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Easton's Bible Dictionary
The papyrus (Job 8:11). (see BULRUSH.) The expression "branch and rush" in Isaiah 9:14; 9:15 means "utterly."
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n.) A name given to many aquatic or marsh-growing endogenous plants with soft, slender stems, as the species of Juncus and Scirpus.

2. (n.) The merest trifle; a straw.

3. (v. i.) To move forward with impetuosity, violence, and tumultuous rapidity or haste; as, armies rush to battle; waters rush down a precipice.

4. (v. i.) To enter into something with undue haste and eagerness, or without due deliberation and preparation; as, to rush business or speculation.

5. (v. t.) To push or urge forward with impetuosity or violence; to hurry forward.

6. (v. t.) To recite (a lesson) or pass (an examination) without an error.

7. (n.) A moving forward with rapidity and force or eagerness; a violent motion or course; as, a rush of troops; a rush of winds; a rush of water.

8. (n.) Great activity with pressure; as, a rush of business.

9. (n.) A perfect recitation.

10. (n.) A rusher; as, the center rush, whose place is in the center of the rush line; the end rush.

11. (n.) The act of running with the ball.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

(1) (gome'; papuros, "bulrushes," margin "papyrus" (Exodus 2:3); "rush," margin "papyrus" (Job 8:11); "papyrus," the King James Version "rush" (Isaiah 18:2); "rushes" (Isaiah 35:7)): This is almost certainly the famous papyrus, Cyperus papyrus (Natural Order, Cyperaceae), known in Arabic as babir (whence comes our word "paper"). This plant, the finest of the sedges, flourishes plentifully in Upper Egypt; in Palestine there is a great mass of it growing in the marsh to the North of Lake Huleh, and it also occurs on the Lake of Galilee and the Jordan. Light boats of plaited papyrus have been used on the Nile from ancient times and are mentioned by many writers (compare Exodus 2:3 Isaiah 18:2).

(2) ('aghmon, "rope," margin "Hebrew `a rope of rushes,' " the King James Version "hook" (Job 41:2): "(burning) rushes," the King James Version "caldron" (Job 41:20); "rush," the King James Version "bulrush" (Isaiah 58:5); "rush" in Isaiah 9:14; Isaiah 19:15, used of the humble and lowly folk as contrasted with the "palm branch," the highest class): The word 'aghmon comes from 'agham, meaning a marsh (see POOL), being transferred from the place of the things growing there. The word doubtless includes not only the rushes-of which there are several kinds in Palestine-but also members of the sedge family, the Cyperaceae.

See also REED.

E. W. G. Masterman

1530. eispedao -- to rush in
... to rush in. Part of Speech: Verb Transliteration: eispedao Phonetic Spelling:
(ice-pay-dah'-o) Short Definition: I leap into, rush into Definition: I leap into ...
// - 6k

4505. rhume -- the rush (of a moving body), hence a (crowded) ...
... the rush (of a moving body), hence a (crowded) street. Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine
Transliteration: rhume Phonetic Spelling: (hroo'-may) Short Definition: a ...
// - 6k

3731. hormema -- a rush
... a rush. Part of Speech: Noun, Neuter Transliteration: hormema Phonetic Spelling:
(hor'-may-mah) Short Definition: a rushing on, impulse Definition: a rushing on ...
// - 6k

3729. hormao -- to set in motion, to hasten on
... to set in motion, to hasten on. Part of Speech: Verb Transliteration: hormao Phonetic
Spelling: (hor-mah'-o) Short Definition: I rush Definition: I rush, hasten ...
// - 6k

2721. katephistemi -- to bless fervently
... to bless fervently. Part of Speech: Verb Transliteration: katephistemi Phonetic
Spelling: (kat-ef-is'-tay-mee) Short Definition: I rush, assault Definition: I ...
// - 6k

4363. prospipto -- to fall upon, fall prostrate before
... Phonetic Spelling: (pros-pip'-to) Short Definition: I fall down before, beat against
Definition: (a) I fall down before, (b) I beat against, rush violently upon ...
// - 7k

3730. horme -- a rapid motion forwards, onrush, assault
... motion forwards, onrush, assault. Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine Transliteration:
horme Phonetic Spelling: (hor-may') Short Definition: a rush, violent assault ...
// - 6k

4936. suntrecho -- to run with
... run with. Part of Speech: Verb Transliteration: suntrecho Phonetic Spelling:
(soon-trekh'-o) Short Definition: I run with Definition: I run (rush) together, ...
// - 6k

