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Advance (33 Occurrences)

Matthew 24:25 "Behold, I have told you beforehand.
(See NAS)

Mark 13:23 But you watch. "Behold, I have told you all things beforehand.
(See NAS)

Romans 9:23 and that he might make known the riches of his glory on vessels of mercy, which he prepared beforehand for glory,
(See NIV)

Romans 13:12 The night is far advanced, and day is about to dawn. We must therefore lay aside the deeds of darkness, and clothe ourselves with the armour of Light.
(Root in WEY YLT)

1 Corinthians 8:8 But victuals do not commend us to God, for neither if we may eat are we in advance; nor if we may not eat, are we behind;

2 Corinthians 9:5 I thought it necessary therefore to entreat the brothers that they would go before to you, and arrange ahead of time the generous gift that you promised before, that the same might be ready as a matter of generosity, and not of greediness.

2 Corinthians 13:2 I have said beforehand, and I do say beforehand, as when I was present the second time, so now, being absent, I write to those who have sinned before now, and to all the rest, that, if I come again, I will not spare;
(See NAS)

Galatians 3:8 The Scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the Gentiles by faith, preached the Good News beforehand to Abraham, saying, "In you all the nations will be blessed."
(See NIV)

Ephesians 2:10 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared before that we would walk in them.
(See NIV)

Philippians 1:12 And I wish you to know, brethren, that the things concerning me, rather to an advancement of the good news have come,
(Root in YLT RSV NIV)

1 Thessalonians 3:4 For most certainly, when we were with you, we told you beforehand that we are to suffer affliction, even as it happened, and you know.
(See NAS)

2 Timothy 2:16 But profane, vain babblings shun, for they will advance to greater impiety,

2 Timothy 3:9 But they shall not advance farther; for their folly shall be completely manifest to all, as that of those also became.

Hebrews 6:1 Therefore leaving elementary instruction about the Christ, let us advance to mature manhood and not be continually re-laying a foundation of repentance from lifeless works and of faith in God,

Hebrews 6:3 And advance we will, if God permits us to do so.

2 John 1:9 No one has God, who instead of remaining true to the teaching of Christ, presses on in advance: but he who remains true to that teaching has both the Father and the Son.

Deuteronomy 1:7 turn, and take your journey, and go to the hill country of the Amorites, and to all the places near there, in the Arabah, in the hill country, and in the lowland, and in the South, and by the seashore, the land of the Canaanites, and Lebanon, as far as the great river, the river Euphrates.
(See NIV)

Joshua 6:7 They said to the people, "Advance! March around the city, and let the armed men pass on before Yahweh's ark."

Judges 4:15 Yahweh confused Sisera, and all his chariots, and all his army, with the edge of the sword before Barak; and Sisera alighted from his chariot, and fled away on his feet.
(See NIV)

Judges 9:33 and it shall be, that in the morning, as soon as the sun is up, you shall rise early, and rush on the city; and behold, when he and the people who are with him come out against you, then may you do to them as you shall find occasion."
(See NIV)

Job 19:12 His troops come on together, build a siege ramp against me, and encamp around my tent.
(See NIV)

Psalms 18:29 For by you, I advance through a troop. By my God, I leap over a wall.

Psalms 27:2 When evil-doers came upon me to eat up my flesh, even mine adversaries and my foes, they stumbled and fell.
(See NIV)

Proverbs 30:27 The locusts have no king, yet they advance in ranks.

Jeremiah 12:2 Thou hast planted them, they also have taken root: they advance, yea, they bring forth fruit: thou art near in their mouth, but far from their reins.

