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ol: Used in various combinations, and with different meanings.

(1) All along, "Weeping all along as he went" (Jeremiah 41:6), i.e. throughout the whole way he went, feigning equal concern with the men from Shiloh, etc., for the destruction of the Temple, so as to put them off their guard.

(2) All in all, "That God may be all in all" (1 Corinthians 15:28, Greek: panta en pasin, "all things in all (persons and) things"). "The universe, with all it comprises, will wholly answer to God's will and reflect His mind" (Dummelow).

(3) All one, "It is all one" (Job 9:22), "it makes no difference whether I live or die."

(4) At all, "If thy father miss me at all" (1 Samuel 20:6), "in any way," "in the least."

(5) All to, "All to brake his skull" (Judges 9:53 the King James Version) an obsolete form signifying "altogether"; "broke his skull in pieces."

(6) Often used indefinitely of a large number or a great part, "All the cattle of Egypt died" (Exodus 9:6; compare Exodus 9:19, 25); "all Judea, and all the region round about" (Matthew 3:5); "that all the world should be enrolled" (Luke 2:1); "all Asia and the world" (Acts 19:27); "All (people) verily held John to be a prophet" (Mark 11:32).

M. O. Evans


This phrase occurs only in Haggai 2:7 (King James Version, the English Revised Version "desirable things," the American Revised Version, margin "things desired"), and is commonly applied to the Messiah.

At the erection of the temple in Ezra's time, the older men who had seen the more magnificent house of Solomon were disappointed and distressed at the comparison. The prophet, therefore, is directed to encourage them by the assurance that Yahweh is with them nevertheless, and in a little while will shake the heavens, the earth, the sea, the dry land and the nations, and "the desire of all nations" shall come, and the house shall be filled with glory, so that "the later glory of this house shall be greater than the former."

(1) Many expositors refer the prophecy to the first advent of Christ. The shaking of the heavens, the earth, the sea and the dry land is the figurative setting of the shaking of the nations, while this latter expression refers to those changes of earthly dominion coincident with the overthrow of the Persians by the Greeks, the Greeks by the Romans, and so on down to the beginning of our era. The house then in process of construction was filled with glory by the later presence of the Messiah, which glory was greater than the Shekinah of Solomon's time. Objections are presented to this view as follows: First, there is the element of time. Five centuries, more or less, elapsed between the building of Ezra's temple and the first advent of Christ, and the men of Ezra's time needed comfort for the present. Then there is the difficulty of associating the physical phenomena with any shaking of the nations occurring atthe first advent. Furthermore, in what sense, it is asked, could Christ, when He came, be said to be the desire of all nations? And finally, what comfort would a Jew find in this magnifying of the Gentiles?

(2) These difficulties, though not insuperable, lead others to apply the prophecy to the second advent of Christ. The Jews are to be restored to Jerusalem, and another temple is to be built (Ezekiel 40-48). The shaking of the nations and the physical phenomena find their fulfillment in the "Great Tribulation" so often spoken of in the Old Testament and Revelation, and which is followed by the coming of Christ in glory to set up His kingdom (Malachi 3:1 Matthew 24:29, 30 and other places). Some of the difficulties spoken of in the first instance apply here also, but not all of them, while others are common to both interpretations. One such common difficulty is that Ezra's temple can hardly be identified with that of the time of Herod and Christ, and certainly not with that of Ezekiel; which is met, however, by saying that all the temples, including Solomon's, are treated as but one "house"-the house of the Lord, in the religious sense, at least, if not architecturally. Another such difficulty touches the question of time, which, whether it includes five centuries or twenty, is met by the principle that to the prophets, "ascending in heart to God and the eternity of God, all times and all things of this world are only a mere point." When the precise time of particular events is not revealed, they sometimes describe them as continuous, and sometimes blend two events together, having a near or partial, and also a remote or complete fulfillment. "They saw the future in space rather than in time, or the perspective rather than the actual distance." It is noted that the Lord Jesus so blends together the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus, A.D. 70, and the days of the anti-Christ at the end of this age, that it is difficult to separate them, and to say which belongs exclusively to either (Matthew 24). That the words may have an ultimate fulfillment in the second advent of Christ receives strength from a comparison of Haggai 2:21, 22 with Hebrews 12:26, 27. The writer of that epistle condenses the two passages in Haggai 2:6, 7 and Haggai 2:21, 22, implying that it was one and the same shaking, of which the former verses denote the beginning, and the latter the end. The shaking, in other words, began introductory to the first advent and will be finished at the second. Concerning the former, compare Matthew 3:17; Matthew 27:51; Matthew 28:2 Acts 2:2; Acts 4:31, and concerning the latter, Matthew 24:7 Revelation 16:20; Revelation 20:11 (Bengel, quoted by Canon Faussett).

