Genesis 27
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Isaac Blesses Jacob
(Hebrews 11:20)

1And it came to passe that Isaac wexed olde and his eyes were dymme so that he coude nat see. Tha called he Esau his eldest sonne and sayde vnto him: mi sonne. And he sayde vnto hym: heare am I. 2And he sayde: beholde I am olde ad knowe not the daye of mi deth: 3Now therfore take thi weapes thy quiver and thi bowe and gett the to the feldes and take me some venyson 4and make me meate such as I loue and brynge it me and let me eat that my soull may blesse the before that I dye:

5But Rebecca hard whe Isaac spake to Esau his sonne. And as soone as Esau was gone to the felde to catche venyson and to brige it 6she spake vnto Iacob hir sonne sainge? Behold I haue herde thi father talkinge with Esau thy brother and saynge: 7bringe me venyson and make me meate that I maye eate and blesse the before the LORde yer I dye. 8Now therfore my sonne heare my voyce in that which I comaunde the: 9gett the to the flocke and bringe me thece .ij. good kiddes and I will make meate of the for thi father soch as he loueth. 10And thou shalt brige it to thi father and he shal eate yt he maye blysse the before his deth 11Than sayde Iacob to Rebecca his mother. Beholde Esau mi brother is rugh and I am smooth. 12Mi father shal peradueture fele me ad I shal seme vnto hi as though I wet aboute to begyle hi and so shall he brige a curse vpo me and not a blessige: 13and his mother saide vnto him. Vppo me be thi curse my sonne only heare my voyce and goo and fetch me them. 14And Iacob went ad fett them and brought them to his mother.And his mother made meate of them accordinge as his father loued 15And she went and fett goodly rayment of hir eldest sonne Esau which she had in the house with hir and put them vpon Iacob hir yongest sonne 16ad she put the skynnes vpon his hades and apon the smooth of his necke. 17And she put ye meate and brede which she had made in the hode of hir sonne Iacob

18And he went in to his father saynge: my father And he aswered: here am I who art thou my sonne?

19And Iacob sayde vnto his father: I am Esau thy eldest sonne I haue done acordinge as thou baddest me vp and sytt and eate of my venyson that thi soule maye blesse me. 20But Isaac sayde vnto his sonne. How cometh it that thou hast fownde it so quicly my sonne? He answered: The LORde thy god brought it to my hande. 21Than sayde Isaac vnto Iacob: come nere and let me fele the my sonne whether thou be my sonne Esau or not. 22Than went Iacob to Isaac his father and he felt him and sayde the voyce is Iacobs voyce but the hades ar ye hades of Esau. 23And he knewe him not because his handes were rough as his brother Esaus handes: And so he blessed him. 24And he axed him art thou my sonne Esau? And he sayde: that I am. 25Than sayde he: brynge me and let me eate of my sonnes venyson that my soule maye blesse the. And he broughte him and he ate. And he broughte him wyne also and he dranke. 26And his father Isaac sayde vnto him: come nere and kysse me my sonne.

27And he wet to him and kissed him. And he smelled ye sauoure of his raymet and blessed hi and sayde See ye smell of my sone is as ye smell of a feld which the lorde hath blessed.

28God geue the of ye dewe of heave and of the fatnesse of the erth and pletie of corne and wyne.

29People be thy servauntes and natios bowe vnto the. Be lorde ouer thy brethre and thy mothers children stoupe vnto the. Cursed be he yt curseth the and lessed be he that blesseth the.

Esau’s Lost Hope

30As soone as Isaac had made an end of blessig Iacob and Iacob was scace gone out fro the preasence of Isaac his father: then came Esau his brother fro his huntynge: 31And had made also meate and brought it in vnto his father and sayde vnto him: Aryse my father and eate of thy sonnes venyson that thy soule maye blesse me. 32Tha his father Isaac sayde vnto him. Who art thou? he answered I am thy eldest sonne Esau. 33And Isaac was greatly astoyned out of mesure and sayde: Where is he then that hath huted venyson and broughte it me and I haue eaten of all before thou camest and haue blessed him ad he shall be blessed styll. 34Whe Esau herde the wordes of his father he cryed out greatly and bitterly aboue mesure and sayde vnto his father: blesse me also my father. 35And he sayde thy brother came with subtilte ad hath take awaye thy blessynge. 36Than sayde he: He maye well be called Iacob for he hath vndermyned me now .ij. tymes fyrst he toke awaye my byrthrighte: and se now hath he taken awaye my blessynge also. And he sayde hast thou kepte neuer a blessynge for me? 37Isaac answered and sayde vnto Esau: beholde I haue made him thi LORde and all his mothers childern haue I made his seruauntes. Moreouer wyth corne ad wyne haue I stablesshed him what ca I do vnto the now my sonne? 38And Esau sayde vnto his father? hast thou but yt one blessynge my father? blesse me also my fathe r: so lyfted vp Esau his voyce and wepte

39Tha Isaac his father answered and sayde vnto himBeholde thy dwellynge place shall haue of the fatnesse of the erth and of the dewe of heauen fro aboue.

40And wyth thy swerde shalt thou lyue and shalt be thy brothers seruaunte But the tyme will come when thou shalt gett the mastrye and lowse his yocke from of thy necke.

41And Esau hated Iacob because of the blessynge yt his father blessed him with all and sayde in his harte: The dayes of my fathers sorowe are at hade for I will sley my brother Iacob. 42And these wordes of Esau hir eldest sonne were told to Rebecca. And she sente ad called Iacob hir yongest sonne and sayde vnto hi: beholde thy brother Esau threatneth to kyll the: 43Now therfore my sone heare my voyce make the redie and flee to Laba my brother at Haran 44And tarie with him a while vntill thy brothers fearsnes be swaged and 45vntill thy brothers wrath turne away from the and he forgett that which thou hast done to him. Tha will I sende and fett the awaye from thence. Why shulde I lose you both in one daye.

46And Rebecca spake to Isaac: I am wery of my life for feare of the doughters of Heth. Yf Iacob take a wife of the doughters of Heth soch one as these are or of the doughters of the lande what lust shulde I haue to lyue.

Tyndale Bible of 1526

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