906. ballo -- to throw, cast
... to throw, cast. Part of Speech: Verb Transliteration: ballo Phonetic Spelling:
(bal'-lo) Short Definition: I cast, throw, rush, put, place, drop Definition: (a ...
// - 10k

4979. schoinion -- a rope (made of rushes)
... Word Origin dim. of schoinos (a rush) Definition a rope (made of rushes)
NASB Word Usage cords (1), ropes (1). small cord, rope. ...
// - 6k

Strong's Hebrew
8264. shaqaq -- to run, run about, rush
... 8263, 8264. shaqaq. 8265 . to run, run about, rush. Transliteration: shaqaq
Phonetic Spelling: (shaw-kak') Short Definition: quenched. Word Origin a prim. ...
/hebrew/8264.htm - 6k

100. agmon -- a rush, bulrush
... 99, 100. agmon. 101 . a rush, bulrush. Transliteration: agmon Phonetic Spelling:
(ag-mone') Short Definition: bulrush. ... bulrush, caldron, hook, rush. ...
/hebrew/100.htm - 6k

7326. rush -- to be in want or poor
... 7325, 7326. rush. 7327 . to be in want or poor. Transliteration: rush Phonetic
Spelling: (roosh) Short Definition: poor. ... 7325, 7326. rush. 7327 . ...
/hebrew/7326.htm - 6k

1573. gome -- a rush, reed, papyrus
... 1572, 1573. gome. 1574 . a rush, reed, papyrus. Transliteration: gome
Phonetic Spelling: (go'-meh) Short Definition: papyrus. Word ...
/hebrew/1573.htm - 6k

5584. saah -- to rush (of storm wind)
... saah. 5585 . to rush (of storm wind). Transliteration: saah Phonetic Spelling:
(saw-aw') Short Definition: stormy. ... storm. A primitive root; to rush -- storm. ...
/hebrew/5584.htm - 5k

1725. dahar -- to rush, dash (of a horse)
... 1724, 1725. dahar. 1726 . to rush, dash (of a horse). Transliteration: dahar
Phonetic Spelling: (daw-har') Short Definition: galloping. Word Origin a prim. ...
/hebrew/1725.htm - 5k

6743a. tsalach -- to rush
... 6743, 6743a. tsalach. 6743b . to rush. Transliteration: tsalach Short
Definition: mightily. Word Origin a prim. root Definition ...
/hebrew/6743a.htm - 5k

2907. tus -- to rush, dart
... tus. 2908 . to rush, dart. Transliteration: tus Phonetic Spelling: (toos) Short
Definition: swoops. ... root Definition to rush, dart NASB Word Usage swoops (1). ...
/hebrew/2907.htm - 5k

6743. tsalach -- to rush
... 6742, 6743. tsalach. 6743a . to rush. Transliteration: tsalach Phonetic
Spelling: (tsaw-lakh') Short Definition: out. break out, come ...
/hebrew/6743.htm - 5k

7582. shaah -- to make a din or crash, crash into ruins
... Word Origin a prim. root Definition to make a din or crash, crash into ruins NASB
Word Usage devastated (1), rumble (1), rush (1), turn (1), turn* (1). ...
/hebrew/7582.htm - 6k


The Sound in the Mulberry Trees
... he was bidden to wait until he should hear the sound in the tops of the
mulberry-trees before he went to fight, he was not in an ill haste to rush to battle ...
/.../spurgeon/spurgeons sermons volume 3 1857/the sound in the mulberry.htm

Gershom and Eliezer
... man that understands, even superficially, his own character, his own requirements,
can fail to feel in his sane and quiet moments, when the rush of temptation ...
/.../maclaren/expositions of holy scripture k/gershom and eliezer.htm

Chatter xviii. The Great Immigration.
... of one hundred and twenty millions, her genius for war and government, and her
long-compacted civilization, succumbed under a less sudden rush of invasion ...
/.../a history of american christianity/chatter xviii the great immigration.htm

Letter R
... Received 1829 * Rumph, Christian "Received 1807 * Rumph, Jacob "Received 1808, Died
1813 * Runnels, William "Received 1824 * Rush, Frederick "Received ...
/.../ alphabetical list of m e preachers/letter r.htm

