Judges 5:26
She reached for the tent peg, her right hand for the workman's hammer. She struck Sisera and crushed his skull; she shattered and pierced his temple.
Cross References
Judges 4:21
But as he lay sleeping from exhaustion, Heber's wife Jael took a tent peg, grabbed a hammer, and went silently to Sisera. She drove the peg through his temple and into the ground, and he died.

Judges 5:25
He asked for water, and she gave him milk. In a magnificent bowl she brought him curdled milk.

Judges 5:27
At her feet he collapsed, he fell, there he lay still; at her feet he collapsed, he fell; where he collapsed, there he fell dead.

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

with the.

1 Samuel 17:49-51
Then David reached into his bag, took out a stone and slung it, striking the Philistine on the forehead. The stone sank into his forehead, and he fell facedown on the ground. . . .

2 Samuel 20:22
Then the woman went to all the people with her wise counsel, and they cut off the head of Sheba son of Bichri and threw it to Joab. So he blew the trumpet and his men dispersed from the city, each to his own home. And Joab returned to the king in Jerusalem.

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