6099. atsum
Strong's Concordance
atsum: mighty, numerous
Original Word: עָצוּם
Part of Speech: Adjective
Transliteration: atsum
Phonetic Spelling: (aw-tsoom')
Definition: mighty, numerous
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from atsom
mighty, numerous
NASB Translation
great (1), large number (1), mightier (6), mighty (14), mighty men (1), mighty ones (1), numerous (1), strong (5), stronger (1).

עָצוּם31 adjective mighty, numerous; — ׳ע Genesis 18:18 +, plural עֲצוּמִים Isaiah 8:7 +, עֲצֻמִים Micah 4:3 +; suffix עֲצוּמָיו Psalm 10:10; —

1 mighty, especially of people, strong in numbers (often "" רַב, גָּדוֺל) Genesis 18:18; Exodus 1:9 3t. J E; Deuteronomy 4:38 6t. D, Micah 4:3,7; Zechariah 8:22; Isaiah 60:22 (opposed to צָעִיר), of locusts Joel 1:6; Joel 2:2,5, compare Joel 2:11; so of חַיִל Daniel 11:25; עַם לאֹ עָצוּם, i.e. feeble Proverbs 30:26 (of the שָׁפָן); less often of individual ׳מְלָכִים ע Psalm 135:10; of waters Isaiah 8:7; ׳ע alone Proverbs 18:18 the mighty, Daniel 8:24; Psalm 10:10 his mighty ones i.e. claws, of lion, so Ew De Che Bae and others).

2 numerous, countless (all "" רַב): Amos 5:12; Psalm 35:18; as substantive = many Isaiah 53:12; Proverbs 7:26. — Isaiah 41:21 see עֲצֻמָה below III. עצם. below

III. עצם (√ of following, si vera lectio; compare Arabic defend, protect, defence, see Du and compare Thes; > De Di and others your mighty things strong arguments (from עָצוּם, below I. עצם, which following perhaps imitates in vocalization)).

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
feeble, great, mighty, must, strong

Or matsum {aw-tsoom'}; passive participle of atsam; powerful (specifically, a paw); by implication, numerous -- + feeble, great, mighty, must, strong.

see HEBREW atsam

Forms and Transliterations
בַּ֝עֲצוּמָ֗יו בעצומיו הָעֲצוּמִים֙ העצומים וְעָצ֑וּם וְעָצ֔וּם וְעָצ֖וּם וַ֝עֲצֻמִ֗ים וַעֲצֻמִ֖ים וַעֲצֻמִ֛ים וַעֲצוּמִ֑ים וַעֲצוּמִ֖ים ועצום ועצומים ועצמים עֲצֻמִ֖ים עֲצוּמִ֔ים עֲצוּמִ֖ים עֲצוּמִ֣ים עֲצוּמִֽים׃ עֲצוּמִים֮ עָצ֑וּם עָצ֔וּם עָצ֖וּם עָצ֣וּם עָצ֥וּם עצום עצומים עצומים׃ עצמים ‘ă·ṣu·mîm ‘ă·ṣū·mîm ‘ā·ṣūm ‘āṣūm ‘ăṣumîm ‘ăṣūmîm aTzum atzuMim ba‘ăṣūmāw ba·‘ă·ṣū·māw baatzuMav hā‘ăṣūmîm hā·‘ă·ṣū·mîm haatzuMim vaatzuMim veaTzum wa‘ăṣumîm wa‘ăṣūmîm wa·‘ă·ṣu·mîm wa·‘ă·ṣū·mîm wə‘āṣūm wə·‘ā·ṣūm
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Englishman's Concordance
Genesis 18:18
HEB: לְג֥וֹי גָּד֖וֹל וְעָצ֑וּם וְנִ֨בְרְכוּ ב֔וֹ
NAS: a great and mighty nation,
KJV: shall surely become a great and mighty nation,
INT: nation A great and mighty shall be blessed all

Exodus 1:9
HEB: יִשְׂרָאֵ֔ל רַ֥ב וְעָצ֖וּם מִמֶּֽנּוּ׃
NAS: are more and mightier than
KJV: [are] more and mightier than we:
INT: of Israel are more and mightier than

Numbers 14:12
HEB: לְגוֹי־ גָּד֥וֹל וְעָצ֖וּם מִמֶּֽנּוּ׃
NAS: greater and mightier than
KJV: nation and mightier than they.
INT: A nation greater and mightier than

Numbers 22:6
HEB: הַזֶּ֗ה כִּֽי־ עָצ֥וּם הוּא֙ מִמֶּ֔נִּי
NAS: they are too mighty for me; perhaps
KJV: me this people; for they [are] too mighty for me: peradventure I shall prevail,
INT: this since mighty they are too

Numbers 32:1
HEB: וְלִבְנֵי־ גָ֖ד עָצ֣וּם מְאֹ֑ד וַיִּרְא֞וּ
NAS: an exceedingly large number of livestock.
KJV: had a very great multitude
INT: and the sons of Gad large an exceedingly saw

Deuteronomy 4:38
HEB: גּוֹיִ֛ם גְּדֹלִ֧ים וַעֲצֻמִ֛ים מִמְּךָ֖ מִפָּנֶ֑יךָ
NAS: greater and mightier than
KJV: thee greater and mightier than thou [art], to bring
INT: nations greater and mightier than before

Deuteronomy 7:1
HEB: גוֹיִ֔ם רַבִּ֥ים וַעֲצוּמִ֖ים מִמֶּֽךָּ׃
NAS: nations greater and stronger than you,
KJV: greater and mightier than thou;
INT: nations greater and stronger than

