Ezekiel 23
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1And there is a word of YHWH to me, saying, “Son of man, 2Two women were daughters of one mother, 3And they go whoring in Egypt, || They have gone whoring in their youth, || There they have bruised their breasts, || And there they have dealt with the loves of their virginity. 4And their names [are] Aholah the older, || And Aholibah her sister, || And they are Mine, and bear sons and daughters. As for their names—Samaria [is] Aholah, || And Jerusalem [is] Aholibah.

5And Aholah goes whoring under Me, and she lusts on her lovers, on the neighboring Assyrians, 6Clothed with blue—governors and prefects, || All of them desirable young men, || Horsemen, riding on horses, 7And she gives her whoredoms on them, || The choice of the sons of Asshur, || All of them—even all on whom she lusted, || She has been defiled by all their idols. 8And she has not forsaken her whoredoms out of Egypt, || For with her they lay in her youth, || And they dealt with the loves of her virginity, || And they pour out their whoredoms on her. 9Therefore I have given her into the hand of her lovers, || Into the hand of sons of Asshur on whom she lusted. 10They have uncovered her nakedness, || They have taken her sons and her daughters, || And they have slain her by sword, || And she is a name for women, || And they have done judgments with her.

11And her sister Aholibah sees, || And she makes her unhealthy love more corrupt than she, || And her whoredoms than the whoredoms of her sister. 12She has lusted on sons of Asshur, || Governors and prefects, || Neighboring ones—clothed in perfection, || Horsemen, riding on horses, || All of them desirable young men. 13And I see that she has been defiled, || One way [is] to them both. 14And she adds to her whoredoms, || And she sees men carved on the wall, || Pictures of Chaldeans, carved with vermillion, 15Girded with a girdle on their loins, || Dyed attire spread out on their heads, || The appearance of rulers—all of them, || The likeness of sons of Babylon, || Chaldea is the land of their birth. 16And she lusts on them at the sight of her eyes, || And sends messengers to them, to Chaldea. 17And sons of Babylon come in to her, || To the bed of loves, || And they defile her with their whoredoms, || And she is defiled with them, || And her soul is alienated from them. 18And she reveals her whoredoms, || And she reveals her nakedness, || And My soul is alienated from off her, || As My soul was alienated from off her sister. 19And she multiplies her whoredoms, || To remember the days of her youth, || When she went whoring in the land of Egypt. 20And she lusts on their lovers, || Whose flesh [is] the flesh of donkeys, || And the emission of horses—their emission. 21You look after the wickedness of your youth, || In dealing out of Egypt your loves, || For the sake of the breasts of your youth.

22Therefore, O Aholibah, thus said Lord YHWH: Behold, I am stirring up your lovers against you, || From whom your soul has been alienated, || And have brought them in against you from all around. 23Sons of Babylon, and of all Chaldea, Pekod, and Shoa, and Koa, || All the sons of Asshur with them, || Desirable young men, governors and prefects, || All of them—rulers and proclaimed ones, || All of them riding on horses. 24And they have come in against you, || With arms, rider, and wheel, || And with an assembly of peoples; Buckler, and shield, and helmet, || They set against you all around, || And I have set judgment before them, || They have judged you in their judgments. 25And I have set My jealousy against you, || And they have dealt with you in fury, || They turn aside your nose and your ears, || And your posterity falls by sword, || They take away your sons and your daughters, || And your posterity is devoured by fire. 26And they have stripped you of your garments, || And have taken your beautiful jewels. 27And I have caused your wickedness to cease from you, || And your whoredoms out of the land of Egypt, || And you do not lift up your eyes to them, || And you do not remember Egypt again. 28For thus said Lord YHWH: Behold, I am giving you into a hand that you have hated, || Into a hand from which you were alienated. 29And they have dealt with you in hatred, || And they have taken all your labor, || And they have left you naked and bare, || And the nakedness of your whoredoms has been revealed, || And the wickedness of your whoredoms. 30To do these things to you, || In your going whoring after nations, || Because you have been defiled with their idols, 31You have walked in the way of your sister, || And I have given her cup into your hand.

32Thus said Lord YHWH: You drink the cup of your sister, || The deep and the wide one || (You are for laughter and for scorn), || Abundant to contain.

33You are filled with drunkenness and sorrow, || A cup of astonishment and desolation, || The cup of your sister Samaria.

34And you have drunk it, and have drained [it], || And you gnaw its earthen ware, || And you pluck off your own breasts, || For I have spoken, || A declaration of Lord YHWH,

35Therefore, thus said Lord YHWH: Because you have forgotten Me, || And you cast Me behind your back, || Even you also bear your wickedness and your whoredoms.”

36And YHWH says to me, “Son of man, || Do you judge Aholah and Aholibah? Then declare their abominations to them. 37For they have committed adultery, || And blood [is] in their hands, || They committed adultery with their idols, || And also their sons whom they bore to Me, || They caused to pass over to them for food. 38Again, they have done this to Me, || They defiled My sanctuary in that day, || And they have defiled My Sabbaths. 39And in their slaughtering their sons to their idols || They also come into My sanctuary in that day to defile it, || And behold, thus they have done in the midst of My house,

40And also that they send to men coming from afar, || To whom a messenger is sent, || And behold, they have come in for whom you have washed, || Painted your eyes, and put on adornment. 41And you have sat on a couch of honor, || And a table arrayed before it, || And placed My incense and My oil on it. 42And the voice of a multitude at ease [is] with her, || And Sabeans from the wilderness are brought in to men of the common people, || And they put bracelets on their hands, || And a beautiful crown on their heads.

43And I say of the worn-out one in adulteries, || Now they commit her whoredoms—she also! 44And they come in to her, || As the coming in to a whorish woman, || So they have come in to Aholah, || And to Aholibah—the wicked women. 45As for righteous men, they judge them with the judgment of adulteresses, || And the judgment of women shedding blood, || For they [are] adulteresses, || And blood [is] in their hands.

46For thus said Lord YHWH: Bring up an assembly against them, || And give them to trembling and to spoiling. 47And they have cast the stone of the assembly at them, || And cut them with their swords, || They slay their sons and their daughters, || And they burn their houses with fire. 48And I have caused wickedness to cease from the land, || And all the women have been instructed, || And they do not do according to your wickedness. 49And they have put your wickedness on you, || And you bear the sins of your idols, || And you have known that I [am] Lord YHWH!”

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