I Desire to Die.
... of Christ]; "yet am I not thereby justified." [852] May I enjoy the wild beasts
that are prepared for me; and I pray they may be found eager to rush upon me ...
/.../ignatius/the epistle of ignatius to the romans/chapter v i desire to die.htm

Third Commandment
... worship! We are apt to rush into God's presence, and rush out again, without
any real sense of the reverence and awe that is due Him. ...
// and wanting/third commandment.htm

The Fasts of the Jews are not True Fasts, nor Acceptable to God.
... For He revealed all these things to us beforehand, that we should not rush forward
as rash acceptors of their laws. [1467]. Footnotes: [1464] Isaiah 58:4, 5. ...
/.../barnabas/the epistle of barnabas /chapter iii the fasts of the.htm

What Lasts, and what Passes Away.
... Have you seen the rockets rush up into the air, casting a golden light, pouring
forth sparks, and then bursting, this one into a silvery globe of light, that ...
/.../the village pulpit volume ii trinity to advent/lxii what lasts and what.htm

... out of the North, the vast cloud, the fire infolding itself, the brightness round
about and out of the midst thereof as the colour of amber; the rush and whirl ...
// god.htm

Against Excessive Fondness for Jewels and Gold Ornaments.
... [1554] For to rush after stones that are pellucid and of peculiar colours, and stained
glass, is only characteristic of silly people, who are attracted by ...
/.../the instructor paedagogus/chapter xiiiagainst excessive fondness for.htm

Rush (35 Occurrences)
... The papyrus (Job 8:11). (see BULRUSH.) The expression "branch and rush" in Isaiah
9:14; 9:15 means "utterly.". Noah Webster's Dictionary. ...
/r/rush.htm - 20k

Rush-rope (1 Occurrence)
Rush-rope. Rushing, Rush-rope. Rust . Multi-Version Concordance
Rush-rope (1 Occurrence). Job 41:2 Wilt thou put a rush...
/r/rush-rope.htm - 6k

Bulrush (3 Occurrences)
... In Isaiah 35:7 and Job 8:11 it is rendered "rush." This was the Egyptian papyrus
(papyrus Nilotica). It was anciently very abundant in Egypt. ... bool'-rush. ...
/b/bulrush.htm - 8k

Flag (30 Occurrences)
... (Hebrews, or rather Egyptian, ahu, Job 8:11), rendered "meadow" in Genesis 41:2,
18; probably the Cyperus esculentus, a species of rush eaten by cattle, the ...
/f/flag.htm - 18k

Rushing (61 Occurrences)
... (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Rush. Multi-Version Concordance ... Job 20:28 The increase of his
house shall depart. They shall rush away in the day of his wrath. (See NIV). ...
/r/rushing.htm - 24k

Hook (10 Occurrences)
... the Authorized Version. Properly a rush-rope for binding animals, as in Revised
Version margin. Noah Webster's Dictionary. 1. (n.) A ...
/h/hook.htm - 15k

Waters (386 Occurrences)
... Matthew 7:25 And the rain came down and there was a rush of waters and the winds
were driving against that house, but it was not moved; because it was based on ...
/w/waters.htm - 42k

Driving (144 Occurrences)
... Matthew 7:25 And the rain came down and there was a rush of waters and the winds
were driving against that house, but it was not moved; because it was based on ...
/d/driving.htm - 37k

Plunge (4 Occurrences)
... 4. (vi) To thrust or cast one's self into water or other fluid; to submerge one's
self; to dive, or to rush in; as, he plunged into the river. ...
/p/plunge.htm - 8k

Palm-branch (2 Occurrences)
... Palm-branch (2 Occurrences). Isaiah 9:14 Therefore Jehovah will cut off from Israel
head and tail, palm-branch and rush, in one day. (See JPS ASV DBY). ...
/p/palm-branch.htm - 6k

Rush (35 Occurrences)

Matthew 7:25
And the rain came down and there was a rush of waters and the winds were driving against that house, but it was not moved; because it was based on the rock.

Matthew 7:27
And the rain came down and there was a rush of waters and the winds were driving against that house; and it came down and great was its fall.

Mark 5:13
At once Jesus gave them permission. The unclean spirits came out and entered into the pigs. The herd of about two thousand rushed down the steep bank into the sea, and they were drowned in the sea.

Acts 2:2
Suddenly there came from the sky a sound like the rushing of a mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting.

Acts 7:57
But they cried out with a loud voice, and stopped their ears, and rushed at him with one accord.

