4166. poimén
Strong's Concordance
poimén: a shepherd
Original Word: ποιμήν, ένος, ὁ
Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine
Transliteration: poimén
Phonetic Spelling: (poy-mane')
Definition: a shepherd
Usage: a shepherd; hence met: of the feeder, protector, and ruler of a flock of men.
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4166 poimḗn – properly, a shepherd ("pastor" in Latin); (figuratively) someone who the Lord raises up to care for the total well-being of His flock (the people of the Lord).

[4166 (poimḗn) is closely associated with 1066 /Gedeṓn ("to feed the flock"), see Jn 21:15-17.]


NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
of uncertain origin
a shepherd
NASB Translation
pastors (1), shepherd (13), shepherds (4).

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 4166: ποιμήν

ποιμήν, ποιμένος, (akin to the noun ποίᾳ, which see: (or from the root meaning 'to protect'; cf. Curtius, § 372; Fick 1:132)), from Homer down; the Sept. for רֹעֶה, a herdsman, especially a shepherd;

a. properly: Matthew 9:36; Matthew 25:32; Matthew 26:31; Mark 6:34; Mark 14:27; Luke 2:8, 15, 18, 20; John 10:2, 12; in the parable, he to whose care and control others have committed themselves, and whose precepts they follow, John 10:11, 14.

b. metaphorically, the presiding officer, manager, director, of any assembly: so of Christ the Head of the church, John 10:16; 1 Peter 2:25; Hebrews 13:20 (of the Jewish Messiah, Ezekiel 34:23); of the overseers of the Christian assemblies (A. V. pastors), Ephesians 4:11; cf. Ritschl, Entstehung der altkathol. Kirche, edition 2, p. 350f; (Hatch, Barnpron Lects. for 1880, p. 123f). (Of kings and princes we find ποιμένες λαῶν in Homer and Hesiod.)

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
shepherd, pastor.

Of uncertain affinity; a shepherd (literally or figuratively) -- shepherd, pastor.

Forms and Transliterations
ποιμενα ποιμένα ποιμενας ποιμένας ποιμενες ποιμένες ποιμένι ποιμένος ποιμενων ποιμένων ποιμέσι ποιμην ποιμήν ποιμὴν poimen poimēn poimḗn poimḕn poimena poiména poimenas poiménas poimenes poiménes poimenon poimenōn poiménon poiménōn
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Englishman's Concordance
Matthew 9:36 N-AMS
GRK: μὴ ἔχοντα ποιμένα
NAS: sheep without a shepherd.
KJV: having no shepherd.
INT: not having a shepherd

Matthew 25:32 N-NMS
GRK: ὥσπερ ὁ ποιμὴν ἀφορίζει τὰ
NAS: them from one another, as the shepherd separates
KJV: as a shepherd divideth
INT: as the shepherd separates the

Matthew 26:31 N-AMS
GRK: Πατάξω τὸν ποιμένα καὶ διασκορπισθήσονται
KJV: I will smite the shepherd, and
INT: I will strike the shepherd and will be scattered

Mark 6:34 N-AMS
GRK: μὴ ἔχοντα ποιμένα καὶ ἤρξατο
NAS: without a shepherd; and He began
KJV: not having a shepherd: and he began
INT: not having a shepherd And he began

Mark 14:27 N-AMS
GRK: Πατάξω τὸν ποιμένα καὶ τὰ
KJV: I will smite the shepherd, and
INT: I will strike the shepherd and the

Luke 2:8 N-NMP
GRK: Καὶ ποιμένες ἦσαν ἐν
NAS: region there were [some] shepherds staying out in the fields
KJV: country shepherds abiding in the field,
INT: And shepherds were in

Luke 2:15 N-NMP
GRK: ἄγγελοι οἱ ποιμένες ἐλάλουν πρὸς
NAS: from them into heaven, the shepherds [began] saying
INT: angels the shepherds said to

Luke 2:18 N-GMP
GRK: ὑπὸ τῶν ποιμένων πρὸς αὐτούς
NAS: at the things which were told them by the shepherds.
KJV: them by the shepherds.
INT: by the shepherds to them

Luke 2:20 N-NMP
GRK: ὑπέστρεψαν οἱ ποιμένες δοξάζοντες καὶ
NAS: The shepherds went back, glorifying
KJV: And the shepherds returned, glorifying
INT: returned the shepherds glorifying and

John 10:2 N-NMS
GRK: τῆς θύρας ποιμήν ἐστιν τῶν
NAS: by the door is a shepherd of the sheep.
KJV: the door is the shepherd of the sheep.
INT: the door shepherd is of the

John 10:11 N-NMS
GRK: εἰμι ὁ ποιμὴν ὁ καλός
NAS: the good shepherd; the good
KJV: the good shepherd: the good
INT: am the shepherd good

John 10:11 N-NMS
GRK: καλός ὁ ποιμὴν ὁ καλὸς
NAS: the good shepherd lays down
KJV: shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his
INT: good The shepherd good

John 10:12 N-NMS
GRK: οὐκ ὢν ποιμήν οὗ οὐκ
NAS: He who is a hired hand, and not a shepherd, who
KJV: and not the shepherd, whose own
INT: not who is [the] shepherd whose not

John 10:14 N-NMS
GRK: εἰμι ὁ ποιμὴν ὁ καλός
NAS: the good shepherd, and I know
KJV: am the good shepherd, and know
INT: am the shepherd good

John 10:16 N-NMS
GRK: ποίμνη εἷς ποιμήν
NAS: flock [with] one shepherd.
KJV: fold, [and] one shepherd.
INT: flock one shepherd

Ephesians 4:11 N-AMP
GRK: τοὺς δὲ ποιμένας καὶ διδασκάλους
NAS: and some [as] pastors and teachers,
KJV: and some, pastors and
INT: some moreover shepherds and teachers

Hebrews 13:20 N-AMS
GRK: νεκρῶν τὸν ποιμένα τῶν προβάτων
NAS: the great Shepherd of the sheep
KJV: that great shepherd of the sheep,
INT: [the] dead the Shepherd of the sheep

1 Peter 2:25 N-AMS
GRK: ἐπὶ τὸν ποιμένα καὶ ἐπίσκοπον
NAS: you have returned to the Shepherd and Guardian
KJV: returned unto the Shepherd and Bishop
INT: to the shepherd and overseer

Strong's Greek 4166
18 Occurrences

ποιμὴν — 7 Occ.
ποιμένα — 6 Occ.
ποιμένας — 1 Occ.
ποιμένες — 3 Occ.
ποιμένων — 1 Occ.

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