Mark 6
Wycliffe's Bible
1And he went out from thence, and went into his own country; and his disciples followed him. 2And when the sabbath was come, Jesus began to teach in a synagogue. And many heard him, and wondered in his teaching (and wondered about his teaching), and said, Of whence cometh to this [man] all these things? and what is the wisdom that is given to him, and such virtues (and such works of power, or such miracles), which be made by his hands? 3Whether this is not a carpenter, the son of Mary, the brother of James and of Joseph and of Judas and of Simon? whether his sisters be not here with us? And they were offended in him (And they were offended by him/And they were contemptuous of him). 4And Jesus said to them, That a prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his kin, and in his house. (And Jesus said to them, A prophet is not without honour, except in his own home-town, and among his kin, and his family.) 5And he might not do there any virtue, save that he healed a few sick men, laying on them his hands. (And he could not do any work of power, or any miracle, there, except that he healed a few sick men, laying his hands on them.) 6And he wondered for the unbelief of them. And he went about (the) castles on each side, and taught. (And he wondered at their unbelief. And he went about the villages on each side, and taught.)

7And he called together (the) twelve, and began to send them by two together; and gave to them power of unclean spirits (and gave them power over unclean spirits), 8and commanded (to) them, that they should not take anything in the way (that they should not take anything on the way, or for the journey), but a staff, (or a rod), only, not a scrip, nor bread, neither money in the girdle, 9but shod with sandals, and that they should not be clothed with two coats. 10And he said to them, Whither ever ye enter into an house, dwell ye there, till ye go out from thence. 11And whoever receive you not, nor hear you, go ye out from thence, and shake away the powder from your feet, into witnessing to them. (And whoever will not receive you, or listen to you, go out from there, and shake off the dust from your feet, as a testimony against them.) 12And they went forth, and preached, that men should do penance (that men should repent). 13And they casted out many fiends (And they threw out many devils and demons), and anointed with oil many sick men, and they were healed.

14And king Herod heard, for his name was made open, and he said, That John (the) Baptist hath risen again from death, and therefore virtues work in him. (And King Herod heard about this, for Jesus’ fame had spread far and wide, and he said, John the Baptist hath risen again from the dead, and so works of power, or miracles, work in him.) 15Others said, That it is Elias (He is Elijah); but others said, That it is a prophet, as one of the prophets. 16And when this thing was heard, Herod said, This is John, whom I have beheaded, he is risen again from death (he hath risen from the dead).

17For that Herod sent (for), and held John, and bound him into prison, for Herodias, the wife of Philip, his brother; for he had wedded her. 18For John said to Herod, It is not leaveful to thee (It is not lawful for thee), to have the wife of thy brother. 19And Herodias laid ambush to him, and would slay him, and might not. (And Herodias laid ambush for him, and wanted to kill him, but could not find an opportunity to do so.) 20And Herod dreaded John, and knew him a just man and holy, and kept him (And Herod feared John, and knew him to be a just and holy man, and kept him in custody/And Herod revered John, and knew him to be a just and holy man, and kept him safe). And Herod heard him, and he did many things, and gladly heard him. 21And when a covenable day was fallen, Herod in his birthday made a supper to the princes, and tribunes, and to the greatest of Galilee. (And when an opportune day had fallen, Herod on his birthday made a supper for the leaders, or the officials, and the tribunes, and for the greatest of Galilee.) 22And when the daughter of that Herodias was come in, and danced, and pleased to Herod [and pleased Herod], and also to (the) men that sat at the meat (and also the men who sat at the meal), the king said to the damsel, Ask thou of me what thou wilt, and I shall give (it) to thee. 23And he swore to her, That whatever thou ask, I shall give (it) to thee, though it be (even) half my kingdom. 24And when she had gone out, she said to her mother, What shall I ask (for)? And she said, The head of John [the] Baptist. 25And when she was come in anon, (or at once), with haste to the king, she asked, and said, I will that anon (I desire at once/I want at once), (that) thou give to me in a dish the head of John (the) Baptist. 26And the king was sorry for the oath, and for (the) men that sat together at the meat, he would not make her sorry, (or heavy); (And the king was sorry for the promise that he had made/for the oath that he had taken, but because of the men who sat there with him at the meal, he would not make her grieved, or disappointed;) 27but he sent a man-queller and commanded, that John's head were brought in a dish. And (so) he beheaded him in the prison, 28and brought his head in a dish, and gave it to the damsel, and the damsel gave it to her mother. 29And when this thing was heard, his disciples came, and took his body, and laid it in a burial (and laid it in a tomb, or in a grave).

