665. epher
Strong's Concordance
epher: ashes
Original Word: אֵפֶר
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: epher
Phonetic Spelling: (ay'-fer)
Definition: ashes
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from an unused word
NASB Translation
ashes (21), dust (1).

אֵ֫פֶר noun [masculine] ashes (as light, flying?) — ׳א absolute Genesis 18:27 +; construct Numbers 19:9,10 — ashes of red heifer, used in purifications Numbers 19:9,10; on head, as sign of humiliation 2 Samuel 13:19; contrition Daniel 9:3 ("" צוֺם, שַׂק), Jonah 3:6 ("" שַׂק) compare Job 42:6 (׳עָפָר וא), Isaiah 58:5 ("" שַׂק); mourning Esther 4:1,3("" שַׂק) compare Job 2:8 (׳ישׁב בתוך הא), Jeremiah 6:26 ("" שַׂק), Ezekiel 27:30 ("" עפר); in simile scattereth hoarfrost ׳כָּא Psalm 147:16; but also as filthy, loathsome ׳כעפר וא Job 30:19 (Di simile of mourning, grief), as worthless, ׳מִשְׁלֵי א Job 13:12 proverbs of ashes; figurative of worthlessness Isaiah 44:20; insignificance ׳עפר וא Genesis 18:27; ignominy Ezekiel 28:18; Malachi 3:21; distress & sorrow כַּלָּחֶם אָכָ֑לְתִּי ׳א Psalm 102:10 (so Assyrian compare ZimBP 42) compare Lamentations 3:16; Isaiah 61:3 (מְּאֵר תַּחַת אֵפֶר).

II. אפר (enclose, envelope, Assyrian apâru, attire DlPr 54; Thes compare Arabic , cover; MV compare Aramaic , מעפרא, mantle, turban; but connection of √ ()ע ׳מּ with אפר is dubious)

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance

From an unused root meaning to bestrew; ashes -- ashes.

Forms and Transliterations
אֵ֑פֶר אֵ֔פֶר אֵ֗פֶר אֵ֙פֶר֙ אֵ֣פֶר אֵ֤פֶר אֵ֭פֶר אפר בָּאֵ֖פֶר בָּאֵֽפֶר׃ בָאֵ֔פֶר באפר באפר׃ הָאֵֽפֶר׃ האפר׃ וָאֵ֑פֶר וָאֵ֔פֶר וָאֵ֙פֶר֙ וָאֵֽפֶר׃ ואפר ואפר׃ כָּאֵ֥פֶר כאפר לְאֵ֙פֶר֙ לאפר ’ê·p̄er ’êp̄er bā’êp̄er ḇā’êp̄er bā·’ê·p̄er ḇā·’ê·p̄er baEfer Efer hā’êp̄er hā·’ê·p̄er haEfer kā’êp̄er kā·’ê·p̄er kaEfer lə’êp̄er lə·’ê·p̄er leEfer vaEfer wā’êp̄er wā·’ê·p̄er
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Englishman's Concordance
Genesis 18:27
HEB: וְאָנֹכִ֖י עָפָ֥ר וָאֵֽפֶר׃
NAS: although I am [but] dust and ashes.
KJV: which [am but] dust and ashes:
INT: which I am dust and ashes

Numbers 19:9
HEB: טָה֗וֹר אֵ֚ת אֵ֣פֶר הַפָּרָ֔ה וְהִנִּ֛יחַ
NAS: shall gather up the ashes of the heifer
KJV: shall gather up the ashes of the heifer,
INT: man is clean the ashes of the heifer and lay up

Numbers 19:10
HEB: הָאֹסֵ֨ף אֶת־ אֵ֤פֶר הַפָּרָה֙ אֶת־
NAS: The one who gathers the ashes of the heifer
KJV: And he that gathereth the ashes of the heifer
INT: shall wash gathers the ashes of the heifer his clothes

2 Samuel 13:19
HEB: וַתִּקַּ֨ח תָּמָ֥ר אֵ֙פֶר֙ עַל־ רֹאשָׁ֔הּ
NAS: Tamar put ashes on her head and tore
KJV: put ashes on her head,
INT: put Tamar ashes on her head

Esther 4:1
HEB: וַיִּלְבַּ֥שׁ שַׂ֖ק וָאֵ֑פֶר וַיֵּצֵא֙ בְּת֣וֹךְ
NAS: on sackcloth and ashes, and went
KJV: sackcloth with ashes, and went out
INT: put sackcloth and ashes and went the midst

Esther 4:3
HEB: וּמִסְפֵּ֑ד שַׂ֣ק וָאֵ֔פֶר יֻצַּ֖ע לָֽרַבִּֽים׃
NAS: lay on sackcloth and ashes.
KJV: lay in sackcloth and ashes.
INT: and wailing sackcloth and ashes lay and many

