Interlinear Bible

For optimal viewing and serious study, we recommend, these free fonts. The Style Sheet for this site is set so that the lowest numbered font you install will be displayed. This site is optimized for Cardo for Greek and Ezra SIL for Hebrew.


5. Palatino Linotype: (Included with MS Windows)
4. Galatia SIL from SIL International (Scroll to the bottom for download)
3. Galilee Unicode Gk from Rodney Decker's homepage
2. GentiumAlt from SIL International (Scroll to the bottom for download)
1. Cardo from (Click under "HOW TO DOWNLOAD...").


4. Cardo from (Click under "HOW TO DOWNLOAD...")
3. Palatino Linotype: (Included with MS Windows)
2. SBL Hebrew from the Society of Biblical Literature (Click on SBL Hebrew Font)
1. Ezra SIL from the SIL International


1. You will need the font called Evyoni Hebrew Encoded Palaeo. The font can be downloaded from The Karaite Korner using this link: // - Click on Tanach Paleo-Hebrew Text (Without Vowels). The font is courtesy and intellectual property of the Ebionite Community at //

Without the installation of a Greek or Hebrew Font, the original Laguage texts on this site will default to Arial or Palatino Linotye, which are pre-installed in most computers. These should be quite suitable for viewing, but not as readable or historically accurate as the true Greek and Hebrew Fonts.


Revelation 22
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