537. hapas
Strong's Concordance
hapas: all, the whole
Original Word: ἅπας, ασα, αν
Part of Speech: Adjective
Transliteration: hapas
Phonetic Spelling: (hap'-as)
Definition: all, the whole
Usage: all, the whole, altogether.
HELPS Word-studies

537 hápas (from 260 /háma, "all together" and 3956 /pás, "each, every") – each and every one (as a comprehensive unit), i.e. "each and every part" making up a complete unit. 537 (hápas) focuses on the individual parts and their totality and thus "sweeps with a wider broom" than 3956 /pás ("each, every").

Example: Ac 11:10: "This happened three times, and everything (537 /hápas) was drawn back up into the sky" (NASU).

In this verse, "everything" ("all," 537 /hápas) has two foci: each and every animal; and the entire Levitical food-system.

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 537: ἅπας

ἅπας, ά῾πασα, ἅπαν (from ἅμα (or rather (Sanskritsa; cf. copulative), see Curtius, § 598; Vanicek, p. 972) and πᾶς; stronger than the simple πᾶς) (from Homer down); quite all, the whole, all together, all; it is either placed before a substantive having the article, as Luke 3:21; Luke 8:37; Luke 19:37; or placed after, as Mark 16:15 (εἰς τόν κόσμον ἅπαντα into all parts of the world); Luke 4:6 (this dominion wholely- i. e. all parts of this dominion which you see); . used absolutely — in the masculine, as Matthew 24:39; Luke 3:16 (T WH Tr marginal reading πᾶσιν); (Luke 4:40 WH text Tr marginal reading); (WH marginal reading πάντας); Mark 11:32 (Lachmann πάντες); James 3:2; — in the neuter, as Matthew 28:11; Luke 5:28 (R G); Acts 2:44; Acts 4:32 (L WH Tr marginal reading πάντα); ; Ephesians 6:13; once in John viz. 4:25 T Tr WH; (ἅπαντες οὗτοι, Acts 2:7 L T; ἅπαντες ὑμεῖς, Galatians 3:28 T Tr; cf. πᾶς, II. 1 at the end Rarely used by Paul; most frequently by Luke. On its occurrence, cf. Alford, Greek New Testament, vol. ii., Proleg., p. 81; Ellicott on 1 Timothy 1:16).

STRONGS NT 537a: ἀπασπάζομαιἀπασπάζομαι: 1 aorist ἀπησπασαμην; to salute on leaving, bid farewell, take leave of: τινα, Acts 21:6 L T Tr WH. (Himerius, eclog. ex Phot. 11, p. 194.)

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
all things, everyone, whole.

From a (as a particle of union) and pas; absolutely all or (singular) every one -- all (things), every (one), whole.

see GREEK a

see GREEK pas

Forms and Transliterations
απαν άπαν ἅπαν απαντα άπαντα ἅπαντα απαντας άπαντας άπάντας ἅπαντας απαντες άπαντες ἅπαντες απαντων απάντων άπαντων ἁπάντων απας άπας ἅπας απασαν άπασαν ἅπασαν απάσας άπασι πάντα πάντες apan apanta apantas apantes apanton apantōn apas apasan hapan hápan hapanta hápanta hapantas hápantas hapantes hápantes hapanton hapantōn hapánton hapántōn hapas hápas hapasan hápasan pantes pántes
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Englishman's Concordance
Matthew 6:32 Adj-GNP
GRK: χρῄζετε τούτων ἁπάντων
NAS: knows that you need all these things.
KJV: that ye have need of all these things.
INT: you have need of these things all

Matthew 24:39 Adj-AMP
GRK: καὶ ἦρεν ἅπαντας οὕτως ἔσται
NAS: came and took them all away; so
KJV: and took them all away; soINT: and took away all thus will be

Matthew 28:11 Adj-ANP
GRK: τοῖς ἀρχιερεῦσιν ἅπαντα τὰ γενόμενα
NAS: to the chief priests all that had happened.
KJV: unto the chief priests all the things that were done.
INT: to the chief priests all things that having were done

Mark 1:27 Adj-NMP
GRK: καὶ ἐθαμβήθησαν ἅπαντες ὥστε συζητεῖν
NAS: They were all amazed, so
INT: And were astonished all so that they questioned

Mark 8:25 Adj-ANP
GRK: ἐνέβλεπεν τηλαυγῶς ἅπαντα
NAS: and [began] to see everything clearly.
KJV: and saw every man clearly.
INT: looked on clearly all

