2498. chalaph
Strong's Concordance
chalaph: to pass on or away, pass through
Original Word: חָלַף
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: chalaph
Phonetic Spelling: (khaw-laf')
Definition: to pass on or away, pass through
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. root
to pass on or away, pass through
NASB Translation
change (2), changed (5), gain new (2), go (1), move past (1), over (1), passed (1), passes (1), pierce (1), pierced (1), renewed (1), replace (2), slip (1), sprout (1), sprouts anew (2), sweep (2), sweep through (1), vanish (1), violated (1).

חָלַף verb pass on or away, pass through (mostly in poetry) (Late Hebrew id., pass by or away, change; Phoenician חלפת equivalent, ReinachRŠJ 1888, 276; HoffmG. G. Abh. xxxvi. 1890, 20; Aramaic חֲלֵף pass away, change; change, substitute; Nabataean חלף change (?) Eutp. 53; Arabic come after, succeed, replace [compare 'Caliph' i.e. successor (of Mohammed)] and many derivatives Lane792-799; so also ויחלפה MI6 and his son succeeded him; Ethiopic pass by, across, through) —

Qal Perfect חָלַף Songs 2:11; Habakkuk 1:11 etc.; Imperfect יַחֲלֹף Job 4:15 4t.; 3 feminine singular suffix תַּחְלְפֵ֑הוּ Job 20:24; יַחֲלֹ֑פוּ Psalm 102:27; Infinitive construct לַחֲלוֺף Isaiah 21:1; —

1. a. pass on quickly 1 Samuel 10:3; elsewhere only in poetry, move or sweep on, of a flood Isaiah 8:8, or wind Isaiah 21:1; Job 4:15; Habakkuk 1:11, of God Job 9:11; Job 11:10.

b. pass away (vanish) Job 9:26 (of days); Songs 2:11 (of rain "" עבר), of the heavens Psalm 102:27, of idols Isaiah 2:18, (but perhaps gloss JBLix. 1890, 86).

2 of grass, come on anew, i. e. sprout again (compare Hiph`il 2) Psalm 90:5; Psalm 90:6, so Thes AV De Hi Che Bae and others; less suitably in context, ᵐ5 ᵑ9 Ew pass away, above 1b. 3. transitive

a. pass through, i.e. pierce, followed by accusative Judges 5:26; Job 20:24.

b. overstep, transgress Isaiah 24:5 ("" עבר), (compare Arabic IV. to break a promise).

Pi`el Imperfect וַיְחַלֵּף (cause to pass) change, followed by accusative garment Genesis 41:14 (E) 2 Samuel 12:20.

Hiph`il Perfect חֶחֱלִף Genesis 31:7; Imperfect יַחֲלִיף Job 14:7; suffix יַחֲלִיפֶנּוּ Leviticus 27:10; 3feminine singular תַּחֲלִיף Job 29:20; 2masculine singular וַתַּחֲלֵף Genesis 31:41; suffix תַּחֲלִיפֵם; יַחֲלִ֑יפוּ Isaiah 40:31; Isaiah 41:1; נַחֲלִיף Isaiah 9:9; —

1 change (transitive) garments Genesis 35:2 (E) Psalm 102:27, wages Genesis 31:7,41 (both E); no object expressed Leviticus 27:10 (H); substitute i. e. cause to succeed Isaiah 9:9; change for better, renew, object כֹּחַ Isaiah 40:31; Isaiah 41:1.

2 shew newness, of tree, putting forth fresh shoots Job 14:7, of bow Job 29:20.

[חֲלַף] verb pass (over) (see Biblical Hebrew); —

Pe`al with יַל person pass over one (of time): Imperfect3masculine plural יִחְלְפוּן Daniel 4:13,20,22,29.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
abolish, alter, change, cut off, go on forward, grow up, be over, pass away,

A primitive root; properly, to slide by, i.e. (by implication) to hasten away, pass on, spring up, pierce or change -- abolish, alter, change, cut off, go on forward, grow up, be over, pass (away, on, through), renew, sprout, strike through.

