3816. leom
Strong's Concordance
leom: people
Original Word: לְאֹם
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: leom
Phonetic Spelling: (leh-ome')
Definition: people
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from an unused word
NASB Translation
nation (1), nations (11), other (1), people (4), peoples (17), peoples' (1).

לְאֹם, לְאוֺם noun masculineGenesis 25:23 people, in poetry and chiefly late; — ׳ל absolute Genesis 25:23 (twice in verse); Proverbs 14:28, לְאוֺם Proverbs 11:26; suffix לְאוּמִּי Isaiah 51:4; plural לְאֻמִּים Genesis 25:23 28t.; לְאוּמִים Isaiah 55:4; — people, both of Israel and of Edom, Genesis 25:23 (3 t. in verse) (J; Jacob and Esau; "" גּוֺי); elsewhere of Israel only Isaiah 51:4 (singular "" עַם); usually plural of other peoples: — ׳שְׁאוֺן ל Isaiah 17:12 ("" הֲמוֺן עמים, compare Isaiah 17:13; "" גּוֺיִם Isaiah 34:1; Isaiah 43:9; Psalm 2:1; Psalm 44:3; Psalm 44:15; Psalm 105:44; Psalm 149:7, compare Isaiah 55:4 (twice in verse) (גּוֺי in Isaiah 55:5); "" עַמִּים Genesis 27:29 (J), Habakkuk 2:13; Jeremiah 51:58; Psalm 47:4; Psalm 57:10; Psalm 67:5 (twice in verse); Psalm 108:4; Proverbs 24:24; further Isaiah 41:1; Isaiah 49:1 (both "" אִיִּים), Isaiah 43:4 ("" אָ֯דָם Isaiah 60:2 ("" אֶרֶץ), Psalm 9:9 ("" תֵּבֵל), Psalm 148:11 ("" מַלְכֵי אֶרֶץ, etc.); עֲדַת לְאֻמִּים Psalm 7:8, ׳הֲמוֺן ל Psalm 65:8; of any and all peoples Proverbs 14:34; singular indefinite = people in General, as making public opinion, Proverbs 11:26 (collective, with plural verb); = population, as subjects of prince Proverbs 14:28 ("" עַם).

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
nation, people

Or l owm {leh-ome'}; from an unused root meaning to gather; a community -- nation, people.

Forms and Transliterations
אֻמִּֽים׃ אמים׃ בַּל־ בל־ וּ֝לְאֻמִּ֗ים וּלְאֹם֙ וּלְאֻמִּ֓ים ׀ וּלְאֻמִּ֖ים וּלְאֻמִּ֥ים וּלְאוּמִּ֖י ולאומי ולאם ולאמים לְ֝אֹ֗ם לְ֝אֻמִּ֗ים לְ֭אֻמִּים לְא֑וֹם לְאֻ֫מִּ֥ים לְאֻמִּ֑ים לְאֻמִּ֔ים לְאֻמִּ֖ים לְאֻמִּ֗ים לְאֻמִּ֣ים לְאֻמִּֽים׃ לְאוּמִּ֖ים לאום לאומים לאם לאמים לאמים׃ מִלְאֹ֣ם מלאם ’um·mîm ’ummîm bal bal- lə’ōm lə’ōwm lə’ummîm lə’ūmmîm lə·’ō·wm lə·’ōm lə·’um·mîm lə·’ūm·mîm leom leumMim mil’ōm mil·’ōm milOm ū·lə·’ōm ū·lə·’ūm·mî ū·lə·’um·mîm ūlə’ōm ūlə’ūmmî ūlə’ummîm uleOm uleumMi uleumMim umMim
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Englishman's Concordance
Genesis 25:23
HEB: בְּבִטְנֵ֔ךְ וּשְׁנֵ֣י לְאֻמִּ֔ים מִמֵּעַ֖יִךְ יִפָּרֵ֑דוּ
NAS: And two peoples will be separated
KJV: and two manner of people shall be separated
INT: your womb and two peoples your body will be separated

Genesis 25:23
HEB: מִמֵּעַ֖יִךְ יִפָּרֵ֑דוּ וּלְאֹם֙ מִלְאֹ֣ם יֶֽאֱמָ֔ץ
NAS: from your body; And one people shall be stronger
KJV: from thy bowels; and [the one] people shall be stronger
INT: your body will be separated people the other shall be stronger

Genesis 25:23
HEB: יִפָּרֵ֑דוּ וּלְאֹם֙ מִלְאֹ֣ם יֶֽאֱמָ֔ץ וְרַ֖ב
NAS: than the other; And the older
KJV: shall be stronger than [the other] people; and the elder
INT: will be separated people the other shall be stronger and the older

Genesis 27:29
HEB: ק) לְךָ֙ לְאֻמִּ֔ים הֱוֵ֤ה גְבִיר֙
NAS: serve you, And nations bow
KJV: serve thee, and nations bow down
INT: may peoples bow and nations be to you be master

Psalm 2:1
HEB: רָגְשׁ֣וּ גוֹיִ֑ם וּ֝לְאֻמִּ֗ים יֶהְגּוּ־ רִֽיק׃
NAS: in an uproar And the peoples devising
KJV: rage, and the people imagine
INT: an uproar are the nations and the peoples devising A vain

Psalm 7:7
HEB: וַעֲדַ֣ת לְ֭אֻמִּים תְּסוֹבְבֶ֑ךָּ וְ֝עָלֶ֗יהָ
NAS: Let the assembly of the peoples encompass
KJV: So shall the congregation of the people compass thee about:
INT: the assembly of the peoples encompass and over