Deuteronomy 9:1
HEB: גּוֹיִ֔ם גְּדֹלִ֥ים וַעֲצֻמִ֖ים מִמֶּ֑ךָּ עָרִ֛ים
NAS: greater and mightier than
KJV: greater and mightier than thyself, cities
INT: nations greater and mightier than cities

Deuteronomy 9:14
HEB: אֽוֹתְךָ֔ לְגוֹי־ עָצ֥וּם וָרָ֖ב מִמֶּֽנּוּ׃
NAS: of you a nation mightier and greater
KJV: thee a nation mightier and greater
INT: of A nation mightier and greater than

Deuteronomy 11:23
HEB: גּוֹיִ֔ם גְּדֹלִ֥ים וַעֲצֻמִ֖ים מִכֶּֽם׃
NAS: nations greater and mightier than you.
KJV: nations and mightier than yourselves.
INT: nations greater and mightier than

Deuteronomy 26:5
HEB: לְג֥וֹי גָּד֖וֹל עָצ֥וּם וָרָֽב׃
NAS: a great, mighty and populous
KJV: great, mighty, and populous:
INT: nation A great mighty and populous

Joshua 23:9
HEB: גּוֹיִ֖ם גְּדֹלִ֣ים וַעֲצוּמִ֑ים וְאַתֶּ֗ם לֹא־
NAS: out great and strong nations
KJV: nations and strong: but [as for] you, no man
INT: nations great and strong you no

Psalm 10:10
HEB: יָשֹׁ֑חַ וְנָפַ֥ל בַּ֝עֲצוּמָ֗יו [חֶלְכָּאִים כ]
NAS: fall by his mighty ones.
KJV: may fall by his strong ones.
INT: bows fall his mighty poor

Psalm 35:18
HEB: רָ֑ב בְּעַ֖ם עָצ֣וּם אֲהַֽלְלֶֽךָּ׃ אַֽל־
NAS: I will praise You among a mighty throng.
KJV: I will praise thee among much people.
INT: the great throng A mighty will praise nay

Psalm 135:10
HEB: וְ֝הָרַ֗ג מְלָכִ֥ים עֲצוּמִֽים׃
NAS: nations And slew mighty kings,
KJV: nations, and slew mighty kings;
INT: and slew kings mighty

Proverbs 7:26
HEB: חֲלָלִ֣ים הִפִּ֑ילָה וַ֝עֲצֻמִ֗ים כָּל־ הֲרֻגֶֽיהָ׃
NAS: she has cast down, And numerous are all
KJV: wounded: yea, many strong [men] have been slain
INT: are the victims has cast and numerous are all her slain

Proverbs 18:18
HEB: הַגּוֹרָ֑ל וּבֵ֖ין עֲצוּמִ֣ים יַפְרִֽיד׃
NAS: And decides between the mighty ones.
KJV: and parteth between the mighty.
INT: the lot between the mighty and decides

Proverbs 30:26
HEB: עַ֣ם לֹא־ עָצ֑וּם וַיָּשִׂ֖ימוּ בַסֶּ֣לַע
NAS: The shephanim are not mighty people,
KJV: The conies [are but] a feeble folk,
INT: people are not mighty make the rocks

Isaiah 8:7
HEB: מֵ֣י הַנָּהָ֗ר הָעֲצוּמִים֙ וְהָ֣רַבִּ֔ים אֶת־
NAS: is about to bring on them the strong and abundant
KJV: of the river, strong and many,
INT: waters of the Euphrates the strong and abundant the king

Isaiah 53:12
HEB: בָרַבִּ֗ים וְאֶת־ עֲצוּמִים֮ יְחַלֵּ֣ק שָׁלָל֒
NAS: the booty with the strong; Because
KJV: the spoil with the strong; because he hath poured out
INT: the great with the strong A portion the booty

Isaiah 60:22
HEB: וְהַצָּעִ֖יר לְג֣וֹי עָצ֑וּם אֲנִ֥י יְהוָ֖ה
NAS: And the least one a mighty nation.
KJV: and a small one a strong nation:
INT: and the least nation A mighty I the LORD

Daniel 8:24
HEB: וְעָשָׂ֑ה וְהִשְׁחִ֥ית עֲצוּמִ֖ים וְעַם־ קְדֹשִֽׁים׃
NAS: [his will]; He will destroy mighty men and the holy
KJV: and shall destroy the mighty and the holy
INT: and perform will destroy mighty people and the holy

Daniel 11:25
HEB: בְּחַֽיִל־ גָּד֥וֹל וְעָצ֖וּם עַד־ מְאֹ֑ד
NAS: large and mighty army
KJV: great and mighty army;
INT: army large and mighty with A very

Joel 1:6
HEB: עַל־ אַרְצִ֔י עָצ֖וּם וְאֵ֣ין מִסְפָּ֑ר
NAS: my land, Mighty and without
KJV: upon my land, strong, and without number,
INT: and my land Mighty and without number

Joel 2:2
HEB: עַ֚ם רַ֣ב וְעָצ֔וּם כָּמֹ֗הוּ לֹ֤א
NAS: [So] there is a great and mighty people;
KJV: people and a strong; there hath not been
INT: people great and mighty like Nor

31 Occurrences

Strong's Hebrew 6099
31 Occurrences

‘ā·ṣūm — 11 Occ.
‘ă·ṣū·mîm — 6 Occ.
ba·‘ă·ṣū·māw — 1 Occ.
hā·‘ă·ṣū·mîm — 1 Occ.
wa·‘ă·ṣu·mîm — 7 Occ.
wə·‘ā·ṣūm — 5 Occ.

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