Job 2:8
HEB: יֹשֵׁ֥ב בְּתוֹךְ־ הָאֵֽפֶר׃
NAS: among the ashes.
KJV: among the ashes.
INT: was sitting among the ashes

Job 13:12
HEB: זִֽ֭כְרֹנֵיכֶם מִשְׁלֵי־ אֵ֑פֶר לְגַבֵּי־ חֹ֝֗מֶר
NAS: are proverbs of ashes, Your defenses
KJV: [are] like unto ashes, your bodies
INT: your memorable be like of ashes your defenses of clay

Job 30:19
HEB: וָ֝אֶתְמַשֵּׁ֗ל כֶּעָפָ֥ר וָאֵֽפֶר׃
NAS: And I have become like dust and ashes.
KJV: and I am become like dust and ashes.
INT: have become dust and ashes

Job 42:6
HEB: עַל־ עָפָ֥ר וָאֵֽפֶר׃ פ
NAS: And I repent in dust and ashes.
KJV: in dust and ashes.
INT: in dust and ashes

Psalm 102:9
HEB: כִּי־ אֵ֭פֶר כַּלֶּ֣חֶם אָכָ֑לְתִּי
NAS: For I have eaten ashes like bread
KJV: For I have eaten ashes like bread,
INT: for ashes bread have eaten

Psalm 147:16
HEB: כַּצָּ֑מֶר כְּ֝פ֗וֹר כָּאֵ֥פֶר יְפַזֵּֽר׃
NAS: He scatters the frost like ashes.
KJV: the hoarfrost like ashes.
INT: wool the frost ashes scatters

Isaiah 44:20
HEB: רֹעֶ֣ה אֵ֔פֶר לֵ֥ב הוּתַ֖ל
NAS: He feeds on ashes; a deceived heart
KJV: He feedeth on ashes: a deceived heart
INT: feeds ashes heart A deceived

Isaiah 58:5
HEB: רֹאשׁ֗וֹ וְשַׂ֤ק וָאֵ֙פֶר֙ יַצִּ֔יעַ הֲלָזֶה֙
NAS: out sackcloth and ashes as a bed? Will you call
KJV: sackcloth and ashes [under him]? wilt thou call
INT: head sackcloth and ashes spreading this

Isaiah 61:3
HEB: פְּאֵ֜ר תַּ֣חַת אֵ֗פֶר שֶׁ֤מֶן שָׂשׂוֹן֙
NAS: instead of ashes, The oil
KJV: unto them beauty for ashes, the oil
INT: A garland instead of ashes the oil of gladness

Jeremiah 6:26
HEB: שָׂק֙ וְהִתְפַּלְּשִׁ֣י בָאֵ֔פֶר אֵ֤בֶל יָחִיד֙
NAS: And roll in ashes; Mourn
KJV: and wallow thyself in ashes: make
INT: sackcloth and roll ashes Mourn an only

Lamentations 3:16
HEB: שִׁנָּ֔י הִכְפִּישַׁ֖נִי בָּאֵֽפֶר׃
NAS: He has made me cower in the dust.
KJV: he hath covered me with ashes.
INT: my teeth cower the dust

Ezekiel 27:30
HEB: עַל־ רָ֣אשֵׁיהֶ֔ם בָּאֵ֖פֶר יִתְפַּלָּֽשׁוּ׃
NAS: They will wallow in ashes.
KJV: they shall wallow themselves in the ashes:
INT: over their heads ashes will wallow

Ezekiel 28:18
HEB: אֲכָלַ֔תְךָ וָאֶתֶּנְךָ֤ לְאֵ֙פֶר֙ עַל־ הָאָ֔רֶץ
NAS: you, And I have turned you to ashes on the earth
KJV: thee, and I will bring thee to ashes upon the earth
INT: has consumed have turned to ashes on the earth

Daniel 9:3
HEB: בְּצ֖וֹם וְשַׂ֥ק וָאֵֽפֶר׃
NAS: with fasting, sackcloth and ashes.
KJV: and sackcloth, and ashes:
INT: fasting sackcloth and ashes

Jonah 3:6
HEB: וַיֵּ֖שֶׁב עַל־ הָאֵֽפֶר׃
NAS: and sat on the ashes.
KJV: and sat in ashes.
INT: and sat on the ashes

Malachi 4:3
HEB: כִּֽי־ יִהְי֣וּ אֵ֔פֶר תַּ֖חַת כַּפּ֣וֹת
NAS: the wicked, for they will be ashes under
KJV: the wicked; for they shall be ashes under the soles
INT: for become will be ashes under the soles

22 Occurrences

Strong's Hebrew 665
22 Occurrences

bā·’ê·p̄er — 2 Occ.
’ê·p̄er — 8 Occ.
hā·’ê·p̄er — 2 Occ.
kā·’ê·p̄er — 1 Occ.
lə·’ê·p̄er — 1 Occ.
wā·’ê·p̄er — 8 Occ.

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