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Jesus Christ was acclaimed as a prophet by those who witnessed his miracles and heard his teaching. They recognised him as a bearer of the word of God, who spoke with authority concerning the nature and purposes of God.

Examples of those who recognised Jesus Christ as a prophet

People anticipating the coming prophet

John 6:14 The reference is to the promised prophet, who, like Moses, would see God face to face (see Dt 18:15,18). See also John 1:21; John 7:40,52

A Samaritan woman

John 4:17-19

Witnesses of Jesus Christ's miracles

Matthew 14:1-5 pp Mark 6:14-15; Matthew 16:13-14 pp Mark 8:27-28 pp Luke 9:18-19

The crowd as Jesus Christ approached Jerusalem

Matthew 21:10-11,46

Two of Jesus Christ's disciples after his death

Luke 24:19

The apostles Peter and Stephen

Acts 3:20-23; Acts 7:37; Deuteronomy 18:15-18

Indications of Jesus Christ being a prophet

He announced coming blessing from God

John 7:37-40 See also Matthew 5:3-12 pp Luke 6:20-23; Matthew 13:16-17 pp Luke 10:23-24; John 20:19-21,29

He announced coming judgment and woe

Acts 3:23 See also Matthew 11:20-24 pp Luke 10:13-15; Matthew 23:13-39; Luke 6:24-26

He possessed supernatural knowledge and insight

John 2:24-25 See also Matthew 9:4 pp Mark 2:8 pp Luke 5:22; Luke 7:39-43; Luke 9:47; John 4:16-19

He performed mighty works and miracles

Luke 7:12-17; John 9:17

Jesus Christ's own understanding of himself as a prophet

As a rejected prophet

Luke 13:31-35 See also Matthew 13:57 pp Mark 6:4; Luke 4:24-27; John 5:46

As a prophet anointed by God's Spirit

John 3:34 See also Luke 4:16-21; Isaiah 61:1-2

As a prophet who speaks with authority

Mark 1:22; Mark 3:28; John 7:16; John 14:10

The place of Jesus Christ in relation to other prophets

Jesus Christ is greater than other prophets

Matthew 12:41 pp Luke 11:32 See also John 1:15 John the Baptist was accepted as a prophet (e.g., Mt 11:9).

Jesus Christ is the Messiah and Son of God

Matthew 16:13-17 See also Hebrews 1:1-2

The exalted Christ is the source and essence of all prophecy

Revelation 19:10

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