Jeremiah 48
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A Prophecy against Moab

1To Moab: This is what the LORD of the Heavenly Armies, the God of Israel, says:

“How terrible for Nebo, for it’s laid waste.

Kiriathaim is put to shame, it’s captured.

The fortress is put to shame, it’s shattered.

2The pride of Moab is no more.

In Heshbon they plotted evil against her:

‘Come and let’s eliminate her as a nation.’

Madmena will also be silenced,

and the sword will pursue you.

3The sound of crying will come from Horonaim,

devastation and great destruction.

4Moab will be destroyed;

her little ones will cry out.

5Indeed, at the ascent of Luhith

people will go up with bitter weeping.

At the descent of Horonaim

the anguished cries over the destruction will be heard.

6Flee, save your lives,

and you will be like a wild donkeyb in the desert.

7But, because you trust in your deeds and your riches,

you will also be captured.

Chemoshc will go out into exile,

along with his priests and officials.

8A destroyer will come to every town

and no town will escape.

The valley will be ruined and the plateau destroyed.”

Thisd is what the LORD has said!

9“Put salte on Moabf

for she will surely fall.

Her towns will become desolate places,g

without any inhabitants in them.

10Cursed is the one who is slack

in doing the LORD’s work.

Cursed is the one who holds back his sword

from sheddingh blood.

11Moab has been at ease from his youth.

He has been undisturbed like winei on its dregs

and not poured from vessel to vessel.

He has not gone into exile.

Therefore, his flavor has remained,

and his aroma has not changed.

12“Therefore, look, days are coming,” declares the LORD, “when I’ll send those who tip over vesselsj to him, and they’ll tip him over. They’ll empty his vessels and shatter his jars. 13Moab will be ashamed because of Chemosh just as the house of Israel was ashamed because of Bethel, their confidence.

14“How can you say, ‘We’re strong warriors,

and soldiers readyk for battle’?

15Moab will be destroyed,

and the enemyl will come up against her cities.

Her finest young men will go down to slaughter,”

declares the King,

whose name is the LORD of the Heavenly Armies.

16“Moab’s disaster is near at hand,

and his calamity is coming very quickly.

17Mourn for him, all who live around him,

and all who know his name.

Say, ‘Oh how the mighty rod is broken,

the glorious staff.’

18“Come down from glory, and sit on parched ground,

O woman who lives in Dibon,

for the destroyer of Moab will come up

against you to destroy you.

He will destroy your strongholds.

19Stand by the road and keep watch,

O woman who lives in Aroer.

Ask the man who flees and the woman who escapes.

Say, ‘What happened’?

20Moab will be put to shame,

for it will be destroyed.

Wail and cry out.

Announce by the Arnon that Moab is destroyed.

21Judgment has come to the plateau:m

to Holon and Jahzah,

and against Mephaath,

22Dibon, Nebo, and Beth-diblathaim,

23against Kiriathaim, Beth-gamul, and Beth-meon,

24against Kerioth, Bozrah,

and all the towns in the land of Moab,

both far and near.

25The strengthn of Moab is cut off, and his arm is broken,”

declares the LORD.

26“Make him drunk for he has exalted himself

against the LORD.

Moab will wallow in his vomit,

and he will be the object of mocking.

27Wasn’t Israel an object of mocking for you?

Wasn’t he treated like a thief,o

so that whenever you spoke about him

you shook your head in contempt?p

28Abandon the cities, and live on the cliffs,q

you inhabitants of Moab.

Be like a dove that builds a nest

by the mouth of a cave.

29We have heard about Moab’s pride—

he’s very proud—

his haughtiness, his arrogance,

his insolence, and his conceit.r

30I know his gall,”

declares the LORD,

“and it’s futile;

the boasting that they do is futile.

31Therefore, I’ll wail for Moab,

and for the whole of Moab I’ll cry out,

for the men of Kir-heres I’ll moan.

32More than the weeping for Jazer,s

I’ll weep for you, vine of Sibmah.t

Your branches spread out to the sea,

and reached as far as the Sea of Jazer.u

On your summer fruit and grapesv

the destroyer will fall.

