Jeremiah 49
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1Concerning the sons of Ammon: “Thus said YHWH: Has Israel no sons? Has he no heir? Why has Malcam possessed Gad, "" And his people have dwelt in its cities?

2Therefore, behold, days are coming, "" A declaration of YHWH, "" And I have sounded a shout of battle in Rabbah of the sons of Ammon, "" And it has been for a heap—a desolation, "" And her daughters are burned with fire, "" And Israel has succeeded its heirs, said YHWH.

3Howl, Heshbon, for Ai is spoiled, "" Cry, daughters of Rabbah, gird on sackcloth, "" Lament, and go to and fro by the hedges, "" For Malcam goes into captivity, "" His priests and his princes together.

4Why do you boast yourself in valleys? Your valley is flowing, "" O backsliding daughter, "" Who is trusting in her treasures: Who comes to me?

5Behold, I am bringing fear in on you, "" A declaration of Lord YHWH of Hosts, "" From all around you, "" And you have each been driven out before it, "" And there is no gatherer of the wandering.

6And after this I return the captivity of the sons of Ammon, "" A declaration of YHWH.”

7Concerning Edom: “Thus said YHWH of Hosts: Is wisdom no longer in Teman? Has counsel perished from the intelligent? Has their wisdom vanished?

8Flee, turn, go deep to dwell, you inhabitants of Dedan, "" For I brought the calamity of Esau on him, "" The time I inspected him.

9If gatherers have come to you, "" They do not leave gleanings, "" If thieves in the night, "" They have destroyed their sufficiency!

10For I have made Esau bare, "" I have uncovered his secret places, "" And he is not able to be hidden, "" Spoiled [is] his seed, and his brothers, "" And his neighbors, and he is not.

11Leave your orphans—I keep alive, "" And your widows—trust on Me,

12For thus said YHWH: They whose judgment is not to drink of the cup, "" Do certainly drink, "" And you [are] he that is entirely acquitted! You are not acquitted, for you certainly drink. 13For I have sworn by Myself, "" A declaration of YHWH, "" That for a desolation, for a reproach, "" For a dry place, and for a reviling—is Bozrah, "" And all her cities are for continuous ruins.

14I have heard a report from YHWH, "" And an ambassador is sent among nations, "" Gather yourselves and come in against her, "" And rise for battle.

15For behold, I have made you little among nations, "" Despised among men.

16Your terribleness has lifted you up, "" The pride of your heart, "" O dweller in clefts of the rock, "" Holding the high place of the height, "" For you make your nest high as an eagle, "" From there I bring you down, "" A declaration of YHWH.

17And Edom has been for a desolation, "" Everyone passing by her is astonished, "" And hisses because of all her plagues. 18As the overthrow of Sodom and Gomorrah, "" And its neighbors, said YHWH, "" No one dwells there, "" Nor does a son of man sojourn in her. 19Behold, he comes up as a lion, "" Because of the rising of the Jordan, "" To the enduring habitation, "" But I cause to rest, "" I cause him to run from off her, "" And who is chosen? I lay a charge concerning her, "" For who is like Me? And who convenes Me? And who [is] this shepherd who stands before Me?

20Therefore, hear the counsel of YHWH, "" That He has counseled concerning Edom, "" And His plans that He has devised "" Concerning the inhabitants of Teman: Do little ones of the flock not drag them out, "" Does He not make their habitation desolate? 21The earth has shaken from the noise of their fall, "" The cry—its voice is heard at the Sea of Suph. 22Behold, He comes up as an eagle, and flies, "" And He spreads His wings over Bozrah, "" And the heart of the mighty of Edom has been in that day, "" As the heart of a travailing woman.”

23Concerning Damascus: “Hamath and Arpad have been ashamed, "" For they have heard an evil report, "" They have been melted, sorrow [is] in the sea, "" It is not able to be quiet.

24Damascus has been feeble, "" She turned to flee, and fear strengthened her, "" Distress and pangs have seized her, as a travailing woman.

25How it is not left—the city of praise, "" The city of My joy!

26Therefore her young men fall in her broad places, "" And all the men of war are cut off in that day, "" A declaration of YHWH of Hosts.

27And I have kindled a fire against the wall of Damascus, "" And it consumed palaces of Ben-Hadad!”

28Concerning Kedar, and concerning the kingdoms of Hazor that Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon has struck: “Thus said YHWH: Arise, go up to Kedar, "" And spoil the sons of the east.

29They take their tents and their flock, "" Their curtains, and all their vessels, "" And they carry away their camels for themselves, "" And they called concerning them, "" Fear [is] all around.

30Flee, bemoan mightily, go deep to dwell, "" You inhabitants of Hazor—a declaration of YHWH, "" For Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon has given counsel against you, "" Indeed, he devises a scheme against them.

31Rise, go up to a nation at rest, "" Dwelling confidently, a declaration of YHWH, "" It has no double gates nor bar, "" They dwell alone.

32And their camels have been for a prey, "" And the multitude of their livestock for a spoil, "" And I have scattered them to every wind, "" Who cut off the corner [of the beard], "" And from all its passages I bring in their calamity, "" A declaration of YHWH.

33And Hazor has been for a habitation of dragons, "" A desolation for all time, "" No one dwells there, nor does a son of man sojourn in it!”

34That which has been the word of YHWH to Jeremiah the prophet concerning Elam, in the beginning of the reign of Zedekiah king of Judah, saying,

35“Thus said YHWH of Hosts: Behold, I am breaking the bow of Elam, "" The beginning of their might.

36And I have brought four winds to Elam, "" From the four ends of the heavens, "" And have scattered them to all these winds, "" And there is no nation to where outcasts of Elam do not come in.

37And I have frightened Elam before their enemies, "" And before those seeking their life, "" And I have brought calamity on them, "" The heat of My anger, "" A declaration of YHWH, "" And I have sent the sword after them, "" Until I have consumed them;

38And I have set My throne in Elam, "" And I have destroyed king and princes from there, "" A declaration of YHWH.

39And it has come to pass, in the latter end of the days, I return the captivity of Elam, "" A declaration of YHWH!”

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