Luke 2
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1But it occurred in those days that a command also went out from Augustus Caesar that every nation of his empire would be registered. 2This census was the first in the government of Quraynus in Syria. 3And everyone was going to be registered in his own city. 4But Yoseph had come up from Nazareth, a city of Galilee, to Judea to the city of David called Bethlehem, because he was from the house and from the lineage of David, 5With Maryam his bride when she was pregnant, that he might be registered there. 6And it was, that while they were there, the days were completed for her to give birth. 7And she brought forth her firstborn Son and she wrapped him in swaddling bands, and she laid him in a manger because there was no place for them where they might lodge.

8But there were some shepherds in the region lodging there and they kept the nightly watch over their flocks; 9And behold, the Angel of God came to them and the glory of THE LORD JEHOVAH shone upon them and they were greatly afraid; 10And the Angel said to them, “Do not be afraid, for behold, I proclaim to you great joy which will be to the entire universe,” 11“For today, The Savior has been born to you, who is THE LORD JEHOVAH The Messiah, in the city of David.” 12“And this is a sign for you: You will find The Baby wrapped in swaddling bands and lying in a manger.” 13And suddenly, the great armies of Heaven appeared with the Angel, while shouting praises to God, and they were saying:

14“Glory to God in Heaven, and upon earth peace, Good News to the children of men.”

15It was that as the Angels went from them into Heaven, the shepherds spoke one with another and they were saying, “Let us go as far as Bethlehem, and we shall see this event that has occurred as THE LORD JEHOVAH has revealed to us.” 16And they came quickly and they found Maryam and Yoseph and The Baby who was lying in a manger. 17“And when they had seen, they made known the words that had been spoken with them about The Boy.” 18And all who heard marveled concerning those things that were spoken to them by the shepherds. 19But Maryam was keeping all these words and was pondering in her heart. 20And the shepherds returned as they glorified and praised God concerning everything, because they had seen and heard just as it had been spoken with them.

21And when the eight days were complete that The Boy should be circumcised, his name was called Yeshua, which he was called by the Angel before he would have been conceived in the womb.

22And when the days were fulfilled that they should be purified according to the law of Moses, they carried him to Jerusalem to present him before THE LORD JEHOVAH, 23As it is written in the law of THE LORD JEHOVAH, “Every male who opens the womb will be called a holy one of THE LORD JEHOVAH,” 24And to offer a sacrifice, just like that which was said in the law of THE LORD JEHOVAH, “A pair of turtle doves or two young doves.”

25But one man was there in Jerusalem, whose name was Shimeon, and this man was just and righteous and he was waiting for the consolation of Israel and The Spirit of Holiness was upon him. 26And it was told him by The Spirit of Holiness that he would not see death until he would see The Messiah of THE LORD JEHOVAH. 27This one had come by The Spirit of Holiness to The Temple, and as his parents brought The Boy Yeshua to do for him just as it was commanded in the law, 28He took him in his arms and he blessed God and said:

29“Now send your servant in peace, my Lord, according to your word.”

30“Behold, my eyes have seen your mercy,”

31“Him whom you have prepared in the sight of all the peoples.”

32“The Light for the revelation of the Gentiles and The Glory to your people Israel.”

33But Yoseph and his mother were marveling at those things which were spoken about him. 34And Shimeon blessed them and said to Maryam his mother, “Behold, This One is appointed for the fall and the rise of many in Israel and for a sign of contention.” 35“And a lance will pass through into your soul, so that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed.”

36And Hannah the Prophetess, daughter of Phanuel from the tribe of Asher, she was also in her old age, and had lived with her husband seven years after her virginity. 37And she had been a widow about 84 years, and she had not departed from The Temple, and with fastings and with prayers she was serving by day and night. 38She was also standing in it at that hour and she gave thanks to THE LORD JEHOVAH and was speaking about him with everyone who was waiting for the redemption of Jerusalem.

39And when they had finished everything according to that which is in the law of THE LORD JEHOVAH, they returned to Galilee to Nazareth their city. 40But The Boy was growing and being strengthened in spirit and he was filled with wisdom and the grace of God was upon him.

41And every year his people were going to Jerusalem at the feast of Passover. 42And when he was twelve years old, they went out to the feast just as they had been accustomed; 43And when the days were past, they were returning, but The Boy Yeshua had remained in Jerusalem and Yoseph and his mother did not know it. 44For they were thinking that he was with the children of their friends, and when they had come a journey of one day, they looked for him among their people and among whoever knew them, 45And they did not find him, and they returned again to Jerusalem and they were looking for him. 46After three days, they found him in The Temple as he sat in the midst of the Teachers and he heard from them and he was inquiring of them. 47And all who were listening to him were astounded at his wisdom and at his discourses. 48And when they saw him, they marveled, and his mother said to him, “My son, why have you done this to us? Look, your father and I were looking for you with great anxiety.” 49He said to them, “Why were you looking for me? Do you not know that it was fitting for me to be in my Father's house?” 50But they did not understand the statement that he spoke to them. 51And he went down with them and he came to Nazareth, and he was submitted to them; but his mother was keeping all these words in her heart.

52But Yeshua was growing in his stature and in his wisdom and in favor with God and the children of men.

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