Acts 18:12
And Gallio being proconsul of Achaia, the Jews made a rush with one accord upon Paul, and brought him unto the tribunal,

Jude 1:11
Alas for them; for they have followed in the steps of Cain; for the sake of gain they have rushed on headlong in the evil ways of Balaam; and have perished in rebellion like that of Korah!

Genesis 49:19
Gad troops will rush upon him; But he will rush upon the heel.

Judges 9:33
and it shall be, that in the morning, as soon as the sun is up, you shall rise early, and rush on the city; and behold, when he and the people who are with him come out against you, then may you do to them as you shall find occasion."

Judges 9:44
Abimelech, and the companies that were with him, rushed forward, and stood in the entrance of the gate of the city: and the two companies rushed on all who were in the field, and struck them.

Judges 18:25
And the children of Dan said to him, Let not thy voice be heard among us, lest angry fellows rush upon thee, and thou lose thy life, with the lives of thy household.

Judges 21:21
and see, and behold, if the daughters of Shiloh come out to dance in the dances, then come out of the vineyards, and each man catch his wife of the daughters of Shiloh, and go to the land of Benjamin.
(See NIV)

1 Chronicles 14:9
And the Philistines have come, and rush into the valley of Rephaim,

1 Chronicles 14:13
And the Philistines add again, and rush into the valley,

2 Chronicles 25:13
And the sons of the troop that Amaziah hath sent back from going with him to battle -- they rush against cities of Judah, from Samaria even unto Beth-Horon, and smite of them three thousand, and seize much prey.

Job 1:17
While this 'one' is speaking another also hath come and saith, 'Chaldeans made three heads, and rush on the camels, and take them, and the young men they have smitten by the mouth of the sword, and I am escaped -- only I alone -- to declare 'it' to thee.'

Job 8:11
"Can the papyrus grow up without mire? Can the rushes grow without water?

Job 20:28
The increase of his house shall depart. They shall rush away in the day of his wrath.

Job 22:16
Who were violently taken away before their time, who were overcome by the rush of waters:

Job 39:20
Dost thou cause him to rush as a locust? The majesty of his snorting 'is' terrible.

Job 40:23
Behold, if a river overflow, he trembleth not; He is confident, though a Jordan swell even to his mouth.

Psalms 32:6
For this, let everyone who is godly pray to you in a time when you may be found. Surely when the great waters overflow, they shall not reach to him.
(See RSV)

Proverbs 6:18
A heart full of evil designs, feet which are quick in running after sin;
(See NIV)

Isaiah 9:14
Therefore the LORD will cut off from Israel head and tail, branch and rush, in one day.

Isaiah 17:12
Ah, the uproar of many peoples, who roar like the roaring of the seas; and the rushing of nations, that rush like the rushing of mighty waters!

Isaiah 17:13
The nations will rush like the rushing of many waters: but he will rebuke them, and they will flee far off, and will be chased like the chaff of the mountains before the wind, and like the whirling dust before the storm.

Isaiah 19:15
Neither shall there be for Egypt any work, which head or tail, palm branch or rush, may do.

Isaiah 33:4
And the goods taken in war will be got together like the massing of young locusts; men will be rushing on them like the rushing of locusts.
(Root in BBE NAS)

Isaiah 35:7
The burning sand will become a pool, and the thirsty ground springs of water. Grass with reeds and rushes will be in the habitation of jackals, where they lay.

Isaiah 58:5
Is such the fast that I have chosen? the day for a man to afflict his soul? Is it to bow down his head as a rush, and to spread sackcloth and ashes under him? Will you call this a fast, and an acceptable day to Yahweh?

Jeremiah 46:9
Go up, ye horses; and rage, ye chariots; and let the mighty men go forth: Cush and Put, that handle the shield; and the Ludim, that handle and bend the bow.

Jeremiah 49:3
Wail, Heshbon, for Ai is laid waste; cry, you daughters of Rabbah, dress yourself in sackcloth: lament, and run back and forth among the fences; for Malcam shall go into captivity, his priests and his princes together.

Daniel 11:40
At the time of the end shall the king of the south contend with him; and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter into the countries, and shall overflow and pass through.
(See RSV)

Joel 2:9
They rush on the city. They run on the wall. They climb up into the houses. They enter in at the windows like thieves.

Nahum 2:4
The chariots rage in the streets. They rush back and forth in the broad ways. Their appearance is like torches. They run like the lightnings.



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