3276. yaal
Strong's Concordance
yaal: to confer or gain profit or benefit
Original Word: יַעַל
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: yaal
Phonetic Spelling: (yaw-al')
Definition: to confer or gain profit or benefit
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. root
to confer or gain profit or benefit
NASB Translation
avail (1), furnish the slightest (1), gain (1), profit (17), profitable (1), slightest benefit (1), things of profit (1).

I. [יָעַל] verb only

Hiph`il profit, avail, benefit; —

Hiph`il Perfect הוֺעִיל Habakkuk 2:18; Imperfect יוֺעִיל Jeremiah 2:11 2t.; אֹעִיל Job 35:3; יוֺעִילוּ 1 Samuel 12:21 6t.; יוֺעִ֫לוּ Jeremiah 2:8; Jeremiah 12:13; יוֺעִילוּךְ Isaiah 57:12; נוֺעִיל Job 21:15; Infinitive absolute הוֺעֵיל Jeremiah 23:22; construct הוֺעִיל Jeremiah 7:8 4t.; Participle מוֺעִיל Jeremiah 16:19; — profit, avail, benefit, always (except Job 30:13 where in bad sense, Isaiah 47:12) with negative, or in question implying negative; especially of idols or false gods (as unprofitable), so Habakkuk 2:18; Isaiah 44:9,10; Isaiah 57:12; Jeremiah 2:8 אחרי לא יועילו הלבו, Jeremiah 2:11 המיר כבידו בלוא יועיל, Jeremiah 16:19 ואין בם מועיל, 1 Samuel 12:21, of vain confidences Jeremiah 7:8, or promises Jeremiah 23:32 (twice in verse) (followed by לְ); of Egypt as ally Isaiah 30:5 (followed by לְ), Isaiah 30:5; Isaiah 30:6; of wickedness Proverbs 10:2; wealth Proverbs 11:4; worthless men Job 30:13 (לְהַוָּתִי יועִילוּ i.e. promote it); of words Job 15:3 ("" דָּבָר לֹא יִסְכּוֺן); in General gain profit Isaiah 47:12; Isaiah 48:17; Jeremiah 12:13; Job 21:15; Job 35:3.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
set forward, can do good, be, have profit, able

A primitive root; properly, to ascend; figuratively, to be valuable (objectively: useful, subjectively: benefited) -- X at all, set forward, can do good, (be, have) profit, (able).

Forms and Transliterations
אֹ֝עִ֗יל אעיל הוֹעִ֖יל הוֹעִ֣יל הוֹעִֽיל׃ הועיל הועיל׃ וְהוֹעֵ֛יל והועיל י֭וֹעִילוּ יֹעִ֑ילוּ יוֹעִ֑ילוּ יוֹעִ֑לוּ יוֹעִ֖לוּ יוֹעִ֛ילוּ יוֹעִ֣יל יוֹעִ֣ילוּ יוֹעִ֥יל יוֹעִ֥ילוּ יוֹעִֽיל׃ יוֹעִֽילוּ׃ יוֹעִילֽוּךְ׃ יועיל יועיל׃ יועילו יועילו׃ יועילוך׃ יועלו יעילו לְהוֹעִ֔יל להועיל מוֹעִֽיל׃ מועיל׃ נּ֝וֹעִ֗יל נועיל ’ō‘îl ’ō·‘îl hō·w·‘îl hoIl hōw‘îl lə·hō·w·‘îl lehoIl ləhōw‘îl mō·w·‘îl moIl mōw‘îl nō·w·‘îl noIl nōw‘îl oIl vehoEil wə·hō·w·‘êl wəhōw‘êl yō‘îlū yō·‘î·lū yō·w·‘i·lū yō·w·‘î·lū yō·w·‘î·lūḵ yō·w·‘îl yoIl yoIlu yoiLuch yōw‘îl yōw‘ilū yōw‘îlū yōw‘îlūḵ
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Englishman's Concordance
1 Samuel 12:21
HEB: אֲשֶׁ֧ר לֹֽא־ יוֹעִ֛ילוּ וְלֹ֥א יַצִּ֖ילוּ
NAS: which can not profit or deliver,
KJV: vain [things], which cannot profit nor deliver;
INT: which not profit or deliver

Job 15:3
HEB: וּ֝מִלִּ֗ים לֹא־ יוֹעִ֥יל בָּֽם׃
NAS: Or with words which are not profitable?
KJV: or with speeches wherewith he can do no good?
INT: words no good

Job 21:15
HEB: נַֽעַבְדֶ֑נּוּ וּמַה־ נּ֝וֹעִ֗יל כִּ֣י נִפְגַּע־
NAS: Him, And what would we gain if
KJV: that we should serve him? and what profit should we have, if we pray
INT: serve and what gain if entreat

Job 30:13
HEB: נְֽתִיבָ֫תִ֥י לְהַוָּתִֽי יֹעִ֑ילוּ לֹ֖א עֹזֵ֣ר
NAS: up my path, They profit from my destruction;
KJV: my path, they set forward my calamity,
INT: my path my destruction profit No restrains

Job 35:3
HEB: לָ֑ךְ מָֽה־ אֹ֝עִ֗יל מֵֽחַטָּאתִֽי׃
NAS: will it be to You? What profit will I have, more than
KJV: What advantage will it be unto thee? [and], What profit shall I have, [if I be cleansed] from my sin?
INT: advantage What profit sin

Proverbs 10:2
HEB: לֹא־ י֭וֹעִילוּ אוֹצְר֣וֹת רֶ֑שַׁע
NAS: gains do not profit, But righteousness
KJV: of wickedness profit nothing: but righteousness
INT: not profit gains Ill-gotten

