1189. deomai
Strong's Concordance
deomai: I request, beg
Original Word: δέομαι
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: deomai
Phonetic Spelling: (deh'-om-ahee)
Definition: to want, entreat
Usage: I want for myself; I want, need; I beg, request, beseech, pray.
HELPS Word-studies

1189 déomai (from the root deō, "having deep personal need, to be in want," see also 1162 /déēsis, "felt-need") – properly, to feel pressing need because of lack – hence, to make urgent appeal; to have deep personal need causing one to beseech (make earnest, specific request).

[S. Zodihates (Dict) emphasizes the Gk middle voice meaning of this term, i.e. the personal, felt-need that drives 1189 (déomai).

L-S and Thayer find deō expresses two distinct meanings in antiquity, perhaps indicating a distinction in accent (like with the English terms, pro'duce and prodúce).]

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 1189: δέομαι

δέομαι; 3 person singular imperfect ἐδητο (cf. Lob. ad Phryn., p. 220; Winers Grammar, 46; (Veitch, under the word δέω to need at the end)), Luke 8:38 (where Lachmann ἐδηιτο, Tr WH ἐδεῖτο; cf. Meyer at the passage; (WHs Appendix, p. 166); Buttmann, 55 (48)); 1 aorist ἐδεήθην; (from δέω to want, need; whence middle δέομαι to stand in need of, want for oneself); (from Herodotus down);

1. to want, lack: τίνος.

2. to desire, long for: τίνος.

3. to ask, beg (German bitten);

a. universally — the thing asked for being evident from the context: with the genitive of the person from whom, Galatians 4:12; the thing sought being specified in direct discourse: Luke 5:12; Luke 8:28; Luke 9:38 (according to the reading ἐπίβλεψον R L); Acts 8:34 (δέομαι σου, περί τίνος προφήτης λέγει τοῦτο; of whom, I pray thee, doth the prophet say this?); Acts 21:39; 2 Corinthians 5:20; followed by the infinitive, Luke 8:38; Luke 9:38 (according to the reading ἐπιβλέψαι Tr WH); Acts 26:3 (where G L T Tr WH omit σου after δέομαι); followed by ἵνα, Luke 9:40 (cf. Winers Grammar, 335 (315); (Buttmann, 258 (222))); followed by τό with an infinitive 2 Corinthians 10:2 (cf. Buttmann, 263 (226), 279 (239); Winer's Grammar, 321, 322 (301f)); with the genitive of person and the accusative of a thing, 2 Corinthians 8:4 (G L T Tr WH; for Rec. adds δέξασθαι ἡμᾶς without warrant) (cf. Buttmann, 164 (143); Winers Grammar, 198 (186)).

b. specifically, of requests addressed to God; absolutely to pray, make supplication: Acts 4:31; τοῦ Θεοῦ, Acts 10:2; followed by εἰ ἄρα, Acts 8:22 (Buttmann, 256 (220); Winer's Grammar, 300 (282)); τοῦ κυρίου, ὅπως etc. Matthew 9:38; Luke 10:2; without the genitive Θεοῦ — followed by εἰ πῶς, Romans 1:10 (cf. Winers Grammar, and Buttmann's Grammar, the passages cited); by ἵνα, Luke 21:36; Luke 22:32; by the relic εἰς τό, 1 Thessalonians 3:10 (cf. Buttmann, 265 (228)); ὑπέρ τίνος πρός τόν κύριον, ὅπως, Acts 8:24. (Synonyms: see αἰτέω and δέησις. Compare: προσδέομαι.)

STRONGS NT 1189a: δέοςδέος, δέους, τό (δείδω) (from Homer down), fear, awe: μετά εὐλαβείας καί δέους, Hebrews 12:28 L T Tr WH. [SYNONYMS: δέος (apprehension), φόβος (fear): Ammonius under the word δέος says δέος καί φόβος διαφέρει. δέος μέν γάρ ἐστι πολυχρόνιος κακοῦ ὑπόνοια. φόβος δέ παραυτίκα πτόησις. Plato (Laches, p. 198 b.): δέος γάρ εἶναι προσδοκίαν μέλλοντος κακοῦ. Cf. Stallbaum on Platos Protag., p. 167; Schmidt, chapter 139; and see under the word δειλία.]

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
beseech, pray to, make request.

Middle voice of deo; to beg (as binding oneself), i.e. Petition -- beseech, pray (to), make request. Compare punthanomai.

see GREEK deo

see GREEK punthanomai

Forms and Transliterations
δεδέημαι δέεσθαί δεηθείς δεηθεντων δεηθέντων δεηθήναι δεηθήση δεηθήσομαι δεηθήσονται δεηθητε δεήθητε δεηθητι δεήθητι δεηθώσι δεηθώσί δεηθώσιν δείσθαι δεομαι δέομαι δέομαί δεομεθα δεόμεθα δεομενοι δεόμενοι δεόμενον δεομενος δεόμενος εδέετο εδεηθη εδεήθη ἐδεήθη εδεήθημεν εδεηθην εδεήθην ἐδεήθην εδεήθης εδεήθησαν εδεήθησάν εδειτο ἐδεῖτο deethenton deethénton deēthentōn deēthéntōn deethete deēthēte deḗthete deḗthēte deetheti deēthēti deḗtheti deḗthēti deomai déomai déomaí deomenoi deómenoi deomenos deómenos deometha deómetha edeethe edeēthē edeḗthe edeḗthē edeethen edeēthēn edeḗthen edeḗthēn edeito edeîto
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Englishman's Concordance
Matthew 9:38 V-AMP-2P
GRK: δεήθητε οὖν τοῦ
NAS: Therefore beseech the Lord
KJV: Pray ye therefore the Lord
INT: pray earnestly to therefore the