Mark 11:32 Adj-NMP
GRK: τὸν ὄχλον ἅπαντες γὰρ εἶχον
NAS: of the people, for everyone considered
KJV: for all [men] counted
INT: the people all indeed held

Mark 16:15 Adj-AMS
GRK: τὸν κόσμον ἅπαντα κηρύξατε τὸ
NAS: to them, Go into all the world
KJV: Go ye into all the world, and preach
INT: the world all proclaim the

Luke 3:21 Adj-AMS
GRK: τῷ βαπτισθῆναι ἅπαντα τὸν λαὸν
NAS: Now when all the people were baptized,
KJV: Now when all the people were baptized,
INT: having been baptized all the people

Luke 4:6 Adj-AFS
GRK: ἐξουσίαν ταύτην ἅπασαν καὶ τὴν
NAS: to Him, I will give You all this
KJV: said unto him, All this power
INT: domain this all and the

Luke 4:40 Adj-NMP
GRK: τοῦ ἡλίου ἅπαντες ὅσοι εἶχον
NAS: was setting, all those who
INT: of the sun all as many as had

Luke 5:26 Adj-AMP
GRK: ἔκστασις ἔλαβεν ἅπαντας καὶ ἐδόξαζον
NAS: They were all struck with astonishment
KJV: And they were all amazed, and
INT: amazement seized all and they glorified

Luke 8:37 Adj-NNS
GRK: ἠρώτησεν αὐτὸν ἅπαν τὸ πλῆθος
NAS: And all the people of the country
KJV: Then the whole multitude
INT: asked him all the multitude

Luke 9:15 Adj-AMP
GRK: καὶ κατέκλιναν ἅπαντας
NAS: so, and had them all sit down.
KJV: and made them all sit down.
INT: and made sit down all

Luke 19:37 Adj-NNS
GRK: Ἐλαιῶν ἤρξαντο ἅπαν τὸ πλῆθος
NAS: of Olives, the whole crowd
KJV: of Olives, the whole multitude
INT: of Olives began all the multitude

Luke 19:48 Adj-NMS
GRK: λαὸς γὰρ ἅπας ἐξεκρέματο αὐτοῦ
NAS: that they might do, for all the people
KJV: for all the people
INT: people indeed all were hanging on him

Luke 20:6 Adj-NMS
GRK: ὁ λαὸς ἅπας καταλιθάσει ἡμᾶς
NAS: From men,' all the people
INT: the people all will stone us

Luke 21:15 Adj-NMP
GRK: ἢ ἀντειπεῖν ἅπαντες οἱ ἀντικείμενοι
INT: nor to reply to all those opposing

Luke 23:1 Adj-NNS
GRK: Καὶ ἀναστὰν ἅπαν τὸ πλῆθος
NAS: Then the whole body of them got
KJV: And the whole multitude of them
INT: And having risen up all the multitude

John 4:25 Adj-ANP
GRK: ἀναγγελεῖ ἡμῖν ἅπαντα
NAS: He will declare all things to us.
INT: he will tell us all things

Acts 2:7 Adj-NMP
GRK: οὐχ ἰδοὺ ἅπαντες οὗτοί εἰσιν
INT: not you see all these are

Acts 2:44 Adj-ANP
GRK: καὶ εἶχον ἅπαντα κοινά
NAS: and had all things in common;
KJV: and had all things common;
INT: and having all things in common

Acts 4:31 Adj-NMP
GRK: καὶ ἐπλήσθησαν ἅπαντες τοῦ ἁγίου
NAS: was shaken, and they were all filled
KJV: and they were all filled with the Holy
INT: and they were filled with all the Holy

Acts 4:32 Adj-NNP
GRK: ἦν αὐτοῖς ἅπαντα κοινά
INT: were to them all things common

Acts 5:12 Adj-NMP
GRK: ἦσαν ὁμοθυμαδὸν ἅπαντες ἐν τῇ
INT: they were with one accord all in the

Acts 5:16 Adj-NMP
GRK: οἵτινες ἐθεραπεύοντο ἅπαντες
NAS: spirits, and they were all being healed.
KJV: and they were healed every one.
INT: who were healed all

Strong's Greek 537
34 Occurrences

ἅπαν — 4 Occ.
ἅπαντα — 10 Occ.
ἅπαντας — 4 Occ.
ἅπαντες — 11 Occ.
ἁπάντων — 1 Occ.
ἅπας — 2 Occ.
ἅπασαν — 2 Occ.

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