(3) Other expositors seek to cut the Gordian knot by altogether denying the application to the Messiah, and translating "the desire of all nations" by "the beauty," or "the desirable things of all nations," i.e. their precious gifts (see Isaiah 60:5, 11; Isaiah 61:6). This application is defended in the following way:

(a) The Hebrew word means the quality and not the thing desired;

(b) the Messiah was not desired by all the nations when He came;

(c) the verb "shall come" is plural, which requires the noun to be understood in the plural, whereas if the Messiah be intended, the noun is singular;

(d) "The silver is mine," etc. (Haggai 2:8) accords with the translation "the desirable things of all nations";

(e) the agreement of the Septuagint and Syriac versions with such rendering.

All these arguments, however, can be fairly met by counter-arguments, leaving the reader still in doubt.

(a) An abstract noun is often put for the concrete;

(b) the result shows that while the Jews rejected Christ, the Gentiles received and hence, desired Him;

(c) where two nouns stand together after the manner of "the desire" and "nations," the verb agrees in number sometimes with the latter, even though the former be its nominative;

(d) the 8th verse of the prophecy can be harmonized about as easily with one view as the other;

(e) the King James Version is sustained by the Vulgate (Jerome's Latin Bible, 390-405 A.D.) and early Jewish rabbis.

James M. Gray

3956. pas -- all, every
... all, every. Part of Speech: Adjective Transliteration: pas Phonetic Spelling: (pas)
Short Definition: all, the whole, every kind of Definition: all, the whole ...
// - 9k

3843. pantos -- altogether, by all means
... altogether, by all means. Part of Speech: Adverb Transliteration: pantos Phonetic
Spelling: (pan'-toce) Short Definition: entirely, in every way, certainly ...
// - 6k

537. hapas -- all, the whole
... all, the whole. Part of Speech: Adjective Transliteration: hapas Phonetic Spelling:
(hap'-as) Short Definition: all, the whole Definition: all, the whole ...
// - 7k

2178. ephapax -- once for all
... once for all. Part of Speech: Adverb Transliteration: ephapax Phonetic Spelling:
(ef-ap'-ax) Short Definition: once, once for all Definition: once, once for all ...
// - 6k

3840. pantothen -- from all sides
... from all sides. Part of Speech: Adverb Transliteration: pantothen Phonetic Spelling:
(pan-toth'-en) Short Definition: from all sides Definition: from all sides ...
// - 6k

3364. ou me -- anymore, at all, neither, never
... ou me. 3365 . anymore, at all, neither, never. Transliteration: ou me Phonetic
Spelling: (oo may) Short Definition: anymore. ... anymore, at all, neither, never ...
// - 6k

3842. pantote -- at all times
... at all times. Part of Speech: Adverb Transliteration: pantote Phonetic Spelling:
(pan'-tot-eh) Short Definition: always, at all times Definition: always, at all ...
// - 6k

4065. periphroneo -- to examine on all sides, to despise
... to examine on all sides, to despise. Part of Speech: Verb Transliteration: periphroneo
Phonetic Spelling: (per-ee-fron-eh'-o) Short Definition: I look down upon ...
// - 7k

537a. hapas -- all, the whole
... 537, 537a. hapas. 537b . all, the whole. Transliteration: hapas Short
Definition: all. Word Origin from alpha (as a cop. prefix) and ...
// - 5k

3780. ouchi -- not, not at all
... not, not at all. Part of Speech: Particle, Interrogative; Particle, Negative
Transliteration: ouchi Phonetic Spelling: (oo-khee') Short Definition: by no means ...
// - 7k

Strong's Hebrew
3605. kol -- the whole, all
kol or kol. 3604, 3605. kol or kol. 3606 . the whole, all. Transliteration:
kol or kol Phonetic Spelling: (kole) Short Definition: all. ...
/hebrew/3605.htm - 7k