Forms and Transliterations
וְ֝יַחֲלֹ֗ף וְֽיַחֲלֹֽפוּ׃ וְהֶחֱלִ֥ף וְהַחֲלִ֖יפוּ וְחָלְפָ֖ה וְחָלַ֤ף וְחָלַפְתָּ֨ וְחָלָ֑ף וַיְחַלֵּ֣ף וַיְחַלֵּף֙ וַתַּחֲלֵ֥ף והחליפו והחלף וחלף וחלפה וחלפת ויחלף ויחלפו׃ ותחלף חָ֣לְפוּ חָ֭לְפוּ חָלַ֖ף חָלַ֥ף חלף חלפו יַחֲלִ֑יף יַחֲלִ֣יפוּ יַחֲלִיפֶ֗נּוּ יַחֲלֹ֑ף יַחֲלֹ֥ף יַחֲלֹֽף׃ יחליף יחליפו יחליפנו יחלף יחלף׃ לַֽחֲלֹ֔ף לחלף נַחֲלִֽיף׃ נחליף׃ תַּ֝חְלְפֵ֗הוּ תַּחֲלִיפֵ֣ם תַחֲלִֽיף׃ תחליף׃ תחליפם תחלפהו chaLaf Chalfu ḥā·lap̄ ḥā·lə·p̄ū ḥālap̄ ḥāləp̄ū la·ḥă·lōp̄ lachaLof laḥălōp̄ na·ḥă·lîp̄ nachaLif naḥălîp̄ ta·ḥă·lî·p̄êm ṯa·ḥă·lîp̄ tachaLif tachaliFem tachleFehu taḥ·lə·p̄ê·hū ṯaḥălîp̄ taḥălîp̄êm taḥləp̄êhū vattachaLef vaychalLef vechaLaf vechalafTa vechalFah vehachaLifu vehecheLif veyachaLof VeyachaLofu wat·ta·ḥă·lêp̄ wattaḥălêp̄ way·ḥal·lêp̄ wayḥallêp̄ wə·ha·ḥă·lî·p̄ū wə·ḥā·lap̄ wə·ḥā·lāp̄ wə·ḥā·lap̄·tā wə·ḥā·lə·p̄āh wə·he·ḥĕ·lip̄ wə·ya·ḥă·lō·p̄ū wə·ya·ḥă·lōp̄ wəhaḥălîp̄ū wəḥālap̄ wəḥālāp̄ wəḥālap̄tā wəḥāləp̄āh wəheḥĕlip̄ wəyaḥălōp̄ wəyaḥălōp̄ū ya·ḥă·lî·p̄en·nū ya·ḥă·lî·p̄ū ya·ḥă·lîp̄ ya·ḥă·lōp̄ yachaLif yachaliFennu yachaLifu yachaLof yaḥălîp̄ yaḥălîp̄ennū yaḥălîp̄ū yaḥălōp̄
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Englishman's Concordance
Genesis 31:7
HEB: הֵ֣תֶל בִּ֔י וְהֶחֱלִ֥ף אֶת־ מַשְׂכֻּרְתִּ֖י
NAS: has cheated me and changed my wages
KJV: hath deceived me, and changed my wages
INT: your father deceived and changed my wages ten

Genesis 31:41
HEB: שָׁנִ֖ים בְּצֹאנֶ֑ךָ וַתַּחֲלֵ֥ף אֶת־ מַשְׂכֻּרְתִּ֖י
NAS: for your flock, and you changed my wages
KJV: for thy cattle: and thou hast changed my wages
INT: years your flock changed my wages ten

Genesis 35:2
HEB: בְּתֹכְכֶ֔ם וְהִֽטַּהֲר֔וּ וְהַחֲלִ֖יפוּ שִׂמְלֹתֵיכֶֽם׃
NAS: you, and purify yourselves and change your garments;
KJV: and be clean, and change your garments:
INT: are among and purify and change your garments

