Psalm 106
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1Praise YAH, give thanks to YHWH, for [He is] good, for His kindness [is] for all time!

2Who utters the mighty acts of YHWH? Sounds all His praise?

3O the blessedness of those keeping judgment, "" Doing righteousness at all times.

4Remember me, O YHWH, "" With the favor of Your people, "" Look after me in Your salvation.

5To look on the good of Your chosen ones, "" To rejoice in the joy of Your nation, "" To boast myself with Your inheritance.

6We have sinned with our fathers, "" We have done perversely, we have done wickedly.

7Our fathers in Egypt, "" Have not considered wisely Your wonders, "" They have not remembered "" The abundance of Your kind acts, "" And provoke by the sea, at the Sea of Suph.

8And He saves them for His Name’s sake, "" To make His might known,

9And rebukes the Sea of Suph, and it is dried up, "" And causes them to go "" Through depths as a wilderness.

10And He saves them from the hand "" Of him who is hating, "" And redeems them from the hand of the enemy.

11And waters cover their adversaries, "" One of them has not been left.

12And they believe in His words, they sing His praise,

13They have hurried—forgotten His works, "" They have not waited for His counsel.

14And they lust greatly in a wilderness, "" And try God in a desert.

15And He gives to them their request, "" And sends leanness into their soul.

16And they are envious of Moses in the camp, "" Of Aaron, YHWH’s holy one.

17Earth opens, and swallows up Dathan, "" And covers over the company of Abiram.

18And fire burns among their company, "" A flame sets the wicked on fire.

19They make a calf in Horeb, "" And bow themselves to a molten image,

20And change their glory "" Into the form of an ox eating herbs.

21They have forgotten God their Savior, "" The doer of great things in Egypt,

22Of wonderful things in the land of Ham, "" Of fearful things by the Sea of Suph.

23And He commands to destroy them, "" Unless Moses, His chosen one, "" Had stood in the breach before Him, "" To turn back His wrath from destroying.

24And they kick against the desirable land, "" They have not given credence to His word.

25And they murmur in their tents, "" They have not listened to the voice of YHWH.

26And He lifts up His hand to them, "" To cause them to fall in a wilderness,

27And to cause their seed to fall among nations, "" And to scatter them through lands.

28And they are coupled to Ba‘al-Peor, "" And eat the sacrifices of the dead,

29And they provoke to anger by their actions, "" And a plague breaks forth on them,

30And Phinehas stands, and executes judgment, "" And the plague is restrained,

31And it is reckoned to him for righteousness, "" From generation to generation—for all time.

32And they cause wrath by the waters of Meribah, "" And it is evil to Moses for their sakes,

33For they have provoked his spirit, "" And he speaks wrongfully with his lips.

34They have not destroyed the peoples, "" As YHWH had commanded to them,

35And mix themselves among nations, and learn their works,

36And serve their idols, "" And they are for a snare to them.

37And they sacrifice their sons and their daughters to the demons,

38And they shed innocent blood—Blood of their sons and of their daughters, "" Whom they have sacrificed to idols of Canaan, "" And the land is profaned with blood.

39And they are defiled with their works, "" And commit whoredom in their habitual doings.

40And the anger of YHWH "" Is kindled against His people, "" And He detests His inheritance.

41And gives them into the hand of nations, "" And those hating them rule over them,

42And their enemies oppress them, "" And they are humbled under their hand.

43He delivers them many times, "" And they rebel in their counsel, "" And they are brought low in their iniquity.

44And He looks on their distress "" When He hears their cry,

45And remembers His covenant for them, "" And is comforted, "" According to the abundance of His kindness.

46And He appoints them for mercies "" Before all their captors.

47Save us, O our God YHWH, and gather us from the nations, "" To give thanks to Your Holy Name, "" To glory in Your praise.

48Blessed [is] YHWH, God of Israel, "" From age until age. And all the people said, “Amen, praise YAH!”

Literal Standard Version
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