33Gladness and rejoicing will be taken away

from the fruitful land.w

From the land of Moab I’ll cause the wine

in the wine presses to stop flowing.x

The workers won’t tready the grapes with a loud shout.z

There will be no shout!

34“From the cry of Heshbon, to Elealeh, to Jahaz they have lifted up their voice. From Zoar to Horonaim and to Eglath-shelishiyah, even the waters of Nimrim will become a desolate place. 35In Moab,” declares the LORD, “I’ll put an end to the one who offers a burnt offering on the high place and to the one who burns incense to his gods. 36Therefore my heart wails for Moab like flutesaa and my heart wails for the men of Kir-heres like flutes. Therefore they’ll lose the abundance they produced. 37Indeed every head will be baldbb and every beard cut There will be gashes on all the handsdd and sackcloth on the loins. 38On all the housetops of Moab and in the streets there will be nothing but mourning, for I’ll break Moab like a vessel that no one wants,” declares the LORD. 39“How it will be shattered! How they’ll wail! How Moab will turn his back in shame! Moab will be an object of ridicule and terror to all those around him.”

40For this is what the LORD says:

“Look, like an eagle one will fly swiftly

and spread his wings against Moab.

41The townsee will be captured

and the strongholds seized.

On that day the hearts of the warriors of Moab

will be like the heart of a woman in labor.

42Moab will be destroyed as a nationff

because he exalted himself against the LORD.

43Terror, pit, and trap will be usedgg against you

who live in Moab,”

declares the LORD.

44“The one who flees from the terror

will fall into a pit.

And the one who comes up out of the pit

will be caught in a trap.

For I’ll bring upon her, that is upon Moab,

the time of herhh punishment,”

declares the LORD.

45“The fugitives will stand without strength

in the shadow of Heshbon,

for fire will go out from Heshbon

and a flame from the middle of Sihon.

It will devour the forehead of Moab

and the heads of the rebellious people.ii

46How terrible for you, Moab!

The people of Chemoshjj will perish.

Indeed, your sons will be taken into captivity,

and your daughters as well.kk

47But I’ll restore the fortunes of Moab in the latter days,”

declares the LORD.

This concludes the judgment on Moab.

a 48:02:00Madmen was a town in Moab. The name sounds like the Heb. word silenced
b 48:6 So LXX; MT reads Aroer
c 48:07:00Chemosh was the chief Moabite deity.
d 48:8 The Heb. lacks this.
e 48:9 Or take wing
f 48:9 i.e. as a sign of destruction
g 48:9 Lit. a desolation
h 48:10 The Heb. lacks shedding
i 48:11 The Heb. lacks like wine
j 48:12 The Heb. lacks vessels
k 48:14 The Heb. lacks ready
l 48:15 Lit. he
m 48:21 Moab was located on a plateau overlooking the Jordan River.
n 48:25 Lit. horn
o 48:27 Lit. found among thieves
p 48:27 The Heb. lacks in contempt
q 48:28 Or among the crags; i.e. on the face of a cliff
r 48:29 Lit. the elevation of his heart
s 48:32:00Jazer was a town in Moab.
t 48:32:00Sibmah was a town in Moab noted for its vineyards.
u 48:32 i.e. the Dead Sea
v 48:32 Lit. your vintage
w 48:33 Or from Carmel
x 48:33 The Heb. lacks flowing
y 48:33 Lit. He won’t tread
z 48:33 Lit. with a shout, shout
aa 48:36 i.e. flutes were played as a part of mourning for the dead
bb 48:37 i.e. heads were shaved as a sign of mourning
cc 48:37 i.e. beards were cut short as a sign of mourning
dd 48:37 i.e. people cut themselves as a sign of mourning
ee 48:41 Or Kerioth
ff 48:42 Lit. from being a nation
gg 48:43 The Heb. lacks used
hh 48:44 Lit. their
ii 48:45 Lit. sons of tumult
jj 48:46:00Chemosh was the chief deity of Moab.
kk 48:46 Lit. daughters into captivity

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