Ezekiel 16:31
But when you built your shrines at the head of every street and made your lofty shrines in every public square, you were not even like a prostitute, because you scorned payment.
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In that thou buildest thine.

Ezekiel 16:24, 39
you built yourself a mound and made yourself a lofty shrine in every public square. . . .


Ezekiel 16:25
At the head of every street you built your lofty shrines and degraded your beauty. With increasing promiscuity, you spread your legs to all who passed by.

Hosea 12:11
Is there iniquity in Gilead? They will surely come to nothing. Do they sacrifice bulls in Gilgal? Indeed, their altars will be heaps of stones in the furrows of the field.

in that thou scornest

Ezekiel 16:33, 34
Men give gifts to all their prostitutes, but you gave gifts to all your lovers. You bribed them to come to you from everywhere for your illicit favors. . . .

Isaiah 52:3
For this is what the LORD says: "You were sold for nothing, and without money you will be redeemed.

Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
"When you built your shrine at the beginning of every street and made your high place in every square, in disdaining money, you were not like a harlot.

King James Bible
In that thou buildest thine eminent place in the head of every way, and makest thine high place in every street; and hast not been as an harlot, in that thou scornest hire;

Holman Christian Standard Bible
building your mound at the head of every street and making your elevated place in every square. But you were unlike a prostitute because you scorned payment.

International Standard Version
When you built your mound on every street corner and constructed your high place at every plaza, you weren't like a common prostitute, in that you've insulted the wages of a prostitute

NET Bible
When you built your chamber at the head of every street and put up your pavilion in every public square, you were not like a prostitute, because you scoffed at payment.
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