7941. shekar
Strong's Concordance
shekar: intoxicating drink, strong drink
Original Word: שֵׁכָר
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: shekar
Phonetic Spelling: (shay-kawr')
Definition: intoxicating drink, strong drink
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from shakar
intoxicating drink, strong drink
NASB Translation
drink (2), drink of strong (1), drink or strong (1), drunkards* (1), liquor (1), strong (2), strong drink (18).

שֵׁכָר noun [masculine] intoxioating drink, strong drink (BaNB § 71); — always ׳שׁ absolute; usually "" וַיִן (except Psalm 69:13): Isaiah 29:8; usually condemned, Isaiah 5:11,22; Isaiah 28:7 (3 t. in verse); Isaiah 56:12 (׳נִסְבְּאָה שׁ), Micah 2:11; 1 Samuel 1:15; Proverbs 20:1; forbidden to priests on duty Leviticus 10:9 (P); not for princes Proverbs 31:4; nor Nazirite Numbers 6:3; Judges 13:4,7,14, compare ׳חֹמֶץ שׁ Numbers 6:3; ׳שׁוֺתֵי שׁ Psalm 69:13 drunkards; but ׳שׁ as common drink Deuteronomy 29:5 (opposed to miraculous), allowable in sacrificial meal Deuteronomy 14:26, commended for weak and weary Proverbs 31:4; ׳נֶסֶךְ שׁ Numbers 28:7(P; for יַיִן Numbers 28:14); see further KennedyEncy. Bib. iv. 5309 f. — On form compare LagM ii. 357; BN 51.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
strong drink, drunkard, strong wine

From shakar; an intoxicant, i.e. Intensely alcoholic liquor -- strong drink, + drunkard, strong wine.

see HEBREW shakar

Forms and Transliterations
בַשֵּׁכָ֜ר בשכר הַשֵּׁכָ֔ר השכר וְלַשֵּׁכָ֑ר וְשֵׁכָ֑ר וְשֵׁכָ֖ר וְשֵׁכָ֗ר וְשֵׁכָ֞ר וְשֵׁכָר֙ וּבַשֵּׁכָ֔ר וּבַשֵּׁכָ֖ר ובשכר ולשכר ושכר שֵׁכָ֑ר שֵׁכָ֖ר שֵׁכָ֣ר שֵׁכָֽר׃ שכר שכר׃ ḇaš·šê·ḵār ḇaššêḵār haš·šê·ḵār hashsheChar haššêḵār šê·ḵār šêḵār sheChar ū·ḇaš·šê·ḵār ūḇaššêḵār uvashsheChar vashsheChar velashsheChar vesheChar wə·laš·šê·ḵār wə·šê·ḵār wəlaššêḵār wəšêḵār
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Englishman's Concordance
Leviticus 10:9
HEB: יַ֣יִן וְשֵׁכָ֞ר אַל־ תֵּ֣שְׁתְּ ׀
NAS: Do not drink wine or strong
KJV: wine nor strong drink, thou, nor thy sons
INT: wine drink nor drink

Numbers 6:3
HEB: מִיַּ֤יִן וְשֵׁכָר֙ יַזִּ֔יר חֹ֥מֶץ
NAS: from wine and strong drink; he shall drink
KJV: [himself] from wine and strong drink, and shall drink
INT: wine and strong shall abstain vinegar

Numbers 6:3
HEB: יַ֛יִן וְחֹ֥מֶץ שֵׁכָ֖ר לֹ֣א יִשְׁתֶּ֑ה
NAS: and strong drink; he shall drink no
KJV: or vinegar of strong drink, neither shall he drink
INT: wine vinegar drink no drink

Numbers 28:7
HEB: הַסֵּ֛ךְ נֶ֥סֶךְ שֵׁכָ֖ר לַיהוָֽה׃
NAS: out a drink offering of strong drink to the LORD.
KJV: in the holy [place] shalt thou cause the strong wine to be poured
INT: shall pour offering of strong to the LORD

Deuteronomy 14:26
HEB: וּבַצֹּ֗אן וּבַיַּ֙יִן֙ וּבַשֵּׁכָ֔ר וּבְכֹ֛ל אֲשֶׁ֥ר
NAS: or wine, or strong drink, or whatever
KJV: or for wine, or for strong drink, or for whatsoever thy soul
INT: sheep wine strong all manner after

Deuteronomy 29:6
HEB: אֲכַלְתֶּ֔ם וְיַ֥יִן וְשֵׁכָ֖ר לֹ֣א שְׁתִיתֶ֑ם
NAS: wine or strong drink, in order
KJV: wine or strong drink: that ye might know
INT: eaten wine strong nor drunk

Judges 13:4
HEB: תִּשְׁתִּ֖י יַ֣יִן וְשֵׁכָ֑ר וְאַל־ תֹּאכְלִ֖י
NAS: wine or strong drink, nor
KJV: not wine nor strong drink, and eat
INT: to drink wine strong nor eat

