2232. hégemón
Strong's Concordance
hégemón: a leader, governor
Original Word: ἡγεμών, όνος, ὁ
Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine
Transliteration: hégemón
Phonetic Spelling: (hayg-em-ohn')
Definition: a leader, governor
Usage: a leader, guide; a commander; a governor (of a province); plur: leaders.
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from hégeomai
a leader, governor
NASB Translation
governor (14), governor's (1), governors (4).

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 2232: ἡγεμών

ἡγεμών, ἡγεμόνος, (ἡγέομαι), in classical Greek a word of very various signification: a leader of any kind, a guide, ruler, prefect, president, chief, general, commander, sovereign; in the N. T. specifically:

1. "a 'legatus Caesaris,' an officer administering a province in the name and with the authority of the Roman emperor; the governor of a province": Matthew 10:18; Mark 13:9; Luke 21:12; 1 Peter 2:14.

2. a procurator (Vulg.praeses; Luth.Landpfleger), an officer who was attached to a proconsul or a propraetor and had charge of the imperial revenues; in causes relating to these revenues he administered justice, (called ἐπίτροπος, διοικητής, in secular authors). In the smaller provinces also, which were so to speak appendages of the greater, he discharged the functions of governor of the province; and such was the relation of the procurator of Judaea to the proconsul of Syria (cf. Krebs, Observations, p. 61ff; Fischer, De vitiis lexamples etc., p. 432ff; Winers RWB under the word Procuratoren; Sieffert in Herzog 2 under the word Landpfleger; Krenkel in Schenkel 4:7; (BB. DD. under the word )); so of Pilate, Felix, Festus: Matthew 27:2, 11, 14f, (R G L Tr marginal reading), ; ; Luke 20:20; Acts 23:24, 26, 33; Acts 24:1, 10; Acts 26:30; Πιλᾶτος τῆς Ἰουδαίας ἡγεμών, Josephus, Antiquities 18, 3, 1; (Tacitus, ann. 15, 44 Christus Tiberio imperitante per procuratorem Pontium Pilatum supplicio adfectus erat).

3. first, leading, chief: so of a principal town as the capital of the region, Matthew 2:6, where the meaning is, 'Thou art by no means least among the chief cities of Judah;' others less aptly (Bleek also ((where?); in his (posthumous) Synoptative Erklärung etc. 1:119 he repudiates this interpretation (ascribed by him to Hofmann, Weiss. u. Erfüll. 2:56))), 'Thou shalt by no means be regarded as least among i. e. by the princes, the nobles, of the state.' The saying is taken from Micah 5:2 (1), where the Hebrew בְּאַלְפֵי (which the Sept. give correctly, ἐν χιλιασι) seems to have been read בְּאַלֻּפֵי by the Evangelist (cf. Edersheim, Jesus the Messiah, i. 206).

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
governor, prince, ruler.

From hegeomai; a leader, i.e. Chief person (or figuratively, place) of a province -- governor, prince, ruler.

see GREEK hegeomai

Forms and Transliterations
ηγεμονα ηγεμόνα ἡγεμόνα ηγεμονας ηγεμόνας ἡγεμόνας ηγεμόνες ηγεμονι ηγεμόνι ἡγεμόνι ηγεμονος ηγεμόνος ἡγεμόνος ηγεμονων ηγεμόνων ἡγεμόνων ηγεμοσιν ηγεμόσιν ἡγεμόσιν ηγεμων ηγεμών ἡγεμὼν ηγουμένους egemon ēgemōn egemona ēgemona egemonas ēgemonas egemoni ēgemoni egemonon ēgemonōn egemonos ēgemonos egemosin ēgemosin hegemon hegemṑn hēgemōn hēgemṑn hegemona hegemóna hēgemona hēgemóna hegemonas hegemónas hēgemonas hēgemónas hegemoni hegemóni hēgemoni hēgemóni hegemonon hegemónon hēgemonōn hēgemónōn hegemonos hegemónos hēgemonos hēgemónos hegemosin hegemósin hēgemosin hēgemósin
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Englishman's Concordance
Matthew 2:6 N-DMP
GRK: ἐν τοῖς ἡγεμόσιν Ἰούδα ἐκ
KJV: among the princes of Juda:
INT: among the rulers of Judah out

Matthew 10:18 N-AMP
GRK: καὶ ἐπὶ ἡγεμόνας δὲ καὶ
NAS: before governors and kings
KJV: before governors and
INT: and before governors also and