Jeremiah 46:3 Prepare the buckler and shield, and draw near to battle!
(See RSV)

Jeremiah 46:9 Go up, you horses; and rage, you chariots; and let the mighty men go forth: Cush and Put, who handle the shield; and the Ludim, who handle and bend the bow.
(See RSV)

Jeremiah 49:28 Of Kedar, and of the kingdoms of Hazor, which Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon struck. Thus says Yahweh: Arise, go up to Kedar, and destroy the children of the east.
(See RSV)

Jeremiah 49:31 Arise, go up to a nation that is at ease, that dwells without care, says Yahweh; that have neither gates nor bars, that dwell alone.
(See RSV)

Ezekiel 38:9 You shall ascend, you shall come like a storm, you shall be like a cloud to cover the land, you, and all your hordes, and many peoples with you.
(See RSV)

Daniel 11:13 The king of the north shall return, and shall set forth a multitude greater than the former; and he shall come on at the end of the times, even of years, with a great army and with much substance.
(See NIV)

Joel 3:12 "Let the nations arouse themselves, and come up to the valley of Jehoshaphat; for there will I sit to judge all the surrounding nations.
(See NIV)

Habakkuk 1:9 All of them come for violence. Their hordes face the desert. He gathers prisoners like sand.
(See NIV)

Advance (33 Occurrences)
... 4. (vt) To accelerate the growth or progress; to further; to forward; to help on;
to aid; to heighten; as, to advance the ripening of fruit; to advance one's ...
/a/advance.htm - 17k

Forward (252 Occurrences)
... 2. (adv.) Alt. of Forwards. 3. (a.) Near, or at the fore part; in advance of something
else; as, the forward gun in a ship, or the forward ship in a fleet. ...
/f/forward.htm - 42k

March (41 Occurrences)
... side. 4. (vi) To move with regular steps, as a soldier; to walk in a grave,
deliberate, or stately manner; to advance steadily. 5 ...
/m/march.htm - 19k

Forwardness (2 Occurrences)
... 5. (n.) A state of advance beyond the usual degree; prematureness; precocity; as,
the forwardness of spring or of corn; the forwardness of a pupil. Int. ...
/f/forwardness.htm - 13k

Further (121 Occurrences)
... farther. 2. (superl.) More remote; at a greater distance; more in advance;
farther; as, the further end of the field. See Farther. ...
/f/further.htm - 38k

Advancement (3 Occurrences)
... learning. 2. (n.) An advance of money or value; payment in advance. See
Advance. 3. (vt) Property given, usually by a parent to ...
/a/advancement.htm - 7k

Forestall (2 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (vt) To take beforehand, or in advance; to
anticipate. 2. (vt) To take possession of, in advance of ...
/f/forestall.htm - 7k

Progress (9 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (n.) A moving or going forward; a proceeding onward;
an advance. ... 9. (vi) To make improvement; to advance. 10. ...
/p/progress.htm - 10k

Crawl (5 Occurrences)
... 2. (vi) to move or advance in a feeble, slow, or timorous manner. 3. (vi)
To advance slowly and furtively; to insinuate one's self ...
/c/crawl.htm - 8k

Strike (168 Occurrences)
... 20. (vt) To stroke or pass lightly; to wave. 21. (vt) To advance; to cause
to go forward; -- used only in past participle. 22. (vi ...
/s/strike.htm - 46k

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (v. t.) To bring forward; to move towards the van or front; to make to go on.

2. (v. t.) To raise; to elevate.

3. (v. t.) To raise to a higher rank; to promote.

4. (v. t.) To accelerate the growth or progress; to further; to forward; to help on; to aid; to heighten; as, to advance the ripening of fruit; to advance one's interests.

5. (v. t.) To bring to view or notice; to offer or propose; to show; as, to advance an argument.

6. (v. t.) To make earlier, as an event or date; to hasten.

7. (v. t.) To furnish, as money or other value, before it becomes due, or in aid of an enterprise; to supply beforehand; as, a merchant advances money on a contract or on goods consigned to him.

8. (v. t.) To raise to a higher point; to enhance; to raise in rate; as, to advance the price of goods.

9. (v. t.) To extol; to laud.

10. (v. i.) To move or go forward; to proceed; as, he advanced to greet me.

11. (v. i.) To increase or make progress in any respect; as, to advance in knowledge, in stature, in years, in price.

12. (v. i.) To rise in rank, office, or consequence; to be preferred or promoted.

13. (n.) The act of advancing or moving forward or upward; progress.