Genesis 41:14
HEB: הַבּ֑וֹר וַיְגַלַּח֙ וַיְחַלֵּ֣ף שִׂמְלֹתָ֔יו וַיָּבֹ֖א
NAS: and when he had shaved himself and changed his clothes,
KJV: and he shaved [himself], and changed his raiment,
INT: of the dungeon had shaved and changed his clothes came

Leviticus 27:10
HEB: לֹ֣א יַחֲלִיפֶ֗נּוּ וְלֹֽא־ יָמִ֥יר
NAS: He shall not replace it or exchange
KJV: He shall not alter it, nor change
INT: shall not replace or exchange

Judges 5:26
HEB: רֹאשׁ֔וֹ וּמָחֲצָ֥ה וְחָלְפָ֖ה רַקָּתֽוֹ׃
NAS: And she shattered and pierced his temple.
KJV: when she had pierced and stricken through his temples.
INT: his head shattered and pierced his temple

1 Samuel 10:3
HEB: וְחָלַפְתָּ֨ מִשָּׁ֜ם וָהָ֗לְאָה
NAS: Then you will go on further
KJV: Then shalt thou go on forward
INT: will go there further

2 Samuel 12:20
HEB: וַיִּרְחַ֣ץ וַיָּ֗סֶךְ וַיְחַלֵּף֙ [שִׂמְלֹתֹו כ]
NAS: anointed [himself], and changed his clothes;
KJV: and anointed [himself], and changed his apparel,
INT: washed anointed and changed apparel came

Job 4:15
HEB: עַל־ פָּנַ֣י יַחֲלֹ֑ף תְּ֝סַמֵּ֗ר שַֽׂעֲרַ֥ת
NAS: Then a spirit passed by my face;
KJV: Then a spirit passed before my face;
INT: by my face passed bristled the hair

Job 9:11
HEB: וְלֹ֣א אֶרְאֶ֑ה וְ֝יַחֲלֹ֗ף וְֽלֹא־ אָבִ֥ין
NAS: by me, I would not see Him; Were He to move past [me], I would not perceive
KJV: by me, and I see [him] not: he passeth on also, but I perceive
INT: not see to move not perceive

Job 9:26
HEB: חָ֭לְפוּ עִם־ אֳנִיּ֣וֹת
NAS: They slip by like reed
KJV: They are passed away as the swift
INT: slip like boats

Job 11:10
HEB: אִם־ יַחֲלֹ֥ף וְיַסְגִּ֑יר וְ֝יַקְהִ֗יל
NAS: If He passes by or shuts
KJV: If he cut off, and shut up,
INT: If passes shuts calls

Job 14:7
HEB: יִ֭כָּרֵת וְע֣וֹד יַחֲלִ֑יף וְ֝יֹֽנַקְתּ֗וֹ לֹ֣א
NAS: it is cut down, that it will sprout again,
KJV: if it be cut down, that it will sprout again, and that the tender branch
INT: is cut again will sprout shoots will not

Job 20:24
HEB: מִנֵּ֣שֶׁק בַּרְזֶ֑ל תַּ֝חְלְפֵ֗הוּ קֶ֣שֶׁת נְחוּשָֽׁה׃
NAS: [But] the bronze bow will pierce him.
KJV: of steel shall strike him through.
INT: weapon the iron will pierce bow the bronze

Job 29:20
HEB: וְ֝קַשְׁתִּ֗י בְּיָדִ֥י תַחֲלִֽיף׃
NAS: with me, And my bow is renewed in my hand.'
KJV: and my bow was renewed in my hand.
INT: and my bow my hand is renewed

Psalm 90:5
HEB: בַּ֝בֹּ֗קֶר כֶּחָצִ֥יר יַחֲלֹֽף׃
NAS: they are like grass which sprouts anew.
KJV: [they are] like grass [which] groweth up.
INT: the morning grass sprouts

