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Sainte Bible en ligne

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Russian Bible Online

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Chinese Holy Bible

6 Translations

1. Albanian

2. Amharic NT

3. Arabic: Smith & Van Dyke

4. Aramaic NT: Peshitta
5. Aramaic NT Interlinear
6. Aramaic Gospels Interlinear

7. Armenian (Western): NT

8. Basque (Navarro-Labourdin): NT

9. Bavarian

10. Brazilian Portuguese: Parallel Bible
11. Brazilian Portuguese: TSK
12. Brazilian Portuguese: KJA

13. Bulgarian

14. Chinese Bible: Parallel
15. Chinese Bible TSK
16. Chinese Standard Bible (Traditional)
17. Chinese Standard Bible (Simplified)
18. CUVMP (Traditional)
19. CUVMP (Simplified)
20. Chinese Bible: Union (Traditional)
21. Chinese Bible: Union Simplified)

22. Croatian Bible

23. Czech BKR

24. Danish Parallel Bible
25. Danish Bible TSK
26. Danish

27. Dutch Staten Vertaling

28. English: A Faithful Version
29. English: American King James Version
30. English: American Standard Version
31. English: Aramaic Bible in Plain English
32. English: Berean Literal Bible
33. English: Berean Reader's Bible
34. English: Berean Study Bible
35. English: BSB + Strong's
36. English: Brenton Septuagint Translation
37. English: Darby Bible Translation
38. English: Douay-Rheims Bible
39. English: English Revised Version
40. English: English Standard Version
41. English: God's Word Translation
42. English: International Standard Version
43. English: Institute for Scripture Research
44. English: JPS Tanakh
45. English: Jubilee Bible 2000
46. English: King James Bible
47. English: King James 2000 Bible
48. English: NET Bible
49. English: New Messianic Version
50. English: New Creation Bible for Muslims
51. English: KJV Purple Letter Edition
52. English: KJV + Strong's
53. English: New American Standard Bible
54. English: NASB 1977
55. English: NASB + Strong's
56. English: NASB Lexicon
57. English: New International Version
58. English: New Living Translation
59. English: Orthodox Jewish Bible
60. English: Tyndale New Testament
61. English: Webster's Bible Translation
62. English: World English Bible
63. English: Weymouth New Testament
64. English: Wycliffe Bible
65. English: Young's Literal Translation
66. English: YLT + Strong's

67. Parallel Commentaries
68. Barnes' Notes
69. Benson Commentary
70. Biblical Illustrator
71. Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges
72. Clarke's Commentary
73. Darby's Bible Synopsis
74. Expositor's Bible Commentary
75. Expositor's Dictionary of Texts
76. Geneva Study Bible
77. Gill's Bible Exposition
78. Gray's Concise Bible Commentary
79. Guzik Bible Commentary
80. Jamieson-Fausset-Brown
81. KJV Translator's Notes
82. Lange Commentary on the Holy Scriptures
83. MacLaren Expositions Of Holy Scripture
84. Matthew Henry Concise
85. Matthew Henry Full
86. Matthew Poole's Commentary
87. Pulpit Commentary
88. Pulpit Homiletics
89. Sermon Bible - Nicoll
90. Scofield Reference Notes
91. Through the Bible Day by Day - Meyer
92. Treasury of Scripture Knowledge
93. Wesley's Notes

94. Keil and Delitsch OT Commentary
95. Bengel's Gnomon of the NT
96. Expositor's Greek Testament
97. ICC NT Commentary
98. Meyer's NT Commentary
99. People's New Testament
100. Vincent's Word Studies

101. Hastings Great Texts of the Bible
102. Kelly Major Works Commentary
103. Teed Bible Commentary
104. Bonar Commentary on Revelation
105. Chrysostom Homilies
106. Spurgeon's Treasury of David - Psalms
107. Newell Commentary - Romans, Revelation
108. Bliss - A Brief Commentary on the Apocalypse
109. A Commentary on Acts of the Apostles – Mcgarvey
110. Calvin's Commentaries
111. Commentary on Genesis, Vol. II – Luther
112. Exposition of Genesis: Volume 1 – Leupold
113. Exposition on the Book of Psalms – Augustine
114. Jeremiah – Smith
115. Old Groans and New Songs – Jennings
116. Philippian Studies – Moule
117. Song of Songs of Solomon – Guyon
118. The Epistle of James, Practically Explained – Neander
119. The Epistle of Paul to the Philippians, Practically Explained – Neander
120. The First Epistle of John, Practically Explained – Neander
121. The Gospel of Luke, An Exposition – Erdman
122. The Gospel of St. Mark – Chadwick
123. The New Testament Commentary Vol. III: John – Johnson
124. Union and Communion - Song of Solomon – Taylor

125. Bible at a Glance - Dr. H. L. Willmington
126. Ultimate Bible Summary Collection - Jay Smith
127. The Bible Book by Book - Tidell
128. Benson Commentary Intros
129. Cambridge Commentary Intros
130. Gray Commentary Intros
131. ICC NT Commentary Intros
132. Lange Commentary Intros
133. Lightfoot NT Commentary from the Talmud and Hebraica
134. Meyer's Commentary Intros
135. Poole Commentary Intros
136. Schaff's Popular Commentary on the NT

