4059. peritemnó
Strong's Concordance
peritemnó: to cut around, circumcise
Original Word: περιτέμνω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: peritemnó
Phonetic Spelling: (per-ee-tem'-no)
Definition: to cut around, circumcise
Usage: I cut around, circumcise.
HELPS Word-studies

4059 peritémnō (from 4012 /perí, "all-around" and temnō, "cut off") – circumcise; (figuratively) cutting off the "old life," in favor of the new which is in Christ (the Seed). This starts with being born again into God's family (personally entering His covenant).

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from peri and the same as tomos
to cut around, circumcise
NASB Translation
circumcise (4), circumcised (10), circumcision (1), receive circumcision (1), receives circumcision (1).

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 4059: περιτέμνω

περιτέμνω (Ionic περιτάμνω); 2 aorist περιέτεμον; passive, present περιτέμνομαι; perfect participle περιτετμημένος; 1 aorist περιετμήθην; (from Hesiod down); the Sept. chiefly for מוּל; to cut around (cf. περί, III. 1): τινα, to circumcise, cut off one's prepuce (used of that well-known rite by which not only the male children of the Israelites, on the eighth day after birth, but subsequently also 'proselytes of righteousness' were consecrated to Jehovah and introduced into the number of his people; (cf. BB. DD. under the word ; Oehler's O. T. Theol. (edited by Day) §§ 87, 88; Müller, Barnabasbrief, p. 227f)), Luke 1:59; Luke 2:21; John 7:22; Acts 7:8; Acts 15:5; Acts 16:3; Acts 21:21; of the same rite, Diodorus 1, 28; passive and middle to get oneself circumcised, present oneself to be circumcised, receive circumcision (cf. Winer's Grammar, § 38, 3): Acts 15:1, 24 Rec.; 1 Corinthians 7:18; Galatians 2:3; Galatians 5:2; Galatians 6:12f; with τά αἰδοῖα added, Herodotus 2, 36 and 104; Josephus, Antiquities 1, 10, 5; contra Apion 1, 22. Since by the rite of circumcision a man was separated from the unclean world and dedicated to God, the verb is transferred to denote the extinguishing of lusts and the removal of sins, Colossians 2:11, cf. Jeremiah 4:4; Deuteronomy 10:16, and ecclesiastical writings (see Lightfoot on Philippians 3:3).

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance

From peri and the base of tomoteros; to cut around, i.e. (specially) to circumcise -- circumcise.

see GREEK peri

see GREEK tomoteros

Forms and Transliterations
περιέτεμε περιετεμεν περιέτεμεν περιετέμετο περιετέμοντο περιέτεμοντο περιετμήθη περιετμηθητε περιετμήθητε περίτεμε περιτεμεί περιτεμειν περιτεμείν περιτεμεῖν περιτεμείς περιτεμείσθε περιτέμεσθε περιτεμνειν περιτέμνειν περιτεμνεσθαι περιτέμνεσθαι περιτεμνεσθω περιτεμνέσθω περιτεμνετε περιτέμνετε περιτεμνησθε περιτέμνησθε περιτεμνομενοι περιτεμνομένοι περιτεμνόμενοι περιτεμνομενω περιτεμνομένω περιτεμνομένῳ περιτετμημένοι περιτετμημενος περιτετμημένος περιτετμημένους περιτέτμηνται περιτμηθέντες περιτμηθηναι περιτμηθήναι περιτμηθῆναι περιτμηθήσεσθε περιτμηθήσεται περιτμηθητε περιτμηθῆτε περιτμήθητε perietemen periétemen perietmethete perietmēthēte perietmḗthete perietmḗthēte peritemein peritemeîn peritemnein peritémnein peritemnesthai peritémnesthai peritemnesthe peritemnēsthe peritémnesthe peritémnēsthe peritemnestho peritemnesthō peritemnéstho peritemnésthō peritemnete peritémnete peritemnomeno peritemnomenō peritemnomenoi peritemnoménoi peritemnoménōi peritemnómenoi peritetmemenos peritetmeménos peritetmēmenos peritetmēménos peritmethenai peritmethênai peritmēthēnai peritmēthē̂nai peritmethete peritmethête peritmēthēte peritmēthē̂te
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Englishman's Concordance
Luke 1:59 V-ANA
GRK: ὀγδόῃ ἦλθον περιτεμεῖν τὸ παιδίον
NAS: they came to circumcise the child,
KJV: they came to circumcise the child;
INT: eighth they came to circumcise the child

Luke 2:21 V-ANA
GRK: ὀκτὼ τοῦ περιτεμεῖν αὐτόν καὶ
NAS: had passed, before His circumcision, His name
KJV: were accomplished for the circumcising of the child,
INT: eight for the circumcising of him also

