Leviticus 19
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1And YHWH speaks to Moses, saying,

2“Speak to all the congregation of the sons of Israel, and you have said to them: You are holy, because I, your God YHWH, [am] holy. 3You each fear his mother and his father, and you keep My Sabbaths; I [am] your God YHWH. 4You do not turn to the idols, and you do not make a molten god for yourselves; I [am] your God YHWH.

5And when you sacrifice a sacrifice of peace-offerings to YHWH, you sacrifice it at your pleasure; 6it is eaten in the day of your sacrificing [it], and on the next day, and that which is left to the third day is burned with fire, 7and if it is really eaten on the third day, it [is] an abomination, it is not pleasing, 8and he who is eating it bears his iniquity, for he has defiled the holy thing of YHWH, and that person has been cut off from his people.

9And in your reaping the harvest of your land you do not completely reap the corner of your field, and you do not gather the gleaning of your harvest, 10and you do not glean your vineyard, even the omitted part of your vineyard you do not gather, you leave them for the poor and for the sojourner; I [am] your God YHWH.

11You do not steal, nor feign, nor lie—each against his fellow. 12And you do not swear by My Name for falsehood, or you have defiled the Name of your God; I [am] YHWH.

13You do not oppress your neighbor, nor take plunder; the wages of the hired worker do not remain with you until morning. 14You do not revile the deaf; and you do not put a stumbling block before the blind; and you have been afraid of your God; I [am] YHWH.

15You do not do perversity in judgment; you do not lift up the face of the poor, nor honor the face of the great; you judge your fellow in righteousness. 16You do not go slandering among your people; you do not stand against the blood of your neighbor; I [am] YHWH.

17You do not hate your brother in your heart; you certainly reprove your fellow, and do not permit sin on him. 18You do not take vengeance, nor watch the sons of your people; and you have had love for your neighbor as yourself; I [am] YHWH.

19You keep My statutes. You do not cause your livestock to mate [with] two kinds; you do not sow your field with two kinds; and a garment of two kinds, mixed material, does not go up on you.

20And when a man lies with a woman with seed [from] intercourse, and she [is] a maidservant, betrothed to a man, and not really ransomed, or freedom has not been given to her, there is an investigation; they are not put to death, for she [is] not free. 21And he has brought in his guilt-offering to YHWH, to the opening of the Tent of Meeting, a ram [for] a guilt-offering, 22and the priest has made atonement for him with the ram of the guilt-offering before YHWH, for his sin which he has sinned, and it has been forgiven him because of his sin which he has sinned.

23And when you come into the land and have planted all [kinds] of trees [for] food, then you have reckoned its fruit as uncircumcised, it is uncircumcised to you [for] three years, it is not eaten, 24and in the fourth year all its fruit is holy—praises for YHWH. 25And in the fifth year you eat its fruit—to add to you its increase; I [am] your God YHWH.

26You do not eat with the blood. You do not enchant, nor observe clouds. 27You do not round the corner of your head, nor destroy the corner of your beard. 28And you do not put a cutting for the soul in your flesh; and a writing, a cross-mark, you do not put on yourself; I [am] YHWH.

29You do not defile your daughter to cause her to go whoring, that the land does not go whoring, and the land has been full of wickedness. 30You keep My Sabbaths and you revere My sanctuary; I [am] YHWH.

31You do not turn to those having familiar spirits, and you do not seek for wizards, to become unclean by them; I [am] your God YHWH.

32You rise up at the presence of grey hairs, and you have honored the presence of an old man, and have been afraid of your God; I [am] YHWH.

33And when a sojourner sojourns with you in your land, you do not oppress him; 34the sojourner who is sojourning with you is to you as a native among you, and you have had love for him as for yourself, for you have been sojourners in the land of Egypt; I [am] your God YHWH.

35You do not do perversity in the judgment, in the measure, in the weight, and in the liquid measure; 36you have righteous balances, righteous weights, a righteous ephah, and a righteous hin; I [am] your God YHWH, who has brought you out from the land of Egypt; 37and you have observed all my statutes, and all my judgments, and have done them; I [am] YHWH.”

Literal Standard Version
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