14. (v.) Improvement or progression, physically, mentally, morally, or socially; as, an advance in health, knowledge, or religion; an advance in rank or office.

15. (n.) An addition to the price; rise in price or value; as, an advance on the prime cost of goods.

16. (n.) The first step towards the attainment of a result; approach made to gain favor, to form an acquaintance, to adjust a difference, etc.; an overture; a tender; an offer; -- usually in the plural.

17. (n.) A furnishing of something before an equivalent is received (as money or goods), towards a capital or stock, or on loan; payment beforehand; the money or goods thus furnished; money or value supplied beforehand.

18. (a.) Before in place, or beforehand in time; -- used for advanced; as, an advance guard, or that before the main guard or body of an army; advance payment, or that made before it is due; advance proofs, advance sheets, pages of a forthcoming volume, received in advance of the time of publication.

4298. prokopto -- to cut forward (a way), advance
... to cut forward (a way), advance. Part of Speech: Verb Transliteration: prokopto
Phonetic Spelling: (prok-op'-to) Short Definition: I advance, make progress ...
// - 7k

728. arrabon -- an earnest (a part payment in advance for security ...
... an earnest (a part payment in advance for security). Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine
Transliteration: arrabon Phonetic Spelling: (ar-hrab-ohn') Short Definition ...
// - 7k

4390. protrecho -- to run forward, ie run in advance
... to run forward, ie run in advance. Part of Speech: Verb Transliteration: protrecho
Phonetic Spelling: (prot-rekh'-o) Short Definition: I outrun Definition: I ...
// - 6k

4274. prodromos -- a running forward, going in advance
... a running forward, going in advance. Part of Speech: Adjective Transliteration:
prodromos Phonetic Spelling: (prod'-rom-os) Short Definition: a precursor ...
// - 7k

5562. choreo -- to make room, advance, hold
... to make room, advance, hold. Part of Speech: Verb Transliteration: choreo Phonetic
Spelling: (kho-reh'-o) Short Definition: I make room, go, receive Definition ...
// - 7k

4302. prolego -- to say beforehand, ie to predict
... plainly. 4302 (from 4253 , "in advance" and 3004 , " to a conclusion") -- properly,
to say (conclude) beforehand, declaring in advance. ...
// - 7k

4260. probaino -- to go forward
... go forward. Part of Speech: Verb Transliteration: probaino Phonetic Spelling:
(prob-ah'-ee-no) Short Definition: I go forward Definition: I go forward, advance. ...
// - 6k

357. analogizomai -- to consider
... the needed thought-process (analysis); to "add things ," from "premise to conclusion" --
especially by repeated (nuanced) reflection that advance the "levels ...
// - 7k

5432. phroureo -- to guard
... From a compound of pro and horao; to be a watcher in advance, ie To mount guard
as a sentinel (post spies at gates); figuratively, to hem in, protect -- keep ...
// - 7k

4275b. proeipon -- to say before
... Definition to say before NASB Word Usage foretold (2), forewarned (1), previously
said (1), said before (3), spoken beforehand (2), advance (2), told ...
// - 5k

Strong's Hebrew
5710a. adah -- to pass on, advance
... adah. 5710b . to pass on, advance. Transliteration: adah Short Definition: passed. ...
root Definition to pass on, advance NASB Word Usage passed (1), takes off (1 ...
/hebrew/5710a.htm - 5k

6743b. tsaleach -- to advance, prosper
... 6743a, 6743b. tsaleach or tsalach. 6744 . to advance, prosper. Transliteration:
tsaleach or tsalach Short Definition: prosper. Word Origin a prim. ...
/hebrew/6743b.htm - 6k

833. ashar -- to go straight, go on, advance
... 832, 833. ashar. 834 . to go straight, go on, advance. Transliteration: ashar
Phonetic Spelling: (aw-shar') Short Definition: guide. Word Origin of prim. ...
/hebrew/833.htm - 6k

