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The Author. We do not know much of the work of Titus. But from Gal. 2:1-5; 2 Cor. 2:12-13; 7:2-16, and Titus 1:5 and 3:12 we learn: (1) that he was a Gentile whom Paul carried to Jerusalem, (2) that by the liberty of the gospel the Jerusalem council did not require him to be circumcised. (3) that he a capable and an energetic missionary, (4) that Paul had left him in Crete to finish the work which he had begun there.

The Book. The book is written to counsel Titus concerning the work Paul had left him to do (1:5). It contains: (1) the qualifications of the presbyters to be selected; (2) the method of dealing with false teachings; (3) instructions to the different classes of the church; (4) exhortations to Titus himself.

Date. Probably written from Macedonia, A. D. 66.


Greeting, 1:1-4.

I. Qualifications and Duties of Bishops or Pastors, 1:5 end.

1. The qualifications and duties, 5-9.

2. Reasons for needing such officers, 10 end.

II. Instruction in Practical Godliness, 2:1-3:11.

1. Proper conduct for the different classes and its basis, Ch. 2.

2. Proper conduct in the different life relations, 3:1-11.

Conclusion. 3:12-15.

For Study and Discussion. (1) Qualifications of presbyters 1:5-10. (2) Lofty moral ideals for all Christians 2:1-15. (3) Savior and salvation used seven times. (4) Good works or good things, the keyword of the epistles and used seven times. (5) Sound doctrine occurs seven times in this form or as sound in the faith, uncorruption in doctrine, sound speech or doctrine of God. (6) Sober-minded occurring six times, at least in thought. These last three constitute the Epistle's idea of real godliness.

For the Outline Study of the Bible by Books by J.B. TIDELL, A.M., D.D. Professor of Biblical Literature in Baylor University, Waco, Texas
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