Luke 5:12 V-AIP-3S
GRK: ἐπὶ πρόσωπον ἐδεήθη αὐτοῦ λέγων
NAS: on his face and implored Him, saying,
KJV: [his] face, and besought him,
INT: upon [his] face he begged him saying

Luke 8:28 V-PIM/P-1S
GRK: τοῦ ὑψίστου δέομαί σου μή
NAS: God? I beg You, do not torment
KJV: most high? I beseech thee,
INT: the Most High I implore of you not

Luke 8:38 V-IIM/P-3S
GRK: ἐδεῖτο δὲ αὐτοῦ
NAS: had gone out was begging Him that he might accompany
KJV: were departed besought him
INT: was begging moreover him

Luke 9:38 V-PIM/P-1S
GRK: λέγων Διδάσκαλε δέομαί σου ἐπιβλέψαι
NAS: Teacher, I beg You to look
KJV: saying, Master, I beseech thee, look
INT: saying Teacher I implore you look

Luke 9:40 V-AIP-1S
GRK: καὶ ἐδεήθην τῶν μαθητῶν
NAS: I begged Your disciples to cast
KJV: And I besought thy disciples
INT: And I begged the disciples

Luke 10:2 V-AMP-2P
GRK: ἐργάται ὀλίγοι δεήθητε οὖν τοῦ
NAS: therefore beseech the Lord
KJV: [are] few: pray ye therefore
INT: [the] workmen [are] few pray earnestly to therefore the

Luke 21:36 V-PPM/P-NMP
GRK: παντὶ καιρῷ δεόμενοι ἵνα κατισχύσητε
NAS: times, praying that you may have strength
KJV: therefore, and pray always,
INT: every season praying that you might have strength

Luke 22:32 V-AIP-1S
GRK: ἐγὼ δὲ ἐδεήθην περὶ σοῦ
NAS: but I have prayed for you, that your faith
KJV: But I have prayed for thee,
INT: I however begged for you

Acts 4:31 V-APP-GMP
GRK: καὶ δεηθέντων αὐτῶν ἐσαλεύθη
NAS: And when they had prayed, the place
KJV: when they had prayed, the place
INT: And having prayed they was shaken

Acts 8:22 V-AMP-2S
GRK: ταύτης καὶ δεήθητι τοῦ κυρίου
NAS: of yours, and pray the Lord
KJV: wickedness, and pray God, if
INT: this and pray earnestly to the Lord

Acts 8:24 V-AMP-2P
GRK: Σίμων εἶπεν Δεήθητε ὑμεῖς ὑπὲρ
NAS: and said, Pray to the Lord
KJV: Simon, and said, Pray ye to
INT: Simon said pray earnestly you on behalf

Acts 8:34 V-PIM/P-1S
GRK: Φιλίππῳ εἶπεν Δέομαί σου περὶ
NAS: and said, Please [tell me], of whom
KJV: Philip, and said, I pray thee, of
INT: to Philip said I pray you concerning

Acts 10:2 V-PPM/P-NMS
GRK: λαῷ καὶ δεόμενος τοῦ θεοῦ
NAS: to the [Jewish] people and prayed to God
KJV: and prayed to God
INT: people and praying to God

Acts 21:39 V-PIM/P-1S
GRK: πόλεως πολίτης δέομαι δέ σου
NAS: city; and I beg you, allow
KJV: city: and, I beseech thee, suffer
INT: city a citizen I implore moreover you

Acts 26:3 V-PIM/P-1S
GRK: ζητημάτων διὸ δέομαι μακροθύμως ἀκοῦσαί
NAS: therefore I beg you to listen
KJV: wherefore I beseech thee
INT: questions therefore I implore [you] patiently to hear

Romans 1:10 V-PPM/P-NMS
GRK: προσευχῶν μου δεόμενος εἴ πως
NAS: in my prayers making request, if
KJV: Making request, if by any means now
INT: prayers of me imploring if perhaps

2 Corinthians 5:20 V-PIM/P-1P
GRK: δι' ἡμῶν δεόμεθα ὑπὲρ Χριστοῦ
NAS: through us; we beg you on behalf
KJV: [you] by us: we pray [you] in Christ's
INT: by us we implore for Christ

2 Corinthians 8:4 V-PPM/P-NMP
GRK: πολλῆς παρακλήσεως δεόμενοι ἡμῶν τὴν
NAS: begging us with much urging
KJV: Praying us with
INT: much entreaty imploring of us the

2 Corinthians 10:2 V-PIM/P-1S
GRK: δέομαι δὲ τὸ
NAS: I ask that when I am present
KJV: But I beseech [you], that I may not
INT: I implore moreover that

Galatians 4:12 V-PIM/P-1S
GRK: ὑμεῖς ἀδελφοί δέομαι ὑμῶν οὐδέν
NAS: I beg of you, brethren, become
KJV: Brethren, I beseech you, be
INT: you brothers I implore you in nothing

1 Thessalonians 3:10 V-PPM/P-NMP
GRK: ἡμέρας ὑπερεκπερισσοῦ δεόμενοι εἰς τὸ
NAS: and day keep praying most earnestly
KJV: and day praying exceedingly that
INT: day exceedingly imploring for

Strong's Greek 1189
22 Occurrences

δεήθητε — 3 Occ.
δεήθητι — 1 Occ.
δεηθέντων — 1 Occ.
δέομαί — 7 Occ.
δεόμενοι — 3 Occ.
δεόμενος — 2 Occ.
δεόμεθα — 1 Occ.
ἐδεήθη — 1 Occ.
ἐδεήθην — 2 Occ.
ἐδεῖτο — 1 Occ.

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