6275. atheq -- to move, proceed, advance
... 6274, 6275. atheq. 6276 . to move, proceed, advance. Transliteration: atheq
Phonetic Spelling: (aw-thak') Short Definition: old. Word Origin a prim. ...
/hebrew/6275.htm - 6k

5710. adah -- to pass on, advance
... 5709, 5710. adah. 5710a . to pass on, advance. Transliteration: adah Phonetic
Spelling: (aw-daw') Short Definition: adorn. adorn, deck self, pass by, take ...
/hebrew/5710.htm - 5k

6213. asah -- do, make
... do, make. Transliteration: asah Phonetic Spelling: (aw-saw') Short Definition:
accomplish. accomplish, advance, appoint, apt, be at, become, bear, bestow, ...
/hebrew/6213.htm - 6k

5375. nasa -- to lift, carry, take
... 1), wore (1), worked (1). accept, advance, arise, able to, armor, suffer
to bearer, up, bring forth,. Or nacah (Psalm 'eb: 'abad ...
/hebrew/5375.htm - 8k

1431. gadal -- to grow up, become great
... rearing (1), spoken* (1), vaunt (1). advance, boast, bring up, exceed,
excellent, become, do, give,. A primitive root; properly, to ...
/hebrew/1431.htm - 7k

6744. tselach -- to prosper
... promote, prosper. (Aramaic) corresponding to tsalach; to advance (transitive or
intransitive) -- promote, prosper. see HEBREW tsalach. 6743b, 6744. ...
/hebrew/6744.htm - 6k

5703. ad -- perpetuity
... From adah; properly, a (peremptory) terminus, ie (by implication) duration, in the
sense of advance or perpetuity (substantially as a noun, either with or ...
/hebrew/5703.htm - 6k


An Advance in the Exhortation.
... CHAPTER IX. AN ADVANCE IN THE EXHORTATION. "Having therefore, brethren,
boldness to enter into the holy place by the blood of Jesus ...
/.../the expositors bible the epistle to the hebrews/chapter ix an advance in.htm

Whether the Beatified Angels Advance in Beatitude?
ARTICLES) Whether the beatified angels advance in beatitude? ...
/.../aquinas/summa theologica/whether the beatified angels advance.htm

The British Advance, 1801-1856.
1801-1856. But our problem is not yet solved. As soon as the ...
/.../hutton/history of the moravian church/chapter v the british advance.htm

The Advance of Xerxes into Greece.
land. The advance of the ships was necessarily slow. So ...
// viii the advance of.htm

An Advance Step in the Royal Programme
... V."AN ADVANCE STEP IN THE ROYAL PROGRAMME. (Revelation, Chapters iv. and v.).
"We are watching, we are waiting, For the bright prophetic ...
/.../quiet talks on the crowned christ of revelation/v an advance step in the.htm

I Will not by the Noise of Bloody Wars and the Dethroning of Kings ...
... THE FIRST CENTURY 4 I will not by the noise of bloody wars and the dethroning of
kings advance you to glory: but by the gentle ways of peace and love. ...
// of meditations/4 i will not by.htm

No One, However, Has ever Made Such an Unblushing Advance in the ...
... 52 No one, however, has ever made such an unblushing advance in the
promulgation of these´┐Ż No one, however, has ever made such ...
/.../the acts of the disputation with the heresiarch manes/52 no one however has.htm

Instructions for those who have Attained to the Prayer of Quiet. ...
... Chapter XV. Instructions for Those Who Have Attained to the Prayer of Quiet. Many
Advance So Far, but Few Go Farther. 1. Let us now go back to the subject. ...
/.../teresa/the life of st teresa of jesus/chapter xv instructions for those.htm

... That plan includes the whole race. God has no favourites among the nations. When
the hour is ripe for an advance step, a man is found ripened for leadership. ...
/.../gordon/quiet talks on following the christ/fellow-followers.htm

Building in Silence
... observation.'. (1) In reference to its advance in the world. ... progress. (c) Guidance
as to our expectations of the advance of Christ's kingdom. ...
/.../maclaren/expositions of holy scripture f/building in silence.htm




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