Hebrews 6:3
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New International Version
And God permitting, we will do so.

New Living Translation
And so, God willing, we will move forward to further understanding.

English Standard Version
And this we will do if God permits.

Berean Study Bible
And this we will do, if God permits.

Berean Literal Bible
And this we will do, if God permits.

New American Standard Bible
And this we will do, if God permits.

King James Bible
And this will we do, if God permit.

Christian Standard Bible
And we will do this if God permits.

Contemporary English Version
Let's grow up, if God is willing.

Good News Translation
Let us go forward! And this is what we will do, if God allows.

Holman Christian Standard Bible
And we will do this if God permits.

International Standard Version
And this we will do, if God permits.

NET Bible
And this is what we intend to do, if God permits.

New Heart English Bible
And this we will do if God permits.

Aramaic Bible in Plain English
We shall do this if THE LORD JEHOVAH permits.

GOD'S WORD® Translation
If God permits, we will do this.

New American Standard 1977
And this we shall do, if God permits.

Jubilee Bible 2000
And this we will indeed do, if God permits.

King James 2000 Bible
And this will we do, if God permits.

American King James Version
And this will we do, if God permit.

American Standard Version
And this will we do, if God permit.

Douay-Rheims Bible
And this will we do, if God permit.

Darby Bible Translation
and this will we do if God permit.

English Revised Version
And this will we do, if God permit.

Webster's Bible Translation
And this will we do, if God permit.

Weymouth New Testament
And advance we will, if God permits us to do so.

World English Bible
This will we do, if God permits.

Young's Literal Translation
and this we will do, if God may permit,
Study Bible
A Call to Maturity
2instruction about baptisms, the laying on of hands, the resurrection of the dead, and eternal judgment. 3And this we will do, if God permits. 4It is impossible for those who have once been enlightened, who have tasted the heavenly gift, who have shared in the Holy Spirit,…
Cross References
Acts 18:21
But as he left, he said, "I will come back to you again if God is willing." And he set sail from Ephesus.

Hebrews 6:4
It is impossible for those who have once been enlightened, who have tasted the heavenly gift, who have shared in the Holy Spirit,

Treasury of Scripture

And this will we do, if God permit.


Acts 18:21 But bade them farewell, saying, I must by all means keep this feast …

Romans 15:32 That I may come to you with joy by the will of God, and may with …

1 Corinthians 4:19 But I will come to you shortly, if the Lord will, and will know, …

1 Corinthians 16:7 For I will not see you now by the way; but I trust to tarry a while …

James 4:15 For that you ought to say, If the Lord will, we shall live, and do …

(3) And this will we do, if God permit.--There may be some with whom it will be impossible for him thus to press on to maturity of teaching and of Christian experience. There is a case excepted by God Himself from all efforts of the Christian teacher; in this case, though nothing can avail except the laying of a new foundation of repentance, God has appointed no agencies by which such foundation can be laid.

Verse 3. - And this will we do (cf. let us do; ποιήσωμεν, A, C, D, La) if God permit; i.e. press on to perfection, as aforesaid, if only (as we firmly hope and trust, see ver. 6, etc.) you are still in a state in which God will permit advance; for (as is set forth in the following verses) there may be a retrogression from which recovery is impossible. And this will we do, if God permit. That is, leave the rites and ceremonies of the law, which were the rudiments, or first principles of the Gospel, and go on to a more perfect knowledge of Gospel truths; and, not lay again as the foundation of the ministry, or insist upon them as if they were the main things, even the above articles of the Jewish creed, especially in the, way and manner in which they had been taught and learnt: the sense is, that the apostle and his brethren, in the ministry were determined to insist upon the more solid and substantial parts of the Gospel, and which tended to bring on their hearers to perfection; and that it became the believing Hebrews to seek after a greater degree of knowledge under the ministry of the word. It is, or at least should be, the determination of a Gospel minister, to preach Christ, and the great truths of the Gospel; and wheresoever God has called him to it, though there may be many adversaries, and though he may be reproached, calumniated, and deserted: resolution in preaching the Gospel, and adhering to it, is very commendable in a minister; and it is very laudable in hearers to attend to it, stand by it, and search further into it; and which both should determine upon with a regard to the will of God, "if God permit": God's permission is much to be observed in the ministry of the word, in giving gifts to men, in placing them out here and there, where they shall exercise them, in directing them to subjects, and in making their ministry useful and successful: and it may be observed in general, that nothing can be done, or come to pass, good or bad, but what God permits or wills to be done; no good things, no actions, civil, natural, moral, or spiritual; no evil things, the evil of punishment, afflictions, the persecutions of wicked men, the temptations of Satan, heresies, and even immoralities. 3. will we do—So some of the oldest manuscripts read; but others, "Let us do." "This," that is, "Go on unto perfection."

if God permit—For even in the case of good resolutions, we cannot carry them into effect, save through God "working in us both to will and to do of His good pleasure" (Php 2:13). The "for" in Heb 6:4 refers to this: I say, if God permit, for there are cases where God does not permit, for example, "it is impossible," etc. Without God's blessing, the cultivation of the ground does not succeed (Heb 6:7).6:1-8 Every part of the truth and will of God should be set before all who profess the gospel, and be urged on their hearts and consciences. We should not be always speaking about outward things; these have their places and use, but often take up too much attention and time, which might be better employed. The humbled sinner who pleads guilty, and cries for mercy, can have no ground from this passage to be discouraged, whatever his conscience may accuse him of. Nor does it prove that any one who is made a new creature in Christ, ever becomes a final apostate from him. The apostle is not speaking of the falling away of mere professors, never convinced or influenced by the gospel. Such have nothing to fall away from, but an empty name, or hypocritical profession. Neither is he speaking of partial declinings or backslidings. Nor are such sins meant, as Christians fall into through the strength of temptations, or the power of some worldly or fleshly lust. But the falling away here mentioned, is an open and avowed renouncing of Christ, from enmity of heart against him, his cause, and people, by men approving in their minds the deeds of his murderers, and all this after they have received the knowledge of the truth, and tasted some of its comforts. Of these it is said, that it is impossible to renew them again unto repentance. Not because the blood of Christ is not sufficient to obtain pardon for this sin; but this sin, in its very nature, is opposite to repentance and every thing that leads to it. If those who through mistaken views of this passage, as well as of their own case, fear that there is no mercy for them, would attend to the account given of the nature of this sin, that it is a total and a willing renouncing of Christ, and his cause, and joining with his enemies, it would relieve them from wrong fears. We should ourselves beware, and caution others, of every approach near to a gulf so awful as apostacy; yet in doing this we should keep close to the word of God, and be careful not to wound and terrify the weak, or discourage the fallen and penitent. Believers not only taste of the word of God, but they drink it in. And this fruitful field or garden receives the blessing. But the merely nominal Christian, continuing unfruitful under the means of grace, or producing nothing but deceit and selfishness, was near the awful state above described; and everlasting misery was the end reserved for him. Let us watch with humble caution and prayer as to ourselves.
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