Matthew 27:2 N-DMS
GRK: Πιλάτῳ τῷ ἡγεμόνι
NAS: Him to Pilate the governor.
KJV: to Pontius Pilate the governor.
INT: Pilate the governor

Matthew 27:11 N-GMS
GRK: ἔμπροσθεν τοῦ ἡγεμόνος καὶ ἐπηρώτησεν
NAS: before the governor, and the governor
KJV: before the governor: and
INT: before the governor and questioned

Matthew 27:11 N-NMS
GRK: αὐτὸν ὁ ἡγεμὼν λέγων Σὺ
NAS: the governor, and the governor questioned
KJV: and the governor asked
INT: him the governor saying You

Matthew 27:14 N-AMS
GRK: θαυμάζειν τὸν ἡγεμόνα λίαν
NAS: so the governor was quite
KJV: insomuch that the governor marvelled
INT: marveled the governor exceedingly

Matthew 27:15 N-NMS
GRK: εἰώθει ὁ ἡγεμὼν ἀπολύειν ἕνα
NAS: at [the] feast the governor was accustomed
KJV: [that] feast the governor was wont
INT: was accustomed the governor to release one

Matthew 27:21 N-NMS
GRK: δὲ ὁ ἡγεμὼν εἶπεν αὐτοῖς
NAS: But the governor said to them, Which
KJV: The governor answered and
INT: moreover the governor said to them

Matthew 27:27 N-GMS
GRK: στρατιῶται τοῦ ἡγεμόνος παραλαβόντες τὸν
NAS: the soldiers of the governor took
KJV: the soldiers of the governor took
INT: soldiers of the governor having taken with [them]

Matthew 28:14 N-GMS
GRK: ἐπὶ τοῦ ἡγεμόνος ἡμεῖς πείσομεν
NAS: should come to the governor's ears,
KJV: come to the governor's ears, we
INT: by the governor we will persuade

Mark 13:9 N-GMP
GRK: καὶ ἐπὶ ἡγεμόνων καὶ βασιλέων
NAS: before governors and kings
KJV: before rulers and
INT: and before governors and kings

Luke 20:20 N-GMS
GRK: ἐξουσίᾳ τοῦ ἡγεμόνος
NAS: and the authority of the governor.
KJV: and authority of the governor.
INT: authority of the governor

Luke 21:12 N-AMP
GRK: βασιλεῖς καὶ ἡγεμόνας ἕνεκεν τοῦ
NAS: kings and governors for My name's
KJV: kings and rulers for my
INT: kings and governors on account of the

Acts 23:24 N-AMS
GRK: Φήλικα τὸν ἡγεμόνα
NAS: to Felix the governor.
KJV: unto Felix the governor.
INT: Felix the governor

Acts 23:26 N-DMS
GRK: τῷ κρατίστῳ ἡγεμόνι Φήλικι χαίρειν
NAS: to the most excellent governor Felix,
KJV: unto the most excellent governor Felix
INT: to the most excellent governor Felix greetings

Acts 23:33 N-DMS
GRK: ἐπιστολὴν τῷ ἡγεμόνι παρέστησαν καὶ
NAS: the letter to the governor, they also
KJV: the epistle to the governor, presented
INT: letter to the governor presented also

Acts 24:1 N-DMS
GRK: ἐνεφάνισαν τῷ ἡγεμόνι κατὰ τοῦ
NAS: and they brought charges to the governor against
KJV: informed the governor against
INT: made a representation to the governor against

Acts 24:10 N-GMS
GRK: αὐτῷ τοῦ ἡγεμόνος λέγειν Ἐκ
NAS: When the governor had nodded
KJV: Paul, after that the governor had beckoned
INT: to him the governor to speak For

Acts 26:30 N-NMS
GRK: καὶ ὁ ἡγεμὼν ἥ τε
NAS: stood up and the governor and Bernice,
KJV: and the governor, and
INT: and the governor also

1 Peter 2:14 N-DMP
GRK: εἴτε ἡγεμόσιν ὡς δι'
NAS: or to governors as sent
KJV: Or unto governors, as
INT: or to governors as by

Strong's Greek 2232
20 Occurrences

ἡγεμὼν — 4 Occ.
ἡγεμόνα — 2 Occ.
ἡγεμόνας — 2 Occ.
ἡγεμόνι — 4 Occ.
ἡγεμόνων — 1 Occ.
ἡγεμόνος — 5 Occ.
ἡγεμόσιν — 2 Occ.

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