Jeremiah 48
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1Concerning Moab: “Thus said YHWH of Hosts, God of Israel: Woe to Nebo, for it is spoiled, || Kiriathaim has been captured [and] put to shame, || The high tower has been put to shame, || Indeed, it has been broken down.

2There is no longer praise of Moab, || In Heshbon they devised evil against her: Come, and we cut it off from [being] a nation, || Also, O Madmen, you are cut off, || A sword goes after you.

3A voice of a cry [is] from Horonaim, || Spoiling and great destruction.

4Moab has been destroyed, || Her little ones have caused a cry to be heard.

5For the ascent of Luhith with weeping, || Weeping goes up, || For in the descent of Horonaim || Adversaries have heard a cry of desolation.

6Flee, deliver yourselves, || You are as a naked thing in a wilderness.

7For because of your trusting in your works, || And in your treasures, even you are captured, || And Chemosh has gone out in a removal, || His priests and his heads together.

8And a spoiler comes to every city, || And no city escapes, || And the valley has perished, || And the plain has been destroyed, as YHWH said.

9Give wings to Moab, that she may go forth and flee away, || And her cities are for a desolation, || Without an inhabitant in them.

10Cursed [is] he who is doing the work of YHWH slothfully, || And cursed [is] he || Who is withholding his sword from blood.

11Moab is secure from his youth, || And he [is] at rest for his preserved things, || And he has not been emptied out from vessel to vessel, || And he has not gone into captivity, || Therefore his taste has remained in him, || And his fragrance has not been changed.

12Therefore, behold, days are coming, || A declaration of YHWH, || And I have sent wanderers to him, || And they have caused him to wander, || And they empty out his vessels, || And they dash his bottles in pieces. 13And Moab has been ashamed because of Chemosh, || As the house of Israel has been ashamed || Because of Beth-El, their confidence.

14How do you say, We [are] mighty, || And men of strength for battle?

15Moab is spoiled, and has gone up [from] her cities, || And the choice of its young men || Have gone down to slaughter, || An affirmation of the King, || YHWH of Hosts [is] His Name.

16The destruction of Moab is near to come, || And his calamity has hurried exceedingly.

17Bemoan for him, all you around him, || And all knowing his name, say, || How it has been broken, the staff of strength, || The rod of beauty!

18Come down from glory, sit in thirst, || O inhabitant, daughter of Dibon, || For a spoiler of Moab has come up to you, || He has destroyed your fortifications.

19Stand on the way, and watch, O inhabitant of Aroer, || Ask the fugitive and escaped, || Say, What has happened?

20Moab has been put to shame, || For it has been broken down, || Howl and cry, declare in Arnon, || For Moab is spoiled,

21And judgment has come to the land of the plain—to Holon, || And to Jahazah, and on Mephaath, 22And on Dibon, and on Nebo, || And on Beth-Diblathaim, and on Kirathaim, 23And on Beth-Gamul, and on Beth-Meon, 24And on Kerioth, and on Bozrah, || And on all cities of the land of Moab, || The far off and the near. 25The horn of Moab has been cut down, || And his arm has been broken, || A declaration of YHWH. 26Declare him drunk, || For he made himself great against YHWH || And Moab has struck in his vomit, || And he has been for a derision—even he. 27And was Israel not the derision to you? Was he found among thieves? For since your words concerning him, || You bemoan yourself.

28Forsake cities, and dwell in a rock, || You inhabitants of Moab, || And be as a dove making a nest in the passages of a pit’s mouth.

29We have heard of the arrogance of Moab, || Exceedingly proud! His haughtiness, and his arrogance, || And his pride, and the height of his heart,

30I have known, a declaration of YHWH, || His wrath, and [it is] not right, || His boastings—they have done nothing right.

31Therefore I howl for Moab, even for Moab—all of it, || I cry for men of Kir-Heres, it mourns,

32With the weeping of Jazer, I weep for you, O vine of Sibmah, || Your branches have passed over a sea, || They have come to the Sea of Jazer, || On your summer fruits, and on your harvest, || A spoiler has fallen.

33And joy and gladness have been removed from the fruitful field, || Even from the land of Moab, || And I have caused wine to cease from winepresses, || Shouting does not proceed, || The shouting [is] not shouting!

34Because of the cry of Heshbon to Elealeh, || They have given their voice to Jahaz, || From Zoar to Horonaim, || A heifer of the third [year], || For even [the] waters of Nimrim become desolations. 35And I have caused to cease in Moab, || A declaration of YHWH, || Him who is offering in a high place, || And him who is making incense to his god.

36Therefore My heart sounds as pipes for Moab, || And My heart sounds as pipes for men of Kir-Heres, || Therefore the abundance he made perished. 37For every head [is] bald, and every beard diminished, || On all hands—cuttings, and on the loins—sackcloth. 38On all roofs of Moab, and in her broad-places, || All of it—lamentation, || For I have broken Moab as a vessel in which there is no pleasure,” || A declaration of YHWH. 39“How it has been broken down! They have howled, || How Moab has turned the neck ashamed! And Moab has been for a derision || And for a terror to all around her.”

40For thus said YHWH: “Behold, he flees as an eagle, || And has spread his wings to Moab.

41The cities have been captured, || And the strongholds are caught, || And the heart of the mighty of Moab || Has been in that day as the heart of a distressed woman.

42And Moab has been destroyed from [being] a people, || For he exerted himself against YHWH.

43Fear, and a snare, and a trap, [are] for you, || O inhabitant of Moab—a declaration of YHWH,

44Whoever is fleeing because of the fear falls into the snare, || And whoever is coming up from the snare is captured by the trap, || For I bring to her—to Moab—The year of their inspection, || A declaration of YHWH.

45In the shadow of Heshbon fugitives have stood powerless, || For fire has gone forth from Heshbon, || And a flame from within Sihon, || And it consumes the corner of Moab, || And the crown of the sons of Shaon.

46Woe to you, O Moab, || The people of Chemosh have perished, || For your sons were taken with the captives, || And your daughters with the captivity.

47And I have turned back [to] the captivity of Moab, || In the latter end of the days,” || A declaration of YHWH! “Until now [is] the judgment of Moab.”

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