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Feel free to write us with any suggestions, comments or corrections. The feedback we receive is quite useful as we continue to update this site.

If you have a question or comment about any of the following, please read below:
May I have permission to quote from the site?
I have a question about a Biblical passage.
I disagree with one of the commentaries.
Can the site add a given translation?
Can I donate to the site?
Are any downloads or software available?
May I link to the Site?
I am having trouble with Greek or Hebrew Fonts.
I would like to offer thanks or a suggestion.
I would like to report an error on the site.

Here are answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions:

May I have permission to quote from the site?

You will not need to write us for permission to quote from the site. However, for materials that are copyrighted or listed as "used by permission," further permissions would need to come from the original publisher and not from us.

For Scripture references, many sources are public domain and may be quoted freely without attribution. These include KJV ASV WEB AKJ DBT DRB ERV YLT and many of the commentaries and encyclopedias.

For copyrighted sources such as NIV ISV NLT NASB ESV HCSB and others, please see their copyright statements linked on those pages. Many of these can be quoted in small amounts with correct attribution to the publisher (Normally just to state the version when quoting single verses. Attribution to the website is not needed).

I have a question about a Biblical Passage.

We have received many interesting and enlightening questions. Since our volunteers are working on the technological aspects of our site, they may not have the theological training to answer these difficult questions. We believe you will be better served by an organization whose mission is to answer these questions for you, such as - Over 650,000 questions and answers - Christian Answers
Ask Ligonier (Live Chat) - Get answers to your biblical and theological questions

I disagree with one of the commentaries.

The commentaries are provided for study and research purposes. Please note that we do not necessarily endorse every opinion offered by the writers. We also hope to add more modern commentaries.

Can the site add a given translation?

We are trying hard to work out permissions for several more modern translations. If you have a version to request, we are most likely seeking permission already. In fact, this is our greatest need and your prayers are welcome. If you have a contact with an interest in granting permissions, we would love to hear from you!

Can I donate to your site?

Please note that we are not taking donations as the site is presently self supportive. We recommend a contribution to any of the organizations or Bible Societies who distribute the Scriptures used on this site. They are listed on the Biblos Resource Page and with their corresponding translations and languages.

Is any software available?

We do not currently have software available. The site is a web based solution with the advantages of an unlimited size and scope, interactivity, and ability to constantly update. Because of this it would be quite unwieldy in a downloadable software form. Additionally, our permissions are worked out for web based use only.

For an excellent source of free Bible software, we recommend:

May I link to the site?

We welcome links from any site, blog, email newsletter and any other format. You are free to link to any page on any site in our network. You do not need to ask for permission. You are also welcome to copy and resize the Biblos Logo (Please copy the graphic itself). We are grateful to all who are help spread the word about our resources.

I am having trouble with Greek or Hebrew Fonts.

You may be helped by a free download.

I would like to offer thanks or a suggestion.

We are grateful for your comments and suggestions. Although we are unable to respond directly due to volume of email, we assure you that your note will be shared with those who develop the site, and we thank you in advance for all encouragement and feedback. You are also welcome to leave a comment on our facebook page.

There is something incorrect or inappropriate on the site.

Please write us so that we can correct the problem.

Some advertising is via third party sources. For these, we do not choose the ads. However, we are able to block or cancel ads from inappropriate sites. Please send us the url or domain name, which you can see by mousing over the ad (no need to click on the ad), and we will quickly block any ads that do not belong on our site.

Feel free to email our staff at:

Most likely we can only send an autoreply...

We need to be honest that we cannot personally reply to the large volume of email and questions we receive. We have been very intentional not to incur the high overhead of the staffing that would be required to reply to all correspondence. This would necessitate much more intrusive advertising on the site.

So please do not take it personally if you receive only an auto reply. We do read all emails and greatly appreciate all corrections and suggestions. We will continue to highly value your input as we develop the site.

Advertisers, note that our inventory for direct sales is currently filled. Most of the advertising on the site is programmatic, so we are recommending third party sources at the current time.


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