Numbers 20
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Water from the Rock
(Exodus 17:1–7)

1And the whole multitude of ye childern of Israel came in to the deserte of Sin in the first moneth and the people dwelt at cades. And there dyed Mir Iam and was buried there.

2More ouer there was no water for the multitude wherfore they gathered the selues together agest Moses and agest Aaron. 3And the people chode with Moses and spake sayenge: wold God that we had perysshed when oure brethern perysshed before ye Lorde. 4Why haue ye brought the congregacion o f the Lorde vnto this wildernesse that both we and oure catell shulde dye here? 5Wherfore brought ye us out of Egipte to brynge us into this vngracious place which is no place of seed nor of fygges nor vynes nor of pomgranates nether is there any water to drynke? 6And Moses and Aaron went from the congregacion vnto the dore of the tabernacle of witnesse and fell apon their faces. And ye glorye of the Lorde appered vnto them. 7And the Lorde spake vnto Moses sayenge:

8take ye staffe and gather thou and thi brother Aaro the congregacion together and saye vnto the rocke before their eyes that he geue forth his water. And thou shalt brynge the water out of the rocke and shalt geue the company drynke and their beesse also.

9And Moses toke the staffe from before ye Lorde as he commaunded him. 10And Moses and Aaron gathered the congregacion together before the rocke ad he sayed vnto the heare ye rebellyons must we fett you water out of this rocke? 11And Moses lifte vp his hade with his staffe and smote the rocke .ij. tymes and the water came out abundantly and the multitude dranke and their beesse also. 12And the Lorde spake vnto Moses and Aaron: Because ye beleued me not to sanctifye me in the eyes of the childern of Israel therfore ye shall not brynge this congregacion in to the londe which I haue geuen them. 13This is the water of stryffe because the childern of Israel stroue with the Lorde and he was sanctifyed apon them.

Edom Refuses Passage

14And Moses sent messengers from cades vnto the kynge of Edome. Thus sayeth thi brother Israel: Thou knowest all the trauell yt hath happened us 15how oure fathers wet doune in to Egipte and how we haue dwelt in Egipte a longe tyme and how the Egiptians vexed both us and oure fathers. 16Then we cryed vnto the Lorde and he herde oure voyces and sent an angell and hath fett us out of Egipte. And beholde we are in Cades a citie harde by the borders 17of thi contre let us goo a good felowshipe thorow thi contre we wyll not goo thorow the feldes nor thorow the vyneyardes nether will we drynke of the water of the fountaynes: but we will goo by the hye waye and nether turne vnto ye ryghte hande nor to ye lefte vntill we be past thi contre.

18And Edom answered him: Se thou come not by me lest I come out agest the with the swerde 19And the childern of Israel sayed vnto him: we will goo by the beeten waye: and yf ether we or oure catell drynke of thi water we will paye for it we wyll doo nomoare but passe thorow by fote only. 20And he sayed: ye shall not goo thorow. And Edom came out agenst him with moch people and with a myghtie power. 21And thus Edom denyed to geue Israel passage thorow his contre. And Israel turned a waye from him.

The Death of Aaron

22And the childern of Israel remoued fro Cades and went vnto mount Hor with all the congregacion.

23And the Lorde spake vnto Moses and Aaron in mount Hor harde vppon the costes of the londe of Edom sayenge: 24let Aaron be put vnto his people for he shall not come in to the londe which I haue geuen vnto the childern of Israel: because ye dishobeyed my mouth at the water of stryffe 25Take Aaron and Eleazer his sonne and brynge them vpp in to mount Hor 26and stryppe Aaron out of his vestimentes and put them apon Eleazer his sonne ad let Aaron be put vnto his people and dye there. 27And Moses dyd as the Lorde commaunded: and they went vpp in to mount Hor in the syghte of all the multitude. 28And Moses toke off Aarons clothes and put them apon Eleazer his sonne and Aaron dyed there in the toppe of the mount. 29And Moses and Eleazer came doune out of the mount. And all ye housse of Israel morned for Aaro. xxx. Dayes

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