Genesis 49:17
He will be a serpent by the road, a viper in the path, that bites the horse's heels so that its rider tumbles backward.
Cross References
Genesis 49:16
Dan shall provide justice for his people as one of the tribes of Israel.

Genesis 49:18
I await Your salvation, O LORD.

Proverbs 23:32
In the end it bites like a snake and stings like a viper.

Ecclesiastes 10:11
If the snake bites before it is charmed, there is no profit for the charmer.

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

shall be.

Judges 14:1-15:20
One day Samson went down to Timnah, where he saw a young Philistine woman. . . .

Judges 16:22-30
However, the hair of his head began to grow back after it had been shaved. . . .

Judges 18:22-31
After they were some distance from Micah's house, the men in the houses near Micah's house mobilized and overtook the Danites. . . .

1 Chronicles 12:35
From the Danites: 28, 600 prepared for battle.

an adder.

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