Proverbs 11:4
HEB: לֹא־ יוֹעִ֣יל ה֭וֹן בְּי֣וֹם
NAS: Riches do not profit in the day
KJV: Riches profit not in the day
INT: not profit Riches the day

Isaiah 30:5
HEB: עַ֖ם לֹא־ יוֹעִ֣ילוּ לָ֑מוֹ לֹ֤א
NAS: who cannot profit them, [Who are] not for help
KJV: of a people [that] could not profit them, nor be an help
INT: of a people cannot profit cannot help

Isaiah 30:5
HEB: לְעֵ֙זֶר֙ וְלֹ֣א לְהוֹעִ֔יל כִּ֥י לְבֹ֖שֶׁת
NAS: them, [Who are] not for help or profit, but for shame
KJV: them, nor be an help nor profit, but a shame,
INT: help cannot profit for shame

Isaiah 30:6
HEB: עַ֖ם לֹ֥א יוֹעִֽילוּ׃
NAS: To a people who cannot profit [them];
KJV: to a people [that] shall not profit [them].
INT: A people cannot profit

Isaiah 44:9
HEB: וַחֲמוּדֵיהֶ֖ם בַּל־ יוֹעִ֑ילוּ וְעֵדֵיהֶ֣ם הֵׅ֗מָּׅהׅ
NAS: are of no profit; even their own witnesses
KJV: and their delectable things shall not profit; and they [are] their own witnesses;
INT: and their precious no profit witnesses like

Isaiah 44:10
HEB: נָסָ֑ךְ לְבִלְתִּ֖י הוֹעִֽיל׃
NAS: an idol to no profit?
KJV: a graven image [that] is profitable for nothing?
INT: cast to no is profitable

Isaiah 47:12
HEB: אוּלַ֛י תּוּכְלִ֥י הוֹעִ֖יל אוּלַ֥י תַּעֲרֽוֹצִי׃
NAS: you will be able to profit, Perhaps
KJV: if so be thou shalt be able to profit, if so be thou mayest prevail.
INT: Perhaps will be able to profit Perhaps may cause

Isaiah 48:17
HEB: אֱלֹהֶ֙יךָ֙ מְלַמֶּדְךָ֣ לְהוֹעִ֔יל מַדְרִֽיכֲךָ֖ בְּדֶ֥רֶךְ
NAS: who teaches you to profit, Who leads
KJV: which teacheth thee to profit, which leadeth
INT: your God teaches to profit leads the way

Isaiah 57:12
HEB: מַעֲשַׂ֖יִךְ וְלֹ֥א יוֹעִילֽוּךְ׃
NAS: and your deeds, But they will not profit you.
KJV: and thy works; for they shall not profit thee.
INT: and your deeds they will not profit

Jeremiah 2:8
HEB: וְאַחֲרֵ֥י לֹֽא־ יוֹעִ֖לוּ הָלָֽכוּ׃
NAS: after things that did not profit.
KJV: after [things that] do not profit.
INT: after did not profit and walked

Jeremiah 2:11
HEB: כְּבוֹד֖וֹ בְּל֥וֹא יוֹעִֽיל׃
NAS: their glory For that which does not profit.
KJV: their glory for [that which] doth not profit.
INT: their glory old profit

Jeremiah 7:8
HEB: הַשָּׁ֑קֶר לְבִלְתִּ֖י הוֹעִֽיל׃
NAS: words to no avail.
KJV: in lying words, that cannot profit.
INT: deceptive to no avail

Jeremiah 12:13
HEB: נֶחְל֖וּ לֹ֣א יוֹעִ֑לוּ וּבֹ֙שׁוּ֙ מִתְּבוּאֹ֣תֵיכֶ֔ם
NAS: themselves to no profit. But be ashamed
KJV: they have put themselves to pain, [but] shall not profit: and they shall be ashamed
INT: have strained to no profit But be ashamed of your harvest

Jeremiah 16:19
HEB: וְאֵֽין־ בָּ֥ם מוֹעִֽיל׃
NAS: Futility and things of no
KJV: vanity, and [things] wherein [there is] no profit.
INT: Futility of no and things

Jeremiah 23:32
HEB: וְלֹ֣א צִוִּיתִ֗ים וְהוֹעֵ֛יל לֹֽא־ יוֹעִ֥ילוּ
NAS: them, nor do they furnish this
KJV: them not, nor commanded them: therefore they shall not profit this people
INT: nor command furnish nor the slightest

Jeremiah 23:32
HEB: וְהוֹעֵ֛יל לֹֽא־ יוֹעִ֥ילוּ לָֽעָם־ הַזֶּ֖ה
NAS: people the slightest benefit, declares
KJV: this people at all, saith
INT: furnish nor the slightest people this

Habakkuk 2:18
HEB: מָֽה־ הוֹעִ֣יל פֶּ֗סֶל כִּ֤י
NAS: What profit is the idol when
KJV: What profiteth the graven image
INT: What profit is the idol when

23 Occurrences

Strong's Hebrew 3276
23 Occurrences

hō·w·‘îl — 4 Occ.
lə·hō·w·‘îl — 2 Occ.
mō·w·‘îl — 1 Occ.
nō·w·‘îl — 1 Occ.
’ō·‘îl — 1 Occ.
wə·hō·w·‘êl — 1 Occ.
yō·w·‘îl — 3 Occ.
yō·w·‘î·lū — 9 Occ.
yō·w·‘î·lūḵ — 1 Occ.

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