30And the apostles came together to Jesus, and told to him all (the) things, that they had done, and taught. 31And he said to them, Come ye by yourselves into a desert place; and rest ye a little. For there were many that came, and went again, and they had not space [for] to eat (and they had no time even to eat). 32And they went into a boat, and went into a desert place by themselves.

33And they saw them go away (And the people saw them go away), and many knew, and they went afoot from all (the) cities, and ran [together] thither, and came before them. 34And Jesus went out, and saw much people, and had ruth, (or mercy), on them (and had compassion for them), for they were as sheep not having a shepherd. And he began to teach them many things. 35And when it was late in the day, his disciples came to him, and said, This is a desert place, and the time is now passed; 36let them go into the next towns and villages, to buy them(selves) meat to eat (to buy themselves some food to eat). 37And he answered, and said to them, Give ye (something) to them for to eat. And they said to him, Go we, and buy we loaves with two hundred pence, and (then) we shall give (something) to them for to eat. 38And he saith to them, How many loaves have ye? Go ye, and see. And when they had known, they say, Five, and two fishes. 39And he commanded to them, that they should make all men sit to meat by companies (that they should make everyone to sit down for the meal in groups), on [the] green hay. 40And they sat down by parts, (or in parties), by hundreds, and by fifties. 41And when he had taken the five loaves, and two fishes, he beheld into heaven, and blessed (and gave thanks), and brake [the] loaves, and gave (them) to his disciples, (so) that they should set (them) before them. And he parted (the) two fishes to all (And he divided the two fish among all the people); 42and all ate, and were full-filled. [and all ate, and were fulfilled.] (and all ate, and were filled full.) 43And they took (up) the remnants of broken meats, twelve coffins full, and of the fishes. (And they gathered up the remaining pieces of food, that is, of the bread, and the fish, twelve baskets full.) 44And they that ate, were five thousand of men.

45And anon he made his disciples to go up into a boat, to pass before him over the sea to Bethsaida, while he let go the people. (And at once he made his disciples to go up into a boat, to cross over the lake to Bethsaida ahead of him, while he let the people go/while he dismissed the people.) 46And when he had let them go, he went into an high hill, to pray. (And when he had dismissed them, he went up onto a high hill, or a mountain, to pray.)

47And when it was even(ing), the boat was in the middle, (or in the midst), of the sea, and he alone in the land (and he alone on the land); 48and he saw them travailing in rowing; for the wind was contrary to them. And about the fourth waking of the night, he wandering on the sea, came to them, and would pass (by) them. (and he saw them labouring, or struggling, with the rowing; for the wind was contrary to them. And about the fourth watch of the night, he came to them, walking on the lake, and would pass by them.) 49 And as they saw him wandering on the sea (And as they saw him walking on the lake), they guessed that it were a phantom, and cried out; 50for (they) all saw him, and they were afraid [and they were troubled, or disturbed]. And anon he spake with them, and said to them, Trust ye, I am (he); do not ye dread (And at once he spoke with them, and said to them, Have trust, it is me; do not fear). 51And he came up to them into the boat, and the wind ceased. And they wondered more within themselves; 52for they understood not of the loaves; for their heart was blinded.

53And when they were passed over the sea (And when they had crossed over the lake), they came into the land of Gennesaret, and setted to land. 54And when they were gone out of the boat, anon, (or at once), they knew him. 55And they ran through all that country- (side), and began to bring sick men in beds on each side, where they heard that he was. 56And whither ever he entered into villages, or into towns, or into cities, they set sick men in (the) streets, and prayed him, that they should touch namely the hem of his cloth; and how(ever) many that touched him, were made safe. (And wherever he entered into villages, or into towns, or into cities, they put their sick people in the streets, and beseeched him, that they could merely touch the hem of his cloak; and however many did touch him, all of them were saved/all of them were healed.)


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