2618. katakaió
Strong's Concordance
katakaió: to burn up
Original Word: κατακαίω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: katakaió
Phonetic Spelling: (kat-ak-ah'-ee-o)
Definition: to burn up
Usage: I burn up, consume entirely.
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from kata and kaió
to burn up
NASB Translation
burn (4), burned (8), burning (1).

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 2618: κατακαίω

κατακαίω): imperfect 3 person plural κατέκαιον; future κατακαύσω; 1 aorist infinitive κατακαῦσαι; passive, present κατακαίομαι; 2 aorist κατεκαην; 2 future κατακαήσομαι (cf. Tdf. Proleg., p. 123; WH's Appendix, p. 170a); 1 future κατακαυθήσομαι (Kühner, 1:841; (Veitch, under the word καίω; Buttmann, 60 (53); Winers Grammar, 87 (83))); the Sept. chiefly for שָׂרַף; from Homer down; to burn up (see κατά, III. 4), consume by fire: τί, Matthew 13:30; Acts 19:19; passive, 1 Corinthians 3:15; Hebrews 13:11; 2 Peter 3:10 (Tr WH εὑρεθήσεται, see εὑρίσκω, 1 a. at the end); Revelation 8:7; with πυρί added, Matthew 3:12; Matthew 13:40 R L T WH, but G Tr καίω; Luke 3:17 (Exodus 29:14; Exodus 32:20 Alex., etc.; see καίω); ἐν πυρί (often so in the Sept.), Revelation 17:16; Revelation 18:8. (καίω and κατακαίω are distinguished in Exodus 3:2.)

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
burn up

From kata and kaio; to burn down (to the ground), i.e. Consume wholly -- burn (up, utterly).

see GREEK kata

see GREEK kaio

Forms and Transliterations
κατακαησεται κατακαήσεται κατακαίειν κατακαιεται κατακαίεται κατακαίουσιν κατακαίων κατακαλυμμα κατακάλυμμα κατακάλυμμά κατακαλύμματα κατακαυθή κατακαυθής κατακαυθησεται κατακαυθήσεται κατακαυθήσονται κατακαυθήτω κατακαυσαι κατακαύσαι κατακαῦσαι κατακαυσει κατακαύσει κατακαύσεις κατακαύσετε κατακαύσουσι κατακαυσουσιν κατακαύσουσιν κατακέκαυμαι κατακεκαυμένα κατακεκαυμένη κατακεκαυμένης κατακεκαυμένοι κατακεκαυμένον κατακεκαυμένος κατακεκαυμένων κατεκαη κατεκάη κατεκαίετο κατεκαιον κατέκαιον κατέκαυσα κατέκαυσαν κατέκαυσας κατέκαυσε κατέκαυσεν katakaesetai katakaēsetai katakaḗsetai katakaietai katakaíetai katakausai katakaûsai katakausei katakaúsei katakausousin katakaúsousin katakauthesetai katakauthēsetai katakauthḗsetai katekae katekaē katekáe katekáē katekaion katékaion
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Englishman's Concordance
Matthew 3:12 V-FIA-3S
GRK: δὲ ἄχυρον κατακαύσει πυρὶ ἀσβέστῳ
NAS: into the barn, but He will burn up the chaff
KJV: but he will burn up the chaff
INT: and [the] chaff he will burn up with fire unquenchable

Matthew 13:30 V-ANA
GRK: πρὸς τὸ κατακαῦσαι αὐτά τὸν
NAS: them in bundles to burn them up; but gather
KJV: bundles to burn them: but
INT: in order the to burn them

Matthew 13:40 V-PIM/P-3S
GRK: καὶ πυρὶ κατακαίεται οὕτως ἔσται
NAS: are gathered up and burned with fire,
KJV: and burned in the fire;
INT: and in fire is consumed thus it will be

Luke 3:17 V-FIA-3S
GRK: δὲ ἄχυρον κατακαύσει πυρὶ ἀσβέστῳ
NAS: into His barn; but He will burn up the chaff
KJV: the chaff he will burn with fire
INT: and [the] chaff he will burn with fire unquenchable

Acts 19:19 V-IIA-3P
GRK: τὰς βίβλους κατέκαιον ἐνώπιον πάντων
NAS: together and [began] burning them in the sight
KJV: together, and burned them before
INT: the books burnt [them] before all

1 Corinthians 3:15 V-FIP-3S
GRK: τὸ ἔργον κατακαήσεται ζημιωθήσεται αὐτὸς
NAS: work is burned up, he will suffer loss;
KJV: work shall be burned, he shall suffer loss:
INT: the work will be consumed he will suffer loss he himself

Hebrews 13:11 V-PIM/P-3S
GRK: τὰ σώματα κατακαίεται ἔξω τῆς
NAS: [as an offering] for sin, are burned outside
KJV: for sin, are burned without the camp.
INT: the bodies are burned outside the

Revelation 8:7 V-AIP-3S
GRK: τῆς γῆς κατεκάη καὶ τὸ
NAS: of the earth was burned up, and a third
KJV: of trees was burnt up, and
INT: of the earth was burned up and a

Revelation 8:7 V-AIP-3S
GRK: τῶν δένδρων κατεκάη καὶ πᾶς
NAS: of the trees were burned up, and all
KJV: green grass was burnt up.
INT: of the trees was burned up and all

Revelation 8:7 V-AIP-3S
GRK: χόρτος χλωρὸς κατεκάη
NAS: the green grass was burned up.
INT: grass green was burned up

Revelation 17:16 V-FIA-3P
GRK: καὶ αὐτὴν κατακαύσουσιν ἐν πυρί
NAS: her flesh and will burn her up with fire.
KJV: flesh, and burn her with
INT: and her will burn with fire

Revelation 18:8 V-FIP-3S
GRK: ἐν πυρὶ κατακαυθήσεται ὅτι ἰσχυρὸς
NAS: and famine, and she will be burned up with fire;
KJV: and she shall be utterly burned with
INT: with fire she will be burned for mighty [is the]

Strong's Greek 2618
12 Occurrences

κατακαήσεται — 1 Occ.
κατακαίεται — 2 Occ.
κατακαῦσαι — 1 Occ.
κατακαύσει — 2 Occ.
κατακαύσουσιν — 1 Occ.
κατακαυθήσεται — 1 Occ.
κατεκάη — 3 Occ.
κατέκαιον — 1 Occ.

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