Numbers 21
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The Defeat of Arad

1And when kynge Arad the cananite which dwelt in the south parties harde tell that Israel came by the waye that the spies had founde out: he came and foughte with Israel and toke some of them presoners. 2Then Israel vowed a vowe vnto the Lorde and sayed: Yf thou wilt geue this people into oure hades we will destroye their cities. 3And the Lorde herde ye voyce of Israel ad delyuered them the Cananites. And they destroyed both them and their cities and called the place Horma.

The Bronze Serpent

4Then they departed from mount hor towarde the redd se: to compasse the londe of Edo. And the soules of the people faynted by the waye. 5And the people spake agenst God and agenst Moses: wherfore hast thou brought us out of Egipte for to dye in the wildernesse for here is nether bred nor water and oure soules lotheth this lyghte bred.

6Then the Lorde sent fyrie serpentes amoge the people which stonge them: so that moch people dyed in Israel. 7And the people came to Moses and sayed: we haue synned for we haue spoken agenst the Lorde and agenst the make intercession to the Lorde that he take awaye the serpentes from us And Moses made intercession for the people. 8And the Lorde sayed vnto Moses: make the a serpent ad hage it vpp for a sygne and lett as many as are bytten loke apon it and they shall lyue. 9And Moses made a serpent of brasse ad sett it vp for a sygne And when the serpentes had bytten any man he went and behelde the serpent of brasse and recouered.

The Journey to Moab

10And the childern of Israel remoued and pitched in Oboth. 11And they departed from Oboth and laye at Egebarim in the wildernesse which is before Moab on the east syde. 12And they remoued thence and pitched apon the ryuer of zarad. 13And they departed thence and pitched on the other syde of Arno which ryuer is in the wildernesse and cometh out of the costes of the Amorites: for Arnon is the border of Moab betwene Moab and the Amorites.

14Wherfore it is spoken in the boke of the warre of the Lorde: goo with a violence both on the ryuer of Arnon

15and on the ryuers heed whiche shoteth doune to dwell at Ar and leneth vppon the costes of Moab.

16And from thence they came to Bear whiche is the well whereof the Lorde spake vnto Moses: gather the people together that I maye geue them water.

17Then Israel sange this songe: Aryse vpp well synge thereto:

18The well whiche the rulers dygged and the captaynes of the people with the helpe of the lawegeuer and with their staues. And from this wildernesse they went to Matana

19and from Matana to Nahaliel and from Nahaliel to Bamoth 20and from Bamoth to the valay that is in the felde of Moab in the toppe of Pisga which boweth towarde the wildernesse.

The Defeat of Sihon
(Deuteronomy 2:24–37)

21And Israel sent messengers vnto Siho kynge of the Amorites sayenge: 22let vs goo thorow thy londe. we will not turne in to thy feldes nor in to thy vyneyardes nether drynke of the water of the welles: but we will goo alonge by the comon waye vntill we be past thy contre. 23And Siho wolde geue Israel no licence to passe thorow his contre but gathered all his people together and went out agest Israel in to the wildernesse. And he came to Iaheza and foughte with Israel. 24And Israel smote him with the edge of the swerde and conquered his londe from Arnon vnto Iabock: euen vnto the childern of Ammon. For the borders of the childern of Ammon are stronge. 25And Israel toke all these cities and dwelt in all ye cities of ye Amorites: in Esbon and in all the townes that longe there to. 26For Esbon was the citie of Sihon the kinge of the Amorites which Sihon had fought before with the kinge of the Moabites ad had taken all his londe out of his hande euen vnto Arnon.

27Wherfore it is a prouerbe: goo to Hesbo and let the citie of Sihon be bylt ad made

28redye for there is a fyre gone out of Hesbon and a flame fro the citie of Siho ad hath cosumed Ar of the Moabites and the men of the hylles of Arnon.

29Wo be to the Moab: o people of Chemos ye are forloren. His sonnes are put to flighte and his doughters brought captyue vnto Sihon kinge of the Amorites.

30There lighte is out from Hesbon vnto Sihon and we made a wildernesse euen vnto Nopha whiche reacheth vnto Mediba.

The Defeat of Og
(Deuteronomy 3:1–11)

31And thus Israell dwelt in the londe of the Amorites. 32And Moses sent to serche oute Iaezer and they toke the townes belongynge thereto ad conquered the Amorites that were there.

33And then they turned and went vppe towarde Bason. And Og the kynge of Bason came out agenst them both he and all his people to warre at Edrei. 34And the Lorde sayed vnto Moses: feare him not for I haue delyuered him in to thy handes with all his people and his lande. And thou shalt do with him as thou dydest with Sihon the kynge of the Amorites which dwelt at Hesbon. 35And they smote him and his sonnes and all hys people vntyll there was nothinge left him. And they conquered his lande.

Tyndale Bible of 1526

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