Psalm 90:6
HEB: בַּ֭בֹּקֶר יָצִ֣יץ וְחָלָ֑ף לָ֝עֶ֗רֶב יְמוֹלֵ֥ל
NAS: it flourishes and sprouts anew; Toward evening
KJV: it flourisheth, and groweth up; in the evening
INT: the morning flourishes and sprouts evening down

Psalm 102:26
HEB: יִבְל֑וּ כַּלְּב֖וּשׁ תַּחֲלִיפֵ֣ם וְֽיַחֲלֹֽפוּ׃
NAS: Like clothing You will change them and they will be changed.
KJV: as a vesture shalt thou change them, and they shall be changed:
INT: will wear clothing will change will be changed

Psalm 102:26
HEB: כַּלְּב֖וּשׁ תַּחֲלִיפֵ֣ם וְֽיַחֲלֹֽפוּ׃
NAS: You will change them and they will be changed.
KJV: shalt thou change them, and they shall be changed:
INT: clothing will change will be changed

Songs 2:11
HEB: עָבָ֑ר הַגֶּ֕שֶׁם חָלַ֖ף הָלַ֥ךְ לֽוֹ׃
NAS: is past, The rain is over [and] gone.
KJV: is past, the rain is over [and] gone;
INT: is past the rain is over gone

Isaiah 2:18
HEB: וְהָאֱלִילִ֖ים כָּלִ֥יל יַחֲלֹֽף׃
NAS: But the idols will completely vanish.
KJV: he shall utterly abolish.
INT: the idols will completely vanish

Isaiah 8:8
HEB: וְחָלַ֤ף בִּֽיהוּדָה֙ שָׁטַ֣ף
NAS: Then it will sweep on into Judah,
KJV: And he shall pass through Judah;
INT: will sweep Judah will overflow

Isaiah 9:10
HEB: גֻּדָּ֔עוּ וַאֲרָזִ֖ים נַחֲלִֽיף׃
NAS: have been cut down, But we will replace [them] with cedars.
KJV: are cut down, but we will change [them into] cedars.
INT: have been cut cedars will replace

Isaiah 21:1
HEB: כְּסוּפ֤וֹת בַּנֶּ֙גֶב֙ לַֽחֲלֹ֔ף מִמִּדְבָּ֣ר בָּ֔א
NAS: in the Negev sweep on, It comes
KJV: in the south pass through; [so] it cometh
INT: windstorms the Negev sweep the wilderness comes

Isaiah 24:5
HEB: עָבְר֤וּ תוֹרֹת֙ חָ֣לְפוּ חֹ֔ק הֵפֵ֖רוּ
NAS: laws, violated statutes,
KJV: the laws, changed the ordinance,
INT: transgressed laws violated statutes broke

28 Occurrences

Strong's Hebrew 2498
28 Occurrences

ḥā·lap̄ — 2 Occ.
ḥā·lə·p̄ū — 2 Occ.
la·ḥă·lōp̄ — 1 Occ.
na·ḥă·lîp̄ — 1 Occ.
ṯa·ḥă·lîp̄ — 1 Occ.
ta·ḥă·lî·p̄êm — 1 Occ.
taḥ·lə·p̄ê·hū — 1 Occ.
wat·ta·ḥă·lêp̄ — 1 Occ.
way·ḥal·lêp̄ — 2 Occ.
wə·ḥā·lāp̄ — 2 Occ.
wə·ḥā·lap̄·tā — 1 Occ.
wə·ḥā·lə·p̄āh — 1 Occ.
wə·ha·ḥă·lî·p̄ū — 1 Occ.
wə·he·ḥĕ·lip̄ — 1 Occ.
wə·ya·ḥă·lōp̄ — 1 Occ.
wə·ya·ḥă·lō·p̄ū — 1 Occ.
ya·ḥă·lîp̄ — 1 Occ.
ya·ḥă·lî·p̄en·nū — 1 Occ.
ya·ḥă·lî·p̄ū — 2 Occ.
ya·ḥă·lōp̄ — 4 Occ.

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