Judges 13:7
HEB: תִּשְׁתִּ֣י ׀ יַ֣יִן וְשֵׁכָ֗ר וְאַל־ תֹּֽאכְלִי֙
NAS: wine or strong drink nor
KJV: a son; and now drink no wine
INT: drink wine strong nor eat

Judges 13:14
HEB: תֹאכַ֗ל וְיַ֤יִן וְשֵׁכָר֙ אַל־ תֵּ֔שְׁתְּ
NAS: drink wine or strong drink, nor eat
KJV: wine or strong drink, nor eat
INT: eat wine strong nor drink

1 Samuel 1:15
HEB: אָנֹ֔כִי וְיַ֥יִן וְשֵׁכָ֖ר לֹ֣א שָׁתִ֑יתִי
NAS: nor strong drink, but I have poured
KJV: neither wine nor strong drink, but have poured out
INT: I wine strong nor have drunk

Psalm 69:12
HEB: וּ֝נְגִינ֗וֹת שׁוֹתֵ֥י שֵׁכָֽר׃
NAS: about me, And I [am] the song of the drunkards.
INT: and I the song assuredly strong drink

Proverbs 20:1
HEB: הַ֭יַּין הֹמֶ֣ה שֵׁכָ֑ר וְכָל־ שֹׁ֥גֶה
NAS: is a mocker, strong drink a brawler,
KJV: [is] a mocker, strong drink [is] raging:
INT: Wine A brawler strong and whoever is intoxicated

Proverbs 31:4
HEB: (אֵ֣י ק) שֵׁכָֽר׃
NAS: It is not for kings to drink wine,
KJV: nor for princes strong drink:
INT: rulers and to drink

Proverbs 31:6
HEB: תְּנוּ־ שֵׁכָ֣ר לְאוֹבֵ֑ד וְ֝יַיִן
NAS: Give strong drink to him who is perishing,
KJV: Give strong drink unto him that is ready to perish,
INT: Give strong is perishing and wine

Isaiah 5:11
HEB: מַשְׁכִּימֵ֥י בַבֹּ֖קֶר שֵׁכָ֣ר יִרְדֹּ֑פוּ מְאַחֲרֵ֣י
NAS: that they may pursue strong drink, Who stay up late
KJV: [that] they may follow strong drink; that continue
INT: rise the morning strong may pursue stay

Isaiah 5:22
HEB: חַ֖יִל לִמְסֹ֥ךְ שֵׁכָֽר׃
NAS: men in mixing strong drink,
KJV: of strength to mingle strong drink:
INT: and valiant mixing strong

Isaiah 24:9
HEB: יָ֑יִן יֵמַ֥ר שֵׁכָ֖ר לְשֹׁתָֽיו׃
NAS: with song; Strong drink is bitter
KJV: with a song; strong drink shall be bitter
INT: wine is bitter Strong drink

Isaiah 28:7
HEB: בַּיַּ֣יִן שָׁג֔וּ וּבַשֵּׁכָ֖ר תָּע֑וּ כֹּהֵ֣ן
NAS: and stagger from strong drink:
KJV: through wine, and through strong drink are out of the way;
INT: wine reel strong and stagger the priest

Isaiah 28:7
HEB: וְנָבִיא֩ שָׁג֨וּ בַשֵּׁכָ֜ר נִבְלְע֣וּ מִן־
NAS: from strong drink: The priest
KJV: have erred through strong drink, they are swallowed up
INT: and the prophet reel drink are confused of

Isaiah 28:7
HEB: תָּעוּ֙ מִן־ הַשֵּׁכָ֔ר שָׁגוּ֙ בָּֽרֹאֶ֔ה
NAS: reel with strong drink, They are confused
KJV: they are out of the way through strong drink; they err
INT: stagger with strong reel visions

Isaiah 29:9
HEB: נָע֖וּ וְלֹ֥א שֵׁכָֽר׃
NAS: They stagger, but not with strong drink.
KJV: they stagger, but not with strong drink.
INT: stagger not strong

Isaiah 56:12
HEB: יַ֖יִן וְנִסְבְּאָ֣ה שֵׁכָ֑ר וְהָיָ֤ה כָזֶה֙
NAS: wine, and let us drink heavily
KJV: and we will fill ourselves with strong drink; and to morrow
INT: wine heavily drink become this

Micah 2:11
HEB: לְךָ֔ לַיַּ֖יִן וְלַשֵּׁכָ֑ר וְהָיָ֥ה מַטִּ֖יף
NAS: out to you concerning wine and liquor,' He would be spokesman
KJV: unto thee of wine and of strong drink; he shall even be the prophet
INT: will speak wine drink become will speak

23 Occurrences

Strong's Hebrew 7941
23 Occurrences

haš·šê·ḵār — 1 Occ.
šê·ḵār — 11 Occ.
ū·ḇaš·šê·ḵār — 2 Occ.
ḇaš·šê·ḵār — 1 Occ.
wə·laš·šê·ḵār — 1 Occ.
wə·šê·ḵār — 7 Occ.

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