֥בֶל אַכְזִֽיבָה׃
NAS: at the sea by the region of Achzib.
KJV: thereof are at the sea from the coast to Achzib:
INT: and the outgoings the sea the region of Achzib

1 Samuel 10:5
HEB: הָעִ֗יר וּפָגַעְתָּ֞ חֶ֤בֶל נְבִיאִים֙ יֹרְדִ֣ים
NAS: that you will meet a group of prophets
KJV: that thou shalt meet a company of prophets
INT: to the city you will meet A group of prophets coming

1 Samuel 10:10
HEB: הַגִּבְעָ֔תָה וְהִנֵּ֥ה חֶֽבֶל־ נְבִאִ֖ים לִקְרָאת֑וֹ
NAS: there, behold, a group of prophets met
KJV: thither to the hill, behold, a company of prophets
INT: to the hill behold A group of prophets met

2 Samuel 8:2
HEB: מוֹאָ֗ב וַֽיְמַדְּדֵ֤ם בַּחֶ֙בֶל֙ הַשְׁכֵּ֣ב אוֹתָ֣ם
NAS: and measured them with the line, making them lie down
KJV: and measured them with a line, casting them down
INT: Moab and measured the line lie the ground

2 Samuel 8:2
HEB: וַיְמַדֵּ֤ד שְׁנֵֽי־ חֲבָלִים֙ לְהָמִ֔ית וּמְלֹ֥א
NAS: two lines to put to death
KJV: even with two lines measured
INT: measured two lines to put full

2 Samuel 8:2
HEB: לְהָמִ֔ית וּמְלֹ֥א הַחֶ֖בֶל לְהַחֲי֑וֹת וַתְּהִ֤י
NAS: and one full line to keep alive.
KJV: and with one full line to keep alive.
INT: to put full line to keep became

2 Samuel 17:13
HEB: הָעִ֥יר הַהִ֖יא חֲבָלִ֑ים וְסָחַ֤בְנוּ אֹתוֹ֙
NAS: shall bring ropes to that city,
KJV: bring ropes to that city,
INT: city he ropes will drag into

2 Samuel 22:6
HEB: חֶבְלֵ֥י שְׁא֖וֹל סַבֻּ֑נִי
NAS: The cords of Sheol surrounded
KJV: The sorrows of hell
INT: the cords of Sheol surrounded

1 Kings 4:13
HEB: בַּגִּלְעָ֗ד ל֚וֹ חֶ֤בֶל אַרְגֹּב֙ אֲשֶׁ֣ר
NAS: are in Gilead were his: the region of Argob,
KJV: which [are] in Gilead; to him [also pertained] the region of Argob,
INT: which Gilead were his the region of Argob which

1 Kings 20:31
HEB: שַׂקִּ֨ים בְּמָתְנֵ֜ינוּ וַחֲבָלִ֣ים בְּרֹאשֵׁ֗נוּ וְנֵצֵא֙
NAS: on our loins and ropes on our heads,
KJV: on our loins, and ropes upon our heads,
INT: sackcloth our loins and ropes our heads and go

1 Kings 20:32
HEB: שַׂקִּ֨ים בְּמָתְנֵיהֶ֜ם וַחֲבָלִ֣ים בְּרָאשֵׁיהֶ֗ם וַיָּבֹ֙אוּ֙
NAS: on their loins and [put] ropes on their heads,
KJV: on their loins, and [put] ropes on their heads,
INT: sackcloth their loins and ropes their heads and came

1 Chronicles 16:18
HEB: אֶֽרֶץ־ כְּנָ֔עַן חֶ֖בֶל נַחֲלַתְכֶֽם׃
NAS: of Canaan, As the portion of your inheritance.
KJV: of Canaan, the lot of your inheritance;
INT: the land of Canaan as the portion of your inheritance

Esther 1:6
HEB: וּתְכֵ֗לֶת אָחוּז֙ בְּחַבְלֵי־ ב֣וּץ וְאַרְגָּמָ֔ן
NAS: linen held by cords of fine purple
KJV: [hangings], fastened with cords of fine linen
INT: and violet held cords of fine purple

Job 18:10
HEB: טָמ֣וּן בָּאָ֣רֶץ חַבְל֑וֹ וּ֝מַלְכֻּדְתּ֗וֹ עֲלֵ֣י
NAS: A noose for him is hidden
KJV: The snare [is] laid
INT: is hidden the ground A noose trap on

Job 21:17
HEB: עָלֵ֣ימוֹ אֵידָ֑ם חֲ֝בָלִ֗ים יְחַלֵּ֥ק בְּאַפּֽוֹ׃
NAS: on them? Does God apportion destruction in His anger?
KJV: upon them! [God] distributeth sorrows in his anger.
INT: out their calamity destruction apportion his anger

Job 36:8
HEB: בַּזִּקִּ֑ים יִ֝לָּכְד֗וּן בְּחַבְלֵי־ עֹֽנִי׃
NAS: And are caught in the cords of affliction,
KJV: [and] be holden in cords of affliction;
INT: fetters caught the cords of affliction

Job 39:3
HEB: יַלְדֵיהֶ֣ן תְּפַלַּ֑חְנָה חֶבְלֵיהֶ֥ם תְּשַׁלַּֽחְנָה׃
NAS: They get rid of their labor pains.
KJV: they cast out their sorrows.
INT: their young bring of their labor get

62 Occurrences

Strong's Hebrew 2256
62 Occurrences

ba·ḥă·ḇā·le·hā — 1 Occ.
ba·ḥă·ḇā·lîm — 4 Occ.
ba·ḥe·ḇel — 3 Occ.
bə·ḥaḇ·lê- — 4 Occ.
bə·ḥe·ḇel — 1 Occ.
ḥă·ḇā·lāw — 1 Occ.
ḥă·ḇā·lā·yiḵ — 1 Occ.
ḥă·ḇā·lîm — 7 Occ.
ḥaḇ·lê- — 1 Occ.
ḥaḇ·lōw — 1 Occ.
ḥe·ḇel — 16 Occ.
ḥeḇ·lê — 6 Occ.
ḥeḇ·lê·hem — 1 Occ.
ḥō·ḇə·lîm — 1 Occ.
ha·ḥe·ḇel — 1 Occ.
ha·ḥō·ḇə·lîm — 1 Occ.
la·ḥă·ḇā·lîm — 1 Occ.
mê·ḥe·ḇel — 2 Occ.
ū·ḇə·ḥe·ḇel — 1 Occ.
wa·ḥă·ḇā·lîm — 5 Occ.
wə·ḥe·ḇel — 2 Occ.
yit·tā·mêḵ — 1 Occ.

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