John 7:22 V-PIA-2P
GRK: ἐν σαββάτῳ περιτέμνετε ἄνθρωπον
NAS: and on [the] Sabbath you circumcise a man.
KJV: on the sabbath day circumcise a man.
INT: on Sabbath you circumcise a man

Acts 7:8 V-AIA-3S
GRK: Ἰσαὰκ καὶ περιέτεμεν αὐτὸν τῇ
NAS: of Isaac, and circumcised him on the eighth
KJV: Isaac, and circumcised him the eighth
INT: Isaac and circumcised him the

Acts 15:1 V-ASP-2P
GRK: Ἐὰν μὴ περιτμηθῆτε τῷ ἔθει
NAS: Unless you are circumcised according to the custom
KJV: Except ye be circumcised after the manner
INT: if not you be circumcised after the custom

Acts 15:5 V-PNA
GRK: ὅτι δεῖ περιτέμνειν αὐτοὺς παραγγέλλειν
NAS: It is necessary to circumcise them and to direct
KJV: it was needful to circumcise them,
INT: It is necessary to circumcise them warning [them]

Acts 15:24 V-PNP
GRK: ὑμῶν λέγοντες περιτέμνεσθαι καὶ τηρεῖν
KJV: saying, [Ye must] be circumcised, and
INT: of you saying [you must] be circumcised and keep

Acts 16:3 V-AIA-3S
GRK: καὶ λαβὼν περιέτεμεν αὐτὸν διὰ
NAS: with him; and he took him and circumcised him because
KJV: and took and circumcised him because
INT: and having taken he circumcised him on account of

Acts 21:21 V-PNA
GRK: λέγων μὴ περιτέμνειν αὐτοὺς τὰ
NAS: telling them not to circumcise their children
KJV: not to circumcise [their] children,
INT: telling not to circumcise them the

1 Corinthians 7:18 V-RPM/P-NMS
GRK: περιτετμημένος τις ἐκλήθη
NAS: called [when he was already] circumcised? He is not to become uncircumcised.
KJV: called being circumcised? let him
INT: Having been circumcised any one was called

1 Corinthians 7:18 V-PMM/P-3S
GRK: τις μὴ περιτεμνέσθω
NAS: in uncircumcision? He is not to be circumcised.
KJV: let him not be circumcised.
INT: any one not let him be circumcised

Galatians 2:3 V-ANP
GRK: ὤν ἠναγκάσθη περιτμηθῆναι
NAS: was compelled to be circumcised.
KJV: was compelled to be circumcised:
INT: being was compelled to be circumcised

Galatians 5:2 V-PSM/P-2P
GRK: ὅτι ἐὰν περιτέμνησθε Χριστὸς ὑμᾶς
NAS: to you that if you receive circumcision, Christ
KJV: if ye be circumcised, Christ
INT: that if you be circumcised Christ you

Galatians 5:3 V-PPM/P-DMS
GRK: παντὶ ἀνθρώπῳ περιτεμνομένῳ ὅτι ὀφειλέτης
NAS: man who receives circumcision, that he is under obligation
KJV: man that is circumcised, that
INT: to every man being circumcised that a debtor

Galatians 6:12 V-PNM/P
GRK: ἀναγκάζουσιν ὑμᾶς περιτέμνεσθαι μόνον ἵνα
NAS: try to compel you to be circumcised, simply
KJV: you to be circumcised; only
INT: compel you to be circumcised only that

Galatians 6:13 V-PPM/P-NMP
GRK: γὰρ οἱ περιτεμνόμενοι αὐτοὶ νόμον
NAS: For those who are circumcised do not even
KJV: they themselves who are circumcised keep
INT: indeed they who are being circumcised themselves [the] law

Galatians 6:13 V-PNM/P
GRK: θέλουσιν ὑμᾶς περιτέμνεσθαι ἵνα ἐν
NAS: but they desire to have you circumcised so
KJV: you circumcised, that
INT: they wish you to be circumcised that in

Colossians 2:11 V-AIP-2P
GRK: ᾧ καὶ περιετμήθητε περιτομῇ ἀχειροποιήτῳ
NAS: and in Him you were also circumcised with a circumcision
KJV: also ye are circumcised with the circumcision
INT: whom also you were circumcised with circumcision not made by hand

Strong's Greek 4059
18 Occurrences

περιέτεμεν — 2 Occ.
περιετμήθητε — 1 Occ.
περιτεμεῖν — 2 Occ.
περιτέμνησθε — 1 Occ.
περιτέμνειν — 2 Occ.
περιτέμνεσθαι — 3 Occ.
περιτεμνέσθω — 1 Occ.
περιτέμνετε — 1 Occ.
περιτεμνομένῳ — 1 Occ.
περιτεμνόμενοι — 1 Occ.
περιτετμημένος — 1 Occ.
περιτμηθῆναι — 1 Occ.
περιτμηθῆτε — 1 Occ.

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