Psalm 89
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I Will Sing of His Love Forever

1A wyse instruction of Ethan the Ezrachite. I wyll sing alwayes of the mercy of God: with my mouth I wyll make knowen thy trueth from one generation to another.

2For I sayde, mercy shall for euer endure: thou hast established thy trueth in the heauens.

3I haue made a couenaunt with my chosen: I haue sworne vnto Dauid my seruaunt.

4I wyll establishe thy seede for euer: and buylde vp thy throne from generation to generation. Selah.

5O God, the very heauens shall confesse thy wonderous workes: and thy trueth in the congregation of saintes.

6For who is he in the cloudes that shal matche God: and who is like vnto God amongst the children gods?

7God is very terrible in the assemblie of saintes: and to be feared aboue al them that are about him.

8O God, Lorde of hoastes, who is like vnto thee a most mightie Lorde: and thy trueth is on euery side thee.

9Thou rulest the ragyng of the sea: when her waues aryse, thou delayest them.

10Thou hast brought Egypt in so bad a case as if it were wounded: thou hast scattered thyne enemies abrode with thy mightie arme.

11The heauens are thine, the earth also is thine: thou hast layde the foundation of the rounde worlde, and of all the plentie that is therin.

12Thou hast made the north and the south: Tabor and Hermon do reioyce in thy name.

13Thou hast a mightie arme: thy hand is strong, and thy right hand is exalted.

14Iustice and iudgement is the foundation of thy throne: mercy and trueth shall go before thy face.

15Blessed is the people that knoweth a triumphant noyse: O God, they shall walke in the light of thy countenaunce.

16They shall make them selues merie dayly in thy name: and in thy righteousnes they shall exalt them selues.

17For thou art the glory of their strength: and in thy louing kindnes thou wylt lift vp our hornes.

18For our shielde is of God: and our king is of the most holy of Israel.

19Thou hast spoken somtimes in visions vnto thy saintes: and hast sayde, I haue added ayde vpon the mightie, I haue exalted one chose out of the people.

20I haue founde Dauid my seruaunt: I haue annoynted him with myne holye oyle.

21Therfore my hande shalbe assured vnto him: and mine arme shall strengthen hym.

22The enemie shal not be able to do him violence: the sonne of wickednesse shall not afflict hym.

23I wyll breake into peeces his foes before his face: and ouerthrowe them that hate hym.

24My trueth also and my mercy shalbe with hym: and in my name shall his horne be exalted.

25I wyll set also his dominion in the sea: and his right hande in the fluddes.

26He shall make inuocation vnto me: saying thou art my father O my God, and my fortresse of saluation.

27And I will make him my first borne: in higher state then kinges of the earth.

28My mercy wyll I kepe for hym euermore: and my couenaunt shal stand fast with hym.

29His seede also wyll I make to endure for euer: and his throne as the dayes of heauen.

30But if his chyldren forsake my lawe, and walke not in my iudgement:

31(89:30) if they breake my statutes, and kepe not my commaundementes,

32(89:31) I will then visite their transgressions with a rodde: and their wickednesse with stripes.

33(89:32) Neuerthelesse, my louyng kyndnesse I wyll not take vtterly from hym: I wyl not breake my promise with hym.

34(89:33) I wyll not violate my couenaunt: nor alter the thyng that is gone out of my lyppes.

35(89:34) I haue sworne once by my holynesse: that I wyll not speake an vntrueth vnto Dauid.

36(89:35) His seede shall endure for euer: and his throne shalbe as the sunne before me.

37(89:36) And as the moone which shall continue for euermore: and shalbe a faithful witnesse in heauen. Selah.

38(89:37) But thou hast abhorred & forsake thine annoynted: & art sore displeased at him.

39(89:38) Thou hast broken the couenaunt of thy seruaunt: thou hast disgraced his crowne, castyng it on the grounde.

40(89:39) Thou hast ouerthrowe all his walles: and broken downe his strong holdes.

41(89:40) All they that go by the way spoyle hym: he is become a rebuke vnto his neyghbours.

42(89:41) Thou hast exalted the ryght hande of his enemies: and made all his aduersaries to reioyce.

43(89:42) Thou hast turned the harde edge of his sworde: and thou hast not lifted him vp in the battayle.

44(89:43) Thou hast brought his noble estate to an ende: and hast cast his throne downe to the grounde.

45(89:44) Thou hast shortened the dayes of his youth: and thou hast couered him with shame. Selah.

46(89:45) O God howe long wylt thou hyde thy selfe? for euer? shall thy wrath burne lyke fire?

47(89:46) Remember what I am, howe short my tyme is of lyfe: wherfore hast thou created in vayne all the sonnes of men?

48(89:47) What man is he that lyueth and shall not see death? can he delyuer his owne soule from the hande of hell? Selah.

49(89:48) Lorde where are become thy former olde louyng kyndnesses: which thou dydst sweare vnto Dauid by thy fayth that thou wouldest perfourme.

50(89:49) Remember O Lorde the dishonour * of thy seruauntes: I beare in my bosome the dishonour of all people that be mightie.

51(89:50) Who beyng thine enemies O God do dishonour: who do dishonour the footsteppes of thine annoynted.

52(89:51) Blessed be God for euermore: so be it, and so be it.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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