Psalm 9:8
HEB: בְּצֶ֑דֶק יָדִ֥ין לְ֝אֻמִּ֗ים בְּמֵישָׁרִֽים׃
NAS: He will execute judgment for the peoples with equity.
KJV: he shall minister judgment to the people in uprightness.
INT: righteousness will execute the peoples equity

Psalm 44:2
HEB: וַתִּטָּעֵ֑ם תָּרַ֥ע לְ֝אֻמִּ֗ים וַֽתְּשַׁלְּחֵֽם׃
NAS: them; You afflicted the peoples, Then You spread
KJV: them; [how] thou didst afflict the people, and cast them out.
INT: planted afflicted the peoples spread

Psalm 44:14
HEB: מְנֽוֹד־ רֹ֝֗אשׁ בַּל־ אֻמִּֽים׃
NAS: A laughingstock among the peoples.
KJV: of the head among the people.
INT: A shaking of the head the peoples the peoples

Psalm 44:14
HEB: רֹ֝֗אשׁ בַּל־ אֻמִּֽים׃
INT: of the head the peoples the peoples

Psalm 47:3
HEB: עַמִּ֣ים תַּחְתֵּ֑ינוּ וּ֝לְאֻמִּ֗ים תַּ֣חַת רַגְלֵֽינוּ׃
NAS: under us And nations under
KJV: the people under us, and the nations under our feet.
INT: peoples under and nations under our feet

Psalm 57:9
HEB: אֲ֝זַמֶּרְךָ֗ בַּל־ אֻמִּֽים׃
NAS: I will sing praises to You among the nations.
KJV: I will sing unto thee among the nations.
INT: will sing among the nations

Psalm 65:7
HEB: גַּלֵּיהֶ֗ם וַהֲמ֥וֹן לְאֻמִּֽים׃
NAS: And the tumult of the peoples.
KJV: and the tumult of the people.
INT: of their waves and the tumult of the peoples

Psalm 67:4
HEB: יִֽשְׂמְח֥וּ וִֽירַנְּנ֗וּ לְאֻ֫מִּ֥ים כִּֽי־ תִשְׁפֹּ֣ט
NAS: Let the nations be glad
KJV: O let the nations be glad
INT: be glad and sing the nations for will judge

Psalm 67:4
HEB: עַמִּ֣ים מִישׁ֑וֹר וּלְאֻמִּ֓ים ׀ בָּאָ֖רֶץ תַּנְחֵ֣ם
NAS: And guide the nations on the earth.
KJV: and govern the nations upon earth.
INT: the peoples uprightness the nations the earth and guide

Psalm 105:44
HEB: גּוֹיִ֑ם וַעֲמַ֖ל לְאֻמִּ֣ים יִירָֽשׁוּ׃
NAS: That they might take possession of [the fruit of] the peoples' labor,
KJV: the labour of the people;
INT: of the nations labor the peoples' take

Psalm 108:3
HEB: וַ֝אֲזַמֶּרְךָ֗ בַּל־ אֻמִּֽים׃
NAS: And I will sing praises to You among the nations.
KJV: and I will sing praises unto thee among the nations.
INT: will sing among the nations

Psalm 148:11
HEB: אֶ֭רֶץ וְכָל־ לְאֻמִּ֑ים שָׂ֝רִ֗ים וְכָל־
NAS: and all peoples; Princes
KJV: of the earth, and all people; princes,
INT: of the earth and all peoples Princes and all

Psalm 149:7
HEB: תּֽ֝וֹכֵחֹ֗ת בַּל־ אֻמִּֽים׃
NAS: And punishment on the peoples,
KJV: [and] punishments upon the people;
INT: and punishment lest the peoples

Proverbs 11:26
HEB: בָּ֭ר יִקְּבֻ֣הוּ לְא֑וֹם וּ֝בְרָכָ֗ה לְרֹ֣אשׁ
NAS: grain, the people will curse
KJV: corn, the people shall curse
INT: grain shall curse the people blessing the head

Proverbs 14:28
HEB: מֶ֑לֶךְ וּבְאֶ֥פֶס לְ֝אֹ֗ם מְחִתַּ֥ת רָזֽוֹן׃
NAS: But in the dearth of people is a prince's
KJV: but in the want of people [is] the destruction
INT: king's the dearth of people ruin prince's

Proverbs 14:34
HEB: גּ֑וֹי וְחֶ֖סֶד לְאֻמִּ֣ים חַטָּֽאת׃
NAS: But sin is a disgrace to [any] people.
KJV: but sin [is] a reproach to any people.
INT: A nation disgrace to people sin

Proverbs 24:24
HEB: עַמִּ֑ים יִזְעָמ֥וּהוּ לְאֻמִּֽים׃
NAS: will curse him, nations will abhor
KJV: curse, nations shall abhor
INT: Peoples will abhor nations

Isaiah 17:12
HEB: יֶהֱמָי֑וּן וּשְׁא֣וֹן לְאֻמִּ֔ים כִּשְׁא֛וֹן מַ֥יִם
NAS: And the rumbling of nations Who rush
KJV: and to the rushing of nations, [that] make a rushing like the rushing
INT: the roaring and the rumbling of nations the rumbling waters

Isaiah 17:13
HEB: לְאֻמִּ֗ים כִּשְׁא֞וֹן מַ֤יִם
NAS: The nations rumble
KJV: The nations shall rush
INT: the nations the rumbling waters

36 Occurrences

Strong's Hebrew 3816
36 Occurrences

bal- — 1 Occ.
lə·’ō·wm — 2 Occ.
lə·’um·mîm — 18 Occ.
mil·’ōm — 1 Occ.
ū·lə·’ōm — 1 Occ.
ū·lə·’ūm·mî — 1 Occ.
ū·lə·’um·mîm — 8 Occ.
’um·mîm — 4 Occ.

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