Proverbs 4:2
Parallel Verses
New International Version
I give you sound learning, so do not forsake my teaching.

New Living Translation
for I am giving you good guidance. Don't turn away from my instructions.

English Standard Version
for I give you good precepts; do not forsake my teaching.

New American Standard Bible
For I give you sound teaching; Do not abandon my instruction.

King James Bible
For I give you good doctrine, forsake ye not my law.

Holman Christian Standard Bible
for I am giving you good instruction. Don't abandon my teaching.

International Standard Version
I give you sound teaching, so do not abandon my instruction.

NET Bible
Because I give you good instruction, do not forsake my teaching.

Aramaic Bible in Plain English
Because I have given you good teaching, forsake not my law.

GOD'S WORD® Translation
After all, I have taught you well. Do not abandon my teachings.

Jubilee Bible 2000
For I give you good doctrine; do not forsake my law.

King James 2000 Bible
For I give you good doctrine, forsake not my law.

American King James Version
For I give you good doctrine, forsake you not my law.

American Standard Version
For I give you good doctrine; Forsake ye not my law.

Douay-Rheims Bible
I will give you a good gift, forsake not my law.

Darby Bible Translation
for I give you good doctrine: forsake ye not my law.

English Revised Version
For I give you good doctrine; forsake ye not my law.

Webster's Bible Translation
For I give you good doctrine, forsake ye not my law.

World English Bible
for I give you sound learning. Don't forsake my law.

Young's Literal Translation
For good learning I have given to you, My law forsake not.
Parallel Commentaries
Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary

4:1-13 We must look upon our teachers as our fathers: though instruction carry in it reproof and correction, bid it welcome. Solomon's parents loved him, therefore taught him. Wise and godly men, in every age of the world, and rank in society, agree that true wisdom consists in obedience, and is united to happiness. Get wisdom, take pains for it. Get the rule over thy corruptions; take more pains to get this than the wealth of this world. An interest in Christ's salvation is necessary. This wisdom is the one thing needful. A soul without true wisdom and grace is a dead soul. How poor, contemptible, and wretched are those, who, with all their wealth and power, die without getting understanding, without Christ, without hope, and without God! Let us give heed to the sayings of Him who has the words of eternal life. Thus our path will be plain before us: by taking, and keeping fast hold of instruction, we shall avoid being straitened or stumbling.

Pulpit Commentary

Verse 2. - For I give you good doctrine. This, while stating the reason for the exhortation in the previous verse, signifies that what the teacher has given and is giving, he has received from his father. I give; nathati, literally, "I gave," is the kal perfect of nathan, "to give," but the perfect is here used for the present, as denoting not only a past action, but one that is still continuing (Gesenius, 'Hebrews Gram.,' § 126. 3). Good doctrine (lekakh tov). The doctrine or instruction is "good," not only intrinsically, but as to the source from which it was derived, and in its effects. Lekakh is, according to its root lakakh, "something which is received or taken." From the standpoint of the teacher it is that instruction which he had received of his father. With respect to his hearers it is the instruction which is communicated to them, and which they receive (see on Proverbs 1:5). The LXX. renders, δῶρον ἀγαθὸν; similarly the Vulgate, donum bonum, "a good gift." Forsake ye not; al-taazovu, from azav, "to leave, forsake" (compare the corresponding phrase, al-tiltosh, from natash, "to leave, forsake," in Proverbs 1:8). Law (torah); as in Proverbs 1:8.

Gill's Exposition of the Entire Bible

For I give you good doctrine,.... Whose author, matter, use, and tendency, are good, and therefore should be received; so the Gospel is called, 1 Timothy 4:6; and no other is here meant: it is the doctrine concerning Wisdom or Christ, as the following verses show; which serves to exalt him, and makes for the good and welfare of immortal souls; and such is the doctrine of the Scriptures, of Christ and his apostles, even all the doctrines and truths of the Gospel;

forsake you not my law; or "doctrine" (o); not the law given on Mount Sinai, as Gersom interprets it; but the doctrine of Christ, which goes out from Mount Zion: this the children of Wisdom should not neglect, relinquish, drop, or depart from; but should keep it, and abide by it.

(o) "doctrinam meam", Junius & Tremellius, Piscator, Amama; "instructionem meam", Schultens.

Proverbs 4:2 Additional Commentaries
Listen to a Father's Instruction
1Hear, O sons, the instruction of a father, And give attention that you may gain understanding, 2For I give you sound teaching; Do not abandon my instruction. 3When I was a son to my father, Tender and the only son in the sight of my mother,…
Cross References
Deuteronomy 32:2
Let my teaching fall like rain and my words descend like dew, like showers on new grass, like abundant rain on tender plants.

Job 11:4
You say to God, 'My beliefs are flawless and I am pure in your sight.'

Psalm 89:30
"If his sons forsake my law and do not follow my statutes,

Psalm 119:87
They almost wiped me from the earth, but I have not forsaken your precepts.

Proverbs 3:1
My son, do not forget my teaching, but keep my commands in your heart,

Jeremiah 35:8
We have obeyed everything our forefather Jehonadab son of Rekab commanded us. Neither we nor our wives nor our sons and daughters have ever drunk wine
Treasury of Scripture

For I give you good doctrine, forsake you not my law.


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