137. Esperanto

138. Estonian: Genesis and New Testament

139. Finnish: Bible (1776)

140. Finnish: Pyha Raamattu (1933/1938)

141. French: Sainte Bible Parallel
142. French Bible TSK
143. French: Darby
144. French: Louis Segond (1910)
145. French: Martin (1744)

146. German: Bibel Text Parallel
147. German Bible TSK
148. German: Textbibel (1899)
149. German: Modernized
150. German: Luther (1912)

151. Greek NT: Parallel Texts
152. Greek NT: Text Analysis
153. Greek NT / English: Lexicon
154. Greek NT (Unaccented): Byzantine (2000)
155. Greek NT (Unaccented): Byzantine (1995)
156. Greek NT (Unaccented): Tischendorf 8th Ed.
157. Greek NT (Unaccented): Textus Rec. (1550)

158. Greek NT (Accented): Greek Orthodox Church
159. Greek NT (Accented): Nestle 1904
160. Greek NT (Accented): Stephenus Textus Receptus (1550)
161. Greek NT (Accented): Shrivener's Textus Receptus (1894)
162. Greek NT (Accented): Tischendorf 8th Ed.
163. Greek NT (Accented): Tischendorf w/ Strong's
164. Greek NT (Accented): Westcott / Hort

165. Greek NT (Interlinear): Apostolic Bible Polyglot
166. Greek NT (Interlinear): Biblos Interlinear
167. Greek NT (Study Bible): Biblos

168. Greek NT (Transliterated): Byzantine (2000)
169. Greek NT (Transliterated): Tischendorf 8th Ed.
170. Greek NT (Transliterated): T. Receptus (1894)
171. Greek NT (Transliterated): T. Receptus (1550)
172. Greek NT (Transliterated): WH + UBS4 Variants
173. Greek NT (Transliterated): Westcott / Hort

174. Greek OT (Interlinear): Apostolic Bible Polyglot
175. Greek OT: Swete's Septuagint

176. Haitian Creole Bible

177. Hebrew OT: Parallel Texts
178. Hebrew OT: Text Analysis
179. Hebrew OT / English: Lexicon
180. Hebrew OT (Interlinear): Biblos Interlinear
181. Hebrew OT (Study Bible): Biblos
182. Hebrew OT: Aleppo Codex
183. Hebrew OT: Westminster Leningrad Codex
184. Hebrew OT: WLC (Consonants Only)
185. Orthodox Jewish Hebrew Bible: OT and NT
186. Hebrew Bible: OT and NT

187. Hungarian: Karoli

188. Icelandic

189. Italian: Giovanni Diodati Bible (1649)
190. Italian: Riveduta Bible (1927)

191. Indonesian - Bahasa Indonesia Sehari-hari (BIS)
192. Indonesian - Terjemahan Baru (TB)
193. Indonesian - Terjemahan Lama (TL)

194. Japanese: NT Portions

195. Kabyle NT

196. Korean

197. Latin

198. Latvian New Testament

199. Lithuanian

200. Maori

201. Norwegian: Parallel
202. Norwegian Bible TSK
203. Norwegian: Det Norsk Bibelselskap (1930)

204. Polish: Biblia Gdanska

205. Portuguese: Parallel Bible
206. Portuguese: TSK
207. Portugese Bible: JFA

208. Romanian: Cornilescu

209. Russian: Synodal Translation (1876)
210. Russian: Victor Zhuromsky NT
211. Russian koi8r

212. Shuar New Testament

213. Spanish: Biblia Paralela
214. Spanish Bible TSK
215. Spanish: Biblia Jubileo 2000
216. Spanish: La Biblia de las Americas (1997)
217. Spanish: La Nueva Biblia de los Hisp. (2005)
218. Spanish: Reina Valera Gomez (2010)
219. Spanish: Reina Valera (1909)
220. Spanish: Sagradas Escrituras (1569)

221. Swedish: Parallel
222. Swedish Bible TSK
223. Swedish (1917)

224. Swahili NT

225. Tagalog: Ang Dating Biblia (1905)

226. Thai: from KJV

227. Tawallammat Tamajaq NT

228. Turkish

229. Ukrainian NT

230. Uma New Testament

231. Vietnamese (1934)


These sites are currently available in parallel verse format

1. Online Parallel Bible (English)
2. (Greek, Hebrew, Latin, Aramaic)
3. Biblia Paralela (Spanish)
4. (Chinese)
5. (French)
6. (Multilingual)
7. (Danish, Swedish, Norwegian)
8. (German)

Our mission is to increase the visibility and accessibility of the Scriptures online by providing free access to Bible study tools in many languages.

Feel free to write us with any suggestions, comments or corrections. The site has been developed largely through user feedback.

We are not currently taking donations, as the site is presently self supportive. However, we recommend a donation to the organizations who have made Bible texts available online:
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Many of these these sites offer free, downloadable software as well (Note that our software is online only).

Please see these recommended sites for excellent Bible Study Content:
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We are thankful for the above organizations, as well the various authors and Bible Societies who have made their work available for scholarly use or granted us special permission. They are listed with their respective languanges and translations.


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