3606. kol -- the whole, all
... 3605, 3606. kol. 3607 . the whole, all. Transliteration: kol Phonetic
Spelling: (kole) Short Definition: all. Word Origin (Aramaic ...
/hebrew/3606.htm - 6k

629. osparna -- thoroughly, with (all) diligence
... 628, 629. osparna. 630 . thoroughly, with (all) diligence. Transliteration:
osparna Phonetic Spelling: (os-par-naw') Short Definition: diligence. ...
/hebrew/629.htm - 6k

3390. Yerushalem -- the capital city of all Isr.
... 3389, 3390. Yerushalem. 3391 . the capital city of all Isr. ... Word Origin (Aramaic)
corresponding to Yerushalaim Definition the capital city of all Isr. ...
/hebrew/3390.htm - 6k

3389. Yerushalaim -- probably "foundation of peace," capital city ...
... probably "foundation of peace," capital city of all Isr. ... Word Origin from yarah and
shalem Definition probably "foundation of peace," capital city of all Isr. ...
/hebrew/3389.htm - 6k

4393. melo -- fullness, that which fills
... Word Origin from male Definition fullness, that which fills NASB Word Usage all
(2), all it contains (8), all its fullness (1), band (1), contains (1), fill (1 ...
/hebrew/4393.htm - 6k

5750. od -- a going around, continuance, still, yet, again, beside
... from ud Definition a going around, continuance, still, yet, again, beside NASB Word
Usage added (1), again (92), again* (9), again...more (1), all the more (1 ...
/hebrew/5750.htm - 7k

3885. luwn -- to lodge, pass the night, abide
... abide all night, continue, dwell, endure, grudge, be left, lie all night
Or liyn {leen}; a primitive root; to stop (usually over ...
/hebrew/3885.htm - 5k

5439. sabib -- circuit, round about
... Word Origin from sabab Definition circuit, round about NASB Word Usage about (1),
all (1), all around (68), all around about (1), all sides (3), all* (2 ...
/hebrew/5439.htm - 6k

8552. tamam -- to be complete or finished
... root Definition to be complete or finished NASB Word Usage all (1), all gone (1),
all spent (2), been completed (1), blameless (1), blossoms (1), boil the well ...
/hebrew/8552.htm - 6k


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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n.) The whole quantity, extent, duration, amount, quality, or degree of; the whole; the whole number of; any whatever; every; as, all the wheat; all the land; all the year; all the strength; all happiness; all abundance; loss of all power; beyond all doubt; you will see us all (or all of us).

2. (a.) Any.

3. (a.) Only; alone; nothing but.

4. (adv.) Wholly; completely; altogether; entirely; quite; very; as, all bedewed; my friend is all for amusement.

5. (adv.) Even; just. (Often a mere intensive adjunct.)

6. (n.) The whole number, quantity, or amount; the entire thing; everything included or concerned; the aggregate; the whole; totality; everything or every person; as, our all is at stake.

7. (conj.) Although; albeit.

All (60349 Occurrences)
... 1. (n.) The whole quantity, extent, duration, amount, quality, or degree of; the
whole; the whole number of; any whatever; every; as, all the wheat; all the ...
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All-burning (3 Occurrences)
All-burning. Allays, All-burning. Alledging . Multi-Version Concordance
All-burning (3 Occurrences). Hebrews 12:29 For our God is an all-burning fire. ( ...
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All-various (1 Occurrence)
All-various. Alluring, All-various. All-wise . Multi-Version
Concordance All-various (1 Occurrence). Ephesians 3:10 ...
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All-important (1 Occurrence)
All-important. Allies, All-important. All-just . Multi-Version
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All-wise (1 Occurrence)
All-wise. All-various, All-wise. Ally . Multi-Version Concordance
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All-sufficiency (1 Occurrence)
All-sufficiency. Alloyed, All-sufficiency. All-surpassing .
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All-just (1 Occurrence)
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All-surpassing (1 Occurrence)
All-surpassing. All-sufficiency, All-surpassing. Alluded .
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All-holy (1 Occurrence)
All-holy. Alleys, All-holy. Alliance . Multi-Version Concordance
All-holy (1 Occurrence). Proverbs 9:10 The fear of ...
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Kare'ah (14 Occurrences)
... 2 Kings 25:23 Now when all the captains of the forces, they and their men, heard
that the king of Babylon had made Gedaliah governor, they came to Gedaliah to ...
/k/kare'ah.htm - 10k

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All (60349 Occurrences)

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