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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
(n.) Plural of Quantity.
Strong's Hebrew
7230. rob -- multitude, abundance, greatness
... all (1), ample (1), common sort* (1), excellent (1), extensively (1), extent (1),
great (13), great number (1), great numbers (1), great quantities (1), great ...
/hebrew/7230.htm - 6k

Summary of the Opinions of Philosophers.
... And among those who derived the universe from more things than one, some derived
it from numerable, but others from infinite quantities. ...
/.../the refutation of all heresies/chapter ii summary of the opinions.htm

Whether the Whole Dimensive Quantity of Christ's Body is in this ...
... Objection 2: Further, it is impossible for two dimensive quantities to be together,
even though one be separate from its subject, and the other in a natural ...
/.../aquinas/summa theologica/whether the whole dimensive quantity.htm

The Sixth Ennead Cfirst Tractate. On the Kinds of Being (1).
... If, on the contrary, the continuous possesses Quantity as an accident, what is there
common to both continuous and discrete to make them quantities? ...
/.../plotinus/the six enneads/the sixth ennead cfirst tractate.htm

Whether Habits Increase?
... I answer that, Increase, like other things pertaining to quantity, is transferred
from bodily quantities to intelligible spiritual things, on account of the ...
//christianbookshelf.org/aquinas/summa theologica/whether habits increase.htm

Whether Habits Increases by Addition?
... For the word "increase," as we have said, is transferred to forms, from
corporeal quantities. But in corporeal quantities there ...
/.../aquinas/summa theologica/whether habits increases by addition.htm

First Then, it is Absolutely and Undeniably Certain, that ...
... disparate parts they manifestly are not so; and by comparing the imaginary equality
or inequality of the number of the parts of unequal quantities, whose parts ...
/.../i proposition i first then.htm

The Sibylline Oracles.
... They are written in Homeric hexameter verse, but with great licence as to the
quantities of words, accent often being taken to lengthen a short syllable, eg iii ...
//christianbookshelf.org/deane/pseudepigrapha/the sibylline oracles.htm

The Saviour's Last Command.
... things pleasant and useful have been brought hither, but many things also that are
ruinous: full cargoes of ardent spirits; and immense quantities of opium too ...
/.../dibble/thoughts on missions/chapter iv the saviours last.htm

Of the Nature of Tithes.
... decima hortorum.5 Bro. PC586. So potatoes are a small tithe, tho' sown in
great quantities.3 Atk.364. Com. Rep.639. When arable land ...
/.../prideaux/directions to church-wardens/1 of the nature of.htm

... Taken in large quantities into the stomach, tobacco not only causes an excretion
of mucus from the mouth, throat, and breathing organs, but it produces an ...
/.../judy/questionable amusements and worthy substitutes/i tobacco.htm

Quantities (13 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary (n.) Plural of Quantity. Multi-Version Concordance
Quantities (13 Occurrences). Genesis 41:49 Joseph laid ...
/q/quantities.htm - 10k

Quantity (18 Occurrences)
... amount; a sum or bulk; a certain portion or part; sometimes, a considerable amount;
a large portion, bulk, or sum; as, a medicine taken in quantities, that is ...
/q/quantity.htm - 13k

Gold (429 Occurrences)
... The late origin of the geological formation of Palestine and Syria precludes the
possibility of gold being found in any quantities (see METALS), so that the ...
/g/gold.htm - 57k

Wheat (56 Occurrences)
... best of the kind. It was exported from Palestine in great quantities
(1 Kings 5:11; Ezek. 27:17; Acts 12:20). Parched grains of ...
/w/wheat.htm - 28k

Mean (93 Occurrences)
... and of which it expresses the resultant value; usually, unless otherwise specified,
it is the simple average, formed by adding the quantities together and ...
/m/mean.htm - 40k

Pelican (5 Occurrences)
... The Hebrew qi' means "to vomit." The name was applied to the bird because it swallowed
large quantities of fish and then disgorged them to its nestlings. ...
/p/pelican.htm - 11k

Amount (66 Occurrences)
... 2. (n.) To rise or reach by an accumulation of particular sums or quantities;
to come (to) in the aggregate or whole; -- with to or unto. ...
/a/amount.htm - 27k

Sip (1 Occurrence)
... 1. (vt) To drink or imbibe in small quantities; especially, to take in with
the lips in small quantities, as a liquid; as, to sip tea. ...
/s/sip.htm - 7k

Infinite (8 Occurrences)
... gigantic; prodigious. 4. (a.) Greater than any assignable quantity of the
same kind; -- said of certain quantities. 5. (a.) Capable ...
/i/infinite.htm - 15k

Silver (329 Occurrences)
... It was brought in large quantities by foreign merchants from abroad, from Spain
and India and other countries probably. Noah Webster's Dictionary. ...
/s/silver.htm - 48k

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Quantities (13 Occurrences)

Genesis 41:49
Joseph laid up grain as the sand of the sea, very much, until he stopped counting, for it was without number.
(See NIV)

1 Kings 10:2
She came to Jerusalem with a very great train, with camels that bore spices, and very much gold, and precious stones; and when she was come to Solomon, she talked with him of all that was in her heart.
(See NIV)

1 Kings 10:10
She gave the king one hundred twenty talents of gold, and of spices very great store, and precious stones. There came no more such abundance of spices as these which the queen of Sheba gave to king Solomon.
(See NIV)

1 Chronicles 12:40
Moreover those who were near to them, even as far as Issachar and Zebulun and Naphtali, brought bread on donkeys, and on camels, and on mules, and on oxen, food of meal, cakes of figs, and clusters of raisins, and wine, and oil, and cattle, and sheep in abundance: for there was joy in Israel.
(See NAS)

1 Chronicles 22:3
David prepared iron in abundance for the nails for the doors of the gates, and for the couplings; and brass in abundance without weight;

1 Chronicles 22:4
and cedar trees without number: for the Sidonians and they of Tyre brought cedar trees in abundance to David.

1 Chronicles 22:14
Now, behold, in my affliction I have prepared for the house of Yahweh one hundred thousand talents of gold, and one million talents of silver, and of brass and iron without weight; for it is in abundance: timber also and stone have I prepared; and you may add to them.
(See NIV)

1 Chronicles 29:2
Now I have prepared with all my might for the house of my God the gold for the things of gold, and the silver for the things of silver, and the brass for the things of to be set, stones for inlaid work, and of various colors, and all manner of precious stones, and marble stones in abundance.

2 Chronicles 4:18
Thus Solomon made all these vessels in great abundance: for the weight of the brass could not be found out.

2 Chronicles 9:1
When the queen of Sheba heard of the fame of Solomon, she came to prove Solomon with hard questions at Jerusalem, with a very great train, and camels that bore spices, and gold in abundance, and precious stones: and when she was come to Solomon, she talked with him of all that was in her heart.
(See NIV)

2 Chronicles 9:9
She gave the king one hundred and twenty talents of gold, and spices in great abundance, and precious stones: neither was there any such spice as the queen of Sheba gave to king Solomon.
(See NIV)

2 Chronicles 25:13
But the men of the army whom Amaziah sent back, that they should not go with him to battle, fell on the cities of Judah, from Samaria even to Beth Horon, and struck of them three thousand, and took much spoil.
(See NIV)

Zechariah 14:14
Judah also will fight at Jerusalem; and the wealth of all the surrounding nations will be gathered together: gold, and silver, and clothing, in great abundance.
(See NIV)



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